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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 4 (Updated)

Episode 4 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
The law case is on and a big piece of the puzzle is found out. However, that person decided to accidentally or on purpose walk into a moving train. So now they know that the police chief didn’t kill the mayor, but will they be able to prove it in court?

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Shorthand:(UPDATED) Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: May 20th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki
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SP has the man by the back in the rear naked choke. But the train whizzes by at that time and he has to let go. When the train leaves, we see that the killer has a knife to JY’s head. SP immediately has a flashback of his mother getting stabbed by OJ. His eyes grow enraged.

SP – Put the knife down.
JY – lawyer Bong…

SP – That woman…if she has any scratch on her, I will kill you.

The lights flisker off for a moment and SP is right in front of the man and holding the kinfe. He starts punching the living dailights out of him. JY tries to pick him up and pull him away, but he pushes her off of him and she falls to the ground.

Man – OJ asked me to kill the mayor!

A train is heard in the distance.

Man – I will show you why OJ is in his position now. We don’t have to go to court. Here!

The man runs into the next coming train and SP quickly grabs JY and shields her view.

SP – Are you okay? Let’s leave this place for now.

They walk out.

Someone is talking on their cell phone about the witness changing their word. OJ comes in and says he looks busy. The witness asks him if that guy betrayed YH. OJ sits. the man asks him what is up, busy OJ owner?

OJ tells him, I just stopped by to tell you something, chief prosecutor. The chief tells him that he doesn’t know to know what is going on with gangsters. their chairman is shooting for the special election. How dare you step into important peoples conversations. hey OJ, take care of your kids. MS appointed you? It is not like you are just excited on your own?

OJ says the chief knows about MS…..she told me to just serve for Kiseung, that is what she meant. The chief laughs, you? Haha. Serve for Kiseung? The cow on the street will laugh at you.

OJ tells the chief that MS sent him there to see the chief and make sure that nothing is illegal. The chief says, that is what she told you?

JY is laying in a hospital bed, it looks like she is sleeping. SP is at her bedside and talks to someone on the phone. They tell him they are following the broker and they ask about JY. SP says she is fine, dont’ worry.

JY wakes up a little. She had a tranquilizer so she is groggy. JY aks why SP was so upset. If she didn’t stop him then that could have been big trouble. Hey SP, you looked like a different person than you normally are.

A man comes in and asks them if they are HM’s lawyer. Go with me please.

The judges check the video. They wonder who that person is.

News: a man jumped into the subway. They are currently checking his ID and investigating it.

Cut to the police or prosecutors office. SP says that before that man jumped into the subway he said there is another real killer for the mayor. He confessed that he killed the mayor right before he jumped into the subway. The man asks him if they recorded it. he said he didn’t, that man jumped into the train so quickly, he didn’t have time to do it.

The man says HM’s alibi is already proved. the man says they haven’t been to court yet and see the trial. the judge is still evaluating the authenticity of the evidence. SP says it is strange that they have so much sure evidence. The investigator replies it is because he is a sure killer. The guy you say is the murderer, was it really suicide? Did you push him and pretend like it was suicide?

JY gets angry and tells this man not to just say whatever. If you want to arrest up then bring the warrant. i don’t want to be here, let’s go. Check the video from the subway, don’t have suspicion without evidence.

They leave, while walking out YH tells SP and JY that they didnt’ find the criminals cell phone. Did you take the dead mans cellphone? JY tells her that her inspector treated her as a murderer and the prosecutor treats them as murdrers. Do you think Sp is that easy? SP tells them that they shoudn’t treat him like a robber. HY smiles and lets them know that it is because he is really different from any other lawyer she has seen. You are exceeding your limit. She asks SP why he is so obsessed with this trial.

JY asks if it is strange for a lawyer to want to win their case? Do they need a reason.

YH says it was strange at the begining, but now she is curious.

SP tells ehr that he will tell her the reason when he wins the case.

They leave and SP jokes that he didn’t think JY would defend him. But then he pauses and foreboding music plays. JY tells him that he didn’t tell YH the name OJ on purpose. That is the name the killer confessed right before he died.

But then SP stops and foreboding music plays.

SP keeps walking and walks right up to OJ. He introduces himself as lawyer SP. OJ looks at him casually and says he knows who he is. He knows everything in Kiseung, he was friends with the old mayor. it is kind of strange to be talking to you. You want to plead not guilty for my friends murderer.

SP – I heard you were good friends with HM

OJ – Did HM say that? We just met a few times and he is talking about it. Whatever. Our judge MS will reveal the truth.

SP – It was just buried, the truth.

OJ – What are you talking about?

SP – The real murderer died not so long ago. He told me right before his death, the name that made him kill the mayor.

VO – OJ! OJ! OJ asked me to kill the mayor

OJ – Is that right?

SP – aren’t you interested in who asked me to kill the mayor?

OJ – are you telling me that he said my name? Huh? Hey, people don’t even believe living people so who will believe a dead one? You can’t even distinguish lies like that? You work for the law.

SP – (laughs) Chairman, right before people die, they always say the truth.

OJ – I heard you are a good lawyer, but you don’t look that good ~. tsk tsk tsk.

OJ starts to walk off and mutters about his dead mayor. They should at least comfort their dead mayors soul. hey lawyer, are we seeing each other for the first time? Maybe it is becaue I heard about you a lot, but you look familiar to me.

SP walks to OJ’s face and tells him that they have’nt seen each other for the frist time. I used to be a Kiseong resident. OJ says, ahh! where you? See you later.

OJ leaves and SP takes a breath as OJ drives away.
The radio: OJ was born in the market and became the chairman of OJ group, now he will be a politician.

OJ – Just turn it off, only good music last a few days. I am sick of it.

Driver – chairman, I have to tell you something.

Cut to OJ slapping his driver kind of lighty, but it is disciplinary. he dusts off his hands and they sit to eat. He asks the driver when he got that. (the GPS tracer). You were in SP’s trap. The driver apologizes. Putting a magnet to you, do you know what that means?

I know

He was targeting me and decided to do this trial. The good thing is, our hitman is dead. What if he isn’t dead, what would happen?

I will take care of the broker.

Yes yes, send him far far away across the sea, you know.

SP drive JY home, she is sleeping. She sees her family portrait in the window of the shop. JY wakes up and says that SP was looking at her mothers picture for a while. SP tries to play it off….um….your mom is like that….. ~. JY says she was sleeping. Then she mentions that what SP did in the subway was cringy (corny/too much) and now he takes her home, it is too corny, it gives me goosebumps.

SP laughs.

He walks her in and her father comes out for an introduction. JY mutters that Sp changes a lot in front of elders, he looks like a very different person. he is invited inside and has tea with Appa and JY. Appa thanks SP for lowering the interest and paying for everything they broke. You didn’t know that? JY asks him why he didn’t tell her.

Appa asks SP about his parents. He says his mother raised him alone, but she died when he was young. Appa is sad he brought it up but SP says it is okay. His mother was a lawyer as well. Appa mentions that his mother raised him well. But he says he can’t hold a candle to his mother.

Appa lets him now that JY grew up without a mother as well. His dream is that JY becomes like MS, she can become a judge that represents the city of Kiseung. SP looks at JY who is also looking at him, they smile and continue drinking their tea.
SP gets back to his office and gives GS the dead hitman’s cellphone. He asks GS if he can unlock the cell phone. GS says it is a new phone with a finger print lock. It will take 3 days to unlock. SP thinks that is too long, lets do this analog style. GS agrees, then SP asks what GG is doing. GS tells him that GG is following the broker. Right now, the broker is the only one that can take HM out of jail. Unless there is evidence in the cell phone.

GS says he will unlock the cell phone.

SP thinks, the hitman that killed the mayor is dead. the man that asked for the mayor to be killed, wants to become the mayor. We are in a hurry now.

Meanwhile GG is sitting in the car and muttering about how he feels like an undercover policeman. This is fun, haha. He answers the phone and talks to his hyung about what the broker is doing. GG says he is yelling and all that stuff….Okay, I will switch with someone else. What? The hospital mortuary?!? Did someone die?

MS and SJ are sitting in a Catholic church and praying.

SJ – Is it okay if OJ becomes the mayor?

MS – If I tell him the he will

SJ – Yeah, you decide

MS – When he becomes the mayor, be polite to him

Sj – To me he is….a little troublesome to be mayor…to scary

MS – What, you want to take him down even before he becomes mayor?

SJ – No, not me judge.

They walk out of the church and talk about the subway suicide.

SJ – It is kind of strange that SP is pocking around everywhere in Kiseung. There are no good lawyers that are like that.

MS – I don’t think this is about the trial…OJ is looking into it.

GG and GS show up at the funeral area of the hospital. GG looks nervous, he mutters, is this analog style? GS just smiles and asks him if he has seen a dead person before? GG says this is his first time.

They get to the mortuary and pull out the dead guy from the freezer. GG wants to cut off the thumb, he doesn’t want GS’s hands to get dirty. He is abotu to cut it off when GS tells him to stop what he is doing, just lookout for me.

GS gets the cell phone out and puts the finger print on it. But then someone starts to come so they go inside the fridge with the dead person. GG apologizes to him and unlocks the phone with his finger print. he is so scared.

DW is in SP’s office. SP tells him that MS wants OJ as mayor. DW is dumfounded, someone like OJ as mayor? Is that even possible?

With MS, it is possible.

JY comes in which make the men stop talking. DW introduces himself to JY and says he has heard a lot about her. He gives her his card and then leaves. JY asks SP if he suspects MS. Now she wonders what he will say, she want to know his hidden stories. By the way, lawyer Bong, you dont’ suspect someone without a reason right?

Cut right to DW outside the building with all his men. They drive off after DW looks back at the building. Someone is watching them. That preson calls OJ. OJ says, DW came to Kiseung? For the trial of one of his men? Is that true? The driver says he is sure about it.

OJ kicks something and tries to put together DE and Bong Sang-pil. Why are they involved in our trial!

SP talks to GS about a file on the phone. He wants the call log. GS tells him that there are no names saved, just numbers. SP tells him to pick the most called numbers. That number shoul be connected to OJ.

JY watches them from her desk and thinks back to HY askin SP if he took the cell phone.

SP asks who will be most upset if that person knows he has the cell phone. GS says it is of course, that guy. SP smiles and says he should show off that cell phone then. He hits the cellphone and walks out of his office. He tells JY that he will see her in court. She says okay, but she is also deep in he thoughts about what SP has been saying all day.

Flashback. SP meets OJ and says they have met each other before, he used to live in Kiseung. Then another flashback of SP tellsing her appa that his mother was a lwyer like JY.

JY tries to shake it off and get back to work.

GD shows OJ a lot of money that is hidden under dried fish. he smells it. OJ tells him that money is….whoever gets the money gives the power. Whoever recieves it becomes my slave forever. It works so well when we give it to al those stupid guys that don’t know about it.

The driver comes in and tells OJ that someone claimed themselves as a witness and has cometo them. OJ says, witness? Cut to OJ in an unfinished building. the witness if brought to him and bows in front of him. OJ says he wanted him to come there just in case someone was watching them. Lets cut to the chase. You saw something where the mayor died?

Witness – Yes, when the mayor went into the warehouse, someone followed him right away. But that person was not HM, I am sure of that.

OJ – Is that so ~.

Witness – He was taller and skinnier than HM and he didnt limp.

OJ – If that is true then HM should be wrongly accused. Why didn’t you go to the polcie station, why did you want to see me?

Witness – You guys are best friends right? I know it because used to play at the fish market before.

OJ – So you want to say that if I want to save my friend then you need some money.

Witness – Just a little bit.

OJ – Half a year later, this building will be occupied. You can put a vending machine on every floor.

The man is happy. OJ tells him to come over to him so the man does. OJ lets him know that this is the seventh building in Kiseung so the name is the 7 star building. But you won’t see it completed.

GD kicks the man off the building and he falls to his death. OJ tells GD, just in case there is video footage or something. Go to his house and search everywhere. People won’t rent from this place is they know that someone died here so throw him far far away.
I think we cut right to MS’s house. It is a large mansion that is decked out for an event. In the backyard is a table set up with a full spread. OJ starts to open the champaign and pour it. The reporter jokes, are you already starting your campaign.

OJ jokes: 1st is people, 2nd is companies, 3rd is politics right? ha ha. i was in second place, but now, all of a sudden i am in thrid place. The others start laughing but everyone deosnt’ laugh. MS asks them all to please push OJ. They say, if we try then nothing is impossible in Kiseung. When you become mayor then we need to push the Golden City project. It has been on hold for several years, my bank is filled with the money.

The head of the bank is there and thanks him with a laugh.

The head prosecutor says, when you have politics fever, there is no medicine for it. Do you even know what politics is, OJ?

OJ adjusts his necktie. he says it is to develop the city, make Kiseung people rich, and get more trust from MS.

The prosecutor says that whoever knows nothing about politics always wants to do politics which is why their country is all screwing up.

MS tells her that he should help OJ because of that reason. they all stand immedately and toast to that.

SJ says that after the mayor died, this seven people meeting has one empty seat, who will fill it?

The news paper owner says the mayor of Kiseung is different than other places. You get money and fame, it is an important position with the right hand of MS. SJ asks OJ, when you become the mayor, what are you going to do with your company?

It is quiet for a moment.

OJ exclaims, Ah, SJ you are pocking on my vulnerable spot, of course it is politics over money. I will have to give it up for MS, I will support MS for the rest of my life. I will not ask for the position for nothing. I already prepare dried fish at home for all of you. Go home and eat it with your sons and daughters over the fire.

JY somewhere and thinks of MS finding out the truth. She thinks back to a conversation they had earlier. She call someone and asks them if they still work in a lawyer association, can they search for someone for her.

OJ and MS
OJ puts all the money he got for MS into her large safe. The safe is filled with money. He says it is not about the judge but she supports him a lot, can she open a highway for him and not a dirt road? He suddenly bows deeply in front of her.

OJ – I am going to start my campaign, if you come and support me ~.
MS – I prepared your meal so you should eat by yourself.
OJ – Can you just come to my campaign?
MS – You want me to come to the smelly fish market like all those other people?

OJ stands up and asks MS what she is going to do with the witness video. When HM has an alibi, then we are done. MS asks why he cares? Does he think he is her right hand man because she is backing him for mayor? No one can bother my court, that is sacred.
OJ rides off in his car. SP calls them with the dead guys cell phone. But OJ and his driver talk about how the hitman is dead, so figure out who has his cell phone. They answer it and SP starts talking. He wants to know what OJ said to the hitman. Please pick up my calls frequently. SP hangs up.

OJ mutters…..Bong Sang-pil…

MS tells the lawyers that she is not going to accept the video evidence. SP want to know why and he also wants to know why they are not changing the judge. MS says there is no reason to change the judge.

SP and MS argues politely about this.

MS warns SP, if you ruin my court with fake evidence then I won’t let you go into my courtroom anymore.

SP – You won’t be able to deny my next evidence.

YH and SP leave. SP tells her that everything is according to his plan. OJ killed the mayor to become the mayor. YH asks why he is telling her that. SP says they are both fighting for the truth. he smiles and leaves.

While walking out, he sees a news article about MS fathers statue. He calls someone and asks where JY is. She went to go see HM by herself. This bothers SP so he gets off the phone quickly.

JY says they have evidence so they hope to get him out. HM says MS will not accept this evidence, she will not let him be set free. SP gets there at that time and tells JY that they should talk outside.

JY – HM shouldnt’ talk about MS.
SP – Do you know the real MS?
JY – She is not that kind of person
SP – MS denied all the evidence, she is not what you think.

Suddenly another detective that JY knows shows up and talks to JY about how she became a lawyer and is not giving up finding her mother. the detective smiles at her and says she shouldn’t give up.

SP watches all this.

SP and JY go to the beach. JY tells him that her mother never came back home after buying a harmonica for her. She told her that her harmonica was broken which is not true, that is why she has regret over it.

SP tells her thta he knows exactly how she feels. JY tells SP that MS is her mother in her heart. You say that MS is faking me, prove it to me. Until you do that, I won’t trust you.

SP asks JY to eat some toast, he is hungry. She tells him that he is addicted to carbohydrates. He says this is not carbohydrates.
The detective that talked to JY earlier is at a case on the beach. It looks like a suicide case, but this detective doesn’t believe it is suicide. The young detective mocks the older one about always not believing that it is a suicide.

The detective goes to his office and looks through SP mothers suicide case and JY mothers missing case. It looks like he knows that it is related or suspects that it is related.

SP goes to his office. He touches a statue and a projector turns on. this projector lets him move things with his hand. He looks at a lot of images on his wall, JY’s family is on his wall.

SP – JY, your mother saved me.

Meanwhile, JY is playing her harmonica at home

SP – So, I have to protect you from whatever.

SP asks GS if he is sure, did the broker connect OJ and the hitman? GS says yes, they spoke a lot before but they stopped talking all of a sudden. JY asks him where he is going. She tells him to just stay there, GS and he will go there. But JY rolls her eyes and gets in the car. She says she will go wherever he goes. GS smiles.

They all get in the car and drive off.

One of the thugs tells SP that he am following him, I almost got him. SP tells him to keep following him and don’t get caught. JY asks SP how he got the phone from the dead guy. Did you ~. But they just keep driving. JY tells them that you can’t use illegal evidence in the court. SP tells her that she should know their style by now. GS revs the engine and drives even faster.

The team get to the ocean. SP doesn’t want to arrest this broker in front of his mother, so they will wait until dark.

Cut to OJ who is in a car. He is talking about the campaign with his driver. they start to talk about SP’s background. His mother was a human rights lawyer in Kiseung 18 years ago. This triggers a memory in OJ. He knows SP’s mother name. This makes him think back to SP telling him that this is not the first time they met each other. He used to be a Kiseung citizen.

OJ says HM lied to him for 18 years. SP is not dead….he became a lawyer and came back to Kiseung.

GG manages to stop the broker and it is a chase.

Meanwhile, MS goes to see the statue of her father. She pulls the covering off of the statue (this was done in real life with the old president and her father). She looks at the statue with loving eyes and everyone claps.

But, elsewhere, there is a lot of action going on. GG is in the car with the broker as the broker is driving like a mad man across the streets of the sea area. SP is also driving like a mad man as he tries to catch him. The cars hit each other more than once .

GG is screaming for dear life in his car as he buckles up his seat belt.

SP revs his engine and then holds JY back as he crashes it into the other car. JY yells.

But the cars don’t stop! They keep driving like crazy until they get to a harbor. Then they all stop.

MS – My father was righteaou and judging the law. He only knew three things and also asked the same things to me. The judge should be an outsider and not live for yourself and always think about the poor and less powerful people. I am just living my life following my father but you all are giving me a lot of applause.

OJ says “Mansae!” But it ruins the moment. He then takes the mic and says this was his honor that his company can give this statue to the court. His respectable honorable judge, this time I am going to run for mayor. I will work hard!

SJ mutters that MS told him not to do that. YH looks at OJ like he is the dumbest man alive. Other people are angry as well.

SP gets out of the car, they are all at the statue ceremony. he goes inside with the broker. GG ad GS are holding the broker and basically dragging him in. SP goes to the front andtells everyone to look at him. He is lawyer SP, he has to tell you all urgently, if I am rude, then please forgive me. hey YH prosecutor, this is the broker that connected the hitman to kill the mayor. It is your job to find out the truth, YH.

The thugs deliver the borker to YH.

OJ whispers in SP ear, hey SP, you are pretty cool today. then he keeps walking and tells the judge that they should go. MS and OJ walk off. SP follows them but JY walks up to him and tells him to stop, why are you doing this, without this way ~. But then she realizes something and stops talking.

MS slaps OJ once they are in the back and alone. She is upset that he did that on her fathers ceremony day. OJ takes the slap well and then tells her about that her lawyer friend, JA….SP is her….. ~. But MS tells him to just leave. He is all like, huh? She tells him to just get out.

He leaves her brooding.

SP comes into the courtroom and apologizes for what happened. She says she didnt’ invite him, why did he mess up her fathers thing?

As long as I am in the court, no innocent person will die with the law

Yeah, you are just like JA, fearless…

Don’t put my mothers name in your mouth

Do you think you are the first person visiting me like this?

I will show you the end of it for the first time

MS walks out and walks right into JY who watched the entire thing. Stunned stare off.

Fade Out

how much do you think you know about SP
Forgive me
I can only forgive myself
You met SP? As soon as you go down
Hey, i will confess

We are starting Mistress right away today, but we will come back and fill everything else in!

Just finished the Mistress live recap! We are restarting our system and all that technical stuff. We will update Lawless Lawyer with everything that we missed, as soon as everything is back up and running! Look for “(Updated)” in the title. ^_^

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  1. Anna A
    May 20, 2018 / 6:55 am

    Thanks in advance! I will be eagerly waiting for the recaps.

    I believe the real murderer threw himself onto the tracks. That left me wondering what is it about Judge Cha that she has a hold on almost everyone that these people are willing to die rather than face the truth.

    I hope SP let JY in on what is happening rather than keeping things from her because I don’t think him alone can fight the evil duo.

    • V
      May 20, 2018 / 7:19 am

      Hi Anna! We have so much buffering today, so we will have to do the live recap after it airs. But we will try and get it up as soon as possible!

      • Anna A
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        ok! No problem! Thanks!!

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          We fixed it! We will start updating soon!

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            Argh, it tricked us! LOL, still buffering, we will update later on. 🙂

  2. Anna A
    May 20, 2018 / 8:41 am

    Thanks for the recaps!!! i was watching some parts from tvn youtube channel and reading the recaps and it helped me understand parts of today’s episode.

    there seems to be alot of revelations in this episode – OJ and Judge Cha know the identity of SP; OJ showing his arrogance – now that he is running for mayor; OJ knows that HM lied to him; JH seeing another side of Judge Cha… This is only episode 4 …

    I hope the writer can sustain the story till episode 16. Time between dog and wolf is my favourite drama of all time.. I hope this one will be as good!

    • V
      May 20, 2018 / 9:33 am

      Right! There are so many revelations! I am so surprised that OJ and MS found out SP’s identity so quickly. I am not surprised that it looks like JY is starting to question MS (from the end of the episode). I don’t think she will completely turn on MS right away, but it is nice that she is starting to see things differently.

  3. Hana
    May 20, 2018 / 11:22 am

    Thank u very much for your effort. This is gold while we wait for subs. Much appreciated. Loving the drama!

    • V
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