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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 2 Recap: Episode 12

Recap for Season 2 of Hyori's Bed and Breakfast, episode 12
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It is spring at the meenbak and the team has their first real challenge with their first English-speaking guest. Yoona, Sang-soon, and Hyori’s English is pretty good, so they can communicate relatively well with him when they combine their efforts. Two bikers show up on a ship with their goal of riding their bikes all around the island. And it looks like we might have a fun movie episode to look forward to tomorrow.

We are posting this as soon as we finished it. I tried to correct a lot of the typos, but there might still be a lot floating around. Hopefully not too many though. ^_^

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Springtime at Hyori’s.

The sun rises over the ocean of Jeju. It slowly gets brighter. Winter customers all went home. This place looks more lazy than quiet. A man peals oranges, it is Sang-soon. It looks like Hyori is shooting Sang-soon? She has the camera all up in his face. She asks him how he can peel the orange in such a cool way. He says, without coolness, I am dead. Go-soony walks by and the caption reads: you must be dead.

SS takes that camera from Hyori and starts to film her. then the camera scrolls to so many lovely images of springtime in Jeju. The yurt is removed in the yard and the sun shines all around without even a trace of snow.

Spring has started at Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.

One day one of spring, the team all went out bike riding. The flowers were all blossoming and greeted them. Hyori asks SS why he is so fast, they will catch him! Yoona is just happy as she rides around. You can ride 234 kilometers in Jeju, but I doubt they road around that long.

They ride to the beach and talk about how it looks super clean. they feel warm as well. Hyori wonders what kind of customers will visit them in the spring.


A lot of shots of the rain. But where are Hyori and Sang-soon? Hyori took her yoga class and is on her way back. It is raining, but she feels good. She thinks all the romantic things are only in songs, it doesn’t exist in real life. That is what makes people depressed. Your husband will say something like this, but he doesn’t say it like that in real life at all.

Hyori calls Sang-soon. She asks him if he is awake, when did you wake up? Can’t you accept my phone call very nicely? NO. Why not? She tells him to look outside. I AM BUSY. She is all like, Okay, let’s hang up. She says that is her pitter-patter heart.

SS is at home, not doing too much. Hyori gets home so all the dogs run outside to great her. She asks were Soon-shim and Gwana were. SS thinks they are trapped in the studio and that is actually where they are. They run out and immediately find Hyori to play with her. But Go-shil stays outside. they shaved Go-shil’s hair so it looks like he is protesting because he was the only one to get a haircut. They think he will be cold outside though, so they want him to come inside.

They leave so he will come in. Once they are out of sight, he comes in, lol.

Hyori thought their appearance wasn’t important, but now she thinks it is important. It is important for others and it is important for herself. He should put in more effort too, take off your training suit. He says it is new! It’s only 3 days old. She says it looks like it is 10 years old, he is all like, we got it last week! They both laugh. Hyori says that is why they don’t have any pitter-patter, their relationship is winter even though spring has come.

She tells him to look at her. She puts cream on her lip like ha Ji-won in Secret Garden and SS starts to kiss her like he is Hyun Bin, but they laugh and push each other away. They start to relax again and drink their lattes.

Yoona comes to work through all the clouds. This is the first day of work on this Spring day. She walks through the mist all the way to the meenbak. SS tells Hyori that uri Yoona came. She asks him why he calls her uri Yoona. SS is all like, why did you call Bogum, Uri Bogum? (Uri means Our).

It seems like they took a tiny break and haven’t seen each other in a while. Yoona went to Japan for vacation and brought Hyori and SS gifts of clothing that she got in Japan. Yoona also pulls Hyori away and says that she has one more gift for her. She whispers it and says that it has to be delivered secretly, don’t tell the President.

Hyori is able to escape and go check her present in the living room. it looks like it is a secret sock attachment that makes you 3 cm taller. Hyori puts it on and comes back as if nothing happened. She is super smiley though.

Montage of Hyori being short and unable to grab things. But now she can grab things easily. Hyori asks Sang-soon if he notices something different. She stands next to Yoona and compares her height. But SS has no idea what is going on. Hyori shows him that she is 3 cm taller with the socks.

They have a fun moment where Hyori walks around with 3 cm confidence. She asks if her feet look swollen in those socks, lol. They should look about 1 inch swollen.

Yoona and SS carry the slide and some other things into the storage shed. They laugh as they say bye-bye to the slide.

Inside, the dogs are super un-energetic. They are just lazy around the house. Yoona tries to play with Guanna on the couch, but Guanna is being a couch potato. Hyori tells her to throw things for Midal, but she has to be super exaggerated about it. Yoona isn’t as excited as she should be. Hyori comes up and shows her how it’s done, you have to act like a dog!

Hyori starts rolling around and playing with her dogs. This is why they like her the most, lol. She is really having fun with her.

A foreigner shows up to be in Hyori’s Meenbak. He calls and Hyori picks up. He speaks Korean and says he is from the US. But he also says that he doesn’t’ speak Korean well. Hyori switches to English. Yoon and SS are all like, whaaaaaaaat we have to speak EnGliSh????? SS says it is okay, American’s are the same as everyone else.

Yoona and Hyori start to practice saying their name in English. Yoona’s pronunciation is actually really good. Somehow she didn’t sound like she had an accent at all when she said: “I am Yoona.” She sounds like a Valley Girl.

The American takes a taxi to the meenbak. he says the dogs are going crazy as he rings the doorbell. They let him in so he walks up the long lane to the house. SS greets him. He has their house is so beautiful. His name is Jackson so everyone comes out and says hello to him. He asks him how they are doing. they don’t have a lot of guests. Right now.

Hyori’s English is so adorable for some reason.

They talk about his Korean and their English. He says that he is a director. While there he would like to go to Halla mountain. Hyori tells him that she has gone there before, it is very beautiful and not hot. Then she looks at Yoona and asks if she is talking right? They both laugh.

He says his friends really like Hyori’s meenbak and he saw the first show. He wondered if they were surprised. Hyori is all like, YES, very surprised. They start to talk about English again. SS says they aren’t shy, they just speak and say whatever. Jackson asks them if there is any place that he can go eat, so they tell him of a place he can go. Yoona can drop him off.

Yoona asks Jackson how old he is, he is 25. He tries to guess how old she is and he guesses so low. I think Yoona is so happy. He is all like, 21? 20? 19? LOL, he is going in the opposite direction. Yoona can carry on a conversation with him very well.

Back at the house, Hyori and SS wonder what they should eat. Curry?

In the car, Jackson asks his phone how to say “Where did you grow up” The phone asks Yoona. She grew up in Seoul. They keep talking. I am not sure how much Yoona picks up, but she nods her head along as if she gets most of it. They get to the place and she asks him what he is going to do after he eats. He says he will go to another café after this. Yoona waits with him until her delivery comes and then they say their goodbyes.

She takes the food back and Hyori and SS eat the food she brought. It looks like some kind of cake or maybe a peanut butter and jelly type sandwich?

Two guys call, they will be there in a ship, but the ship is a bit delayed.

Jackson walks around the shore alone. the caption says an alone trip may look lonely but it is not lonely. They show all the people who Jackson meets and greets as he walks around. Then he sits on the shore and picks some music to listen too. the production team pretends like he is listening to “You are not alone, I am here with you,” by Michael Jackson. But the captions put in Hyori and Sang-soon into the song. “You are not alone, Hyori is here with you, Sang-soon is here too”

Sang-soon and Hyori go out to shop for groceries. On the ride, we see all the gorgeous blossoming plants of Jeju. Hyori tells SS that she heard the yellow flower was really good. She also tells him that they should go to the movies separately and meet up so it feels more like a date.

Only Yoona and the animals are at the meenbak. Yoona sits with almost all of them. Soonyi comes up to her and starts to jump over her feet. Yoona tells her to come to her so Soonyi hops up onto her lap. Yoona tells Soonyi that she is very warm, she pets her and cuddles with her. Soonyi starts to fall asleep.

Montage of Hyori and SS shopping in the mart.

At the same time, the ship arrives into the Jeju harbor. A lot of workers are there to go on board and unload. Two people come out on motorcycles. The Top Gun song starts playing. The motorcycle guys take off their helmets and call the meenbak. Hyori takes the call in the car. She will text them directions and if they want to use the outside tub then they can get it ready for them.

The motorcycle guys drive off to the Top Gun soundtrack.

Hyori sends a text to Jackson and wonders what to text. How are you? Is everything okay? If you don’t like eating alone – If you are lonely – come over (laughs).

Jackson is alone and gets the KaTalk. it is in perfect English. They basically tell him that two more guys showed up and they can eat with them at the meenbak if he wants. Jackson says that is great, is 6 pm okay? They answer that it is.

Yoona is taking a nap at the meenbak. I think this is her first nap? Or the first time she fell asleep on the couch? She sits and sleeps happily with all the animals. But then she is startled awake by all the animals barking. Someone must have arrived.

Yep, Umma and Appa are back so the doggies run outside to greet them. Yoona says that Gwana didn’t go out, but all the other kids went out. Hyori will take the dogs out, SS tells Yoona that she can go for a walk with Hyori also if she wants.

It looks like she wants to so Hyori gives her a little waterproof jacket. A few of the other dogs want to go out too, but it looks like SS holds them back and only takes out a few of them? It looks like three of the white dogs are behind. SS gives them a snack for staying with him.

In the car, Hyori tells Yoona that they only had 3 dogs to begin with; the original 3 dogs are timid and quieter than that three new dogs, so Hyori likes taking them out when she can.

At home, SS makes rice for the guests, does some laundry, and mops the floor.

Yoona and Hyori get to the spot to walk the dogs. Hyori says they like to smell things so she can just let them smell everything they want. Hyori starts to talk about how Soonshimi is the healthiest and can probably live for 20 years in Jeju. Soonshimi takes off running and Yoona has to run along with him. Hyori wonders why Yoona runs so strangely, their employees are all not good at running.

Hyori also says that it was much harder to take their dogs out while they lived in Seoul. The dogs were timid as well so she didn’t’ feel good. But here, they can go to the forest so it is one of the things they enjoy about Jeju.

They walk all the way to Hyori’s friend’s restaurant in the little town. Inside, they talk about flower tea. it is Plum (meshil) flower tea that has a mint flavor. The little blossoms will blossom in the hot water. Yoona thinks it looks so pretty. Hyori thinks it is spring and they are drinking flower tea. Hyori says she never calls her husband jahgiya but her friend calls her husband jahgiya.

SS is at home cleaning his ears (caption: is someone talking about me?).

SS gets busy cleaning the outside tub for the guests and then we cut to the guests driving up through the thick mist. They get to the gate and SS lets them in after asking them if they are on bikes

5:50 PM
The bikers arrive at the meenbak and are greeted by SS. SS asks them if they have any luggage. They tell him that it is in their bike, they took this ship because of their bikes, but it was 3 hours delayed.

These two knew each other from an online or offline forum that has the same hobbies, like meetup. They met there first but now they work at the same company. One of them is 34 and the other one is 30. They are both interior designers. SS tells them that they have one English guest, do they speak English? They both laugh and look nervous for a moment, they don’t speak English at all.

The bikers tell SS that bikers dream is to go to Jeju with their own bike.

Jackson calls and SS talks to him on the phone. The bikers think he speaks really great English, maybe because he studied abroad? the bikers ask him if he knows any Korean, SS laughs and says that he knows next to no Korean. They both look happily nervous and say that they are in trouble.

Yoona and Hyori come back, they see the bikes and think that they are super professional looking bikes. They go inside and greet the bikers. They ask if they are twins, they look similar and they both look like models. they are Hyung and dongsang. The men are so happy to see Hyori and Yoona. They say that it feels like they turned on a TV when they hear Hyori talking.

Jackson comes back with a big yellow bag. He greets the bikers and asks them if they just got here and if they will be sleeping in that area too? It doesn’t look like they know everything that he says but they know some. it is actually kind of cute in how they try to communicate back and forth. SS helps them out a little.

The three of them go outside and somehow start to talk about their bicycles. That is the icebreaker as they go and start to talk about them. Jackson tries to use the translator, but it doesn’t work this time, lol. It spits out some gibberish.

Inside, the Loretta Lynch Pretty Noona OST starts to play “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman…” as Hyori and Yoona cook in the kitchen. SS gives Hyori a little massage. Jackson unpacks his things and plays with one of the cats and the dogs. But then the dogs start to fight a little bit. Jackson tells them to break it up and the dogs are all like…English? Lol.

7:00 PM
Everyone eats at the table. it is a very quiet dinnertime. Hyori said that they usually talk a lot but they hate that English problem. One of the guys says that he understands English, but can’t answer back. But it looks like everyone is trying to talk a little bit.

Jackson takes a huge piece of very salty fish and everyone tries to tell him to take a smaller piece, but they have the hardest time explaining it. They tell him to eat a small piece with rice. he says he likes it, it is his style and isn’t too spicy. Hyori tries to talk to Jackson a lot and mentions chicken feet and how it is really spicy.

Hyori asks him if he knows her age, he says 38? 39? But he thinks SS is younger, lol. Hyori says she is on fire! It is the “do you know” game as everyone asks Jackson what he knows about pop culture of Korea.

The three guys go outside to enjoy the tub. But there is no conversation, lol. I feel like this is already awkward with 3 guys and now it is even more awkward with the language barrier. I don’t think they stay outside that long.

Inside, SS starts to play music while Yoona sings her lyrics to a new song and Hyori listens along. Jackson comes in and they let him play the guitar, they play knock knock knocking on Heavens Door. Then SS plays an English song, (Lykke Li, Dance Dance Dance). Hyori sings it and the lyrics are shown on the screen.

After finishing that song, they look for some other fun songs to sing and play. they start to sing a song by Maori. SS starts to do his special skill of playing the guitar which makes Hyori laugh. they all laugh and have a fun time. Hyori tells Jackson that everyone knows how to sing that song. Jackson asks for “Hey Jude” by the Beetles, so SS plays it a little bit and everyone sings along.

Yoona loves the way SS plays the guitar and starts to play as well. Jackson wants to learn it too. SS starts to show them how to do it standing as well. He is really hamming it up.

The bikers come down and sit at the table. Hyori wants to sit in the outside tub to take a bath, she tells SS that they should do it together. SS invites Yoona out as well. They all go outside and settle into the hot sauna. They start laughing at how cold and warm it is.

They really just sit and relax. They ask each other if they should watch a movie together. Yoona asks if she should dress up also? Hyori says she is her supporter. (She shouldn’t be too pretty). If you are prettier than me then I will kill you. Yoona laughs and says that she will wear a hoodie. Hyori tells her to wear what she has one and laughs.

SS comes out so Hyori tells him that Yoona will come with them to watch the movie. SS is all like, it isn’t a date then, we should invite the guests as well. The wind picks up so they decide to go inside.

The men are playing cards inside. Jackson asks Hyori when they will have breakfast in the morning. Hyori says they can go to yoga at 4 am. Everyone is all like…????

The men help clean and organize the house. Yoona goes home super early at 9:30 pm. She tells them she likes to have alone time. Everyone ends up going to bed at 9:30 pm. Soonyi gives Jackson a back massage while he checks his phone.

SS and Hyori also go to bed. SS says he is excited for a date tomorrow. Hyori tells him that he is excited to have popcorn and cola right? Let’s meet each other happily.

4 AM
Everyone is sleeping. But Jackson is awake listening to music. He is also still playing with Soon-yi.

Hyori and Jackson end up going to yoga together. The other two guys stay behind. On the way there Hyori asks Jackson why he came to Korea. he says that he just finished school and didn’t know what to do so he decided to come to Korea. He wanted to come and not think too much about it. Hyori says that if she goes back to her 20s she would want to live in another country like him and study and make friends. But now she can’t go back.

She tells him that they are about to do yoga! Jackson says, let’s do it! He asks her how to say he is ready and she says, joon-bee dwe-so-yo. We cut to the yoga person’s voice and the yoga music, but we don’t see the actual class (as usual).

Fade Out

Hyori gives Jackson a tour of a market
Everyone gets ready to go to the movies

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