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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 10

This is the recap for the Korean variety show Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2, episode 10
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It’s Park Bo-gums last day at the meenbak, which means I have no more excuses to put him in all the image posts for Hyori’s B&B. He gets a nice full day in and gets to do all the things he wanted to do on his wish list. I’m going to miss Bo-gum at the meenbak, he was so friendly and normal.

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We open with a song by Maroon 5, Sunday Morning. The chairman wakes up and Hyori jumps on him for a hug. The meenbak people wake up and BG picks up Yoona. They drive to work and enjoy the look of the sky.

Everyone says hello to Yoona and BG as they arrive. Hyori comes in as well and BG says hello to them as well. Mini flashback of the couple wife giving Hyori a bouquet of flowers the night before. She says her husband doesn’t even give her flowers. She happily accepts them.

That next day Hyori brings in the flowers and puts them near the window. They look really pretty. A FINKL song plays as everyone gets ready in the morning. The couple tells Hyori that she should wear warm tones today. They go downstairs and tell everyone good morning.

Hyori goes to the table in yellow and says that she is wearing this because the wife said she looks good in warm clothing. They all agree. They ask the couple what photos they will take. Then Hyori says that they take photos every anniversary. She shows them her photo album and we also see a lot of the images. A fly is on one of her photos and she says they have that fly forever.

They ask her how she got married, what is the secret. Hyori says as soon as they met each other she had a feeling that she would marry him. The groom says that he really wanted to get married. He went to school late so when he was a freshman she was about to graduate. But fortunately, they went to the same company. They dated for over 200 days but then he went to the army. He didn’t want to let her go.

Hyori says that is how it is. When you think you won’t see another person like this ever in your life. The bride says the same thing. The guests say that they felt like they loved each other.

Meanwhile, the little boy is still sleeping and all the animals stop by to sniff him. He wakes up finally and sees Suk-sam though the curtain. He waves at Suk-sam but suk-sam ignores him. Go-soonyi goes there though and the little boy plays with her for a little bit. Soonyi starts to massage the little boy legs and he pets her. Then he wakes up and goes to the table.

They all greet him and find a place for him to sit which is right by his dad. They ask him if he would like some tea. He tries it, but it is too hot. He makes the most adorably disgusted face and the adults joke that kid’s reactions don’t like.

In the kitchen, BG and Yoona work hard, it is his last day and he isn’t sure when he will leave. They taste the food to make sure it is good. BG likes it but Yoona thinks it should boil some more. Yoona puts on an apron and BG ties it for her (Secret Garden music plays?). It’s Bo-gum to the rescue.

BG tells Hyori that she shouldn’t be too close to the microwave oven and Hyori jokes…are you worrying about noona? Okay, I will be far away.

9:30 AM
Everyone enjoys the meal together including the employees and owners. Now there are fewer guests, so they can all sit together regularly, finally. BG brings everyone water. Hyori inspects the fridge and calls to Yoona. She says they haven’t made waffles in a while because Yoona was so busy, but maybe they can make waffles for dessert. They start to prepare, but they don’t have eggs. They need either eggs or milk, they must have at least one of them(?).

So, the waffles are in jeopardy. Hyori calls her friend who owns the restaurant and asks her for some eggs and milk. (Fight for my Way music plays). Hyori and Bogum leave together to get the eggs and milk. SS tells BG not to smile too much with his wife, lol.

In the car, they listen to some dance music. Hyori asks BG is she should have a dance music album, he says yes, everyone is waiting for it. Hyori thinks it is difficult to have dance music since she is 40 now, but she really wants to try it. When she sees Jung-hwa eunnie she gets inspired to try. (She is ~50 and released a dance album recently). Hyori says she is like Madonna, but Hyori isn’t really like that. She thought she could be like that when she was little, but now she thinks she isn’t that kind of person, but Jung-hwa eunnie isn’t like that.

Hyori says that Appa told Mocha to watch her in case she is silly. Hyori looks back at Mocha and Mocha is watching them. BG laughs and says that SS told him not to smile at him. The caption says that it is the incarnation of jealousy.

They get to the restaurant, it is the same one they went to with IU last season.

Back at the meenbak, everyone packs everything away and straightens up for the day. The backpackers prepare to check out and Hyori and BG come back. Yoona and she go to the kitchen and prepare the waffles quickly.

The father asks if he can go upstairs and the couple says it is okay. He goes upstairs and says that they look gorgeous (they do). (“I think I want to marry you” plays in the background). Everyone starts to show up. SS comes up and puts his wedding bow tie on the groom. Hyori also prepares Oppa’s jacket for them, but maybe it will be too big. Hyori also brings out her dress. It is gorgeous, but the bride thinks it is a bit too bold for her. The jacket fits the groom well. The bride goes to try the dress on.

Downstairs the are making waffles for the guests. With the music still playing. It is a really delightful scene around the meenbak. All the guests start to enjoy the waffles as mariachi music plays.

The bride comes out in Hyori’s dress, she looks really pretty in it. The bride and groom sit to eat, and the father says that he can take some pictures of them. He usually only takes photos of birds, but they look pretty like birds.

In the kitchen BG tells Yoona that this is Yoona café, she did a good job. She tells him that he did a good job as well. Everyone eats the waffles and look at the bride and groom outside. She doesn’t wear high heels since her and her husband are around the same height. She might be a little taller actually.

They all go outside and prepare the scenery. Hyori wants to remove all the shoes. The dress is so pretty on the bride and the groom looks really adorable as well. He has a little flower halo which I want.

Hyori says that she has only seen herself wear her dress, but when she sees someone else wearing it, she looks so pretty. Did I look that petty? SS says she looked that pretty.

They start taking photos and the little boy tells them to smile. Remember to smile!

Second on BG’s wish list was to take photos. So, he goes outside and helps them take photos. They smile and joke around as BG takes their photos. The background is really gorgeous, though it looks cold for the bride. Inside Hyori tells them to look at BG. It is a happy couple and a happy photographer.

We see a juxtaposition of Hyori and SS’s pictures next to the new couples.
The caption says that they hope they become a happy couple.

Inside BG takes photos of Hyori and she poses for them all, lol. (song: Please be my Baby). Hyori says that he thinks he is a good man, but he is a bad man because he makes women’s hearts pitter-patter. He steals woman’s minds. They all laugh.

SS takes BG’s picture and they put it on their board. SS also takes a photo of Yoona and BG together. Hyori says they are deer chemistry together. Happy deer farm owners.

Then BG takes a photo of SS and Hyori. But they aren’t deer, they are llamas.

Outside the backpackers say that it looks so pretty when the snow melts. They don’t want to leave. They go outside and take Polaroids of everyone. The father and son team wish them well as they go to take photos. Everyone else takes a group photo outside. Then they wish the backpackers well as they set off to the airport.

The bride and groom leave to take photos as well (after changing into their other wedding clothing).

12:00 PM
All is quiet across the meenbak. The workers/owners clean up and enjoy the warm sunshine. It turned from 0 to 15 Celsius so it is nice and warm around the meenbak. It is hard to believe they had a snow storm just a few days ago.

The camera shows us an image of the blue sea of Jeju.

Hyori and SS ist in their spot at the studio and talk about how they really enjoy this weather. They should live like dogs. Eat when hungry, go out when it’s sunny, go inside when it’s rainy.

The last customers arrive. They are men from Jelado, three guys. It looks like they are all friends. They talk about how they need some sunblock (My Ajusshi OST might be playing).

The friends talk like they are army people and they walk like they are from the army. They try to get situated and call SS. They are three guys. He says that he will send them the address, they can get it and check in to the meenbak. They all start to drive there and speak with a Jelado dialect.

SS tells Hyori and also tells her that they can play Mafia again now.

Outside BG and SS play badminton. Hyori and Yoona hop out to play as well and it becomes Owners vs. workers.

Hyori is definitely the weak link on the Owners team.

They keep playing, but then BG’s racket breaks. BG and Yoona go inside so Hyori and SS play a couple’s game. SS has to take it easy on Hyori though. But they are super-duper tired in no time flat. So, they switch with Yoona and BG.

Yoona and Hyori are able to keep the ball in the air all the time. Hyori comments on how Yoona is pretty no matter what she does. Slow motion of BG and Hyroi playing badminton. SS says they should stop talking about how pretty they both are because everyone always does that. Then he thinks he might cry because he is too tired(?).

They all rest and think that it is BG’s last day. Hyori wants to fulfill his yoga wish list so they start to do yoga together. They do something where they try to sit with one leg folded across the other leg. But then they somehow start to practice Russian style kicks(?) (the kind where you squat and kick your feet).

After that, they play a type of Red Light Green Light.

Then they all take a little break.

But Yoona can’t sit still so they decide to play norebang with the microphone. They play one of the songs Hyori recommends and BG sings it. He reads the lyrics off of his phone and sings into the handheld norebang microphone while Yoona peels oranges and Hyori goes through something else. Then he hands Hyori the mic to do the woman’s part. She is about to start singing but the song ends abruptly.

Hyori is all like, hey, you did it on purpose. They all laugh, and BG is like, no, it was just good timing. They start the second verse again. But Hyori says she is not going to sing this, she is mad. They laugh again and Hyori finds another song. She starts to sing it but it turns off also, lol. They all laugh, they don’t know what is going on. They think someone must be turning it off somehow.

SS comes in and wonders what is going on. They fill him in. Then SS gets in on the fun and is about to sing the song he used to seduce Hyori at the club, but the new guests arrive right at that time. They let them in and the new guests walk up the long driveway to greet everyone.

They sit and talk to them. Hyori says that she is glad they came during nice weather. Midal goes to talk to them and they comment that Midal is their new dog. They find out that they are all professional soldiers, special forces. Two on the right already retired and the one on the far left will retire soon. They are high school friends. They want to go to Halla mountain. Hyori tells them to check the website because it might be closed due to the weather.

Then they laugh about how they are laughing and their face is all red. These three guys look so happy to be there. They are super happy. It might be because Yoona walked in. Yoona asks them little questions like their birthday and age and names, those kinds of thing. BG brings them something to drink and they keep talking. One of them might have the same birthday as Yoona. They are all smiles as they talk to her.

Caption: Pretty Noona remembers names

The Pretty Noona OST starts playing with the famous Country song “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…”

The three guys leave, and a military song starts playing as they walk away. They feel awake and at peace. One of them says they sat on the couch and thought it was a dream. Hyori is so pretty, they didn’t know she was that pretty.

The staff all go out to eat sushi because it is what BG wants. They talk about how weather affects peoples moods a lot. They play a song BG wanted and when that goes off they play SS’s song, Rollercoaster.

They all sing the song and drive to the sushi place. Then they try to make their names all one syllable. Hyori = Hyol, Yoona = Yoon, Bogum=Bok but SS is hard to do, Sat? Sang?. SS says that this is the best time to play a Girls Generation song.

SS says he liked one of Girls Generations songs, Tell Me Your Wish, when he was studying overseas. SS pumps his fist as he drives. Yoona’s part comes and she starts singing it. They all just sing and have fun with the song. Yoona even remembers some of the dance moves.

SS says it was difficult to listen to music on mp3 players or online or something like that, so he brought the song with him. They joke that SS lowered the voice as the DJ, “Ddukbogi on the third table please” Then Hyori does the theme park version “Fasten your seat belt, Raise your hands.”

There is a tiny town nearby, there are no lights on the street and the name o the town is Byul Gown (?). Hyori introduces her part-timers to the owner and they sit to eat. They find a nice place in the back and SS reminds BG not to smile at noona. BG removes his smile. But I’m pretty sure that won’t last.

The Japanese style food comes out and they dig in.

Yep, they do heart-hearts and BG smiles at Hyori, but then he looks at SS and SS says…E nom! BG motions that his heart flew away. They talk about how their place is brighter with Yoona and BG there. Yoona is like Rapunzel, she really loves her and doesn’t want her to leave the castle. They say that Hyori looks like the witch because the witch had black hair and olive skin.

Later on, the staff members hang out with the people of this tiny town and take a lot of pictures. Yoona and Hyori switch faces on the app but they still look good. Then three people switch faces and it looks like a hot mess.

Afterward, all four sit for Polaroid photos with tea. (I used the orange one as a post image a couple of episodes back.)

Elsewhere, the father and son are on the hunt for birds. The place they go to has seawater and freshwater mixed together, so there is a lot of food for birds and it is the best place for migrating birds to spend the winter. Today their goal is to find an endangered bird.

They are very into their bird hunting. They found a found a water eagle (water hawk?) That is famous for diving and catching fish. And then they find the bird they were looking for! Jo-o-sae, it is a 1st grade endangered bird. Its mouth is like a rice scooper so that is why they call it Jo-o-sae. There are less than 3,900 in the world. (This bird is called Spoonbill in English.)

The boy asked his father how he felt when he said he saw Jo-o-sae and the father pretty much said that it was exciting.

The couple decides to go to an art museum because they both majored in art. The entrance to the museum looks really cool. The walls are a waterfall so all you see is falling water on the wall as you walk in. This museum looks very modern so there are a lot of clean lines and straight lines.

They go outside and start to take photos in the sunset. They start to jump in the photos and take some stop-motion photos. Some of their photos come out very nicely.

Bogum, Hyori, and Yoona walk around outside right before the sunset. They find a lot of areas to take photos and videotape. Hyori loves to take video and Bo-gum loves to take Polaroids. They tell Yoona to pretend like she is in a commercial.

Then it is Bo-gums turn and Hyori’s turn to have a go in front of the camera. Somehow Hyori’s legs turn yellow in the photo so they laugh at that for a moment.

Meanwhile, Sang-soon is at the grocery store. His task is to buy all the food for dinner, so he was in a hurry to beat everyone home.

But today’s chef is Yoona, so Sang-soon just passes all the groceries over to her. She will have to cook the fish. Flashback of Hyori preparing the menu. We also see a flashback of Yoona practicing preparing this fish at home before going to the meenbak.

Now it is time to show off her skills! She gets to work preparing everything and lays it nicely in a pot with the fish. Yoona gets a little bit concerned with the fish breaking, but everything ends up looking very nice. I can almost smell it, seriously.

The owners/employees sit and enjoy the food. It looks so good. Hyori says that she made it really quickly. Yoona explains that she made it quickly for Bo-gum since he leaves soon. They think they can drop of Bo-gum, but Bo-gum says they don’t have to. But they really want to.

7:30 PM
It is really time for Bo-gum to leave. He puts on his huge jacket and heads out with Sang-soon. Yoona and Hyori give him hugs and tell him bye-bye. Hyori tells him that she hopes she can see him later. He waves goodbye a lot, and thanks them for dinner. He also tells them that he enjoyed his time.

Hyori and Yoona both say this feels different from meenbak customers, he really helped them a lot. The dogs even don’t want Bo-gum to leave. Suk-sam just watches him and wags his tail as he leaves. Hyori yells, I love you Park Bo-gum! And Sang soon says, ah that Ajumma is so silly! While driving away. Yoona goes inside because Hyori’s love confession is so embarrassing.

SS tells BG that it would be great if he could stay longer. BG sends the father and son a text, but it is mostly for the son. He tells them that he is sorry that he couldn’t say goodbye. He also calls the appa sonsangnim and says that he hopes they have a good trip. Appa tells the son to text Bogum back. He says that he wanted to take a picture with him but it was an honor to meet him and then you for making my trip happy. BG writes back for the son to be healthy and well and spend his precious time with his family. He also sends a nice text message to the future couple that is along the same lines.

We see a nice montage of BG at the meenbak. On the airplane, BG tells them, thank you so much. And the plane flies off.

Sang-soon gets back to the house, it is pretty quiet. The special forces guys come back with a lot of food. BG started making their bath for them and now the chairman makes sure that it is hot for them. The special forces want to go to Halla mountain tomorrow, but Hyori heard that it will rain a lot tomorrow. SS tells them that maybe they should do something else.

Hyori decides to jump into the sauna with the special forces guys, but she only puts her feet in. They chat happily about the sauna and how it is very great. Yoona also joins them outside and hops into the sauna, Hyori decides to hop inside too. This is the first time Yoona gets to actually enjoy the tub. They talk about the stars in the sky and how this is the best time to go to Halla mountain. Actually, Hyori and Sang-soon haven’t been to Halla mountain yet because Sang-Soon doesn’t like the mountain. She convinced him, but it rained.

Inside SS is laying with the dogs and the caption says that he likes home the best.

The other meenbak guests come home at that time so Hyori and Yoona get out to say hello to the guests. They go inside and change into dry clothing. It looks like the special forces guys haven’t met the other guests, so they go inside and introduce themselves.

Yoona is back to her regular going home early schedule, so Sang-soon walks her home.

The little boy says he always watches Hyori Meenbak at his grandmother’s house on the weekend. She asks what is different. He says that it is more fun in person. This is better than the TV. Hyori asks the little boy, is she prettier, or is Yoona prettier, you have to answer honestly. The little boy is all like….uh…….he doesn’t know who to pick.

The poor boy, the caption says this is the biggest trouble in his 12-year-old like, lol!

He asks his appa. Appa says that he needs to think about it more. She asks who is more handsome, Bo-gum or Sang-soon. The little boy says Bo-gum immediately. They all laugh. Hyori says she agrees too, but it is her secret, you and I have a secret now. Don’t tell that guy.

Cut to Yoona eating a snack as she enjoys her free time.

Then we go back to Hyori at the meenbak practicing yoga. But she just flops on the floor exhausted.

Sang-soon tells the guests to enjoy their stay and tomorrow morning they will have kimbap for breakfast. He goes outside and tries to round-up the doggies to join him and Hyori for bed, but he gives up trying to get Suk-sam and just goes to bed with Hyori and the other doggies.

Everyone sleeps.

But then Suk-sam goes back to the studio door and sits outside waiting to go in. One of the little dogs on the inside notices Suk-sam outside, so he scratches the door alerting Sang-soon to wake up and let Suk-sam in. Suk-sam finally goes inside and everyone curls up and goes to sleep.

Good night in the meenbak jip.

Fade Out.

Spring comes to the meenbak jip.
Yoona sings a lot in the meenbak and goes crazy with singing.
They also perform with the guys in the sauna and give them a makeshift concert.

This is the recap for the Korean variety show Hyori's Bed and Breakfast season 2, episode 10
@hyorine_official on Instagram
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    I have missed the recaps as I was shifting house. It seems so crazy fun yet sad cos BG is gone 🙁 ! Thanks for recapping ~ jeju seems so awesome

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    The art museum looks awesome. I’ll definitely pay a visit if I go to Jeju.

    By the way, I just find this website. Thank you for recapping! I wonder if you will continue the recap?

    • V
      April 26, 2018 / 10:47 am

      Yes! We are so behind on Hyori since we went out of town last weekend. But we are definitely going to continue to recap Hyori until the end of the season!

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