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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 2 (Updated)

Episode 2 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
The first episode of Lawless Lawyer was everything I wanted in a fun action packed weekend watch. It caught my attention with this cavalier hero who uses the law to his advantage and the fiery woman who he seems to follow around. Or is that just a coincidence? But, there are no coincidences in Dramaland, right? Or is everything a coincidence? Hmm….

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Shorthand (Shorthand character chart)
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: May 13th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki
Countdown: EDITING! …check twitter for updates.

– Filled in #1-8 with additional scene information, still need to edit for grammar

We open right away back at the jail. SP banters with HM about how he is his lawyer and no one really knows anyone from the beginning and he is a pretty popular lawyer in Seoul. HM reads the card. SP says he will take his case from now on, you should change your lawyer. HM mutterst hat lawyers sell themselves now? Maybe you have a hard time making a living. JY is embarrassed. HM says he has a good lawyer already. His arm flashes with the teeth marks from little SP. Brief flashback to the night SP’s mother died.

SP tells HM that he will make it so he gets out of jail. JY looks more hesitant about that and clears her throat. HM asks SP if he knows who his lawyyer was? SP says of course he knows, he is Lawyer Ko In-du, he is the best lawyer in Gisung. He was a judge for 25 years and became a lawyer. He benefits from all his hubaes who are judges now. Now he is the lawyer for OJ’s company. HM says he knows it well, he says he will win 100%. SP claps, Ah! But court is not the place for probability. HM says he doesn’t know all that difficult jargon. SP says this is his busines secret, but whoever lawyer says they will win 100% will actually lose 100%. You should filter that, it is all lies.

JY is angry, she stands up and says lets leave. SP dosnt’ want to. HM asks if they are selling together? JY wants to leave. SP tells him that this is his office manager, she is good at what seh does so please give us the work. JY asks SP waht he is doing? Doesn’t he have pride as a lawyer? SP says it is not enough to only work as a lawyer. HM asks if he has a second job or something. SP says he is more like a fixer than a lawyer. He is the best fixer with a lawyer license.

GD says that he came here to kill a lawyer. The card OJ holds says “The tears you cried, I will convert to money,” It is SP’s lawyer card. OJ says the name, Bong Sang-pil. He reads the business card and thinks that Sp should be good at what he does. He says that you ignore all the laws, why are you interested in him? GD takes the card back and says, well, I had an incident. I am thinking over it. The guy who was doing well in Seoul has come to Gisung, that is suspicious. ID speaks up and says, Gisung….is the city built on Silk. Don’t you smell money? GS is all like, huh silk? Huh? GD says, what I want to tell you is that Gisung is Heaven for lawyers. OJ says, Someone like you and me, Gisung is our playground. What do you think with those lawyers that we work with? It is a farm of money.

GD smiles and says that he agrees. He went to Seoul to be something, but now you are much more successful than me now. I should have stayed here. OJ tells him that they are in different leagues. GD has a requestion, can you include me in your business, even though it is late? OJ says, look at this guy. ID says, Chairman OJ is not a gangster like you. He is a business man. GD mutters that you don’t really know what will happen in our lives, when you need a knife, just call me.

OJ motions for GD to leave. GD bows and says if you will excuse me. He quickly walks out.

News: The muder suspect of the mayor is under trial today. Gisung will have a special election for the mayor. People are inter~.

JY turns off the radio. She asks SP if he really wants to take on this case that is a sure loser case. SP says There is too much evidence against him, it is even suspicious. JY tells him that there is no evidence of HM’s honesty. SP knows that, whoever looks at this case thinks he is the murderer. She tells him to tell her the truth, what is your real motive for taking on this case? SP mutters, real motive? I am hungry, let’s eat something.

He pulls off and we cut to the two of them getting a sandwich for street food. At the same time, MS texts JY and asks her if she would like to visit her office. JY smiles while loiking at the text. SP kind of sneak peaks the text message and tells JY to eat this. He hands her a sandwhich adn tells her that someone like HM is the best client for them. If he is not guilty, then it is great, everyone willknow us in Gisung. If that happens then our clients who are rich with money and issues will find them with all their cash. JY asks if this is all for advertisement? SP says, if they win, then it is a lottery ticket, if not, then they just collect the cash for the case. JY tells him that he is even trashier than she originally thought. She shoves the sandwhich in his suit. He tells her, hey! This is super expensive! She walks off and tells him that for him, the courtroom is a place where he counts money. Who is worse, the bad cop that killed the mayor, or the trashy lawyer who wants to defend him for money?

SP chuckles and asks, what about the former lawyer who decides who is guilty wihout a trial? He smiles cavalierly. JY glares at him and walks off. He looks at his ketchup-stained suit and then yells after her, Hey! Ha Jae-yi!

MS and OJ ride an elevator together, he lets her walk off the elevator first as she goes to sit in his large office. Then she tells him that the mayors position is open and she doenst’ feel that good about it. He says yes, it is an important position in Gisung and it supports you so you should pick someone carefully. She asks him who he thinks it will be. He says, the head of the prosecutor team? The Gisung newspaper head editor? If not them then who? Do you want an outsider? She says, of course not. It dawns on OJ, he says…is it…me…are you talking about me? MS asks him if he is confident to be the mayor of Gisung? OJ is so touched, he drops ot his knees and deeply bows to MS, this is his honor! It is his honor! MS tells him that he has pretended to be a business man for the last 15 years, but he is still a gangster so he shoud do politics from now on. OJ understands what she is saying, he will do his best, judge!

HM meets with ID. He ask him if OJ knows who the mayors real murderer is. ID says that OJ dosnt’ know those things even though Gisung is under his arm (in the palm of his hands). HM thinks thats right, if he knew that then he would have already taken care of that guy. But HM also looks hesitant. ID stands up and asks HM if he has anything he wants to tell OJ. HM cleares his throat and shakes his head.

JY is in MS’s office and helps dust off her shelf. MS comes in and JY helps her take off her robes. MS says there are no clothing this uncomfortable and heavy in the world. JY tells her that no one looks better in judge clothing than her. MS tells her that she talks like other people, the weaight of these clothes is so heavy (burdensome) to me. MS shakes her shoulders out and asks MS about the lawyer that wants to take on the case. JY says SP doenst’ even have the basics, it bothers her, also, this case is her case as well. MS asks her if she read the case report. JY tells her that there is too much evidence that says that HM is the murderer, accept one, there is no motive. MS tells her that there are a lot of cases without motives. Psychopathic wanton killings are prevalent. JY nods, she knows that, but it still bothers her. MS wants to know what that is. JY says she needs to see HM first. MS thinks, for JY’s personality, she has to solve whatever she is curious about. then MS tells her that it was her birthday not that long ago, does she want to go out?

They end up going to a clothing shop. MS has JY try on a lot of outfits which has JY wondering how she knows MS’s style so much. MS asks JY to call her Umma while she is staying in Gisung, just like she did when she was little. JY sits and MS says, “Umma” very cutely. SHe says she misses it when JY said it like that. JY thought MS would go to the Supreme Court, she never expected she would stay at Gisun forever. MS smiles and says she was born in Gisun and she will die in Gisung. She is not going anywhere. They both laugh. JY says, of course, your family is traditionally a judge lawyer family. MS says she is not even close to her father ( in comparison).

Nam Soon-ja suddenly comes up to them and happily hugs JY, she says a lot of things about seeing her again and how many years have past? But then she pushes her out of the way and sits next to MS. This woman is YH’s mother. JY says, hello. SJ grabs JY’s hand and tells her that she did a good job, she is the one that made her Yeon-hee a prosecutor. JY asks, did I? SJ tells her that around successful people, sometimes you need a rival. if you match that person or not…

MS says, hey, SJ, that is going too far.

SJ just says, how do favor JY more than my own daughter? MS jokes that SJ is jealous. She laughs and says she and YH need a normal person like JY, so she should be proud of it. (It looks l ike MS kind of likes this conversation).

Flashback to highschool. SJ comes in and slaps the teacher. How dare he try to ruin her daughters life! She grabs the teacher by the collar and tells him that it is not that difficult to give her an “A.” Will you be responsible if YH won’t go to Seoul University? Huh! Huh! JY stands up and tells her that they are having class right now! The teacher tries to stop JY. But JY yells, tacher, why don’t you say anything! SJ walks uo to JY and tries to hit her, you bi~. But JY grabs her hand. She says, you ‘ve never seen me before, why do you curse me? SP says she is the Ha Jae-yi that is the #1 and #2 in school with my daughter. JY tells her that she will call the police. Umma laughs, ha ha, look at this girl, do you know who I am? JY tells her to just get out of this classroom, please. Umma laughs and says she will remember her name. She writes her name on her hand and hits her head with her pen. She says she is on her blacklist. She leaves.

Back to the present, SP leans in and tells JY that she is a lawyer? She is also successful now. The dragon born in tiny dirty stream doesn’t become a real dragon and go to the sky (the opposite of the real phrase). SJ says time is up judge, we have to leave. MS warmly tells JY that she will see her later. The two women leave.

MS goes to an orphanage for a photo op. She gives them a lot of presents. MS happily greats them all as a lot of people stand around and watch this. SJ gives some money to someone and says it is from their judge. The event ends. MS waves to the children and says, Umma will be back. the reporter shakes MS’s hands and then leaves. SJ puts sanitizer on MS’s hand and MS rubs it in. A man talks to MS as she walks off. He tells her that the event went well and he says that he heard that she picked a new mayor. SHe wants to know who said that. He says whoever she picked will surely be the mayor, that is why she is asking her. It looks like this is the newspaper editor. SJ says that they should take care of the election. the judge is tired right? I am also looking for a nice massage person. He tells her to enjoy.

SP watches the news at his company. MS says everyone born in Gisung is her child, she is married to Gisung. the news says that MS is bsically the #1 person for popularity in all of Korea to be the next president for many years. People say she is Mother Theresa.

JY sees a reciept on her desk for 433 Euros. SP tells her that this is the cleaning fee for my suit that you runied with ketchup. It was a limited edition and I got it after waiting for 6 months. Only the company in Italy can watch it so this is the specia cleaning and airplane fee. I will take this money out. JY tells him that she will repay it all at once when her suspension ends, just wait. Not only with the HM case, my principle is the same before I came here and will be the same after i leave.

SP gets up and points to her, he starts reciting the lawyers oath from the lawbook. JY looks at him in fake amazement and says, someone like you knows the law? Oh, so impressive. SP tells her that Lawyers are self employeed, we are not like doctors, we have to be righteous. She asks him if he has any pride as a lawyer. He says of coruse he does, A Fighting Lawyer. SHe says…Ah, A Lawless Lawyer? She says no, not like that, hey kids….(the kids start gathering around) …..Fighting…Moo…the lawyer who fights with the law for the clients. Ha!

All the guys walked up behind him and do a big fighting pose as if they are the avengers. JY laughs and tells him that his interpretation of his dream is great. SP tells his team, good job. They all smile and cheer and get back to work. SP points at JY and says he is a lawyer that fights with the law. Then he tells her that they need to investigate something, let’s go. She says they don’t have a client yet, but he says they have to do some investigation to get a client.

SP asks GS to fly the Dangdang. JY asks what is Dangdang?

Dangdang is a drone.

GG says this is something he has only seen on TV before. He wonders about their boss, Bong Sang-pil. GS gets a feeling and flashes his watch to him. the watch rewinds to the past.

Cut to a flashback. SP blocks a knife with his watch. GS says he got a new life due to SP’s greatful help. SP tells GS, without me, you are dead. GS syas, Hyung-nim, am I still alive? I just saw something!

SP fights off several guys and talks to GS in the middle of this. He tells GS, if you give up here, then just go back to your hometown. If I see you again from now on, you are dead by me. SP takes off his watch and throws it on the ground. then he proceeds to keep beating up these guys. GS picks up the watch.

GS continues, the reason I am a gangster is because Sang-pil hyung-nim is there. Wherever he is, even if it is hell, I will follow him.

GG is so affected. He breaks his watch over his own head and says you guys and me together, today is day one of our brotherhood! Hoozah!!!!

They pink promise. But then GG says his finger broke, lol.

SP tells JY that this is the murder scene where HM killed the mayor. they enter the scene. SP goes even cloer into the scene. JY asks him what he is doing. SP says it doesnt make any sense how this murder happened in this very trafficky area. SP has a prediction/flashback of the crime scene with someone killing the mayor.

Suddenly two people walk up, one of them is YH. They tells SP and JY that they shoudn’t touch anything here or they will be prosecuted. HY asks why JY is there. JY is caught off guard. I am….um…I am…

HY asks who granted them permission to come here. SP comes out, JY fills him in and tells him that she is prosecutor HY. Sp introduces himself. HY asks him if he has a lot of time to investigate other peoples cases. SP says, when he has a time to investigate something, he never loses….a case….or a person. he looks at JY and JY is all like, huh? HY chuckles.

SP asks if HM really doesnt’ have an alibi. They said, if he has any then we dont’ have to work this hard. SP is all like, yeah….okay, bye. They start to walk off. YH says it looks like he doesnt’ have that much work, do you want me to introduce you to a good office manager? JY wants to storm off, but SP pulls her back. He tells YH that she will eventually face him in the courtroom with this case. He tells the guys, this is a crime scene so protect your prosecutor well. Then he says, let’s go manager Ha.

But then ID walks up. SP says he is coming. You are lawyer ID? I am lawyer SP. ID says he is a new face. What do you want? SP says you should give HM’s case to me. ID chuckles and starts to walk off. SP stops him and says he knows it is not fair business practice, but he has a reason to take on that case. ID says he knows a lot of lawyers have a hard time making a living, but going this far? I pity you. In the background, one of ID’s men man touches a woman on the butt, she hits his arm away.

ID starts to walk away. But he stops and says Rome has Romes law, Gisung has Gisung’s law. So when I tell you nicely, just go away.

SP smiles then calls his guys and tells them to start.

Cut to ID talking to Chairman Ahn (OJ). The drone is flying outside his window. He says he has a long way to be like him. You paid off his wife’s hospital bill and put a super lawyer like me on his case. OJ says, if you just put him in jail for a long long long time, dont worry about any money, I will give you a lot of money. ID says he has a question, does HM really have something to put OJ in trouble. OJ says he looked around everywhere and he doesnt’ have anything, by the way, the alibi guy will be in court, what are you going to do with him? ID says not to worry about it, he will not testify for HM.
SP looks into his office seriously. He turns around and sees JY working diligently at her desk. This cases him to have anothe rfalshback.

OJ is in his mothers office. Little SP is there. Umma tells OJ, if that person wants to talk to me then come to me directly and talk to me. All OJ’s gangsters are there. OJ sees SP and asks if this is JA’s son, what school do you go to? Gisung primary school? JA stands up and says to take his hans off of her son. OJ tells her that this is all dependent of her. If his mother cooperates with them….he doenst’ want to hurt a little boy. Let’s go.

Cut to SP sleeping on his mtohers lap.

Umma – Are you awake? Weren’t you afraid of those guys?
LSP – I am not afraid of bad guys, maybe because I take after you.
Umma – Our Sang-pil i, you are super brave
LSP – What do you pray for mom?
Umma – I pray for our son to become a good lawyer

SP is pulled drom his flashback as he continues to watch JY working hard at her desk. She waves at him. He tells her that it is time to go home now. She says that she will go to the courthouse first tomorrow. He tells her that she works hard. She asks him how he knows that HM doesnt trust his lawyer? He says he also wants to know how she knew that. She says it is because she suspected it when she saw HM first, she confirmed it when she visited him again.


I met HM.

SP says that he knew she was a good lawyer, but she is more than he expected. SP tells him that there is no motive for HM to kill the mayor, you think HM isn’t the real killer. SP says that he thinks she can guess it. He walks off.

Today is the first trial day for the mayor muder case. YH gets up and presents the blood on the knife as evidence, it is the same as the mayors. And she found HM’s finger print on it. She also asks about the other evidence. The blood was on HM’s pants. His shoes have the same footprints that were found there. HY says, first, the plantiffs finger prints where on the murder weapon. Second, the blood on teh plaintiffs clothing, third, the footprint at the murder scene. All the evidence points to HM as the murderer.

Are there any wuestions in the defense? ID stands up and says there aren’t any quesotns. JY is stunned.

The next witness is called.

HY interviews him. The plaintiff says he was with you on the day of the crime, but you said you didn’t see him. Is that true? The man says that is correct. No more questions.

Are there any questions for the defense? ID says he has no questions for now.

HM ask shim what he is doing! ID says he is persuading them not, before they finish the case, he will interview him. HM wants to know if he can really trust him.

MS calls the lawyer and prosecutor to her chair. SP says he will leave now.

MS tells ID that he asked for the witness, if he doesnt’ do any cross examination, then why did he ask for this witness. He didnt’ ask for any other. The evidence is this weak. You should work harder for this case. ID says he is gaining evidence, he will submit it as soon as he gets it. MS tells the court that they will resume this case in 3 days.

Afterward, ID, YH, and MS all sit for tea in her quarters. ID says this is a nice tea smell. YH agrees. ID says he likes the smell of money more than a tea smell. MS asks YH why she is so stubborn. YH asks if she is complimenting her? ID says he was working hard to give her some support…. MS smiles our lawyer ID is a 25th year lawyer and judge, he gives no one any breaks in the courtroom. His problem is that he is too modest. YH is a little uncomfortable with this talk so she smiles and excuses herself after saying that seh enjoyed her tea. She will look forward to the next trial.

When seh leves, MS calls ID, oppa and asks what the F he is doing, does he think this is all a joke? He syas he just wanted to give hr an easy decision. She tells him to put his head on the floor (like he is int he military). He does it immediately.

MS knocks him over and tells him to at least pretend like he is doing something. Like he is trying. What if HM changes his lawyer? he apologizes. She says that he knows how she proects this cort. What? Did you forget all these things when you got fat? She pinches his stomach and says, You know how much I protect this court, dont’ make me this bad, I want to be graceful. He gets on his knees and pleads with her, he will do better, trust me!


HM wants to know why he is still there, he told him he is not changing his lawyer. SP tells him this was a good day in court. Can you say that you enjoyed today in court? Some people with minor crimes (stealing sesame oil) are in jail for 5 years but a super bad investor lost a lot of peoples money makes a lot of people kill themselves and he gets out easy. Do you think this is because of the judge or the lawyer, is it all planned?

HM says, planned?

SP shows HM the drone video. They had very good audio on it so we hear all about how ID is just going to pretend to be a good lawyer but will lose in the end.

SP tells HM that ID being a good lawyer doesn’t matter since he wants to lose. But you expected that didn’t you? HM asks who are you.

SP says he guesses that Chairman Oh is OJ. My question is, why didn’t he kill you and sent you to jail? He should have a reason to keep you alive. Let me tell you one thing. My enemies enemy is my friend. Just sign this contract as my lawyer. HM asks if this is all planned, is this for money? SP smiles and says this is of course for money. HM asks him how much he knows, he is more suspicious, what is his purpose? He doesnt’ trust him, who is he? Go away you A-hole.

HM leaves and we cut to him on the prison yard. he is in the bathroom and trying to brush his teeth and clean up. Suddenly, someone tries to choke him. HM is able to break a toothbrush and use it as a weapon. He stabs the man in the face with it and is freed. Some of HM’s friends run to his aid and the man runs away.

Back at the law office. The little thugs are jocking about the CHinese caligraphy that SP put up. It stands for Fighting “Moo” JY looks at it and thinks about what SP says, Lawyers fight using the law.

Flashback to JY and SP thinking about HM. JY met him also and told him that he asked for retirement to take care of his wife, right?

In the office, JY gets a text from her father that says he is on a date with Umma. The date is basically going to their old house and looking at it. JY says he sold the house because it reminded him of Umma. JY said she wanted to buy it later when she became a lawyer, but it ws too expensive, they shouldn’t have sold it. Appa sys this neighborhood is going through a remodeling stage. It will be super expensive later. JY says Appa sold it, but he should at least protect the business. It starts to rain and JY says it rained a lot on that day also.

Flashabck to little JY. Her mother tells her that it is raining, what is seh doing? JY wants to buy a harmonica to take to school tomorrow, her mother tells her that seh will buy the harmonica for her, it is raining now. She will go there by herself and come back. Okay? Kiss kiss. Stay with appa. I will be back soon!

Umma runs out into the rain.

VO – that was the last thing I remember about umma, whatever I do, becoming a lawyer. I thought I could find her. Do you think she is alive? Like a miracle somewhere? I want at least for her bones to come back. Or any last remainder of her.

Appa and JY drive off in the rain.
SP talks to HM about almost getting killed. He tell him that his wife is in critical condition, he should get out of jail. HM picks up SP and asks him who he is. Why are you here! SP smiles and asks him if he remembers that wound on his arm, does he remember who gave him that? Or do you not want to remember it?

SP tells him that he is the son of that female lawyer that they killed. HM lets go of him and backs away. You are the son of that lawyer? SP tells him, you want to know the reason that I took on that case? I want to get you out of jail and kill you. I can’t get my revenge on a dead body. I want to kill you when you are outside, not in here.

SP gets really close to HM’s face and looks directly into his eyes. HM calls for the guard, but SP just pulls his head back to his.

Later, SP watches JY and her Appa getting out of their car and running inside his business. It is still raining very hard. SP gets a call, it is from HM. HM asks him to take on his case. Can he really take him out? SP tells him not to worry, he can get him out with everything that he has. When he gets out, he will be a policeman, you know that right? SP tells him that his lawyer fee is his life. he hangs up and then looks back at the photo store.

He walks off in the rain, but it look like he is staggering. He stands in the rain and tares at the sky. He has a bottle of soju in his hand and sits on the side of the road.

Vo – Umma, are you okay? (big saturi).

Flashback of umma dying in front of him, she tells him to leave and live bravely.

SP pours his mother a drink and fumbles to his knees. He hits his chest and then holds his colar as he tries not to cry. A man walks up to him and puts an umbrella over his head. It is his uncle.

His uncle takes him back to his office. He asks if his mother died there? SP looks at him and says he took on HM’s case. DW asks if GS is enough? He can give him some more guys. SP says it is enough. DW ass if it is really starting? SP says it started 18 years ago, he will judge them by his own hands, the men that made his Umma like that. He will kill them all. He will take the one in the jail out and put the outside people in, with his own hands! he is going to make them taste living hell.
ID tells OJ that HM changed his lawyer. SP will be his lawyer starting at the next trial. OJ says unlucky peoples ideas are always deadly. they try hard but their idea is always deadly. He will not let the mouse on the corner eat the cat. He calls GD and tells him that they have some business after all.

JY gets a text saying that he got the case and she should go to the courthouse. JY thinks, huh, he got the case?!? But then a couple cars pull up and ask if she is SP’s girlfriend. Why do you date him? You are having this trouble because of that. She is pulled away into the car by GD.

Cut to SP and his people at the courthouse. The little thugs are so happy that this is their first day in court. GS tells SP that they just wanted to see it today sicne this is their first day in court. SP wonders where JY is though. He gets a call from GD who is calling on J’s phone. He asks her when she will come, it is almost time.

But GD talks. SP says his voice is familiar. GD says, after losing his accountant, he had a lot of trouble with his business. SP wants to know why he has JY’s phone. GD asks JY why he has her phone. Eunnie, tell him that you are still alive. JY calls them gangsters and gets up as if she will hit them. SHe says she will ask him for hazard pay, prepare the money! SP smiles and says, yeah, that is my manager.

GD tells him to come. If he is late, every ten minutes an internal body part will dissapear. SP is like, do whatever you want, she is not my woman, he is my manager. You picked the wrong person as a hostage. Court is starting, bye-bye.

GD asks JY if she is his girlfriend. She is all like, why am I his girlfreind you stupid thugs? Do better research! But…is he coming to rescue me? GD tells her that he told him to do whatever. JY rolls her eyes and calls SP a bad guy. But then GD gets a call back. SP says he changed his mind. They ruined his mood so he is coming.

SP tells his people to stop the court case from starting until he comes back with JY. GS tells him okay, dont’ worry. SP hurries off in his supercharged car and races through the streets.

OJ has a call, letting him know that SP is going that way. He will have a choice, stop breathing or give up the court case. But GD wants SP to give up both, stopping breathing and the court. OJ tells him he must be super angry. Okay, I will back you up so do whatever you want to do.

Cut to SP showing up at the club. He says everyone knows that if you touch expensive foreign cars, you will be bankrupt. But some people don’t know that you shouldnt’ hit or kidnap people.

GD tells him that he got cooler in the time he hasn’t seen him, who is your coordinator? SP asks him if his coordinator is his mother. Not that many lawyer come out on a business trip just to give you guys a lesson.

SP sees JY and says she still looks okay. SHe is tied to a stripper pole. JY asks if he gave up the case. SP tells her that his manager and his debtor are sitting there. They are in danger so what can he do? he didnt’ give up the trial.

Court. GS is in the lawyer seat back in the courthouse. MS comes in. MS says she heard that the lawyer was changed. Are you SP? GS says he is. YH says he isn’t; SP left the courthouse right before the case. MS asked if she saw it. YH says maybe he was scared, this trial is too much for him. MS asks him where SP is, explain this to me. Why are you sitting there? GS tells her that he is the co-lawyer.

Club. GD says wasn’t prepared last time, but this time he prepared a lot, so be ready. SP tells him that Mike Tyson said, everyone has a good plan until they get punched in the face and knocked out. SP kicks a can that hits the DJ right in the face (yes they have a DJ for this event). The fight starts!

Court. MS asks if this co-lawyer stuff is true? YH tells him that pretending to be a lawyer is a big crime. GS is all like….um….YES…I know that! Hahaha. YH looks at his body and says he has a gangster body, not a lawyer body. This unidentified guy is pretending to be a lawyer. MS tells the police to escort him out. Then she addresses HM and asks if he wants today to be his last day in trial? What is going on? Are you okay with this?

GS busts into the courtroom and says, where is the conman! Judge I am going to kill him! GG attacks GS, it is pandemonium!

Club. SP flies through the air as he beats everyone up. He even does a flying Ong Bak move.

Court. Complete chaos! Everyone is fighting. GS saves YH from falling on the floor in a romantic move. But then she hits him and runs away.

Club. Iit looks like they are doing an Ung Bok sequence here. A real Ong Bak sequence. JY also fights as well, but she is tied to the stripper pole. SHe asks SP if he is really a lawyer Bong Sang-pil she knows? He says he is a lawyer and frees her and they run off together. But SP gets hit by a glass bottle just then and falls to the ground. JY hits the man who did it with her bag. He is about to hit her, but SP hops back up and takes out that guy too. then he tells her lets go.

Court. GS gets a text, they are on their way. MS cannot get control of anything and threatens to kick everyone out. But she sighs as she sees that the situation is completely out of her control.

Car. SP and JY race off to the court. SP nirses his neck for a moment so JY puts a rag on it. He tells her that she doesnt’ have to thank him, he just needs her for work. SHe says he has to come because they took her because of him. Even if you don’t come, I won’t just let them do whatever to me. SP smiles and thinks back to when JY punched the judge.

He was in the audience and laughed as he watched her defend her client and punch the judge. He also saw her passing him on the street. GS says it looks like she was fired. SP thinks, they can’t be in a partnership as a lawyer together, but maybe he can make her a manager. He goes to the thugs and tells them to take the money from those bad devils, especially this one, her father. The thugs are like, right now?

It looks like JY’s mother is the one that helped him escape! HM’s leg was broken and bleedinf. A woman holds the broken leg. This was just enough for him to run away. She yells for him to run away, hurry and run away!

SP thinks that the thing that happened to his mother, also happened to her mother. She asks him why he is looking at her like that and she removes her scarf. He tells her that this fight will be you and my fight. SHe says, this fight? Are you talking about the courtcase? that’s right, before it gets too late, let’s go.

Court. Super chaos. Someone shoots a fire extinguishes. Amidst the smoke, JY and SP walk in like super heroes in super slow motion.

Flashback to OJ talking to the man in the car from that night SP’s mother died. OJ tells him that he found it, what should he do with the kid and the lawyer. the voice says for him to kill both of them, she doesnt’ trust living people. The woman is MS! Little SP saw it all when he was a kid. He saw that OJ bowed to MS.

Now, he is right in front of her. She asks who he is. He says he is Lawyer Bong Sang-pil. The case starts from right now….Judge Cha Mun-sook.

Fade Out

SP is in jail
But he gets out and jumps over a car as he chases someone down
SP – Where should I start in telling you, Ha Jae-yi

Ahhhh! I love the second episode of Lawless Lawyer even more than the first!!!!! Will this show be my new love once My Ajusshi and Pretty Noona end? The best way to get over a drama addiction is to hop right into another one after all.


MS – You should be careful of someone using your trust.
SP – I trust you, JY
JY – I think lawyers are the people who fight against prejudice.
SP – For the death of the mayor, OJ is related to it, right?
VO – Have you heard about the City of Gold?
SP(?) – DOn’t you smell this big crime already?
JY – Aigo!….(mutters something)
SP – I don’t know where I should start telling you, Ha Jae-yi

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  1. Lydia
    May 13, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    thank you for the recap. you are such a life saver..since there is no english sub yet

    • V
      May 14, 2018 / 5:14 am

      It is so strange that this show doesn’t have English subs two days out. I think Viki is going to publish the first two episodes soon. But, I don’t think it is available to watch unless you have their highest membership.

  2. Madoo
    May 18, 2018 / 6:43 am

    Thank you alot.. cant wait for ep 3

  3. Anna A
    May 18, 2018 / 8:29 pm

    Thanks for the recap!looking forward to tonight’s episode. I am enjoying the first two episodes.

    It is amazing how the female judge is able to control the whole town. I am interested to know how she did that. I like the idea that the antagonist is a female.. A clever and powerful one…

  4. sashaa
    May 20, 2018 / 11:35 am

    Thanks for recommending this show!! After Ajushi i needed something light and this is so perfect. There is no mystery, deep investigation – simple old revenge story. All the backstory is out there. We know the bad guys. Now, we just enjoy the process and action sequences. Am already liking the leads and the female character.

    VIki finally got it, but subbing is very slow. You get it with standard membership, which is good.

    • V
      May 20, 2018 / 4:18 pm

      I am really enjoying this drama. I love how it is a fun revenge frolic that doesn’t take itself too seriously but it takes itself seriously enough for me to be emotionally involved. I want SP to get his revenge!

      • sashaa
        May 21, 2018 / 7:00 am

        And how adorable in the gang? The goons are just so much fun. Its like they all found their calling with BP landing on their doorsteps.
        My fav scene has to be them striking a pose like a movie poster.

        • V
          May 21, 2018 / 11:11 am

          The goons are so adorable! When I fell in love with this drama when they all stuck that fighting pose.

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