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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 14

Seo Ye-ji in a suit and short bob haircut in lawless Lawyer
The fighting team is all in on the projector-ness and ready to kick A$$, because the game really starts right now. No – really this time – all those other times were just practice. Plus, our girl might be sporting a new hairstyle because why not.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS | prosecutor Cheon Seong-bum – SB

Airing Time: June 24th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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The team is right in the middle of talking about SP and how he snuck out JY’s mother and she is in a safe place. JY tells them that they need to pretend that they don’t know that she is alive. The sister and brother cry and pretend like something happened. JY pretends as well but says that she is not good at pretending and stops acting.

They all get to work to talk about how OJ is out so they need to destroy MS. But they shouldn’t do that yet, they have to destroy all the tiny ones first. SP tells them that he went fishing with his uncle a lot, if you want to catch the big one then you need to use the small one as bait.

SJ tells the inspector, don’t you know who I am! he says he does not know who you are, let’s continue this interview. ID tries to get her to calm down as her lawyer, but she is just yelling that this is all a conspiracy!

SB walks in (the good prosecutor), he tells her that they have evidence. SJ says it is evidence that she is innocent! he gives her the recording where she said that they should kill her and throw her in the sea so no one can find her. SJ rails that this is all a trap. He killed her!

SB tells her to name someone. if she knows him so well then name the name. She tells him that she does not know, she needs to call someone. ID asks if she can call someone. SB says fine, he will turn off all the cameras, you can talk.

SJ calls MS. She says it is her, she is under prosecution investigation. Didn’t you see the news, that gangpae put you and me in trouble? I can tell you everything, just tell me that gangpae’s name.

I don’t remember those peoples names. Just talk through ID, he will take care of it, I am on a case now. She hangs up.

Cut to JY’s appa. He is outside somewhere and is reunited with his wife. JY is there as well (with her new haircut). The reunited spouses lovingly hug. Appa also pulls JY into the hug as well. GS stands in the distance.

Meanwhile, SP meets with MS and tells her that he is using the diary she sent him well. But the end is not there. It is the end of MS. MS chuckles, you finish it well, I also wonder about the ending. SP tells her that she took JY’s mother from her twice, he won’t forgive her.

MS says it has nothing to do with her, that massagis, is it true that she is her mother? Do you have evidence?

SP knew that he would not get the answer from her.

MS tells him that she did not expect that he and JY would get together, that will be their undoing.

SP says that will not be their undoing, it will be her largest plot hole.

SP walks off leaving MS thinking about that.

Later on, JY and SP drive off together. They go all the way to SB’s office to talk to him about the case. SB wants to know why there are there. SP is there because he heard that he has video evidence. Did he wonder where they got the video from? It could be from MS.

Why would she have that evidence? is she involved in this case?

JY tells him that she can tell him this, you should look at this case as one where you have to see through the darkness. The two leave.
SP tells JY that MS will put someone he will trust in the court. JY thinks that there is only one person like that.

Cut to MS talking to the judge that JY punched. MS tells him that personal relationships don’t matter, he should follow his own principles.

GG happily talks about the law. he asks JY what she thinks a good judgment in court is. She thinks a good judgment is a judgement that people think is good without any law knowledge. A not good one is if someone without the knowledge of law thinks it is bad. (So like it should be like common sense).

GG says, so I don’t need to read this law book?

His sister tells him that it will be a good pillow for him.

JY stands and leaves for the case. SP tells her good luck. GS escorts her as her bodyguard.

SB and ID meet with the punched judge in his chambers. he looks thoroughly incapable. SB thinks something is fishy between the judge and ID.

SP meets with SJ in jail. They banter back and forth for a moment. Then SJ tells him to tell her quickly and then leave. SP says he is there to make a deal with her. But she thinks that is stupid and is about to leave. He tells her that he knows seh took care of MS’s bank accounts and safe.

She says it has nothing to do with her, it is a rumor. SP tells her that this is the only way that seh will be safe in this situation. No lawyer knows more than him in Kiseung.

Don’t talk bad about MS, she is not that kind of person.

He chuckles and tells her to do whatever, just hold onto that rotten rope. But think about where OJ is now. SP walks out leaving SJ to think about it.

OJ has a lot of money but nowhere to go, so he eats ramen on teh beach with GD. GD tells him that he got a hotel for him. Too bad the massagist is gone, that was the only card they could use to prosecute MS. In the power of politics, money is the most honest thing.

Hyung-nim, we can live super nicely in other countries. Shall I try to smuggle us out?

Hey you bat? Do you want me to just run for my entire life? If I collapse like this then I am already dead.

So what are you going to do?

I am going to put everything back to the beginning.

They start to watch the news.

News: OJ lost his mayorship and he is not mayor anymore….

meanwhile, JY meets with the punched judge. She says that she heard he was there. But MS comes in. JY tells her that she killed her mother and destroyed her family. MS tells her that she forgot all that she did for her. JY tells her to shut up and keep her name out her mouth. She will hunt her down with everything she has. The punched judge wonders what is going on.

Outside, OJ follows JY around. He thinks she is the very last card he can use on MS. But if it all screws up then they are all dead. OJ believes they should do things like OJ and live for one more second.

JY talks with the police officer. She wants him to ignore the fact that her mother is alive.

At the same time, SP gets a call from OJ. He sends her a live streaming video of JY talking to the policeman. SP I alarmed and calls him a bad guy. OJ chuckles and says that He made him like this. He needs to do what he can to put him back to how it was in the beginning.

SP calls JY and asks if anything happened to him. She says nothing, she is meeting with the policeman. He asks if GS is next to hr. She says yes, why? He tells her it is nothing, he will see her at the office.

SJ meets with her daughter. YH wants to know what happened. SJ tells her she came there as her daughter right? I think you have to see judge MS. Go and tell her my message.
YH meets with MS. MS welcomes her. YH asks to help her mother. MS tells her that she heard about what happened to her. YH tells her that SJ did everything for her sentire life. MS looks sad and says that her hands are tied in this regard, she cannot do anything.

YH lets her know that her mother has a book for the foundation and has to deliver it to her. MS tells her that her mother is in a corner and tried to softly threaten? how dare she. She made a wrong choice and is suggesting a worse choice to me. you should persuade your mother. To be a strong prosecutor, you need to have the pain of cutting your own flesh. Tell her that she needs to accept what she did and pay for her sins.

But MS is a little nervous. She thinks back to SP telling her that it is the biggest mistake in her plan that he didn’t expect her and JY would team up.

MS goes to meet with SJ. SJ bows to her and apologizes for making her come to someplace like that. You need to catch the gangpae, I am worried that it will hurt you. You need to help me, I took care of everything for you.

As you said, you took care of everything, I did nothing. I know all that you did, aren’t you afraid of me? As for my father’s foundation and the book, what do you think you can do? It will just increase your sins. Just trust ID, that is the only way.

MS leaves SJ freaking out a bit and banging on the window.

Cut to GS calling SP, he thinks Scorpion was attacked. SP tells him that he will be there right away. All the thugs from the fighting law firm meet Sp with their poles and 80’s clothing as if they just flew in from Hawaii.

Inside the building, Scorpion is being beaten by the #2 thug. But SP shows up with his team of thugs and the fight breaks out immediately.

Everyone fights in one big huge brawl!

Scorpion is able to break free and starts to fight as well. He gives SP a head nod as they fight side by side.

It all ends when SP throws a super duper kick at the last standing thug.

They round up all the thugs. SP asks #2 why he betrayed DW. He betrayed him and his own people so can’t make him be polite to him. #2 says that he hated SP’s tongue ever since he became a lawyer. SP tells him he became a lawyer to use the law, but people like him make him have to fight in other ways.

Scorpion tells him that they take care of things in their own way, he holds up a huge Rambo looking sized knife. SP asks the man if he wants to be punished by scorpion or himself. He knows the big difference between those two.

SP asks Scorpion if he can take care of him. Scorpion says that is fine if that is what he wants.
SP gets all bandaged up. JY tells him that when she sees him like this, you know what I think? that it is difficult to fight with money and power. He says that at least they have lawyer jobs, so it is better. She asks him if he won, he is all like, what do you think? With a smile. She tells him that fighting Mu went there so the result is assured. SP laughs and says that he feels good when JY acknowledges him.

Later on, JY gives him a coffee. they drink it and talk about the case. He wants to slash Judge Hong and put MS in the case instead. He is going to destroy her while she wears her judge suit. He will give her the best ending like that. JY says she will look into Judge Hong, maybe they will find out something.

meanwhile, SJ is in jail thinking about MS telling her that she did everything, MS did nothing. She also thinks about SP telling her that he knows the best about her situation. SJ says she will not be destroyed like this, she needs that guy. She runs to the door and tells the guard that she wants to call her daughter!

Cut to YH meeting with SP in his office. He asks her if she has an answer from her mother. YH shows him her mothers accounting book for the foundation. How can she trust that it won’t destroy her mother? SP tells her that if she does not want to believe it then don’t believe it, he just wants her to pay for her sins, no more than that and no less than that.

YH tells him that her mother made a choice between and bad and worse offense. But she still made a choice. She leaves and runs into JY, but keeps walking. JY asks SP why she was there. SP shows her the accountant book. The other team members come in so SP tells them that SJ bit the lure. MS’s name is not in the book, but of course they won’t find it in there, they have something else.

MS meets with a man and tells her that you don’t know what a gangpae will do when they go crazy. he opens a box with an old looking gun inside. He tells her that he will show her how to use it.

Meanwhile, SP meets with SJ, from now on, he is her lawyer. SJ wants to know if he knows what her signature means? Sp says she is MS’s 30-year doorknob, she will not let her suffer from things she did not commit. MS told you to do everything. SJ says that is true! She told her to do everything, she herself has no power, she is just a housewife.

Later, SP tells JY that SJ accepted things a little too quickly. Perhaps they can’t trust her? They can wait and see about that. JY says that she wonders what his relationship is with SB.

Flashback to SP meeting with SB in Seoul. GS is with him. SB calls SP a gangster. SP wants to know if he thinks they should die? they tried to kill his dong-sang, it was self-defense. SB asks him if he thinks that excuse is okay everywhere? He hits him with some paper. GS yells that he should not hit him! SB is about to hit GS, but SP spits out some law things to him. GS tells SB that he is studying to be a lawyer.

SB laughs and tells SP all the things that he did wrong. There was CCTV around, they have all this evidence on him. he can put them all in jail if he picks one thing.

SP comes out of the flashback with a smile and tells JY that that is their relationship. SP meets with SB and tells him that they are the lawyers. SB laughs and tells him, if they use him for their revenge then he is not going to just let it happen. JY tells him that SP is not using his personal business in his work. SB tells him that he has nothing to say. SP reminds him not to be intimidated by him in court. SB just smiles as if SP is a little brother and tells him that court is court.

SP and JY walk away and talk as they walk the hall. JY sent the sister to follow the wife of Judge Hong. Is it time to get used to Lawless Lawfirm style right? They fist bump.

Later on, SB talks with the police officer. SB thought he only had his grudge in his heart. The officer says that both of them suffered a tragedy 18 years ago. SB is all like, both of them? The officer shows them a file of the mothers. One mom died and the other one dissappeared on the same day 18 years ago.

The sister follows the judge around and catches him with his mistress? He tells the mistress that times are different now, the heart changes, you should write a contract if you don’t like it. She moves to grab him and he says how dare you to touch a judges body!

JY and the sister think he is horrible, he just got divorced one year ago but had 3 mistresses. GS and GG are in the back seat as well. The ladies get out of the car and give this mistress their card. they tell her that they can convert all of her tears into money. She will make hr get a lot of money from judge Hong. The sister ads that she is a great lawyer!

JY and the sister meet with the mistress and go through all the paperwork she has. This mistress somehow has all the background deals that this judge did. JY tells her that she will make sure she wins.

Elsewhere, ID starts to go on a run but runs into OJ and GD. OJ is happily singing an old song off in the distance in the grass. GD pulls ID to him. ID tells him that he is sorry. But OJ just starts beating him with his mayor nameplate.

OJ – hey, ID, read what is here. Read it!

ID – Kiseungs mayor…

OJ – yeah, tell MS that next time it will be her turn, okay?

OJ walks off and signals to GD. GD walks up and takes a picture of ID.

Judge Hong (punched judge) meets with MS. he says that he should wrap these things up well since she wants it. She smiles and tells him not to do anything besides what he normally does. Hong tells her that SJ changed her lawyer, MS asks him if it is SP. Hong hesitantly tells her that it is.

MS gets a text from OJ. He says that she will be like this if she betrays him. the picture is of a beaten up ID.

MS goes to SP’s law firm. She goes inside.

SP – Mun-sook, I never expected you to come here by yourself.

MS – As you said, SJ is the one that killed JY’s mother. so you took her case?

SP – We don’t’ understand you just like you will never understand our suffering. JY is looking at everything with a lot of pain.

MS – She understands you for defending SJ?

SP – This is judgment.

MS – I am the judgment in Kiseung, you are hitting a rock with an egg.

SP – Look at it that way if you want, the rock will crack soon.

MS – You will lose in front of me and the law.

She leaves but gives him one last glare before walking out.
SP walks into the courthouse for SJ’s case. SJ is led in handcuffs. YH asks her if hse is okay? But her mother doesn’t respond to her. The judge comes in, everyone stands as Hong takes his seat along with his right and let judges. Hong tells everyone that this is about the murder of the Thailand massagist.

SP stands and says that, before court starts, he wants to change the judge. Hong tells him that he tried this before. SP tells him that he thinks Hong will make an unfair decision. Hong wants to hear this, if you put your law license on the line then I will listen to you.

SP agrees with that, he walks to the front and says that if he does not prove this then, as soon as court finishes, he will close his business.

Everyone murmurs in the audience.

MS is in her chambers when someone runs in to talk to her, he tells her that SP has a request for a new judge. MS takes that in for a moment and tells him to step out as if it is no big thing. But she immediately leaves and walks down the hall.

In the court, Hong tells SP that this is a challenge to the court and the law. Sp says that he has good evidence. Hong tells him that he needs to keep his honor, so he will give him a chance.

MS walks into the court.

Hong wants to know what the suspicion is, let’s hear it.

SP turns to the crowd and sees MS there. He starts his video and tells everyone that this is the best condo in Kiseung, it was 3 million dollars. You own this right? Hong says a judge buying a condo does not matter. SP says that of course, it does not matter, but what if he got the three million dollar condo for 100,000? Look at this, it was only $100,000 and we see your signature, but it costs $3,000,000, is that true judge?

GD prepares ramen for OJ in an abandoned warehouse. he talks to JY over the phone about defending him. he wants to give her a good suggestion, doesn’t she need evidence to send MS away? Come here quietly right now, if you don’t come then I will see your father.

JY agrees and hangs up.

In the courthouse, SP keeps talking about this corruption. He tells Hong that he made a judgment for someone in a construction company and they gave him a favor after his sentence was reduced.

This judge was on this case, he made a deal with them! Hong tells him that this is not a place for a novel. SP apologizes to his client since he does not have enough money to give this judge an expensive condo.

SB stands and says that the prosecution also refuses the judge. the team cheers in the crowd.

Afterward, SP asks where JY is. GS tells him that she got a phone call, SP tells him to find her. A news crew walks up to them and ask him in SJ is innocent. SP tells them to watch the court proceedings. Fairness is the most important thing in the courthouse. To gain a good reputation, he wants the fairest and just judges to take care of this court case. the reporters want to know who he thinks that should be and where did he get that bribery evidence anyway? SP tells them that he will tell them later. he stares at MS and then leaves.

he gets a call from JY in the car, but it isn’t JY, it is OJ. OJ tells him hat he was great on TV. SP asks where JY is. He warned him, if he touches her then there is no law or whatever. OJ tells him to shut up and come over there.

SP goes to the abandoned building and yells for OJ to come out. OJ comes out as casually as he always does. SP asks him where he hid her.

OJ asks him, are you wondering where she is? Jashik….if you have something to say then I also have something to protect you know.

SP tells him to just accept things. But OJ smiles and asks him if he really likes JY that much. Did you want to kill me? I will give you the chance. He pulls out his gun and tells him that he came here to save his girl. he puts the gun to his head and tells him that he is not a match for him, kneel.

SP kneels with the gun to his head.

OJ – I will take care of her, don’t worry. I will count to three, 1 – 2 – bye bye SP.

Fade Out

After all that has happened, JY still decided to meet OJ without telling anyone about it? Not even GS? That is just straight up stupid.

JY – MS used SP to take you down.
SP – I will show her guiltiness in the courtroom.
OJ -let’s do it our way.
SP – You or me, one of us should die
OJ – That is what I am talking about.
SP – We can’t turn it back anymore.
JY – Stop!

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  1. TJ
    June 24, 2018 / 11:07 am

    While I agree with the previous comment that Jae Yi was stupid to continue to meet with OJ, especially with him being on the run, I really questioned SP for not warning her after OJ made the threat.

    Subject Change:
    I think one of the biggest reasons I’ve come to favor K-dramas is because gun use is rare. [I’m American, btw] I hate that they’re being introduced in this series. Well not really introduced since the euphemism about a knife in a gunfight has been stated several times throughout. I just hate guns.

    • V
      June 24, 2018 / 11:22 am

      Completely agree! I’m American, too so I prefer shows without guns. I hate them with a passion.

      It would have made complete sense for SP to warn her considering he was training her in Jujitsu last week out of a concern for her safety.

      • Anonymous
        June 24, 2018 / 8:50 pm

        Same! Kdrama are my happy alternate universe were guns don’t exist and holding hands is scandalous.😊

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