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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 7

Episode 7 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
Okay, not gonna lie, I was super caught off guard by the love line last time. It went from 0-60 like a Tesla and I’m still watching dumbfounded from the starting line. I did love that the team is all on the same page and that Jae-yi’s mother is still alive! I mean what?!? Surprise of all surprises. It also makes me like the police officer more. He was corrupt, but he was corrupt with a heart of gold, y’all.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: June 2nd, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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OJ bows at a campaign event. He addresses the citizens in front of the news and says this election was their success. It looks like he became the mayor. SP and JY are watching this. SP says OJ is very different from the former mayor, he will give everything to MS.

SP thinks HM is the key and the way to attack MS. But they need to save him before he gets killed.

HM is at the police station. He quits his job and grabs a key that was taped under his desk. The news plays there too. HM just scoffs at it and leaves.

Meanwhile, all the news camera’s are following OJ around and asking how he will consolidate his company and seperate that from politics. One of the reporters is a female who is aggressive in her questioning. She asks a lot of questions about his company and whether he will give it away. This annoys the daylights out of OJ, but he tries to play it off.

OJ continues walking and goes to the top of the steps where MS is standing, he tells everyone that he will be a super lawful mayor. MS says she is happy that he is saying these things, she will try her best to help him. He says he will try his best also, they smile and shakes hands as the crowd cheers.

Afterward, OJ and MS meet in her office. They talk about the banker becoming CEO of OJ Company and sending OJ Company public.
HM goes to the beech with his wifes ashes. SP and JY are there as well. HM sees them and puts his wifes ashes back in teh car and buckles it up. He asks SP how he survived all those years ago as a child. SP says he had an uncle who took care of him. HM tells them not to follow him or they will be in danger. But JY tells him that he is the one that should be in danger now. He turns and thanks her for thinking about him.

JY and SP drive off afterward. JY wonders what he will do since his wife died and he has nothing. SP says he can do anything because he has nothing to lose now. Suddenly, they notice GD following HM’s car, so SP cuts them off. But GD is able to drive off again before SP can pull them out of the car.

SP calls his guys back at the office. GG and GS look at GPS on the computer. It looks like they were able to follow HM because he clicked something in a text message that put GPS on his phone.

Flashback to HJ asking HM not to kill her because she has a daughter who is only 8 years old. She begs for him to save her. He doesn’t kill her and just shoots the gun into the air. He tells her to stand up and run away from Kiseung forever. If she comes back then I will kill your daughter in front of you. Just leave today, if you don’t listen to me then all your family will die. Don’t forget, just live like a dead person. That is the way that you can keep your family safe.

Cut to a new woman walking through the airport. She has a short haircut and shades on. When she sees the news of OJ becoming mayor, she pulls her shades down momentarily to look at it and then keeps walking.

Elsewhere, HM goes to a car that is in a parking lot. He has several items in it like guns, bullets, and evidence of OJ killing people.

OJ sits on his couch contemplating on how it took him 20 years to come from the bottom to the top. Tomorrow he will be the mayor of Kiseung. GD comes in and tells him that HM got away. he is sorry about that. OJ takes a swig of his drink and moves like he will hit GD. But GD yells that he will find him!

OJ stops and tells GD to follow him, don’t follow HM, his object is him (OJ) so he will come to him anyway.
SP and JY find the last location where the GPS signal stopped. HM calls them at that location and tells them that they can get OJ with the documents he left them. He also wants to tell JY that he owes nothing to her. H hangs up.

JY looks through the files that HM left for them. She tells SP to come look at this.

OJ goes to his favorite cafe. It is only hi mand the halmae there. OJ tells the picture tht he was less than a bug to him (I think that is MS’s father) but he has become mayor now. his dream is to put his picture along side the mayors photo.

HM comes in at that moment so OJ asks the halmae to please wait outside. he keeps eating. HM tells him he is a dog, OJ tells him he is sorry about his wife but he was busy about the mayors election. HM pulls a gun on OJ. OJ is nonplussed and just says that is the gun that he gave him. he told him to kill JY’s mother and SP and to bury them. But you won’t be able to shoot me.

OJ yells for HM to shoot him, if he wanted to kill him then he would have done it 18 years ago. OJ then takes the gun away from HM and starts to kick him on the ground while yelling, I know you hate me! But don’t point the gun I gave you at me!

SP dumps all the documents on teh desk at work and his entire team gets to searching it and looking for information to catch OJ. They set up a glass board to help organize everything and keep working.

GG looks at SP and JY working closely which makes him suspicious of them. He asks GS if there is something going on between them. But GS denys anything is happening.

Later on, SP addresses everyone. He explains the banker that will help OJ sell everything and set him up. But they lost HM so they think they should follow OJ because whereever OJ is, HM should be there.

All the corrupt people meet and laugh as they congratulate OJ for becoming mayor. Only SJ is not outwardly happy about it. MS tells the news guy that he worked well in the election. OJ speaks up, he has a big announcement. As he promised, he will give away all the stock without any name. Who will run OHJA GROUP for me? The banker says he will work hard to run it. But the prosecutor does not look happy about this deal. Sj isnt’ happy either.

They all take a photo.

SJ tells her daughter that she hates the mayor. But YH thinks he at least keeps his word. She is a little bit more ambitious, it dosn’t matter who the mayor is, she will just rise like MS. SJ tells YH that she can be better than MS, she will support her. She can be bigger than MS.
The group talk about KTrust as a paper company for OJ’s company. They decide to target the banker. But they are not enough, they need help. SP drops something on the table for them to look at. GS says it shouldnt’ be this guy, SP suffered a lot with this prosecutor. But SP says he will make a bad memory into a good one. This prosecutor is what made him into a lawyer.

SP shows up at the court. he introduces himself to the prosecutor. He tells him that he became a good lawyer because of him. He has a case. It is a purposefully bankruptcy case. the prosecutor does not trust SP because he is a gangster that knows the law, he is not a lawyer to him. SP tells him that he might not believe in him, but he at least believes in facts. Come to Kiseung where there is no law.

JY goes to a news building, she wants to recruit the female news reporter from earlier. She has something t report to her.

Elsewhere, SP looks at the news and calls his team to find GD’s location.

MS sits at her desk while SJ and another man are talking to her. It looks like a child died at the orphanage(?). This causes problems because they opened bank accounts with the orphans names so they need to clean all of this up so it won’t trace back to them.

Meanwhile, OJ gets to work in his office. The news guy calls him and tells him that there is a lot of problem right now. Look at the news! OJ looks at the news, the prosecutor team is investigating the bank about lending money.

The Seoul prosecutor shows up. He thinks about SP telling him that he should go to the city of no law, Kiseung. the Seoul Prosecutor does not like money cases. SP tells him that it starts with money, but how far it goes depend on him.

The prosecutor sets up shop and recruits the good police officer. The good police officer wonders why he recruited him. The prosecutor says it is because someone recommended him.

Cut to the Good Prosecutor (lets say GP for now) starts interrogating the banker. He is harsh with his interrogation as he walks around the table asking the bak person questions. he tells the banker that he only trusts facts and numbers. He thinks OJ will already try to remove the banker because he is starting to drag him.

Change scenes to SJ talking to a prisoner. She yells at him, how dare you lie to my daughter! It looks like this might be the investigator that helped her daughter. SJ asks if OJ told him to do that. But the man won’t say it. SJ tells him to tell her, now!

Back at the mansion, MS talks to OJ about OHJA Group stock going public. OJ has already cut the banker off and is looking for another guy. MS doesn’t want him to find another person, he can just give the money to her fathers trust. that would be the best way….don’t you trust my decision?

OJ says, wait…wait…wait….~. He thinks for a moment and tells her that he understands what she says. What she says is law to him. Okay.
All OJ’s thugs are beating up HM as he is CHained in a warehouse. They call OJ and fill him in on what they are doing. SJ runs into OJ’s office at that time and basically tells her that today is the last day she can yell at him and do those things. She tells him that he is only a mayor in name only. He holds her tightly so that she can’t move and tells her to think closely, go to MS, if we fight then something can happen to MS, so go to MS.

he lets her go.

SJ tells him to listen to her, if MS is mother to Kiseung then YH is the daughter to Kiseung. You do whatever, but I am not going to just let you do whatever!

SJ storms out and OJ chuckles as she leaves.

MS talks to SJ at her home and tells her to find out who the judge is (?). But then the blind woman leaves and calls someone. It looks like she is working for OJ as a spy?

JY gets a call while at the law firm. MS is on the other side and asks her to come to her office. Jy goes there and sees the judge that she punched sitting with MS. This judge greets JY kindly and tells her that he wondered where she was, he has moved to Kiseung and doesn’t think she should have had the 6 month suspension. JY just rolls her eyes and sits to talk to MS.

MS and this judge pulled some strings to make JY a lawyer again. JY thanks her for it, but she tells her that she will regret it soon because when she becomes a lawyer again, she will investigate all MS’s crimes. She leaves.

SP waits for her in the lobby so JY tells him that MS relieved her term. SP asks her if they are partners now? They are partner lawyer now, my partner is JY…so it isn’t a lawless law office, it is an unbeatable law office. JY smiles and asks if hey found HM yet. SP says his guys are looking for him, but she should tell her father first. he will be happy. As for him, he has somewhere to go to.

GS and GG are following around OJ. they call SP and tell him that OJ is on the move. SP tells them to follow him carefully.

Meanwhile, JY’s mom, HJ, goes to the office and looks at JY and her husband happily talk in front of the building. JY tells him that she can practice her law again. Umma covers her mouth and cries in joy.

SP approaches MS and asks her if she removed JY’s suspension? MS asks him if they are that close already? they talk back and forth. SP tells her she is smiling, but in reality she is having a hard time because an important person is leaving her. MS goes back to her office in the back and pulls out some photos.

These photos are of MS and JA, it looks like there were friends.

Flashback. MS goes to visit JA’s office. JW is investigating OJ murdering people and is talking to someone on the phone (maybe JY’s mom). MS is against this. JA tells MS to turn herself in, she will be her lawyer. MS says she will put her in her fathers court, that will kill her father, it should not happen and it will not happen. MS basically tells JA to live quietly with her son. While walking out, she sees SP and tries to spook him.

Later, JA is crying while on the beach. Little SP comes up to her and wants to know why she is crying. Umma tries to tell him that she is trying to do good work, but someone told her not to do it. Little SP tells her not to think about doing good things, just do it. She says he is right. At least the world little SP lives in should be different, right? They hug on the beach.
OJ gets to the warehouse where HM is. GD fills OJ in on HM using on os his car trunks as a safe. OJ asks if he gave the information about the banker to SP. HM tells him that is true, but it is hard for him to talk so he kind of hysterically says it. he tells OJ that he is done and starts laughing.

GD tells OJ that he is crazy now. He is also an ex policeman, is it okay to have him like this. OJ says his law is that they can forgive ex enemies, but never people that betrayed them.

OJ leaves.

SP gets to the warehouse and starts to fight his way inside.

OJ goes to the car safe and looks at all the information that is there. All the info has OJ in it. He tells GD to call him mayor (instead of big brother) and to burn everything. GD lights the car which bursts into flames soon after.

But GD shows up soon after and tries to put the flames out. But it looks difficult.

Just then, SP gets inside the warehouse.


SP and GS stand together at the top of a long aisle where HM is at the end. They proceed to fight there way to HM.

GS manages to takes a short cut and gets to HM. He unties him and starts t take him out while SP continues to fight off everyone. But, HM gets hit in the head hard by a pipe.

They are able to get him out of the warehouse and set him on the ground. he tells SP that he should have been dead by SP. He laughs a little and tells him that he thinks he is done here. He wanted to tell him something. Thank you for being my lawyer, SP. and don’t forgive me. He dies.

SP tries to wake him up, but stops. He lets HM fall and tries to take in what just happened.

Meanwhile, MS smiles at her home as she watches the news. OJ will remodel the city. Everyone watches this news report as OJ talks about poor people going to the street. But the golden city is not driven by business men, it is driven by the city. it is a seminal event.

OJ shows up to HM’s funeral. JY tells him that this is not a place where he should come. OJ asks her who she is, that person that follows SP around? he chuckles and walks past her. She says she is a lawyer, he should know her name.

OJ pays his respects to HM. He calls him his friend and tells him to rest.

JY tells him that he kills someone and gives him his condolences, you are so great. OJ basically tells them that they didn’t see anything. he walks up to SP and tells him that HM doesn’t have family, but even so, SP shouldn’t’ run the funeral, his dead mother will be very very sad in Heaven.

SP tells Oj that he will put him in the courthouse himself.

Umma comes to the funeral as well. She peaks into the hall. JY comes up behind her which startles Umma. She turns around and looks her daughter right in the face. The daughter doesn’t recognize her though and asks her if she is okay. SP sees this entire scene and starts to walk to them.

Fade Out

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