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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 3

Episode 3 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
Kakao Story
The first two episodes of Lawless Lawyer were my kind of action fun for the weekend. It stinks that subs still aren’t out, has anyone heard anything about that? Does Netflix have this drama as well, because I thought Viki got it. We will try and update this post with more detailed information after the live recap ends. If we do, then we will add “(Updated)” to the title just like we did on the first two episodes.

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Shorthand: (UPDATED) Shorthand Character Chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: May 19th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki
Countdown: SOON! …check twitter for updates.

Recap of the previous 2 episodes.

SP walks into the courtroom, there is smokey mist everywhere from the fire extinguisher. A phone rings…I found that thing, what whould I do with the lawyer and the kid?….just kill them both, I don’t trust living people.

SP walks up into the middle of the fray and bows. MS asks who he is. He says he is lawyer SP, the court starts from now judge MS.

MS tells the police officers to arrest everyone. This is the first time in my life to have this messed up of a courtroom. Why are you late? JY speaks up and says he rescued her. MS wants the lawyer to explain himself. SP tells her that some people didn’t want him to be there…

JY – Can I tell you slowly, can we have emergency treatment for the lawyer?

Cut to JY treating SP in the nurses room or a back room. They talk about how he is more action than law. He is teh hero of action movies. She wants to know why the gangsters came and hopes that doesn’t happen again. He tells her that he will be arrested during the trial. She is all like, what?!?

Coutroom. SP goes back into the courtroom. He says he has something to tell the judge, he wants to change the judge. This alarms everyone. MS says he was late and he wants to change the judge? tell me why. If it is not a good reason then you will be punished accordingly.

SP – All the judges here are very very bad judges. I have prepared something.

OJ – Golden city

VO – SP showed up at court.

OJ – GD is a stupid guy, call him.

SP explains that the judge on MS’s left sexually harrassed women on a bus. Everyone knows he is a pervert, it will be in the news. SP shows MS a video of it. SP also wants to change MS because she appointed this bad of a judge. MS smiles, you want me to step down? SP tells her that her fault is that she either knew his fault or nows it now, that is enough reason for you to step down so please make a correct judgement according to your recommendation of judegemnt

MS stares at him, if that is true then I will put the judge in detention and remove him from the courthouse. it isn’t that I didn’t know his wrongdoing, I wil think seriously about changing the judge thing.

YH asks MS to arrest SP, all these thugs are in his law firm, he tainted the sacred court, please arrest him. MS accepts that, officer, please arrest Lawyer Bong Sang-pil.

SP gets arrested.

On the way out, SP tells JY that he told her this would happen. Can you take care of the office for 3 days? Then he jokes with his employees as they all get on the bus to jail. Bye-bye.

YH asks JY about this arrested lawyer challening the judge. it is embarrassing to have her friend working with him. JY asks if they are friends? Lawyers are the ones that fight prejudice, see you in the courtroom.

OJ is upset that everything went wrong and stabs GD in the leg. GD has to explain himself and tell OJ everything about SP. GD tells him that DW is behind SP. OJ tells GD that he will give him big work to do, so be ready.

The friendly thugs are all happy in jail and apologizing to each other about hitting each other too hard. You acting was good in the courtroom! Fighting Moo! Fighting Law Lawyer! What will you do brother? SP tells them that he has a purpose for coming there.

Cut to SP trying to eat with another person in jail. He is a financial person who laundered money for the dead mayor. SP introduces himself to the man. the man is stunned that SP went to these lengths to meet him and chuckles. He tells him to go away, he doesn’t trust people like him that screw peoples lives with their tongue. SP says that might be true, but I also save people. The man just says to shut up.

OJ gets a delivery that doens’t have a senders name. The right hand man opens it. OJ wonders what that is. It shows pictures of OJ murdering someone, the pictures are all arranged nicely in a large frame. There is a rock with it that says “You’re Dead.” OJ pops his neck, who is this guy? Does this guy know I am going for the mayor position? First of all, leave SP alone. After I become the mayor, I will take care of him.

JY is in MS’s chambers. MS knows from JY’s face that JY wants an uncomfortable favor. JY says she wants to extend the trial because SP is in jail, he won’t have time to prepare.

MS won’t extend it.

JY tells her that he wasn’t attacking you, he was attacking the other judge. He needs time to prepare.

MS tells JY to do it, she is a lawyer as well.

JY meets with SP and they talk. SP is playful. JY tells him that MS didn’t extend the trial. When you come out of jail, the next day is the trial! SP tells her she is a good office manager, she is worred about the trial. He leans in close to the window and tells her to think of herself, she always worked as a lawyer. JY thinks SP did a good job, it is difficult to pick judges for the trial. Do you need anything? SP doesn’t and tells her that he trusts her. She leaves.
Elsewhere, MS is getting a lavish massage in her mansion. SJ is there with her. MS mentions that she doesnt’ like doing what everyone else does (like removing wrinkles) she lays down comfortably after her massage is over. SJ takes care of everything and tells news paper guy from earlier, they talk about covering up a bribery and using the orphanage name to hide money. SJ thinks the reporter works well, they both laugh about that.

Meanwhile, JY is with his daughter in his shop. It looks like the city wants to make a statue from one of Appa’s photographs.

Back at the mansion. MS is up and looking out of her window. SJ talks to her about how she is the only one helping her. MS asks if she is bragging? SJ apologizes. MS mentions that whenever she gives her room, she goes over her head. SJ says she never ~. Who is more important, JY or YH? MS tells her to just shut up, whoever she favors is misfortunate.

SJ gets a call from OJ, OJ needs her to make a appointment for him and MS. She asks the reason. OJ pretty much tells her she doesn’t have to know. They hang up and SJ rolls her eyes and mutters that he is a gangster.
Montage of JY sitting int he office and SP in the jail cell. SP thinks back, he was at JY’s graduation.

VO – JY, your mom saved me, where should I start to tell you….

JY goes to the hospital, there is a woman in a patient room that OJ is visiting. Ah, this looks like HM’s wife. JY goes into the room. Her father took a picture of HM’s wife.

VO – It looks like the wife is ready to leave, but the husband is not ready, he was next to his wife for many years, I can’t believe that kind of person killed the mayor.

The wife asks JY to help her husband, he will never kill anyone. Please help me die after he is found not guilty. The wife holds JY’s hand.

The friendly thugs are running this place. They make it so SP can sit with the corrupt money guy again. SP tells the man that he accepted his wrong doings himself even though the trial was going on. It was a small amount of money, it should have another zero. When the mayor case ends, you will be out of jail right away.

The man throws his food at SP.

All the thugs hop up. SP tells the man that hiding int he jail doesn’t mean that he is safe.

JY meets HM and tells him that she met his wife. HM is concerned, why did you go there? She says she wanted to know what kind of person he was, tell me the truth, were you really with that guy as a witness? (Yes I was with him!) Then why did he testify against you?
JY goes to meet with the witness that said he wasn’t with HM. She basically tells him that he shoudlnt’ make an innocent person a killer. The man says, he isn’t guilty? The man shows all his scars and marks he has from HM hitting him. JY begs him to change his remarks but the man just tells her to leave.

Back to the jail. SP sits with HM and they talk about JY. SP lets him know that JY is working on it.

Then we cut to the witness pushing JY out of his business.

Back to the jail. A fight breaks out that looks like it is planned. SP watches it. HM also sees it and knows that the guy involved is the same guy that tried to murder him because he has a large scar on his face. It looks like GS knows that guy? Perhaps they are all friends? HM thinks this might have been SP’s plan all along.

SP talks to the accountant person off to the side. he tells him that the OJ group grew a lot while the mayor was there. Why did OJ kill the mayor and HM is taking responsibility? The accountant doesn’t know why, but he knows one thing. Do you know about the golden city? It was turned down 16 years ago, but it is coming again.

Cut to OJ talking GD. He tells GD that he is running for mayor and GD should be the head of the election. He is forgiving GD and making him a member of the election camp. So what can you do for me? OJ tells him he should ask what he can do to make me happy? GD gets on his knees and promises to do everything.

Accountant tells SP that the mayor was killed because he opossed the golden city. But he won’t say that outside the jail.

Elsewhere, HM’s wife goes to meet the witness. She gets on her knees to beg to the witness. The witness helps her back in her chair and wants to know what this is? JY says he knows this isn’t right. Witness says he just wants HM to die. JY tells him that this guilty feeling makes him a murderer (?).

Across town, SP and his peeps get out of jail.JY meets them and picks SO up. He asks if she has tofu. She says it won’t work for him anyway. She drives off and leaves the rest of the thugs running after her.

They go eat jajangmyun. JY pushes SP’s head into the jajangmyun and says his heart is already black. All the thugs push their heads into the jajangmyun and have fun laughing about it. Then they run to the beach and exclaim that they are free!

At the same time, JY explains to SP that the witness will testify for HM. Now that JY knows HM has an alibi, she believes he isn’t guilty, they have to work hard. They fist bump to use the law to get him out. Then the thugs grab SP and throw him in the water. They want to do the same thing to JY, but she manages to run away.
SP meets with HM but gts a large punch across his face for his troubles. SP shakes it off. SP basically reminds HM that he will kill him once he gets out, then he tells him that OJ isn’t the head, he is the puppet, MS is the head.

At the same time, JY meets with MS. MS tells her that she trusts too much and should be careful about people using her trust. OJ calls at that time and talks about the witness and HM testifying. MS alludes that she will kill HM with the law.

Cut to SP telling HM basically the same thing. They are not fighting against the prosecutor, they are fighting against the judge. The things that turns over the case is not the judge, it is the lawyer. The crazy thing that makes you win this case is me.

GG and GS go to the witness and gather evidence that says that HM was with him. But there is a suspicious person that is there calling someone. The witness pulls him out. They find out that this person had a video of the entire thing.

OJ walks right past SP in super slow motion. SP stares daggers into him. JY wants to know what the deal is but SP just lets her know that it is nothing. They all go inside the courtroom. SP tells HM that the reason her is here is, before OJ becomes Mayor, he wants to remove all his dirty things, you worked with him for 20 years. SP says the guity person acts first.

Court is called in session and they start to interview the witness about the alibi. it is intense as YH asks the witness questions. The witness basically says that he lied before. The judge wants to know how they can trust him if he lied before? SP says they have video evidence. YH doesn’t want to accept that evidence. SP says they should see the evidence first. MS says okay, we won’t see it right now, just right what is in the video.

They give MS all the pictures from the video. MS is upset about it. She tells everyone that she will check the authenticity of the video and decide whether to accept it or not.
missed this part. But one of the thug puts GPS on OJ’s secretary.

SP and JY leave. SP says they need to put the real killer in the courtroom, then they will win. They follow the GPS and think this will lead them to the real killer.

OJ meets with GD. GD tells OJ that the judge appa is MS’s father. OJ tells him that when you live, you need news at some point in your life, that is what he told me when I was your age. For you, this is the right moment. you never expected that you would become an election camp chief. you are me, we have to make this chance realized, okay?

Back to the thugs. They are taking a video of the secretary. GG knows this guy in the video, he is a people smuggler. He can take everyone in or out of Korea.

The man leaves. SP tells them to block the exit outside the building.

SP, GG, and GS go inside the building. he doesn’t have a weapon, but GG and GS have one. GS tells GG that SP never carries a weapon. SP says for him, he hates people the most who ruin his suit, whether it is a human or a tool.

Knock knock

The door opens barely.

SP peaks his head in and the man asks who he is. The thugs break in and hold the broker over the building. SP asks him why he met OJ’s secretary. The guy says he doenst’ know anything! SP asks him if he will know everything by the end. They precariously dangle the man over the ledge. The man tells him that he will tell them everything! they want him to send a man to China! I don’t know who that person is, but I am to meet him right now, here.

SP is alarmed, here? he checks the photo of the man and they also see that the man come to the door. SP and the man make eye contact which causes the man to run away. SP gives chace!

Chase scene as SP jumps the balcony to catch him. JY is able to slow him down by opeing her door an him He hits it and falls briefly. SP yells, good job!

They keep rinning, they run through alleys, over cars, and the screen is split in three! This is very similar to Ong Bak action sequence as well. SP finally grabs the perp and spins him around, but he is able to break away again and runs into the subway. SP chases him and jumps the full flight of stares like he’s batman.

JY is running into the subway at this point as well.

SP catches the bad guy on the tracks, but the bad guy ambushes SP and they fight hard.

JY gets to the fight just as the bad guy pulls out a knife. SP is able to remove the knife and soccer kicks the bad guy. then he puts him in a rear naked choke. SP asks this man who asked him to kill the mayor, if you don’t tell me know then you will confess in court.

But a train comes and they have to dodge it. They both split up while the train wizzes by. But we also see that the bad guy picked up the knife and holds JY as a hostage. SP is very upset at that. He tells him to put that woman down. If you put a scratch on her then I will kill you.

Suddenly SP is right in front of him and holds the knife with his hand. He starts punching him over and over again. he is raging on him. JY tells him to stop, but he hits her away and she falls to the tracks. SP still stands over the man. the man yells that OJ asked him to kill the mayor. It was OJ.

Another train comes.

Do you know why he is over there, I will show you, we don’t have to go to the courtroom.

SP pulls JY out of the way of the train and the man walks right in front of the train. JY is shocked and can’t really breath properly. SP yells her name, hey manager, manager Ha jae-yi!

Everything you know if fake
I don’t doubt who I trust
Give me proof that MS is faking me
hey, no one will bother my courthouse
JY, I have to protect you from anything

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