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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 14

Recap for Season 2 of Hyori's Bed and Breakfast, episode 14
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We are legitimately all caught up now! It took a few weeks, but we are finally back to live-ish recaps of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. We will finish strong with episode 15 and I will mark season 2 recap of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast variety show off my New Years list of things to accomplish in 2018. Whoo hoo!

The post image today is of Yoona’s single that she is releasing. This is the song that she recorded at Hyori’s Meenbak. I believe it will be released sometime soon if not already.

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Rehash of the previous episode.

Hyori and SS wake up to an alarm and their doggies scratching their faces. Hyori says it is snowing, that is snow, right? Everything has blossomed, but it is still snowing.

There is unexpected snow everywhere.

Hyori and SS go to the meenbak and watch all this snow falling. They feed the cats as per usual. then Hyori goes to the kitchen and starts to make dumpling soup for breakfast. She prepares the batter first and then they take a tea break as the batter rises.

Hyori has a pictorial in Jeju today.

Yoona gets to the meenbak in all her warm clothing and with her hood up. She greets everyone and talks about the snow outside. Then she goes to help with breakfast. Everyone is awake at this point and sitting around the table. SS tells all the fellas that they can drive their car if they want to.

They all sit around the table to eat.

Hyori cleans the floor afterward while everyone else still sits at the table. They all get up and help clean and organize. Montage of everyone doing their share.

Then the boys all leave in SS’s car. Jackson gets a call from someone and tells them that he is staying at a bed and breakfast. it looks like the bikers are looking like, wow, I never thought I would travel with a foreigner, this is crazy, lol.

Two very bright women come in. They are so bright and happy. They get their rental car and call the meenbak with anticipation. Both of them smile like crazy as they talk to SS. They ask for the address and tells them that they will be there tonight. They sound normal on the phone, but they are stunned frozen when they get off the phone. and then giggle and smile again.

Hyori asks if they are female. SS says yes. They think they need to put them in the proper room.

In the living room, SS plays classical music as we see various images of animals and rain falling around the meenbak. We also see Hyori running to and fro and her dogs following her.

The last guests for the meenbak show up. It is a family with Umma, Appa, and two daughters. They think it is so cool to travel as a family. It has been more than 10 years since they all traveled together. The daughters don’t think they can drive here, so Appa drives. they talk about how it is good to be out of the house and their day to day lives.

They get inside their rental car and ask SS for the address. SS gives it to them and then goes back to his playing the piano for Hyori. He plays cartoonish music as he sings, “Wake up Hyori.” Then he plays a passionate song and sings, “Hyori fighting.”

A man comes into the house. It is Hyori’s longtime manager. He talks to Hyori about the schedule. Then Hyori heads out with her manager. She takes Soon-sim with her and says that Soon-sim wants to smell the shoot.

SS and Yoona clean everywhere as they prepare to greet the new guests.

Cut to the young women driving up. They ring the bell and Yoona answers it. The women drive in and think that it looks so pretty. They giggle and scream as they see SS. they are so surprised and say, Daebak! Everything is new. Yoona hurries and puts the vacuum back, then she runs to greet the new customers.

SS and Yoona bring the customers something to drink and talk to them. The ladies prefer to sit on the floor and talk. They have been friends for 15 years since primary school. They will be there for 2 nights and 3 days. They just got their jobs out of school. They are in skin care and a teaching assistant. Yoona comments on one of their nails. The woman says she never did something like that before, but now she makes her own money so she really wanted to do it.

Then we see the family driving up to the meenbak. They are the last customers to the meenbak. The daughters go up the doorbell and press it. The girls are super excited when they hop back into the car. They also cheer when they see Sang-soon.

SS is happily shocked when he sees that they are a family of 4. This is the first time they have a family as their guests. The family goes inside and greets everyone. The family sits at the kitchen table instead of the couch, SS talks to them. The youngest one applied for the meenbak. SS thinks they look very close. Jeju was the parent’s honeymoon spot, but they were too drunk to look around. They have been married for 30 years.

SS asks the daughters their names, but he calls the parents Abonim and Omonin. SS asks them if he would rather they call their names, but the parents laugh and say that Omonim and Abonim are fine. Their names are old fashioned. He fills them in on Hyori, she is at a shoot, and then talk about the food they have.

The young ladies are going out to see Jeju, SS tells them to call them when they come back. He asks the ladies if they speak good English because they are straight out of school. They laugh and say, “Hello.”

Hyori requests heavy makeup, she wants to change a little bit. She says today, she doesn’t’ want to be a meenbak jip owner. The makeup artists and stylists change Hyori from a meenbak jip owner to Hyori the Idol. It is a lovely transformation. She looks the same, but more amped up.

SS and Yoona decide to go to the grocery store. They eat a Popeye snack that has little stars in it (Children of a Lesser God!) as they drive. Yoona hasn’t eaten it in forever.

While driving, Yoona thinks they can make asparagus soup tonight, so they look for all the ingredients in the grocery store.

The weather gets worse. Hyori wonders if they can still do the shoot, even though it is raining. The producer says that the rain is supposed to stop at 2:30, perhaps they can have the shoot under a tree.

Yoona and SS drive to Hyori’s location. They talk in the car about wanting to take a nap. SS says Yoona can lay the seat back and sleep. But Yoona is a little uncomfortable sleeping while SS drives, but then he falls asleep quickly, lol.

They arrive and Yoona actually knows one of the crew members. Hyori tells SS that the shoot is a bit screwed up because of the rain so they can’t do the pictorial. He fills her in on the two new group of guests. SS asks what they have to eat. Yoona is hungry as well. Hyori is all like, how can you think of food. She tells them to go to a nice restaurant. SS tells her that he will stay next to her. He lays down next to her and Yoona lays down on the other side. Hyori laughs. Today she wanted to be an entertainer without the meenbak.

Then Hyori shows Yoona the upside down back stretching machine. Yoona hops into it and flips all the way around. Hyori coaches Yoona throw some breathing and then rolls her back around. Did it feel good? Your face looks pink. Yoona thinks she has a lot of blood circulation and feels reborn.

The three start to eat at a little coffee table. Hyori feels strange that the three of them are out of the house and not at the meenbak. Yoona wanted to tell her that they are making asparagus soup, but she doesn’t want to tell her about work. They joke about woke things and how Hyori doesn’t’ want to hear it, I am Lee Hyori. She wants people to tell her that it is 9 am, you have to go to Japan. Not that they are making asparagus soup. They all laugh.

Hyori leaves and comes back with new clothing on. She flashes them with her sexy bra underneath her sportswear. She gets prettified by the stylists and makeup artists while SS watches her. She tells him that he saw everything last night, then flashes him her chest again. His face lights up as he turns away.

The three fellas go to castle mountain. It is also called sunrise hill because it has a very nice sunrise. The bikers climbed the mountain, but Jackson had climbed it before, so he rests at a cafe. The bikers call Jackson and tell him that they are in the parking lot, but it sounds like they say “We are in the F’ing lot,” lol for days.

They go to a cave next. Jurassic Park music plays as they walk around it. It is 8 km long which is the 12th longest volcano cave. This cave is huge and has very high ceilings.

Hyori is a bit worried about everything because it is raining. She worries about the crew and her photo shoot images and everything. She thinks the manager has to protect her look well. The PD says they will be positive, let’s try first. They all agree.

Hyori zips down her zipper to reveal the sexy bra and starts posing. The weather is bad, but Hyori is serving it up on a platter and handing it to them. But it looks like the result is a lot different then what they expected. They think they will shoot it again in Seoul. She goes to Seoul 2 days later and takes the pictorial again. (The Jeju photos look better to me).

Yoona and SS drive home alone. Yoona sleeps in the car again and doesn’t wake up until they get home. The dogs run out immediately. Hyori comes right away. While in the care she says they didn’t’ shoot the pictorial, but she feels tired as if they did. The PD and assistant go inside as well and explain things while sitting at the table. Yoona shot with the PD two months ago. She shows the pictures to Hyori. This shoot was for Marie Claire and gave off a very mature vibe.

Hyori thinks the clothes look great since Yoona is so tall.

Hyori asks the PD team if they want to take a bath outside since they came there. They all laugh.

Cut to a huge ball. The girls get into the ball and roll down the hill inside of it. They are all screaming inside the ball, but outside it is very quiet. They stop rolling and get out, it looks like they had a good time as they giggle and think that they need to go somewhere with a nice mood. they decide to drive and go to a tiny Italian chef house restaurant with a small luxurious and cozy interior. they think that it isn’t that expensive.

An Italian chef brings their pasta, they start to eat and share the dishes. They think that this food is great, it is a present for themselves.

The family rides around at this time as well. The parents talk about how it was winter when they went there all those years ago. We also see a photo of the newlyweds from 30 years ago. They bring their kids to the exact same spot. the kids want them to remake the photo, it is so adorable because their daughters are choreographing the entire scene…..look at me appa……umma you should run like this…..

The family goes to another spot on the beach and recreate another photo. The original photos look so gorgeous, oh my goodness. Appa picks up the umma, princess style, and they all laugh. OMG, don’t throw your back out appa! He laughs and asks his daughters if they got it.

It is Sogili hair salon time as SS sits for a haircut in their living room. SS says Hyori cuts his hair two months ago so it should be all messed up. he tells her that she can cut it any way she wants. It looks like he is going to have a shorter haircut.

Yoona gets a message from the two women, they want to try the bath out, so she goes outside and prepares the bath with Hyori. But the bath is in pretty bad shape. It will take at least 20 minutes to drain and clean out.

Flashback of Hyori cutting SS’s hair two months ago. He wonders why they live like this when their neighborhood has a salon. But Hyori says it is to have moments like this. His hair is a mess, lol.

But the salon lady cuts his hair very nicely. He likes it a lot and stares at the mirror a lot. Yoona looks at the haircut in amazement, lol. Hyori tells him he looks like Gong Yoo, he should lose some weight on the face though. She pulls his face in. Hyori laughs but she finishes it by telling him that he looks really good.

Later, the family comes back in and meets Hyori. They bring all their food in and share it with everyone. But then it looks like Hyori thinks about something. She asks when they had their oldest. He says they were both 21. They got married because they had their daughter. The daughter is 30, and the parents are both 51.

Hyori goes outside and checks the sauna, but it is way too hot. They put on cold water and then set up the parasol. They think their umma will be sick because she took a bath today. Hyori thinks she should make honey tea for her. She pulls out her very special honey. This honey is from bees that live on stones. Appa starts to talk all about what he knows about that honey. Hyori says he isn’t the one that wants to eat it, right? Appa laughs. But he looks a bit happily jealous as his wife happily drinks it.

The two women get back and are super happy to see Hyori, they cannot contain themselves. They tell Hyori that the bathtub is ready. Hyori decides to take a bath with them. Yoona goes out as well. So it is a girl party outside as the four ladies talk. Hyori asks what she needs to make her skin better? The ladies say, money! They all laugh. Hyori says she spent a lot of money and it didn’t work, they are some things you cant buy with money.

Jackson and the bikers come back. The family greets them. The two younger daughters say that they are also going to go outside to the tub. So now it is really a girls night outside. One of the girls says that this is the perfect size for 158 cm tall person. They are all around 158 cm.

Yoona goes inside and joins the men with drinks. They think time went by so fast. One of them asks Yoona if she would like to ride with them when the weather is nice. He says they have extra things because their girlfriends ride with them. Yoona would like to try it.

But then it is time for Yoona to go home. She says goodnight to everyone. Her song plays as she does all of this. the last person she says bye to is Hyori, they will go to yoga together in the morning. She walks to the gate herself under the umbrella, it is 5C outside. When she gets home, she plays with the camera a little bit and then finishes her day.

At the meenbak, The three guys are in the living room together, the family is upstairs, and the two women are in the little room.

SS goes to the studio and tells Hyori that the bikers want to drive to the sunrise, so they will be out at around 6 am. They all go to sleep.

4 AM
Everyone is sleeping. Hyori wakes up for morning Yoga and picks up Yoona. This is her first Yoga with Yoona.

Yoga time! Lots of images of India and camels and tigers and the water. The yoga instructors voice is on the screen in text as he takes them through the exercises.

7 AM
Abonim wakes up and stretches on the balcony. Another person stretches in the backyard (perhaps his daughter?).

The bikers left in the morning. They think it is wonderful to drive without rain or fog. they get to the sea, but it is super cloudy. They take a lot of photos on the beach regardless. A sad romantic song plays because the bikers still haven’t seen the sunrise even on their 4th day on the island.

Meanwhile, Hyori and Yoona drive around. Hyori starts to talk about dancing. She went to a dance studio and asked the owner how to do the Tell me your wish dance. The owner was super surprised because Hyori was asking him how to do the dance. She says it was a good studio. (On the screen it shows up a video of Hyori doing the dance at the studio). She learned up to a certain point and wants Yoona to teach her the rest.

SS’s alarm goes off. he goes outside and sees one of the guests stretching outside. They greet each other. Inside Jackson is awake and talks to the University students. He asks them if they slept well. They say, gool-jam (slept well). Today, the two young ladies will go on a submarine.

Hyori and Yoona come back for morning tea and sit around the table. Hyori asks if their mother is okay, they say she is, the honey tea worked well.

Yoona starts to make breakfast with help from the daughters. The other two girls come in as well. Yoona feeds them some of the food as they continue to make breakfast.

The bikers come back in. Jackson goes back out and greets them with a camera. They all go inside and the bikers say that they enjoyed their time out. Everyone eats the asparagus soup with toast and jam.

They all eat happily and they all think the soup tastes really good.

The bikers are checking out. Yoona wants them to give her a ride. Hyori wants a ride as well. So they both go change into something warm so they can ride with them before they leave.

Yoona thinks she looks like an egg with her outfit. The bikers gently help the women put on their helmets and they take a photo of them. The caption says, “Green and yellow sisters, cross,” They start to pretend like they are in outer space and walk like they are astronauts floating in zero gravity. SS hits Hyori’s helmet. Hyori asks Oppa if she can hug the biker, he is all like, YES.

The bikers take them out and tell them that they will drive slowly along the ocean. The bikers take them all the way to the ocean.

Hyori, Yoona, and the bikers enjoy their time at the ocean
Abonim and Omonim take a bath together
Jackson plays the piano
Yoona leaves
Closing day for the meenbak

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