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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 6

Episode 6 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
Uh oh, SP dropped a big bomb on JY when he told her that MS ordered the murder of his mother. I don’t think she will believe him at first, but she does operate on facts and SP has a lot of facts at his disposal. Me thinks this one won’t be an easy sell though. On top of that, it looks like love is about to blossom? I’m curious to see him convince/reveal to JY that her mother figure is a devil in disguise while also letting her know that he luuuuuuuvs her.

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Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: May 27th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki
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JY wants to know the real reason SP came to Kiseung. He says OJ killed his mother in front of him in this building and the person that ordered him to do it was MS. She is also the one responsible for your mothers death.

Tears fall from JY’s eyes as she thinks about her mother. She leaves immediately. SP chases after her and just follows her as she cries all the way to the beach. Her and SP get into an argument on the beach but we don’t know what is said.

SP – What happened to me and your mothers dissapearance was all because of MS.

JY just wants some space to breath so she walk away from SP and sits on the beach. Then she pulls out her phone and calls her father. He asks when his daughter sill come home. She smiles through her tears and says, Umma….

Appa asks what it is about her mother.

JY says it is nothing, just go ahead and eat.

She hangs up and cries softly. SP is standing by her side. Fireworks go off (I think he set them up? Or a little kid?) and they drink soju on the beach as they both sit on the sand. Then he piggy back to the law firm?

He lays her on the couch and tucks her in. Then he sits next to her and pulls out his tiny notebook that he recieved as a package in the first episode. This is why he is going to Kiseung. Mini Flashback of DW asking him who gave him this notebook.

SP- JY, I want you to know everything, but on the other hand, I don’t want yu to know anything. That is my true feeling.

JY gets up and sees SP sleeping at his desk so she covers him with a blanket and then looks at him for a moment. She leaves and we see his eyes open.
YH thinks back to what SP told her about the case. Something is fishy. A man comes in. YH tells him that she heard their case file was leaked. Why can’t you find OJ’s secretary? The man tries to explain. YH tells him to find him first. The secretary says they might lose the case if they find them. YH tells him to shut up and find that person. Then she sits and contemplates the situation.

MS is upset because it looks like OJ is not ahead anymore. SJ is there as well and bickers with OJ back and forth. MS tells SJ that she wants her to help OJ. SJ agrees, though reluctantly.

SJ and MS leave. They do not get along and bicker back and forth again. OJ tells her that she and her daughter should help him, then everything will be okay. SJ tells him not to talk about her daughter in her dirty mouth. She didn’t make her a prosecutor for a guy like him to mention her in his filthy mouth.

GS comes in and asks SP if he slept. He worries about him. SP fills him in, he told everything to JY. Now, the most important word is remaining.
Elsewhere, JY goes to an empty parking lot. It is the parking lot from the images that her mother shot. She looks around at this parking lot in silence.

OJ asks GD if he knows how he made the OJ group. He bought all the trash dirty places and he put all the apartments on it. He made something nice out of trash. That is why he wants to make a golden city. Which is why he needs to win this election.

Cut back to JY. She is at an election campaign for OJ. This is an area that needs remodeling and might be a place for the Golden City construction. OJ asks for their attention and support.

SP and JY walk on the beach and talk about whether he trusts her or not. She says she does. He thinks he accomplished something big since she trusts him. She asks if he is there for revenge and why he became a lawyer? She thinks it is because of his mother, but perhaps there is another reason? She says there is no other reason for now.

She asks how he knew about her mother. He stops and tells her that her mother rescued him when he was abducted. She asks about her mother but he doesn’t want to say. She tells him that he doesn’t have to answer, she will hear it directly.

HM is only talking to JY because she is alone. JY tells HM that he abducted SP 18 years ago. He was 10 and you were going to kill him. His mother died in front of him. You guys did that to a little boy. That woman you kidnapped as well, what did you do to her? Tell me.

HM backs away from JY.

Did you kill he?

It is non of your business!

She is my mother.

Your mother?

Answer me. What did you do with my mother? Where is she? Is she alive? Answer me!

HM is too stunned to response. He apologizes and falls to the ground. JY glares at him in disgust and tells him that she won’t forgive him.
JY goes to the law office. SP is there. She tells her that she should call the company if she is going to be late. She just walks up to him and gives him a back hug.

JY – Can you just stay like this a little bit, lawyer Bong?

they stand like that for a moment, then SP turns around and JY touches his face.

JY – You lived for 18 years like this?
SP – Because I have something I must do.

She gives him a big hug.

SP – From now on, it will be harder.
JY – I know.

He touches her face and they look into each others eyes for a long moment. Then he kisses her. They keep kissing softly on the balcony of the law office. Cut to the two of them waking up in bed together. It look slike they slept together. SP is coudling with JY. She gets up and happily makes them coffee.

But she is surprised by a woman that comes in suddenly followed by GG. JY tries to play it off like she was working late. It looks like this is GG’s person. Maybe his sister or girlfriend or friend? He owes her money. Ah, it is his real sister!

SP comes down from upstairs and talks to this woman happily. he smiles at JY as the sister introduces herself to him. But then GG tries to pull her out. She pauses and asks what his relationship is with JY. GG just tells them that they are just lawyer! just lawyers!

Afterwards, JY and SP go to the beach and happily play with the dancing waves. then they sit on the sand. SP wants to know when she will tell her father. JY says she will tell him, but it will be shocking for him. they need to release HM and then make him pay for his sins.

She smiles and rests her head on his shoulder as they look at the sea.
HM calls OJ to come meet with him. He asks OJ if he knows why he called him. OJ says he knows all these things. HM asks for OJ’s cell phone and then calls SP.

HM – Hello, it is me, Bong Sang PD.

SP – It is not your jail cell number, did you break out?

HM tells him that OJ is in front of me. He showed me a video and said that he will get me out. Can you get me out without this video? SP says he can. HM says he wanted to hear that so he could tell OJ. HM tells OJ to go away, you thug.

OJ asks him why he wants to cover his own coffin.

HM says he forgot that he was a detective that caught bad guys like you.

SP fills JY in on what just happened. They know that HM definitely isn’t guilty but has a lot of evidence against him.

They go to the Prosecutor Office. SP tells the secretary that someone gave him a super impressive video, if you know who did it, then you will be surprised….OJ. The secretary runs off.

He runs all the way to OJ who is at his campaign office. He asks O if he has a video that he took in the case.You have nothing like that right? OJ hits him across the head and asks him if he is threatening the candidate? Is this a good enough answer for you?

Then we go to the jail. HM meets with SP and JY. He tells him that he saw the video. There was a truck in it.

(scenes are changing quickly)

Cut to the law office. SP tells his team that they need to find this truck. The sister comes back in, she is changed into a secretary look and works for SP now. Somehow, the sister collected a lot of the loan shark money. GG is so frustrated because he doesn’t want to work with his sister. His sister looks like she likes SP a lot and tells JY that she will have her seat in 3 months. JY just smiles and says okay.

YH meets with OJ and asks him how much he is involved in the murder case. OJ jus mutters that his secretary’s name is involved in it. YH asks directly, did you ask your secretary to kill the mayor? OJ doesn’t answer and just mutter this or that. YH tell him not to be mistaken, she will not give him a break just because he works with her mother.

He tells her that he will tell her before she leaves. If you want to put me in the courtroom, then it will hurt your mother.

Cut to the mother who is getting a facial and massage. OJ calls her and tells her that her daughter treated him like a criminal. Tell her that she needs to change her mind or she will get hurt. SP yells into the phone and the camera cuts to the blind Halmae from the last episode.

Back at OJ’s office. He throws his phone to GD and shows him the video. GD zooms in on the face. It looks like he knows who it is. It is the daughters investigator for the case. He wants to threaten YH with that video. GD thinks it is too dangerous.

SP finds out that the truck is a food truck and the food truck owner committed suicide. JY wants to go out to look into it. SP tells her that she shouldnt’ go alone. He goes with her.

MS meets with the owner of the news. He interviews her and asks her if she supports anyone and what her standards are for picking the next amyore MS says she wants to have someone who wants to give everything to Kiseung, not someone who wants to take thing for themselves.

Cut to OJ putting all his stocks into Kiseung.

Flashback to MS’s fathers funeral. A lot of people come to give their condolences. But int he bathroom, one of the people say that the father should go to hell. This is his final punishment. MS overhears him. She follows this guy and hits him in her car. She runs him over several times while still in her funeral garments. She tells him to go to hell and burn to ash.

But she still just killed someone, so she calls OJ to come clean it up. OJ shows up and makes sure that the man is dead by pounding him a few times. MS tells him to remove him and that he did it, she doesn’t know anything. However, that is the scene that JY’s mother caught in the camera. It looks like MS saw her.

MS talks to her fathers statue and tells him to forgive her but she wants to be even greater than him.

JY and SP talk to the bald policeman who thinks all the suicides lately actually aren’t suicides.

SP sits in the court with HM. He tells HM that JY will have a hard time sitting through his trial, but she is off looking for evidence.

Cut to JY looking for evidence with the sister. The sister is so funny. She talks to these people that they meet and tells him that they borrowed money from her. She isn’t threatening him, she is just asking for cooperation. Maybe she needs to ask his wife why he needed that money. I know your wife’s phone number. The man says he will cooperate. JY tells her that she is good, she says, yeah, this kind of stuff is easy for me.

But then we go back to the court house. HM is on the stand. He says he did a lot of bad things while using his position and power as a polcieman. But everyone doens’t behave like him when they have a sick family member. I worked for OJ for a long time.

MS stops this line of questioning. SP tells her that they have talked about OJ twice now, so he wants to have OJ there as a witness. MS stares daggers into SP, then she says she will bring OJ to the witness stand.

OJ gets the word while he is meeting people on the campaign trail.

Meanwhile, JY and the sister are still at the truck place. they are looking through all the truck black box CCTV’s to see if they also have a video recording of the murder. I think all the little thugs are there helping out as well.

Court. YH’s investigator is on the witness stand. SP tells them that he has evidence that he just got. YH objects. they go to the stand. SP tells him hat it is good for YH to reveal this in court If she blocks the evidence that the investigator forgerized the evidence and to uphold her prosecutors honor (then it won’t be good). She grants for it to be revealed.

MS tells the defense team to give her the evidence.

The video plays, it shows the investigator forgerizing the evidence at the mayor murder. Everyone in the crowd murmers. The investigator says that isn’t him and he starts to back away. JY sticks out her leg and trips him.

YH stands, she says that she accepts that her prosecution is wrong. She will cancel her prosecution.

SP smiles and goes to sit.

MS tells everyone that the prosecutors cancelled their charge, so the case is cancelled.

While leaving, JY gets a call and tells HM that they need to go to the hospital.

At the same time, SP bows on her knees to MS and asks her to save her daughter. OJ tricked her! Please give her a break, please!

Hospital. HM runs to his wife’s side. She is still alive. She tells him that she is happy that he is not guilty. Now, you have to ask for forgiveness for what you did. thank you for being next to me…..

She flatlines. HM cries over her bed, Yobo…..Yobo…..

YH is at her desk trying to work, but her case is big news since the investigator forgerized the evidence. She meets with MS and bows an apology. She says she wants to be the strongest prosecutor next to MS.

Hospital. HM tells his wife that he will keep the promise he had while he was next to her. He calls someone.

HM – it’s me. Your daughter…JY saved my life. So listen to me closely. If I die….

The camera cut to a woman that was in a condo somewhere. It looks like it is JY’s mother, she starts crying.

Meanwhile, SP and JY are upstairs at the office. SP shows her all the people that they need to get revenge on. The seven people group. This is the real Kiseung in Kiseung.

MS walks YH into the office of the real Kiseung of Kiseung meeting. This is the 7 member group of the elites of Kiseung. YH is introduced as another member. All the members great her and talk about her at the same time. The news guy tells them that the poll is toward OJ for the election.

OJ gets up and bows to MS very deeply. His nose is practically on the rug. YH looks at all this in hidden alarm. But she tries to smile through it. She tells OJ that she didn’t know about him, congratulations. They click glasses.

SP starts to talk about all the members of the 7 member group. there is a bank company owner, the news company owner that made the headlines, the prosecutor that covered up everything, the secretary that is the only way to MS, they are the ones that govern Kiseung. The seven member group.

JY tells SP, fighting lawyer, our fight starts from now on. they fist bump.

SP – With law.

Fade Out

Today’s episode was strange with the sudden love swing and then sleeping together right away. I thought they might hold hands today, but not go the whole nine yards.

It also had a lot of scene changes that might make it a little tough to keep up with while reading the live recap. But hopefully it helps with everyone watching it raw.

Image by tvN Kakaostory

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  1. TJ
    May 27, 2018 / 8:55 am

    I greatly appreciate your Live Recaps for this series. I found this site while searching for recaps after it took more than a week before the first episode was translated.

    I continue to read them because I’m too impatient to wait for subtitles. Also, by the time I’ve finished reading the latest, the episode is uploaded.

    • V
      May 27, 2018 / 1:43 pm

      So glad you found us TJ 🙂

  2. Lydia
    May 27, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    I was in shock yesterday streaming this live. The romance part. the bed scene. only at episode 6? And it’s Lee Joon Gi 😭😭 But i feel like it’s some hint to how quickly this happened but easily it’s gonna fall apart 😖😖😖 Things will never go easy for our hero and that includes having someone by his side 😭😭. There should be something big in the middle of drama, that’s why the romance out early.

    thank you for the recap. as always it’s a life saver before I can rewatch the drama with subs.

    • V
      May 27, 2018 / 11:07 pm

      I was shocked too! But maybe you are right, there might be a lot more turmoil ahead for them.

    • sashaa
      May 30, 2018 / 10:40 am

      LOL. it was quite a surprise. It did not add up. yes, they did have some attraction, but not to the point of this. I wish they had invested another episode in building their trust/bond. Anyway, I hope there is more to the story since all the issues are already out in the open!!

      • wamaca
        December 12, 2019 / 5:25 pm

        I think that them sleeping together wasn’t just attraction. I think that there was a need to connect with someone who can deeply understand what you’ve been going through for almost 20 years. To have someone by your side who feels the same way. The shared pain. NOT that I advocate sleeping together that quickly, but I can understand the writers reasoning

    • Whitemist
      May 30, 2018 / 6:00 pm

      Yeah I agree. Maybe something to do with JY mother..
      Since she is still alive.

  3. Flowerme
    May 27, 2018 / 8:19 pm

    Thanks for the live recap. Enjoying this and lòoking forward to more

  4. C
    May 27, 2018 / 9:36 pm

    Thank you, Texas and Busan, for these recaps! Brilliant idea of posting no pics…no crashing, just nice, uninterrupted reading. Most appreciated!

    • V
      May 27, 2018 / 10:32 pm

      Cheers to no crashing!

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