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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 8

Episode 8 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
The mother is back! Unfortunately, the daughter does not recognize her. I bet Sang-pil will recognize her though considering he remembers every single person from that night. We also have a new righteous prosecutor in town who is building his team of do-gooders. I love this mostly because the new prosecutor is the oldest son in My Ajusshi and I will love the My Ajusshi brothers for ever and always, amen.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: June 3rd, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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The mother shows up at the funeral and peeks her head in. JY comes up behind her and accidentally scared her. She flips around to an apologizing JY who asks her if she is okay. The mother says yes and leaves through building tears. JY calls after her but SP comes out and asks if she knows her. JY says no, but she has something that the mother dropped.

Around the corner, Umma looks at her daughter through tears and silent’y tells her that it is mom.

VO – Hae Jae-yi’s mother is alive.

DW tells one of his thugs to find that person as soon as possible.

SP and JY eat at a picnic table and toast to her restated status as a lawyer. She says she has a lot of secrets she hides from her father now, it feels bad. But SP jsut tells her to drink. But don’t drink too much. She drinks a lot of is about to toast but passes out. He grabs her head before it hits the table and tells her that she is super cute when she drinks. Then he piggy backs her to her house.

SJ brings JY’s appa, KH, to MS’s house. He is nervous to be there. SJ lets him know that it is a big honor. KH realizes that because he is all shaky all over and can’t even hold his tea cup without it rattleing on the saucer. The purpose of his visit is to take a photo of MS for her autobiography. KH is very happy to oblidge.

MS brings up that JY is a lawyer again. KH thanks her for that. She says she doens’t know why she didn’t tell him that, perhaps she should go back to Seoul. Or maybe she is too close to SP? Appa hops up and says he will send her back right away. She hurries out.

SJ and MS talk afterward. MS made JY a lawyer again due to her father because she always listens to her father. But she thinks it smells so bad ever since he came in, she wants to sleep in a hotel.

SP gets JY to her house just as Appa gets there as well. JY is pretty drunk and greets her appa, but she sobers up quickly when her dad ignores SP and tells her to go inside. She runs inside and hugs her appa around the waste as she asks him where he went. He tells her that MS lifted her lawyer suspension. You should always remember her help. JY calls MS “lawyer Cha” which makes her appa yell at her. How dare you call her “judge Cha!”

JY yells and tells him that MS is the one that did everything with Umma! Appa slaps her and walks off.

Cut to JY going to the law firm with a suitcase. She tells him not to ask. If she is with appa longer than she feels like she will tell him everything about MS. SP tries to cheer her up by making her a coffee.
JY tells him that it tastes good and asks him how his mom was/ He says she was a nurse like lawyer. When he was little he was in the hospital. A nurse came to check on him and make sure he was okay. His mother was just like that and he wants to be just like that. Jy says that is why her mother asked his mother for help. is your dream being like that lawyer?

First of all, I want to make MS pay for what she did, then I will know what kind of lawyer I want to be.

JY mentions that her mothers birthday is a little bit later, she did nothing for her mom. SP tells her that she was young back then and he was young also. They are sitting in barbershop chairs and drinking their drinks outside. They hold hands. SP asks her if she wants to see something cute. This is an old fashioned massage chair. he turns it on and the chair starts to jigle which swishes his body back and forth in a funny way.

DW found out that a woman from Thailand went to Kiseung a few days ago. He needs to go to Kiseung. One of the gangsters says he will prepare some kids, but DW says he will go there by himself.

OJ goes to the jail and meets the banker. The banker wants him to let him out. But OJ says he should take all the blame with him. The banker says he will not die by himself. OJ asks him if he wants to die with everyone? You are head of the family, you shouldn’t do that. GD shows him an image of his daughter and says he should worry about her. The banker is irate and wants to attack them.

But OJ just tells him that a lawyer wants to get revenge for his mom. he spent 18 years trying to get his revenge.

Cut to the good prosector talking to the banker in the interrogation room. But then he gets sudden news that the head prosecutor wants to close the case. The good prosecutor walks into the office and asks him what he is doing. OJ is cutting off his tail and getting away with it! The head prosecutor basically just tells the good prosecutor to stop. The good prosecutor storms out.

The lawyer team eats a team lunch somewhere. GG happily talks and laughs at everything. But he stops when SP says that the sister will be the manager now that JY is a lawyer again. The sister is annoyed at hearing that JY sleeps in the law office now and tells her that she should sleep in her place. She especially doesn’t like it that JY and SP are feeding each other at lunch.

SP gets a call from the good prosecutor, he wants to see SP. SP tells him to come to his office and hangs up. the good guy calls him jashik, how can he hang up on him. The good officer finds out that the person who reccomended him is SP? he is from Kiseung too? Good cop is super shocked.

Good Prosecutor (GP) goes to the fighting law firm to talk to SP, JY is there as well. They talk about finishing the banker case, SP has another case for him anyway.

Outside, DW passes HJ (Jy’s Umma) on the street and tells her that he knows her name. They go somewhere to talk. he tells her that he is JA’s brother. It has been a long time, did you forget that name? Do you know what would happen if they new you were still alive? You know that but you came to Kiseung?

She sys she was alone for 18 years. She does not want to live like that anymore.

He asks her what she is going to do. Do you have anything you can do by yourself?
MS is getting another massage by the blind woman. Her and SJ talk freely in front of her about the banker. SJ also mentions that OJ only likes money. OJ comes in at that moment. Sj and he leave together and have they usual moment of bickering back and forth. Do you throw salt in my wound….I think about you….JY is a lawyer again, maybe your daughter isn’t as good as her…..how do you know that? MS only told me about it……my feeling, my 6th sense……

SJ is very suspicious. She walks back to the massage room and tells the old lady that she does not see, but she is a ghost that played her and MS. Did you start this or did OJ ask you. The woman tells her to tell her what she is talking about. SJ holds the woman’s hand to a flame and tells her to say what is going on. the woman says that she just did whatever OJ told her to do.

HJ tells DW that she wants nothing, she just wants to live with her daughter and husband, that is all she wants. DW says he can help her, his nephew is in line and they like each other. He won’t jsut let things pass like this.

She says she can do anything so long as she can live with her daughter. He says he can find a way.

On the news, it says that the banker accepted all the fault and OJ gave all his stock to the foundation, so he kept his promise to return all his money to the society.

SP says that OJ’s plan was to keep all the money in his hands, but it unexpectedly went to someone else. This will take too long to catch them all one by one. They will need a huge fishnet to catch them all at once.

SP calls OJ, they talk about their revenge. Oj says he won’t be able to get it because the banker took full responsibility. he tells him to protect someone who is important to him. then he hangs up.

JY comes up and asks who called. SP says it was just spam and tells her to sleep at the managers house, he has somewhere he needs to be. he rushes out and gets a call from DW alerting him that he is in Kiseung. he wants to have drinks together.

Cut to the pier. DW and SP have there drinks and talk about OJ. DW does not think that OJ will sit around after getting punched. SP wants DW to protect JY. he can’t ask GS to do it otherwide JY will figure things out. DW thinks SP finally has someone to protect, he likes his heart. He asks him, why can’t you just live with your lawyer girlfriend? He can deal with everything. But SP says he can’t, please protect JY. D tells him, so long as I am here, your girlfriend will be okay, dont’ worry.

However, int he distance GD calls someone and tells him that everything is going according to his plan.
The managers house is as pink and yellow as her personality. JY is very thankful to her for letting her stay there. they have a nice moment of chatting where they tell each other to become eunnie and dong-sang.

Then JY gets a text from her appa. He asks her how Seoul is and he is sorry he hit her.

OJ meets with someone and takes about remodeling business things as they look out on a rooftop. They will force all the people to comply who stands in their way.

He has two cards to play, he just needs to know which ones to hold.

JY leaves the managers house and gets in her car. DW watches her and follows the car. But then he gets cut off by GD and all the gangsters. GD knocks on the window and tells him that it is nice to see him again. Is he using his accountant well? Their mayor, OJ, would like to see you, maybe he wants to welcome you.

MS and SJ need to find another massager. SJ is looking at the candidates and interviewing them. HJ is among that candidates, she came from Thailand. All the other candidates talk about how qualified they are, but HJ tells SJ that she knows this place, she shouldn’t see anything and she shouldn’t hear anything.

SJ loves this and tells HJ not to forget what she said. She will give her 3 times the salary.

SP meets with good prosecutor again. Good prosecutor likes everything about him, but he still cannot trust him becaues he put him in jail. JY is there as well, they let him know that she is a lawyer once again and they inform him on everyone that is involved in this corruption. Good prosecutor thinks this is a funny place, Kiseung.

Later, YH knocks on GP’s door and tells him that she is assigned to his office. he mumbles that he has another internal informer.

HJ meets MS. MS thinks she is familiar and wants to get a look at her. She asks her her name so HJ tells her a Thailand name. MS and SJ both laugh at her name and think up a nickname to call her. Then they start to talk about what they should do with JY.

SP tells JY to come with him and work outside. The manager speaks up happily and asks to work with him as well. But SP says he has a document for her to submit, then he walks out with JY.

They go to a flower shop. SP grabs a bouquet of flowers and then asks JY if she has a harmonica at home.

Cut to the two of them walking up a lot of steps. JY wonders what kind of event this is. Sp tries to happily cheer her up as they walk up the steps. She throws her shoe at him. he wonders how she can be so angry and runs back to put her shoe back on her as he calls her his pretty JY.

They finally get to the top. She realizes that they aren’t working, they are just taking a day off. he presents her with a birthday cake since it is her mothers birthday. She wanted to celebrate her mothers birthday right?

They sit in a heart rocking chair seat. SP brought all the numbers because he does not know how old her mother is. She tells him that her mother is super young right? Today SP prepared the birthday, but now she will do it from now on. They start singing happy brithday and JY starts crying. he tells her not to cry and to blow out the candles. She sucks it up and tells him, what is this, you surprised me and ruined my pretty face.

he tells her that her mother would be happy to see her smiling. JY says that is true, it is also her mothers cake so she will…~. She puts some cake on his nose and they have a lot of cute lovey dovey moments as they peck each other and then kiss softly.

Afterward, JY and SP overlook the city as she plays her harmonica on the hillock.
DW gets to OJ’s office and walks in looking around like a gangster. They talk to each other across the room in their respective seats. OJ wants DW to take SP and go to Seoul. But DW says he has prepared more than 18 years so it won’t be easy.

OJ thinks it is the best solution.

DW leans in and says OJ’s dead body is the best solution….MS….you know.

OJ shakes his head and thinks he can’t talk with this guy. They won’t be friends.

Suddenly GD drugs DW and they kill the driver. DW takes the syringe out of his neck and tries to walk to OJ. OJ counts the time until he will pass out (or die). DW passes out which makes OJ says that the drug works really well, he didn’t even get to 10. Prepare the rest.

Elsewhere, SP drives JY home. She thanks him for today and they hug before she goes inside. She tells him that she had a lot of special events today. He tells her not to worry about anything, he will protect her. They say goodnight and he drives off.

DW wakes up on the top of a building surrounded by thugs. he asks this jashik what he is doing. GD tells him that SP will come, he should come and says goodbye to you. Then GD tells the thugs that they need to prepare.

SP gets a call from GD. he tells him that this has happened before, right? Your uncle is almost out, do you think you can make the time?

DW yells for him to never come, it is a trap! But the thugs shut him up.

GS overhears this and says they need to prepare, but SP tells him to stay and protect JY. JY wants to know what is going on. But SP won’t tell her. He tells GS to protect her well until he comes back. GS has to pull her off of SP as he leaves.

On the drive, SP thinks back to studying in front of his uncle. SP says he wants to be a lawyer that uses his fist. DW says, do you know why I can’t quit this? I am doing this to protect you. They fist bump forever.

SP gets to the building and sees his uncle dangling from the building by his arms. SP runs up and fights his way to the top. But then GD cuts the rop which makes SP jump for it to hold his uncle up. SP is able to get his uncles rope and pull him up. But he is already stabbed. Uncle thinks it is already too late for him. he hsould let him go or he will die also.

But SP does not want to let him go, he ran away and left his mother all alone, he won’t run away again.

DW – If I die, don’t think about getting revenge. Just be a good lawyer and…be happy.

DW pulls SP’s hand off of his and falls to the ground.

The polcie show up and pull SP off the spot where his uncle fell. SP is in a daze as hey read him his rights and tell him that they are arresting him for murder.

back at the law office, JY thinks they should find him, she feels uneasy about this. Just then, their team runs into the office and turns on the news in a hurry. The news says that SP stabbed his own uncle. he is an ex convict and planned on killing his uncle.

MS looks at this news seriously.

OJ looks at this news with a chuckle and asks, what are you going to do now?

JY gets to work. She has to defend SP.

SP comes out in his prison attire and slyly smiles when he sees her.

Fade Out

SP didn’t do it, you know that, prosecutor
As soon as he was arrested our court started
Do you think there is a such thing as coincidence int he world?
This is not coincidence, it is all staged
There should be a little crack in this well formed plan
Kiseung is my place, whoever is not my kid, I will kill them all
Don’t do anything, that is my order (wink)
Maybe uncle was preparing something?

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  1. C
    June 7, 2018 / 12:15 pm

    This may be the wrong episode to leave this comment, but just want to say that I really appreciate any of the little tidbits you’ve given about similarities between MS and Park Geun Hye. From the beginning I was amazed at how this actress resembles PGH and also how SJ resembles Choi Soon Sil, and, even seems to act likes her, from some of the “undercover” videos that were released of her at the time.

    MS and SJ are giving a great portrayal of how in a bubble I imagined PGH and CSS were. The massage scenes especially lend to that feeling. It’s not just extreme privelege, it’s more like totally removed from responsibility for their actions and living in a pillowed atmosphere.

    LOL Jay Lee of Samsung is already out of prison! Too bad our lawless lawyer wasn’t on the case!

    Thanks, y’all…

    • V
      June 7, 2018 / 3:50 pm

      We’ll try to keep adding tiny bits of insight. If you know of any others then let us know!

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