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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 15

Seo Ye-ji smiling at the camera from inside a car in Lawless Lawyer
We are in the final stretch. Honestly, I didn’t even realize we were in the finale week since this show has been go go go the entire time it’s been on air. But now we are here, at the point were we need to take down our two big bads: Oh-ju and Mun-sook. But first, Sang-pill has to protect himself and free Jae-yi. Hmm, perhaps her Jujitsu lesson will come in handy this episode?

We are live recapping Mr. Sunshine next week, which replaces Lawless Lawyer in this time slot! It’s supposed to be a massive show, so I suggest tuning into at least the first episode if you can (you know, just to say you did).

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS | prosecutor Cheon Seong-bum – SB

Airing Time: June 30th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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SP bursts into the building. OJ mutters that he came so quickly, that is why I brought you here. JY tells him to stop threatening SP with her. She punches GD, but he just pushes her back into her chair.

OJ goes to meet SP. SP tells OJ that he is already a broken dih, he can’t put him back together, no one can do it so just accept it. You wanted to kill me right? I came here to give you the chance.

Ah, I should acknowledge your braveness. i will do what you wish, you can’t win over me. He pulls out a gun and tells him to kneel.

GD tells JY that OJ has a gun, did you hear the gun sound? Is he dead? Just sit here I will punish you if you don’t.

But JY gets up and hits GD hard, she runs out of the room toward SP.

OJ counts to 3, 1 – 2 –

But then JY screams, OJ! She runs up and tells him to stop. GD tried to run after her and catches up, his rib is broken.

JY holds up the notebook that MS sent to SP and tells him that SP used this to remove him. This diary will help you decide.

OJ wonders what this is and flips through it.

JY – You said you have evidence to destroy MS.

OJ tells her that he either always has it or doesn’t have it (not sure). He mutters, so….everything was planned by MS?

JY – You were just a tool for her.

SP – And you can’t take it back anymore OJ.

OJ – Did you know about this from the beginning jashik? Do you two have a way to take MS down?

JY – Ways? Yes, it is all dependent on your choice. You go to court and prove her sin.

OJ laughs, hey, I am under search warrant, do you want to put me in jail also?

SP – Someone will catch you anyway. You know that my last goal is MS.

OJ drops all the bullets out of his gun accept one. Are they about to play Russian Roulette? OJ tells her to take it, if you are confident then take it. This is OJ’s style. Would you like to do it?

JY takes the gun nervously. SP tells her it is okay and goes to fight OJ off to the side.

They start fighting with OJ drinking alcohol on occasion.

OJ is able to get SP to fall. He tells GD to give him a seat and then rests for a moment. But he tells SP that he will testify. What can they do?

JY tells him that they can reduce his sentence. If he testifies, they will remove his search warrant. You just need to testify. OJ is apprehensive about trusting them. He tells SP that they rested enough, let’s do a second round.

They both get up to fight again.

But JY yells, Just Stop! And holds the gun to them. But SP tells her that it is okay.

He and OJ start fighting again. This time SP gets OJ to fall and is about to hit him with his name plate, but he is too tired and falls himself.

They start ground fighting.

SP is able to get OJ into an arm bar from the bottom and rolls him into a rear naked choke. JY whispers for SP to stop, if he doesn’t, then all he did will be meaningless.

SP stops and lets OJ roll away from him.
Meanwhile, there is a big support protest for MS that the Fighting team is apart of. They are pretending that they are on MS’s side and hold up signs in support. MS gets in her car and is driven off.

SP and JY drive back. JY has to drive. They talk about MS. SP wants her own boomerang to go back to her (the diary).

Meanwhile, GD does not think that OJ should believe SP. He thinks they are together and are on the same side. But OJ just looks through the diary quietly and has a flashback about telling MS about the lawyer, JA and how MS told him he is her dog that she raised. he should bark when she tells him to.

OJ eats the diary bite by bite and tells GD that he will finish MS by his own hands.

MS meets with two men. They think they should cut ties with Judge Hong due to the public opinion and MS should take on SP’s case. This will help solidify her position. She says she will think about it.

On the news, MS is still as high as ever. She is even a shoe in for the next candidate for president.

the Fighting team is watching the news and cannot believe that someone like that can become president. SP and JY come in like a couple and tells everyone that they are fine. But they need to get to work.

The political leader visits MS’s house. He thinks God must be helping her, he came over right away after seeing the news. This trial is super important for you, as if you planned it. You are a daughter like your father. This trial will help you in the public hearing for the Supreme court.

Meanwhile, the fighting team plans to protest for MS in an exaggerated way. they are dancing around the lawfirm in the play way that they do when Jy gets a phone call. MS will take SJ’s case! Everyone cheers.

They believe it will be her last judegement as judge, she was in the court for two long. SP says that she will come down soon. Everyone wants to have a beer since their plan was a success.

Outside somewhere, GD says that he will go to the end with OJ, but he glances at the money inside the luggage. He says he will get MS and bring her in front of him. But he can’t get to her because seh has so many bodyguards. he goes back to the car.

OJ calls her instead, she takes it. OJ tells her that he heard about the notebook, so you wanted to kill me using SP? if you thought I was the dog that you raised, you shouldnt have dumped me like that. You don’t deserve to kill your own dog. I am watching you all the time. MS tells him to come to her house, she has something to tell him.

OJ smiles, yeah, yeah, this is your style.
SJ calls SP about MS taking the case. She is upset about that. SP hangs up and tells JY that he has to go to the prison. JY thinks they need to pressure her more since MS became the judge.

JY goes with SP to the prison. SJ does not want JY to be there, JY tells her that she is a sinner so she cant make eye contact, is that right? JY will be the co-lawyer. SJ says she did not know that this woman was her mom! JY calmly tells her that her goal is not SJ, it is MS. Let’s prepare for the trial.

YH is talking to MS about her mothers case. MS says she is sad about her case, but they have strong evidence. She must accept all her sins. You said you want to be next to me forever. You can finish it up by making your mother accept her sins, or mother and daughter will be destroyed together. I am a public person, I can’t just protect everyone that works for me. You have to understand that, then you can be next to me.

In the prison, SJ says that the newspaper guy is the witness for the other side! She is bewildered and angered by that. SP says that he will help the prosecution. SJ thinks she gave him so much help and now he is using her! SP tells her that their group was created to use each other. Being a victim is not your style. SJ is so angry, steam is coming from her head.

Afterward, SP and JY leave talking about how they are the perfect team. SP says he has to go and get the last word. He goes to the #2 guy, he wants him to testify, that is why he is alive. Just tell everything that you saw, the truth. He tells them that he wants to make a phone call, today is his mothers birthday.

They give him a phone and leave the room.

the man calls the judge.

Outside, Scorpion asks SP if he trusts that man. SP does not. The goal is for Scorpion to go to the court room and pressure MS. SP will protect all the hyung-nims. And he will make sure that Scorpion gets out of jail soon. Scorpion smiles and says he knows. See you at the courthouse.

Cut to JY and SP walking into the empt courtroom together. They walk all the way to the judges seat. SP tells JY that they are standing on a sword. They are making their final cut now. JY says they don’t know what she prepared as the judge. DP tells her that they should go to the end. They hold hands and the lights turn on, everyone else starts to walk inside the courtroom.
MS meets with SJ in the back and tells her that she is suffering a lot. MS says that she knows she did it because she was 100% loyal to her, but a sin a sin and court is court. Sj asks her what she is doing! MS tells her that her daughter worries abotu her a lot, you should decide for your daughter.

SJ tells her that her daughter is first, sorry. MS says, of course. SJ takes a deep breath and asks MS, are you going to protect my daughter?

Elsewhere, OJ and GD are playing with money on a basketball court. i GD makes a basket then OJ will give him money. He makes the basket and gets 10k. We also find out that GD is monitoring the courtcase. They have someone in the courthouse.

MS comes in to the Thailand woman murdering case. The video is played that shows SJ yelling that they need to kill the Thailand person. SB says this video is what SJ told an unknown man. The newspaper head writer is the witness.

SB asks the newspaper person what is going on. He says that the video is nothing, it is just the tip of the iceberg. She used her relationship with MS as power. Whenever he visited MS’s house, she yelled at him and hit him. She was popular by doing it.

They also have testimony from maid in the house. MS would continuously humiliate the Thailand masseuse.

Now it is time for JY to ask questions. JY goes up and asks who the judge is that SJ talked about in the video. MS looks at the news reporter and tells JY to change the question. JY says she will change it.

They keep talking. JY says that this infuencial person, can they explain why they have a relationship with SJ who does not have anything? You get a benefit to get close to SJ because she is very close to MS. MS tells her to he careful of unproved sentences.

JY asks the news person about his honor, can he put it on the line? He says that he does not put his honor on these types of things. JY is trying to make it seem like he got a lot of benefit by using SJ. He says she got the benefit!

SP comes up as a tag team and starts asking him questions. He wants to know if the news guy is loyal to her? The news guy points at SJ and says that she is very very very shallow. She just brags about her relationship with MS everywhere.

SP says that he must not like her so much. You were following SJ around for th =e golden city project and did everything for her but did not get anything, that is what I heard.

The new guy stands up and yells at SJ, he says he released a lot of free articles for her for golden city! But he went to far. He sits sheepishly and says it is nothing. What he said was a mistake. But the crowd murmers.

SP tells MS that he knows this guy commited a crime, he worried about his fake testimony since it changes a lot.

MS calls the next witness which is Scorpion. He says that he murdered the Thailand person. SP wants to know why he did it. Scorpion says he did it because he was ordered to do it. Who ordered it?

The crowd is quiet.

SP says that SJ didn’t order the murder, so did someone else order it? The man says yes, it feels like it was a person above SJ that ordered it. Who is that person? The massagist said someones name. Someone in a high position. But I don’t remember the name.

MS speaks up and tells the police to arrest the witness for murdering the Thailand massagist.

MS closes the case for today.

SJ is impressed with how the case went. SP says they are not done yet. They want her to testify against MS. SJ says she can’t do that now, she has to calculate things!

Outside somewhere, OJ meets with his thug team and find out about how court went. He wonders what kind of plan SJ has.

Meanwhile, SJ thinks inside the jail.

Elsewhere, JY and SP talk about SJ. She is a little different then she was in the begining. they need to remove the search warrant from OJ.

Jy says she will meet SB, to ask him to realease the search warrant.

Cut to her meeting with him. SB says it looks like she has reason for it. is that true? JY tells him that before she tells him the reason, she wants to take him to meet someone. She takes him to meet her mother with the good policeman. JY tells SB that this woman is her mother.

HJ says that she was about to be killed by MS, 18 years ago. MS is the missing link. JY says that this is the best way that she can explain things to him.

OJ gets to MS’s house and walks inside. GD is with him, but OJ tells him to stay outside in the foyer.

OJ goes inside MS’s bedroom to talk to her. She tells him to sit so they can face each other and talk. he does. She tells him to tell hr what he wants to say even if it is a threat or whatever. Are you doing this because of SP’s diary? You should trust me, not his words.

OJ takes out his gun and tells MS to shut up. He wants to know the reason why he should not kill her. One reason.

But then another gun comes out from the back, another hitman is hiding. MS smirks and puts her drink down.

MS – OJ, you are the murderer of his mother, yet you listen to him and try to kill me? Compare the future where you will trust me and survive. You will finally listen to my order because you lived like that forever, that is your life.

SP and SB meet each other on the harbor. SB warned SP not to use him for his revenge, he will not dance according to his plan. But one thing bothers him, the video for OJ is enough to get a search warrant, but not enough to win the case. SB wants to prosecute him by himself, not with evidence from the internet, but with definitel evidence.

SB drives off as the two men share a common goal.

SP calls OJ and tells him that he kept his promise. OJ is all like, really? SP tells him, if he wants to survive, then he has to decide quickly. they hang up. GD asks what happened. OJ lets him know that SP got his search warrant released. Maybe not for long, but long enough to go to the courthouse.

In the jail, SJ is still thinking, but it looks like she might have come to a decision.
JY cutely helps SP get dressed. The team sees it and jokes with them about how cute and in love they are.

Finally SP shoos them away. He tells JY that he was about to release warrant, perhaps OJ will come to the court house.

MS is interviewed on a stage about her autobiography. She is so embarrassed that seh was given so much love. While she talks, we see that she is the cover woman on all the magazines in all the stores. Her autobiography is all sold out, it is a must read item for young people. The senator congratulates her on it.

Meanwhile, SB is in trouble by his superior for not prosecuting OJ. The head of prosecutors tells him that OJ is a criminal that should be prosecuted. SB tells him that he does not have enough evidene, he needs t get some more. The head prosecutor asks, what about his corruption bribery case? SB asks where that evidence is from.

The prosecutor calls him jashik are you saying my data is all wrong? I am not telling you twice, just issue the search warrant again before I fire you.

SB tells the head that he is over using his power. He is not a dishwasher that he is preparing and he does not plan on moving up by doing dirty work for someone.

In his hideaway, OJ looks at the news about MS becoming a Supreme Court Judge.

The fighting law firm cannot believe the publics opinion about MS, how is she a goddess judge.

Elsewhere, MS meets with a lot of higher ups and influencial poeple for dinner. She tells them that she was a lawyer for 35 years, she does not even have a house and rents the foundation building. One of the people asks what she will do about that photo from 15 years ago.

MS tells them that they all know the problem she has with that picture, their citizens where more angry than her with that fake picture.

the senator head tells them that they should toast, it is diifcult to hide things from citizens.

Meanwhile OJ is thinking about MS. MS awnted him to trust her because he is the only enemy for SP as the person who killed his mother. You will live like a dog forever. GD goes up to him and tells him that it is time to go to the court house.

Court starts. SJ wants to testify so SP asks MS if she will grant it. MS gives her a long look and then says that she will allow it.

SJ looks at MS and then removes her glasses. Her daughter thinks back to a conversation she had with JY about how MS will never hold up her side of the agreement.

SJ stands to try and testify, she thinks about MS protecting her daughter. MS told her that she would. But SP told her to think carefully, when she confesses everything for MS, then this case ends.

SJ – For the Thailnd case, I am….

But she ha a hard time breathing and passes out as if she had a heart attack. Several peoplle run up to her uncluding her daughter. MS just looks at her. SP gets a call, he changed his mind, he wants SP to do it all by himself.

JY asks him what happened. Sp says that OJ changed his heart, he wont’ testify, I have to see him. JY tells him to bring OJ to the table!
OJ and GD walk out with his driver. But his driver stabs OJ. OJ tells him to take it out. The driver apologizes and is about to stab him again. GD runs to his rescue, but GD gets stabbed several times as well. But GD wont let go of that driver and keeps him away from OJ.

SP gets there just in time and fights off the driver masterfully. But the driver is able to keep the knife. They keep fighting.

SP hops into a flying armbar and breaks the drivers arm. But he gets up and runs away.

GD tells SP that he should have come earlier, jashik. He is near death. he mutters that he shouldn’t have followed him. Then he tells his hyung-nim to survive till the end and dies.

OJ is still alive.

JY looks at the court seat.

MS is in her chambers looking evil-y off into space.

Fade Out

This show is too fast for it’s own good. It needs Cliffs notes to keep up with it.

SP – MS, nothing stops her.
MS – I can’t trust SJ. We have to disarm OJ and SJ at the same time.
SP – I am asking you, did you order the murder.
SJ – Yes, I did it.
OJ – Let me have a cigarette, I used to be the judge(?).
GS – Someone ran away while being transported
JY – What was that person thinking?
SP – I have a clue
SP – Your honor, I have an important last question.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 6, 2020 / 10:11 pm

    I’m a bit late to the party, but what I don’t get is how that how does OJ and SJ’s crimes not reflect on MS character in the public’s opinion? She publicly supported OJ to become mayor and now he’s a wanted fugitive, I guess cutting ties removes all blame on her. But ppl should still consider the fact that she “hung out” with him, I mean, the public should consider what it says about her character when she has connections to such ppl, the same goes for SJ who verbally and physically abused her employees in MS’s residence. SJ worked for MS for so many years, there’s no way that Gisung’s mother theresa wouldn’t have noticed. And yet, the ppl are so blinded and manipulated that no one questions MS who let all this happen???

    • V
      August 7, 2020 / 8:32 am

      It is hard to believe but I think this tied in really well with the real Korean president that this person was loosely based on! The media would cover for any of her indiscretions or dastardly deeds enough for the public to forget about it. But it got to a point where the public wouldn’t forget and that is when they had all the candlelight vigils.

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