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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 5

Episode 5 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
I was really surprised last week, I didn’t expect everyone to find out the true identity of Sang-pil so quickly. It really makes me wonder how things are going to shake out this episode. Will the bad gangsters get illegally ruthless against Sang-pil or will they try to legally use the law against him? I have a feeling they will probably due both.

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Shorthand:(UPDATED) Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: May 26th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki
Countdown: AIRING! …check twitter for updates.

SP introduces him self as a lawyer at the statue event. Everyone wonders what is going on. SP says this man is the broker that connected the killer to the mayor. Murmering all around.

OJ tells MS that they should leave.

Cut to MS and SP talking in the courtroom. She wants to know why he ruined this event. JY comes in at that point. SY tells her that OJ will not be mayor. So long as he is in the court, no honest man will be killed by the law. MS says he is just like JA, he is fearless. SP tells her not to talk about his mother.

MS asks him if he thinks he is the only one that came to her like that?

SP tells her that he will show her the end.

JY walks up to MS and they stare at each other for a moment. JY in unbelief. Then MS walks off.

Elsewhere, SJ is cursing about their failed event.

Later, OJ walks into MS’s office, sheepishly. He tries to explain how he closes the mouths of people in the water, subway, sky. MS is behind her desk and looks un concerned. OJ tells her that SP is getting revenge on the people that killed his mother. He is suspicious of him. His mother died 18 years ago, he’s a good son.

Kids heart to their parents is all the same, don’t underestimate it.

MS you are a really nice Buddha like person who thinks about those peoples hearts as well. how is that statue so like your father. With you today, I can take you to a very important place. I should take you to those places on a day like this.

MS is just sitting back in her seat.

The little thugs are very happy with the day. They happily talk about the days events and order chicken and beer.

JY and SP leave to talk. They go to the harbor. JY asks SP why he is attacking MS and not OJ. SP tells her that MS’s father is a judge that played the law and lived like a King. She has her fathers same money, power, and belief. JY wants to know why she would put someone like OJ as the mayor. SP tells her that MS wants something more. JY doesn’t want to believe it but SP says believing it or not does not change the truth.

OJ takes MS to a soup restaurant. It is a small soup restaurant. OJ starts to talk about his father and how he was a precious man. MS mentions that he has good memories about his father. PJ just says he is a servant, he just did what his father wanted him to do. He asked him a lot. I never told him I couldn’t do something. Int his money, you can do a lot with money.

MS pours the drink over OJ and throws it in his face. She says, how dare you try to control me with your father stories? I just inherited you from my father. Do you think, if you become mayor then you are owner of Kiseung?

OJ gets on his knees and says he forgot himslef for a few minutes. Please forgive me.

Did you say forgive? The only person I can forgive is myself.

GS asks SP when he is going to tell JY that MS killed her mother. SP tells him that they need to first show who MS is, otherwise she won’t believe it. JY follows MS like her own mother, so it won’t be easy. GS thought JY was a piece of the puzzle for SP’s revenge, but she seems like the end result.

Elsewhere, JY looks at something on a bookshelf. This sends her into a flashback. little JY looks for her mother and cries. She is standing in the rain as she cries for her mother. MS shows up from her car and lovingly walks up to her. She wants to know what she is doing there. Little JY says she is looking for her mom, help her find her mom. MS tells her that she will find her mother, don’t worry.
Appa comes in and brings JY out of her flashback. he wants JY to quit the lawfirm. If MS didn’t find her that long time ago, he would have lost her as well. he couldn’t live without her, so he wants people to be good to whoever is with MS and ignore whoever is against her.

JY meets with MS. They walk around outsid. MS asks JY why she is there to meet with her. JY asks her about the conversation she had with SP.

MS asks if she thinks that punishing someone with the law is a priveledge? They sit. MS tells her that people don’t think about their crime and blame her as a judge, so she has a lot of enimies. The number of enimies increase with her judgement cases. Judging someone is not a priveledge to her, it is torture. She thinks SP has a similar reason. She doesn’t even remember the decision she made before to make him her enemy. hey, JY, how much do you know about SP?

SP is at the harbor. He goes into a convenience store and sees teh news. The news only shows all the good things that happened yesterday. SP sighs and says, calm and gracious…~. ha.

OJ goes to a campaign event? They watch a commercial that says that OJ will make Kiseung a righteous Kiseung. (parody of the last president). Everyone cheers at it. But then SP shows up. OJ is non plussed and just says that he sees him often, maybe he will like him later. Then he tells him that he should have picked a better place to show off the broker last night.

SP smiles and says he came there to give him the hitmans cell phone that killed the mayor. he thought he would see the Broker in the newspaper, but Giseung treats it’s customers like this.

You ruined the event. how are you brave like this? Look at the cell phone, it is nothing so I won’t see it, it is nothing but a dead mans remainings, remove it. GD picks up the cell phone and throws it outside the window.

MS ask JY if she knew that SP went to jail before? It looks like he knows a lot about you but you don’t know that much about him. It is all my fault, I should have told you. here is my hubae’s lawfirm, when you are ready, go there. i don’t want to see a man who hates me work with you. She leaves.

SP shows up and honks his horn for JY to ride with him. He gets out and talks to her but seh is not in a friendly mood to talk to him. he wants to know what is going on but he gets nothing. So he starts to talk about the case. They have to make the broker confess/talk about OJ. JY thinks he won’t say OJ’s name. SP says they can make him.

The two of them meet with HM and show him a picture of the broker. HM says that guy is a druggie, he has no weakness because he has nothing to lose. But SP thinks that no one has nothing to lose. Everyone has something to protect in their heart.

It is time for another court case. HM asks SP what that guy is going to testify on the prosecutors side (the broker).

Across town, OJ talks about this same thing with his secretary. But then he runs into SJ and they talk /argue to each other. SJ tells Oj not to talk to her daughter, she is so bright that you shouldn’t look at her straight at all. OJ tells SJ that she is just a mother in front of her daughter.

court. SP questions the broker and asks him if he asked the hitman to kill the mayor. SP says he forgot, he forgot he was a broker so he will change his question. Did somene ask you to connect someone with the hitman? Objection, SP should ask relevant questions only.

A woman shows up with GG and the thugs.

SP continues questioning the witness about his record beig clean even though he has a lot of indescretions. The prosecution doesn’t like SP’s line of questions though. SP wants to ask another question. The brokers mother is in the audience with GG and the thugs. She signs to her son that he is a good helper (or something like that). SP leans in way close to the witness and asks him if he will be a criminal in front of his mother. MS tells him that he doens’t have to answer SP,s question. But the witness says he will answer it. He says he connected the hitman, someone payed him to do it. It was the secretary.

Whose secretary?

OJ’s secretary. i didn’t know that he would kill the mayor! I am sorry, it is all my fault. Sorry, sorry.

MS rolls her eyes in anger. SP says he has no more questions.

While leaving, we see a flashback where SP says he didn’t want to see the son (witness) running away in front of his mother because he wasn’t able to save his own mother.
GD just wants to kill SP, but OJ kicks him in the shin and tells him that becoming the mayor is more important than killing SP, but when he becomes the mayor, SP is as good as dead.

JY eats her meal and thinks about what she learned that day from HM and from MS. She wonders how much she actually knows about SP.

Meanwhile, SP practices martial arts/jujitsu in a gym. he tries to give someone an arm bar, but he winds up on the bottom and gets pounded. But then he is able to pull the man into a leg choke hold on the ground (I think) and wins.

YH shows up at that moment and smugly asks him about being a fighter and OJ’s secretary. SP tells her that he knows she is different from her mother. SP says that he will tell hr two things, HM will plead not guilty. Even if you lose the case, I will make sure that you maintain your righteousness (the righteousness?).

Elsewhere, JY interviews HM. She wants him to tell her about the MS that he knows. He is hesitant. He says that he worked with OJ for a long long time. There was someone giving orders to OJ, but he never told him who it was.

Are you saying it is MS?

In retrospect, whoever can give orders to OJ, is MS.

JY goes somewhere else and interviews a bookstore person. There was a lawyer woman who had a son. The woman committed suicide and the son dissapeared. JY thanks him and leaves.

She goes to the law offices and asks GS why SP came to Kiseung. Then she asks GG why he is in this office with SP. GG tells her that SP showed up and said it had to be this office. he wanted this office, not me.

JY sits at the desk and investigates JA’s suicide. It says on the news that she worked hard and just killed herelf. 2000, April 17th, the lawyer committed suicide. It is the same day as JY’s mother dissapeared. She leaves. But GS looks at the search history of what JY was looking at and calls SP.
SP is meeting with KH (JY’s appa) right now. KH tells SP that he doenst’ like JY working for him. He will think of another way to pay off his debt.

The bald police officer is investigating a uicide case. He doesn’t think this case is a suicide. But his superiors don’t want to reopen it. JY watches all this and introduces herself to him. We cut to the policeofficer bringing a file to JY. He says this was his case. JA was a really good lwyer, she was better than all other lawyers. While the officer talks about how great JA was, JY also sees a flashback of what SP told her about his mother. JY tries to open the file but the officer stops her and tells her that someothing is going on about this case. The original dissapeared and JA wouldnt’ have left her son like that. He was a good boy and a smart boy. i can still see him in my brain.

OJ meets with HM and ID. HM wants to kill him and tries to grab him across the table. But OJ is relaxed and says that he trust him, that was his fault. HM calls him an A-hole. OJ tells HM that covering up the crime is a lot more difficult than creating the crime. Power makes that possible and now i have it. SP wants to get his revenge against us. Do you want to put your life on him. HM tells him that at least SP is trying to get him out. He will jill him later.

OJ tells him to shut up and look at this. He shows him a video of the mayors murder. HM asks him where he got it! He tries to grab it, but ID holds it back. OJ tells him that he has the key that can get him out of jail, so follow him.

Afterward, ID and OJ walk out. ID laughs about the case but OJ tells him that he needs to do a better job. ID laughs and says he will.

Later, HM calls his wife. The wife says that OJ payed all their hospital bills. he came to see her. But then she cuts off as if she is having some trouble. At that same time, HM gets word that his lawyer is there.

A guard tells SP that HM refuses to see him.
JY meets with DW to ask him about SP. She wonders why SP came to Kiseung when he was doing well under him. Did he order something for him to do? DW tells her that she came there without knowing him or SP. Do you know that SP’s mother, the lawyer Choi Jin-ae is my own sister? SP is my nephew and my only blood line. He went back to Kiseung becasue he decided it. he is putting his life on it. As soon as you met SP, do you think it is a coincidence?

What are you talking about?

It was too good of timing to be a coincidence. If it wasn’t a coincidence, then what do you think it is?

JY leaves the museum with DW watching her as she walks out. Then he calls SP.

Yes uncle?

As you said, she came here. DOn’t trust people too easily.

I saw her for a long time. I trust her.

Then, well, be careful, the both of you.

SP hangs up and looks at a wall with a projector image of his revenge cases. he thinks back to that night. When he was little and he met his uncle. His uncle tells him that he needs to go to the polcie station but he told him not to call the polcie, let’s go hide somehwere. Later on they sit at the sea. Uncle tells SP that he told him, don’t think about getting your revenge. Then he gives him something to eat and tells him that men should cry somewhere where no one can see them. you are young now, but in this world, you can’t trust law. Your revenge will only bring more revenge.

SP blinks out of his flashback and sees OJ coming into his office.

OJ opens the door and walks in like he owns the place.

OJ – Aigo….lawyer Sang-pil, you work this late?

SP – how did you come here?

Of course, I have business, I didn’t come for nothing. It was your mothers office right? You have a good memory, the address was familiar.

Because the criminal came to the crime scene, like you know.

From before, I thought you were really different when you were little. Do you remember? You were hiding in the cabinet and didn’t breathe, you were hiding.

SP stands up.

Sit down sit down, it is okay. I killed your mother you know.

SP grabs him by the neck

SP – I can kill you here right now, as you killed my Mom.

Are you going to get revenge by the law? Is that why you came here as a lawyer? Hey, hey, lets talk as gentlemen. You have the law and I have money. I also have the law in MS. Hahaha.

SP lets go of him and sits back down.

OJ – You saved my life once so I won’t forget it. Next time, I will see you on my home grounds. Ah, cham, go to HM, maybe he will change his mind, you know ~ .

OJ leaves. SP just watches him leave and then looks at his desk. he pulls out a secret murder weapon? It looks like a skyscraper, but it is super sharp and hidden on his desk. he puts it away and thinks.
OJ drives to MS’s house. He talks to SJ in the house about who is better. They basically talk smack about how one is the house servent and one is the field servent, those kinds of things. But neither one of them believes that about themselves. They each think they are the top person in MS’s life. OJ says he is doing politics only to make more money. SJ says it is the same for her.

A woman comes up who is wearing shades, she might be blind. Ah, she is because OJ pulls off the woman’s shades to reveal that this woman is blind. She was getting a massage and is on her way out. SJ yells that OJ doesn’t trust her!

Oj just goes to meet with MS while she is getting a massage. He says her real power is covering up everything but seh just says that people aren’t stupid. It is the same with money. She deosnt like it when people are treated as equals for the sole reason that they are human. She deosnt’ like it.

SP is on the beach, brooding.

Elsewhere, JY gets to the office. It is empty which makes her think as well. She thinks about SP telling her that he heard she hit a judge and is fired. Then seh thinks about him beating up that guy in the sbway….thinking about her in the car……asking her about MS and her relationship…..telling her his mothers last words, “don’t come to Kiseung’ but he has things to do there. She looks upstairs and sees something.

SP gets to the law office and goes upstairs. JY is waiting for him.

What, you didn’t go home yet? Why are you working late, I din’t tell you to.

i am just curious

You like the company all of a sudden? i need to clean the room before the trial

This place has a lot of secrets, your mother used to use it as her office. Your mothers suicide and my mothers disappearance were on the same day. Tell me.

SP walks over to the lady justice and turns it. All the projection images show up. She asks him why he and her mothers pictures are there. Tell me the real reason you came here.

JY walks over to her.

OJ killed my mother. in front of me, right here. The person who ordered O to kill my mother, was MS.


And….your mothers disappearance and what happened to me are all by MS.

Fade Out

what happened to me, your mother dissaperance are all by MS
trusting is your fault
you wanted to stay next to me?
7 people association club who controls Kiseung
We have to fight against
the most important thing word….
Now I have one more thing to tell you

Photo By tvN kakaostory

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  1. Anonymous
    May 26, 2018 / 8:05 am

    Love this show!

  2. Anonymous
    May 26, 2018 / 8:51 am

    I hope JY gets the answers she wants and gets on SP’s side fully.

  3. HL
    May 26, 2018 / 9:03 am

    Didn’t expect SP tells about their moms to JY so quickly. I like it. By the way, i read somewhere that MS and people around her are just like the last Korean president, who is impeached, and people around her running/ ruining South Korea. 😀

  4. Persianrose
    May 26, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    Loved this episode… this drama pace is so awesome

    • Bubble
      May 26, 2018 / 8:48 pm

      I love the pace, too!

  5. Mark
    January 27, 2022 / 2:14 pm

    Late to the party, sorry. I read one or two reviews which said, “Bad show!” And, “Don’t bother.” What are they watching? I know it can be a slow burn at times, but even then, it’s still smouldering underneath. Really like it. Fave Kdrama? No, not at all. But it’s very good with skilled acting, smart dialogue, choice direction/editing/camerawork. What’s not to like?

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