Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 9

Episode 9 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
This show goes a mile a minute. Let’s try to catch up: First, MS got JY’s law suspension withdrawn – However, JY does not trust MS anymore – our two main leads are now a couple – they got HM out of jail – HM gave them critical information that he stored in the trunk of a car for years that implicates MS and OJ in a murder – HM was killed, but before he was killed he told JY’s mother what was happening – JY’s mother goes to Kiseung and starts working for MS as a Korean-Thailand masseuse – SP’s uncle comes to town and is killed – SP is blamed for it – now SP is in jail and JY is his lawyer; today should be the start of that court case. Y’all, we are only half way through this show and soooo much has happened. I have whiplash. Hopefully they can slow things down a bit to let us all catch our breath.

I should also add that a new Righteous prosecutor is in town from Seoul (oldest brother in My Ajusshi) and he is putting together a team of other righteous do-gooders that includes a police officer and possibly a reporter.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: June 9th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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The cops all show up to the rooftop. SP is out of it, he just sits lifeless and teary as the police handcuff him easily. They pull him away.

On the news, it says that the nephew killed the uncle and he fell from the rooftop. SP was a lawyer who had a criminal record. MS looks at this news and she does not look happy about it. SJ runs in and says that SP is arrested! Did you know about it? MS stares daggers at her leading SJ to tell her that she was just worried about her.

Then MS pulls out her phone and tells OJ to come to her house, right now.

GD tells OJ that everything went according to his plan, but he does not look happy. OJ ells GD to send some flowers. Suddenly SJ calls and tells OJ that MS does not look happy, did you make a mistake? We are not the main, we are the background, don’t you remember what I told you before? Just come in quickly.

The police raid the law firm. their goal is to search everything due to the murder of DW. JY tells the good prosecutor that SP did not do it, you know that! But the good prosecutor (GP) says that he is not SP’s friend, he is only a prosecutor who is looking for the truth. YH is there as well and tells JY that SP was caught as the murderer at the scene.

JY tells GP that she accepts his investigation, but GS tells her that they have limited time, they need to see SP first.
JY and GS leave to go to the jail to see SP. But there is big problem back at the office, the prosecutors found anethesia. JY tells them not to worry, then she tells GS that this is all a trap.

She goes in to see SP. He walks in to talk to her, but he is completely destroyed. He tries to smile, but he can’t. JY asks him if he is happy that he did this all by himself and became like this? Are you happy? he apologizes and says that he has a request, please take care of my uncles last days (funeral).

JY tells him that he will send his uncle himself, she will make this happen. She hugs him tightly.

MS and SJ walk into the courthouse. SJ is talkinga mile a minute about OJ and how dare he be like this, who made him this mayor anyway? he is going too far, my feeling is correct.

MS tells her to give any information she finds to her.

the sister talks to the cops and tells them that she does not know anything about anything. None of them know anything. They have no clue at all about there anesthetics.

JY comes in and tells the polcie to stop interrogating them as if they are criminals. The team all gets up to leave. The polcie tells them that they will let them leave today, but they will also have an investigation because they are part of the law firm. They all leave.

The mood is gloomy as they all sit around and try to eat. But they try to lighten the mood and say that they all need to eat. They also say that JY is so great, they didnt’ recognize that at first. the sister gets angry though and tells them that he is in jail now! GS thinks this is crazy, they were like father and son. GG wants to know how they found anesthetics there. They say one guy is missing, they can’t contact him anymore.

The sister stands up and tells her brother that he should have taken care of his guys! the brother yells back about something as well. But the others just tell them to sit and eat.

Cut to MS and OJ meeting on her balcony. MS is drinking wine so OJ asks her if she is celebrating by herself, can’t he have one drink? She throws the wine in his face and tells him that hunting dogs that kill humans are killed. You are my dog that I raised. OJ tells her…okay….by the way, judge…you know I did everything to cover your past, you should know that….huh?

MS walks off.

OJ gets in his car looking very much like a mayor boss. MS watches him drive off, she looks concerned.
Meanwhile, SP cries himself to sleep in the jail.

JY drives SP’s car to see MS. MS asks her what is up. JY tells her that she is going to do SPs defense and wants a request, can you let SP go to his uncles funeral? She bows deeply to MS. MS says that she is bowing for a gangster lawyer?

JY says she is there because his only family member died, so please let him go to the funeral. MS tells her to show her her ability and make SP not guilty. MS tells her that SP’s not guilty verdict is the most important for her.

All the thugs from Seoul are at this funeral. One of them slaps GS. Then SP shows up walking up to the funeral like a zombie. The gangster also wants to slap SP and keep him from the funeral, but SP just says even he is suspecting him? Can’t he jsut see his uncle?

The gangster says he will give him ten minutes.

SP goes into the church and thanks his uncle for raising him then falls to the ground and cries, I am sorry uncle! He stays on the floor crying as everyone watches him in the church.

Afterward, JY talks to SP for a moment. he tells GS tolisten to him, they won’t finish only with him, don’t leave JY, if she treis to do something dangerous, then stop her. Everyone tells him not to worry hyung-nim. Then Sp tells her that he is thankful that he could say goodbye to his uncle thanks to her. She tells him to just hold off a little bit.

The polcie take him away.

The good cop asks him a qeustion as they walk away. he knows that he did not kill his uncle. But he wants to know if he is JA’s son. SP says he is JA’s son. He has another question, you are with HJ’s daughter, is that a coincidence? SP tells him that a detective like him should know that this is not a coincidence. The officer tells him, sending him to the good prosecutor is also not a coincidence, right?

SP gets a meeting with OJ. SP wants to know why OJ killed his uncle and not him. OJ tells him that SP is the highlight, he eats the most delicious thing at the end of the meal. Before that, he eats everything else one by one. So if you want to save your people, just stay inside and don’t even breathe. Okay?

SP tells him that MS told his lawyer that she should get a not guilty sentence yet he wants to kill him. You guys must not be getting along. You didn’t know? MS asked JY to win the case. You should know what she thinks, OJ. Hahaha.

OJ walks away, but he isn’t as confident.
SP walks back to his cell, but on the way back he sees another prisoner that he recognizes. Flashback to when SP first became a lawyer. This man congratulated him for becoming a lawyer and that his uncle wants him to stop being a lawyer. Don’t live like us. they laugh as they say, what’s wrong with us?

SP is brought back to reality as the guards tell them to keep walking. But he and the other prisoner have a stare off until their necks almost break from being too far away to keep looking at each other.

JY and GS go to the rooftop to see what happened. JY tries to piece it all together in her head. She imagines that SP held his uncle up, then she looks at the neighboring buildings and thinks there might have been witnesses. But as they are walking away, two huge metal poles fall off the building and almost hit her. GS pulls her away in the nick of time.

YH is at the mansion talking to MS about the case. HJ is giving her a massage. they talk about the case. YH basically tells her she will not be fooled this time.

Meanwhile, OJ thinks long and hard in his office. He thinks something is really bothering him about SP. A big dam breaks with a tiny hole that you can’t even see. Perhaps there is a big needle that he can’t see with this situation.

Cut to JY and SP talking at the Jail. JY wants to find a witness. They also talk about a call SP got from a no name phone. they need to find any crack in their trap. JY says they will do a jury hearing, if the jury says not guilty then MS told her that she will also say he is not guilty.

She tells him not to do anything in jail, she orders him as his lawyer. She gives him a little wink. He tells her yes, I understand.

Meanwhile, SJ talks to her daughter about eating and stepping on JY. She basically has to destroy they so they can’t raise their head in the courtroom. the good officer overhears all of this and goes to his notes about the cases over the years. He understands that SP wants him to solve this puzzle.
JY’s appa goes to the lawfirm to talk to his daughter. KH tells her to go to Seoul, he saw the news about SP. JY tells him that she is his lawyer, he is not guilty. KH tells her that he didnt’ support her for her to defend someone like him. But JY says she knows he is not guilty, that is why she is defending him. Appa wants her to think it over. But JY drops a bomb on her appa and says that she loves SP.

SP walks up to that other prisoner. The prisoner asks him if he killed his uncle. SP says he did not and he will show it in court. The prisoner says, if you cannot prove it, then I will kill you. He walks off.

Meanwhile, HJ surfs the internet for clues. She thinks back to the night HM let her live. that night she takes all the negatives from that night she took photos of OJ killing someone with her. She also is about to take a photo of her daughter. Her daughter is sleeping with appa tonight. Umma goes intot he room and tries not to cry as she watches them sleeping together.

Later, she tells DW that seh does not want to live like that anymore. DW asks her what her plan is, can she do anything?

In jail, SP sits up from sleep and remembers telling his uncle that only one person could have given him that notebook.

At work, JY remembers the uncle telling her that it isn’t’ a coincidence that SP went there.

JY gets to the courthouse. Her team is there and tells her that he will be found not guilty. But the sister thinks she needed to take better care of her because her clothes are not that great. They all smile and are about to go inside, but then JY’s appa comes out. Appa is awkward to meet with him, but appa says he is there for her. He is there as her fan. he gives her some clothing and tells her that lawyers fight with their clothing also.

in the back, MS talks to SP as he waites behind the scenes. She tells him that he looks better as a lawyer (?). But he says those clothes are better and he will soon show her wearing these clothings as well. He tells her that his lawyer adores his life more than her own. MS tells him that she wants JY to win the case. SP says that JY told her, but he wonders why she told her that.

Cut to JY in the clothing that her father brought for her. SP comes in and nods to his team. then he sits at the desk with JY. JY is nervous, he puts his hand on her shaking hand and tells her not to be nervous. She tells him that she is not nervous, she knows how much her client relies on her. She holds his hand with her other one.

Then they all rise as the court is about to start.

MS reads the case. The good prosecutor says his opening statement first. He is prosecuting SP as a murder suspect. YH gets up and tells everyone what they think happened. SP called DW to an abandoned building, stabbed him, and dropped him. they have the knife and they have his finger prints on it.

They also have the anesthesia that he used to drug DW. he planned it so this is a very malicious case.

Elsewhere, OJ signs the contract for the golden city. Everyone claps and the photogs click away. GD is OJ’s right hand man and is there to put on his shoes. OJ asks if the court case has started yet and how the witness is doing.

Cut to the court case. A witness is called that says he saw SP drop a dead person from the roof.

JY gets up and asks the witness how he saw this because he was far away. He asks the witness if he saw that picture. Everyone looks to the screen. JY asks him what the color of the sign board was. he says it was red, he is sure. JY changes the picture to a white signboard and then asks the witness if he is sure that everything he said is true. Can you make sure that what you saw is correct? A person’s life is on the line.

The witness stammers, it looks like he cannot say yes or no. YH objects and says the signboard is not important for the case. MS tells the jury to think logically about what everyone says in the case.

SP is called as a witness. SB (the good prosecutor) starts asking SP all his questions. HE starts with his background and then asks why he came to Kiseung. SB has a witness that says DW did not want SP to come to Kiseung. Maybe DW was threatening him and he was defending himself?

SB shows up some insurance forms on the screen and says that SP will get the most money with his death. It is a planned murder that the nephew did to get the insurance money because the uncle was against him going to Kiseung.
Back to OJ, OJ tells GD about a bird that lays it’s egg in another person’s nest. Kiseung is his nest, he will kill anyone who is not his.

After the court case for today, JY goes to her dad’s office to pick something up. the sister goes with her.

But then HJ shows up and says she would like to have her photo taken.

GS is there as well. Sister tells JY that a woman came there for an ID picture. JY tells him that her father isn’t there, come back tomorrow. But the woman says that she really needs this photo, can she do it? The sister is sympathetic and says that every other place is closed, maybe she can do it?

JY relents and asks the mother to sit for the photo. It is a touching moment as JY helps her take the photo. But as seh is taking it, she thinks back to what HM said about being sorry about her mother.

JY tells her mother that she looks like her mother. Her mother smiles. JY asks her if she came to HM’s funeral? The mother says, you remember me? JY tells her to wait a moment and she will be back. It looks like HJ wants to leave something on the couch, a not or something. But Appa comes back in at that moment, so she quickly puts on her shades and leaves.

MS is literally riding horses. This is also a double meeting because she meets with a senator or some type of politician at the same time. they talk about her father and politics. MS says that her father always said that politics is like war that hides it sword. he says he is sorry about her father. he wants to know why she doesn’t serve the public but she says she does not trust anyone ever because of him. he tells her that this is a good chance for honor with her appa’s name.

She tells him that he needs to convince her to change here heart and also tells him to drink his tea.

SP has all the time in the world, so he spends it thinking about OJ and MS and his uncle, DW. He is trying to put all the clues together. Perhaps his uncle was preparing something? He thinks back to all the clues that link that his uncle was preparing something.

Meanwhile, HJ goes to the fighting law firm office and tells JY that she works as a massage person at MS’s house. DW placed her there. DW also gave her this picture. She hands the picture over to JY. GS and the sister look at this interaction closely. HJ tells jY that she is fighting against MS just like her.

The prisoner who is on DW’s side thinks that SP killed DW. He tells him that he heard about all those things in court. SP tells him that the trial is not finished yet. But the prisoner does not want to hear about it. they start to fight.

It is a surprisingly realistic fight. It is slow and deliberate.

Oh no, the prisoner has a knife and is about to stab SP! But it looks like SP let himself get stabbed. the other prisoner is all like, what are you doing! SP says this is the only way he can prove his honesty.

two other prisoners see what is happening and run out.

At the law firm JY looks at the image that HJ gave her.

VO – This F-ing world, there is no law, you can’t trust people. Revenge only calls for more revenge.

SP passes out.

Fade Out

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  1. Anna A
    June 9, 2018 / 9:57 am

    Thanks for the recaps! Everything is so unpredictable in this show! It seems like AOJ is the big brother instead of judge CMS… He kills without batting an eyelid…. He is probably the chief manipulator here…

    Really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.. Thanks in advance!!

  2. PaToi
    June 9, 2018 / 10:37 am

    Thank you for recaps. Love this drama so much. Actors, director, writer and the crew are doing excellent job.

  3. C
    June 9, 2018 / 11:52 am

    Equestrian scene reminiscent of videos of Choi Soon Sil’s daughter, a prize-winning equestrian…

    • V
      June 10, 2018 / 6:33 am

      Oh! I didn’t catch that, but then I asked O and he was all like, yep, it was the shaman’s daughter that went to Ewha University.

      • C
        June 10, 2018 / 12:27 pm

        Yeah, and the daughter was arrested in Denmark and brought back to SK on charges of receiving undo money and priveleges, to which she said to reporters, she didn’t even know she was enrolled in a university! Don’t know if she meant Ehwa or another, but anyway…it’s curious how the writers are mixing and matching characters and events…SJ’s daughter doesn’t resemble CSS’s daughter, but wow, that equestrian video/scene of the daughter riding a pretty horse (and doing so very nicely) was “famous” during the heyday of the PGH affair.

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