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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 16 Final

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Not sure what to say about this final episode except that it does not feel like a final episode. Actually, the last 6 episodes felt like a final episode so I might just be drained of excitement. Lawless Lawyer started with a bang, stayed high energy, stopped making sense, and now we are here. Happy finale!

We are live recapping Mr. Sunshine next week, which replaces Lawless Lawyer in this time slot! It’s supposed to be a massive show, so I suggest tuning into at least the first episode if you can (you know, just to say you did).

Our criteria for dropping shows is at the bottom of this post!

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS | prosecutor Cheon Seong-bum – SB

Airing Time: July 1st, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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Mini flashback of what happened at the end of the last episode. OJ was stabbed by his faithful driver and secretary. GD came to his defense and was stabbed several times. Sang-pil bursts in and rescues OJ and GD by fighting off the secretary and pulling him into a flying arm bar where he breaks his arm. The secretary runs away.

GD tells SP that he should have come earlier. He also says he shouldn’t have been involved with him from the beginning but he tells OJ that he wants him to survive until the end. SP yells for GD to wake up, but he is gone.

OJ asks how court is through fainted breaths. SP says it is haulted for now, MS did it because she did not want OJ in the courtroom. OJ shakes his head and puts on his glasses. He says he knows that, SP. He tries to walk away but falls on the ground pitifully. He asks if he has a chance to testify in court. SP says he does. So OJ gets up and drags all his money out, limping.

MS is in her chambers and takes a call. She tells him that she told him not to call her. He says he could not take care of OJ, SP showed up in the middle of it. She tells him to find OJ right now.

SJ is fine. She said she did not know what to do and just wanted to stall. JY tells her that she will not be able ot stall forever. How did you know that MS would try to bribe me? JY tells her why, but then SP comes in and says that OJ will be in the courthouse. SJ is shocked. SP tells her to give them her answer, what is she going to do? SJ is just repeating, OJ will be in court?

SP tells her that this is her last chance. She needs to think about it to decide what side she will be on.

Cut to OJ at the harbor. He is hiding outside and talking to a doctor who gave him some medicine. he tells him to be sure to take it.

GS and the sister look like they are dating. All the team is there eating their subway sandwiches and living the life. They start to do a mock courthouse so they all stand up and then sit back down. The lawyer starts talking, which is the sister. They mock what happened in the courtroom really well. I will put my license on the line and close my business! You win!

SP and JY walk in and laugh with everyone. The team wonders, what if MS does not accept her sin? They say that they have a witness which is the same as evidence. That is why they have to hav OJ. For this case, a lot of people must see this so MS can change her word.

SP goes to meet SB. They talk about Scorpion, he did not talk about MS because SB wanted MS to say it herself. They also released the search warrant for OJ, but he cannot leave the country, so he should come to court.

YH meets with SJ in jail. SJ is sad that she is blocking MS’s future like this. YH wants to know what is going on here. SJ says that MS is blaming her, umma just did what MS asked her to do. YH wonders how it is possible that she can overcome MS if she has a convict mother? It is not possible. SP does not matter anymore. She will beg MS on the floor, she is the only one that can rescue her.

JY talks to the reporter from a few episodes ago. She will drop a bomb that reveals the truth at the courthouse. The reporter wonders, at SJ’s case? Yes, YJ will reveal it there and all MS’s wrongdoings will fall together. Reporter says it sounds like they work hard. JY has a request, can the reporter bring a lot of foreign reporters from outside so this story won’t be fabricated and covered up? She says yes, she will see her at the courthouse.

ID goes to prison with MS to talk to SJ. SJ wonders why she is there. ID tells her it is because she worries about her. SP is lying to you, it does not make any sense. MS holds SJ’s hand and tells her not to trust him, don’t trust SP, he is nto the one that cares about you. SJ looks at her concerningly.

Afterward, ID says that SJ looks completely shaken. But MS says that isn’t it, she does not trust her. She will need to go to the plan that disarms OJ and SJ at the same time.
MS called ID as a witness for the case. Both of them will push SJ, nothing stops MS. They will lower the witnesses authenticity so no one will trust what they say. SP gets a call and stands up dramatically. He looks at JY as the camera fades away.

OJ is at the harbor burning all his money for warmth outside. he loads his gun.

SP and JY face off with MS in the building. they say that todays court will complete it. This will be your last judgement as a judge, your honor.

They all go inside. SJ looks at her daughter, they are both concerned. SJ tells SP that YH is not leaving MS even though she knows how much she suffers now. JY tells her that it all depends on her now, you decide if MS will affect your daughter.

Court starts and they show the video again. SB interviews the polcie man to see if the video is fabricated, but it is 100% authentic. JY asks the police man where this video is from. It is from the head of the prosecutors, he gave it to them himself. JY tells him that he worked as a police man for 30 years, how often do high officials provide evidence, what is the source? he did not tell them the source. Is it common to hide the source?

JY wants to ask the head of the prosecutor to the witness stand. he is in the audience so he goes to the stand. SP asks him if he wants to take his oath? he asks him where he got the video. He says it was an unknown person. SP wants to know why he is protecting the informers ID, is it a person that has more power than you? the prosecutor tells SP to maintain his manners as a lawyer. SP reminds him to be truthful. MS asks why he asked that question.

SP tells her that the last witness said that the dead victim said a persons name, they sounded like a person with a high power. he wants to make sure they are talking about the same thing. This witness also submitted about the corruption and the source was unknown. So who is the witness that you want to protect? The head prosecutor says he will not answer. SP tells him that the ID will be revealed.

A lot of foreign reporters are in the back of the courthouse. SJ goes to the stand. SP interviews her. Do you know what this court is for? She answers it is for the Thailand massagist murder case. SP asks if she asks for the murder herself? SP looks at MS. She takes off her glasses and says that she did it.

SP tells the audience that the defendent accepted what she did. So the sentence she has will be the same as a murderer. MS speaks up and says that it seems like the defendent accepted her wrong doings, we don’t have to interrogate anymore. We can finish this up. But SP tells her to wait a moment, he has more questions. One important question.

Did you do this by yourself?

MS tries to finish this all up but SP re asks the question. She says that someone told her to do it. She got an order and did whatever she asked her to do, she did not do it by herself.

SP repeats that she did not do this alone. He asks if it is the same person that the witness pointed out? Yes, it is the same person.
SJ says that she was afraid, she was afraid of the power. When you have power then the truth does not matter, it can be hidden. SJ stares at MS. SP asks if this person is here. SJ says it is, it is the person with the most power, MS.

Everyone erupts.

MS calls everyone to order and to quiet down. Otherwise she will ask them all to leave. She asks the typis to remove what seh said. SP asks MS if she asked for the murder. MS tells him, if you don’t have anything to interrogate then I will quit the interrogation. Defendent, lawyer, go back to your own seat.

MS – I have a brave internal informer that I will pick as a witness.

ID goes to the stand. he says he was OJ’s lawyer and knows all the corruption that went on. SJ faked that she worked for MS and pressured OJ. So what seh said in the video, the judges will is my will, we can take it like that? ID says yes, and he will provide evidence. He has data that shows that her land was included in the remodeling.

OJ and SJ got the most advantage, they will get more than 10 million dollars with this. SJ says that MS has her land there too! Her land is next to SJ’s land! MS says that is not true, sit down.

But then OJ comes in dramatically.

SP says he asked OJ to come as a witness. MS asks SB and SP to come to the front, what do they think about this? SB says that he likes it. He walks away, then MS asks SP if he thinks she can’t pressure a witness like OJ? SP tells her that the truth will be revealed, she will see why he called her as a witness, your honor.

MS says that she will pick him as a witness.

OJ gets sworn in. He says he will follow his own conscience and tells the truth. If he has any lies then he will let them punish him. SP asks him how he will reveal the truth. OJ says he lived more than 50 years, that is the evidence. SP asked him to tell him exactly. OJ asks for a cup of water first. He drinks it then he says he served MS’s father. He was a dog for her family.

Everyone murmurs, dog?

MS tells SP to stop blocking the court with unrelated issues. SB stands up and says that he wants it continued.

SP continues, he says OJ killed the former mayor and police man and golden city’s person. You told me that you were asked to kill all these people by MS, is that true?

OJ says it is true.

Judge MS asked him to kill all those people, he was just a hunting dog, if she told him to kill people then he killed them, if she told him to bury people, then he burried them.

MS says that it seems like OJ and SJ can be coconspirators. Didn’t you wonder about them? They just fixed it and gave all the blame to me?

SP turns on the video and says to look at it. MS says it is a fake picture. SP says they can take her image as fake, but he turns and asks OJ if it is him in the picture. He says yes, it is him.

SP asks who the person in the car is. OJ says it is MS who is sitting in the judge seat. So SP asks if the picture is fake. But he changes it and asks what the situation was back then.

OJ says that MS killed a person with her car and called him. She wanted him to take care of the dead body.

MS wants to know how she can trust what he says, everything is just what he says. SP asks if she really thinks they have no way to prove it? MS says this is an inauthentic witness and fake pictures. What else do you have?

JY stands up and says that someone is here that can prove it. MS asks her if she is joking with her? JY walks to the audience and says it is that person. Her mother stands up. Jy says this is the massagist that worked in your house and is known as dead. It is the victim HJ. This person took that picture 18 years ago. She is the only witness to the case and she is my mother.

JY – The one that asked for my mothers kidnapping is Judge Cha Mun-sook!

SP tells the crowd that he rescued HJ after MS tried to kill her. Because of you MS! Are you still going to say that you are not the sinner.

MS – I am going to take a break.

SP – Sit down in your seat!

She is standing and everyone is quiet. Someone stands and tells the judge to tell them the truth! Other people stand and ask her to tell the truth! Don’t be like this! The head prosecutor leaves. SP asks MS if she thinks she won’t be prosecuted by her crimes?

SB stands up and says that they wil sort out all the evidence. Please pause the proceedings.

MS smugly smiles at everyone.

Cut to OJ getting handcuffed and led away. he says he was the mayor, can he at least have a smoke? They keep walking him out.

MS is in the back, she takes a deep breath. But she starts throwing all her paperwork on the ground and throws something against the wall.
GS runs to SP and says there is big trouble, OJ got away!

SP says that he knows where he might be. Later we see OJ at the harbor with a lot of policeman and guns pointed at him. SP goes out in the middle of all that and tells Oj that he knows what he is thinking. He shouldnt run away, he shouldn’t die here, he should be prosecuted for all his sins. OJ yells that he became like this! You are talking about the law in front of me! I will judge them! I’m OJ!

SP grabs his hand.

OJ pulls his hand which pulls SP to a kneeling position. SP had handcuffed himself to OJ. OJ puts the gun on SP’s head. He asks him what happened to the people he wanted to save, your mother, your uncle, they all lived in pain your entire life!

SP tells him to shut up and starts punching him. Then he puts him in a choke hold. Somehow no one comes to stop this. SP gets the gun and holds it to OJ’s head. OJ tells him to shoot him. Everyone just watches.

Then SP kneels again and holds OJ by the hair. He tells him, for the last 18 years, I lived like everyday was death, I wont listen to you. I dont want to put your dirty blood on my hand. I am going to destroy you with the law.

OJ – Are you going to hide behind the law until the end? Ehh? hey, SP, this is where I was born, the sea. Your mom…..I was born here and I will die here. With your law you prosecute MS, my last wish okay SP?

He shoots himself.

SP is still handcuffed to him.

Cut to MS still in her chambers. She takes off her judges robes and they fall dramatically to the ground. She walks away to the door.

She goes to her home. the police are there and tells her that she is arrested for asking for the murder of someone. She tells them not to touch her, the only person that can remove her from there is herself. She tells them to step aside and she walks out.

News: MS was arrested at home. It was shocking that all her crimes where revealed in SJ’s courtcase. The police and prosecutor team investigate everything around her. the news paper and ID and head prosecutor also have several crimes. They are all being interrogated. This is a big issue.

JY and SP go into the courthouse. They are ready to reveal all their past. SP gives all his past paperwork to SB. SB tells him it is a lot. JY asks to put SB’s mom’s case with MS. His mothers death was the start of everything. SB says he can, he started with revenge but finished with justice.

In the jail, YH tells SJ that she will start over. She will not forget. SJ smiles and says that she was smart since she was young, she is not like her, your mother will look after you until the end.

MS is also in jail. She meets with JY and SP. She tells themt hat they are the faces that she does not want to see, why do you want to see me?

Jy asks her how she feels as a normal person in front of the law. MS says, normal person? I came down? To where? Everyone’s dirty mind and facial expressions, i was looking at them for 40 years. I just made them good and applied justice. You are the stupid ones.

SP – No, your greed put a lot of people to death. i brought you in front of the law for them. As a human, you should ask for an apology to us first. I will give you one last chance.

She stands up and turns away.

MS – SP and JY, you will forgive me anyway, otherwise you will ahve a difficult time.

Outside, JY tells SP that MS does not know what is going on. She still thinks the worlk is centered around her. SP says that she was center of power from birth, she does not know anything else (?).

Cut to SP looking at his projector wall. He remembers HJ giving his mother those photos on the beach, he was with her.

JA – I told you MS was my friend on purpose, I wanted to be ready also. thank you for giving this to me. This is the way for my friend in the end.

HJ – Your son….you will be happy with him. How old are you?

SP – 10

HJ – You look smart, you will be someone when you grow up. here is my daughter.

She shows the picture of her daughter and says she is a pretty girl right? SP smiles and nods.

JA says she will reveal the truth for their kids, HJ sys that hearing that makes her think that she is doing a good job.

JY walks up on SP and asks what he is doing. He says he is just thinking. Then he asked if she ever came to this building? She says she came to the school supply store before.

Flashback to So and JY meeting in front of the store when they were kids.

JY says it didn’t happen, but SP says it could have happened, we met each other.

Later on, JY and SP meet SB in front of the courthouse. He tells him that MS appealed. She will not agree to any of her wrong doings. Now SB is promoted. He says he is serving the country, not getting promoted. He tells them that they should go to Seoul. They have work to do in his special department. JY says she will take that order. SP says, if JY goes then he will follow her.

In jail, SJ yells for MS to bow to her, she is the sunbae here! Do you still live like that! MS turns her head slightly in a menacing way.

In front of the Law Office, the thugs happily pretend like they are reinacting the courtcase. Can you still say you are innocent! Yes! The law is not far away!

Who are we! Fighting lawyers!

They do their fighting lawyer move and then hand out their business cards.

Inside, they have a huge line of future customers. Their office is crazy busy.

later on, JH’s appa is there with the team. Now he and SP are close. They talk about how they took MS and OJ down, they are the fighting law firm! They should spread the word everywhere in Kiseung. The 12 month discount was a good idea!

They ask SP if he is really going to Seoul. SP says they have important work there, but Kiseung is his hometown, he was born there so he won’t forget about them. But their law company will go forward, GS is preparing for law school. The sister says her ideal type is a lawyer.

They keep joking around.

Much later, SP and JY drive in the car. It looks like they are driving to Seoul. he tells JY to stop at a rest stop, don’t drive the entire way. He is dancing in the car and talking. They start talking about how SP got justice and love, he is a lucky guy. JY pushes her foot down on teh peddle and tells him to be ready.

He says, yes! Lets go straight!

They zoom off and go all the way to the prosecutor office. SB greets them there. SB welcomes them to the lawless city of Seoul. Their target is high official corruption. They need to take down all the people that hide behind power. Fighting Mu with law!

They both follow SB and put on their shades as they walk off.

The End.

Honestly, this show was a mess from several episodes ago. We probably would have dropped it if we were recapping anything else on the weekend, so it is lucky it survived. We are going to be following our criteria for dropping shows from now on; this show would have been a good candidate and most likely would have been dropped a while ago. So in the future, if you like a show that we are live recapping, then let us know in the comments. Otherwise, we’ll think people don’t like it, we also don’t like it, so why are we spending this much effort live recapping it?

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  1. July 1, 2018 / 8:45 am

    I dont know what to say but thank you for recapping all the episodes constantly. Thia drama was one of the best law dramas recently. Im Indonesian living in Japan, your recap helped me to understand the storyline although there was no subs because I want to watch the eps as soon as possible. As for today, i read your recap first before watching the full eps tomorrow morning. I can sleep peacfully tonight.

    • V
      July 1, 2018 / 8:58 am

      I’m happy you loved the show Okehore! I’m also really glad that we can help you understand what is going on. Say hello when you stop by next time 🙂

  2. Anna A
    July 1, 2018 / 8:53 am

    Thanks for recapping the show!it allowed me to understand the raw I was watching.

  3. plekto
    July 1, 2018 / 9:05 am

    So, what was the supposed secret connection between SP and JY that only SP knew about that spoilers on soompi talked about???
    Also, that’s how it went down?? Ugh…
    Also, thank you for mentioning me in your 13th episode post, it made me happy!! Sorry I didn’t post a comment to thank you then, I was too busy that week, and saw it a lot later.

    Everything else aside, thank you guys for recapping this, I appreciate all your hard work, and will continue following your site for the series that I watch.

    • V
      July 1, 2018 / 2:33 pm

      Your comment was so funny, I had to mention it!

  4. tsutsuloo
    July 1, 2018 / 9:38 am

    Thanks for the live cap, V! I’m saving the last two episodes to watch together and your live caps tide me over until the subs are ready on Viki. I really enjoyed the series and I think binging the first 10 episodes together helped my experience. It wasn’t perfect but I found it a bracing complement to my the usual romantic fluff I enjoy.


  5. Deepika Aggarwal
    July 1, 2018 / 2:04 pm

    I am from India and I love this show!!! I came to read what happened in the last episode as I can’t watch it without subs!! LOL And they will be added after 24-48 hrs…could not wait for that long!!! TY for the recap!

  6. Bussy
    July 1, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    thanks for the recap,i did not opportune to watch the last five ep but your recap help alot.

  7. Anonymous
    July 1, 2018 / 2:35 pm

    I love your site, and I am so happy to be able to read re-caps. However, I hope that you will not mind me saying that I am concerned to hear about “dropping” this show or that one so easily. I understand that anyone might begin a show and decide not to continue watching but, because there are people out there depending upon your blog, you aren’t just “anyone” but instead an important resource for information that your readers won’t find anywhere else. It is disappointing to imagine that we might not be able to trust you to continue with any show that you begin recapping. I would have been desperately disappointed if you had not kept up with Lawless Lawyer because I enjoyed it so. If I had realized that you were thinking of dropping the recaps for it, it would have been a worry. Please consider committing seriously to the shows that you pick up unless there is a major cause for letting them go. Your readers are relying on you!

    • V
      July 1, 2018 / 4:31 pm

      I feel you. We pick up shows we are interested in and have all intentions of finishing them. Some of them take a turn for the worst, though. We understand our taste is different from others, so just let us know you love it and we’ll keep recapping it. It’s easy. Plus, someone else might enjoy the show and want to talk about it with someone. Win-win!

      • Anonymous
        July 2, 2018 / 10:12 am

        Thank you for hearing me. And, again, thank you so much for your wonderful re-capping!

  8. Anonymous
    July 1, 2018 / 6:31 pm

    Hehe ending is still confusing but that’s okay at first I had high expectations with this show coz they already revealed everything at starting so I expected more twists and turns although it was okay I’ll remember not to keep high expectations from now on haha my mind is just messed up

  9. Sharon
    July 14, 2018 / 9:13 pm

    thank you so much for these recaps, so glad you didnt drop it, I am sure many read without commenting thank you again you are awesome

    • V
      July 15, 2018 / 12:01 am

      You’re welcome Sharon! 🙂

  10. Anonymous
    August 6, 2020 / 8:01 pm

    I don’t know if you’ll see this message as I am watching this drama 2 years after it aired. You guys are still my go-to when it comes to recaps. I was on the verge of dropping this, but reading your recaps helped me continuing this drama. Not sure I’d have continued it without your recaps. Thanks a lot.

    • V
      August 6, 2020 / 9:05 pm

      This is the best comment! So glad you continued the drama due to our recaps!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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