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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 13

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Only four more episodes to go on this Lawless ride we’re all taking! They haven’t slowed down one bit until now, so I don’t expect this show to be anything but pumping the entire episode. Also, Plekto and Kethy-Chan, y’all had me rolling last week with your comments on trying to understand what is going on with this show. Everything (most things) don’t make too much logical sense so let’s just sweep all that under the carpet and forget about it until the baby wakes up.

In other news, we made up a criteria for dropping shows! This show is not in any danger of being dropped. But just in case you want to check out our future “I rebuke you!” show dropping policy then read the bottom of this post!

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS | prosecutor Cheon Seong-bum – SB

Airing Time: June 23rd, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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GS asks who the person is that sent him the notebook. SP answers: Cha Ma-sook.

She called him to Kiseung to remove the henchmen that know what she did. She is using him to get rid of everyone, especially OJ. To get rid of him, she needs his revenge. She knows peoples desire and can control them well. She knows that the end of my sword is pointed at her, but she still called me.

She made me come to Kiseung, she wanted to use that chance because the guy she wanted to remove and the guy that I want revenge on is the same. But Isaw her card and I am going to use it.

Meanwhile, JY is walking the street. She has a flashback about MS telling her that she won’t find her mother there, her mother disappeared 18 years ago.

JY goes to meet OJ and asks him about her mother. Where did he abduct her? Otherwise, I will finish you. OJ wants to know why she is looking for the woman that died 18 years ago? JY says she is alive, she is the masseuse that was working in MS’s house until recently.

So MS had a poisonous thing under her nail this entire time?

You didn’t know?

Find my mother and I will defend you. No one is next to you. Without my help, you will go all the way to the bottom.

JY walks off and OJ chuckles as he tried to figure this out. JY’s mom is alive and MS kidnapped her…..wait a second….so the only witness from the case 18 years ago is still alive…hmm.

He gets a call, he has to go to the prosecutor’s office.

SP and the guy that stabbed him talk by the sea. SP tells him that they have a betrayer in their midst even before DW died. MS approached him early on. The guys that attacked me at the hospital, we had some of her people there. I have a question, why did my uncle send you here?

Hyung-nim sent me here to help you, just in case.

Can you help me hyung-nim?

Umma is thrown in some kind of back room by SJ’s henchmen. SJ grabs her by the head an asks her if she is crazy. How can you be next to MS, you crazy girl, how didn’t I recognize you? She asks the thug hyung-nim’s henchmen to look after her. The henchman guard the mom.

Another man comes out and meets with SJ, she doesn’t know who he is and wants to know if he is the new gangpae that is replacing OJ? Th hyung-nim thug is also there. SJ tells this gangpae to take care of that women. he tells her not to call him a gangpae anymore.

SP meets with MS in her chambers. She tells him to tell JY that family business is to take care of yourself(?). SP asks where JY’s mother is. MS is all like, do you have any evidence that I know something? If I committed a crime then I should be responsible for it. SP tells her that honest people don’t say that. You either removed the evidence or found someone else to be responsible for it.

MS – I don’t know if you remember this or not, but I told you before, do you remember that I told you that you are not the only one coming here like that?

SP – DO you remember that I told you I would find the end, I will find her mother.

MS – I hope so, I want that.

SP walks to leave, but he turns and tells her that everyone that came to see hr failed and collapsed in front of her, but they didn’t know about her completely.

Let me ask you one question, do you want your revenge or justice? Don’t be too eager with justice, only getting your revenge is a difficult thing.
SP asks where Jy is. they fill her in and say that she went somewhere to figure out some things. SP wants to go to her house. GS tells him that Jun-guard got out of jail. He is #3 in their gangpae group. he is also the one that stabbed SP. GG asks all about it and they fist bump because they’re besties.

Meanwhile, MS talks to someone about the prosecutor calling OJ to the prosecution. But OJ is not coming. MS tells him to make more reasons to tighten him more.

SJ comes into he room, MS is upset at her for bringing this woman is but she acts like she is not upset with it. She directs SJ out and tells her good night, then she softly chuckles to herself.

Elsewhere, JY sits and stares at nothing as she thinks about SP knowing that HJ was her mother. Sp goes into her house and sees her sitting there. She ignores him and tells him to leave, she wants to be alone today. He asks her where she has been, she isn’t picking up the phone.

She says that she met OJ…..now she doesn’t’ have anywhere that she can’t go. She can’t do anything now.

He tells her to trust him and wait a little bit.

But she just wants him to leave and walks off to another room. He stares at her for a moment then leaves. he goes to his car and broods a bit, but he sees her looking at him from the window

VO – Yes, don’t trust me, maybe I am really lying to you. But I really worry about you. I will not let a dangerous thing happen to you. That will never change. Just trust in that, please.

He stayed there the entire night. The next morning, JY leaves the building and SP gets out to greet her, but seh walks on by.
On an empty parking lot, OJ is in the car talking to someone. He says he can’t go to his office because he isn’t sure when they will arrest him. He asks her where the message is. SJ asks him why he is asking her that. Do you want to put in a mole again? He tells her that he doesn’t’ have time for that. SJ says that she is massaging MS. OJ laughs and tells her that they are in the same boat, they have to sell things the same way.

SJ tells him, of course, we are together, okay, bye. But she tells him, the same boat? F-you. I know you have water in your stomach.

A newspaper guy drives up to OJ’s car and tells him that he has to cooperate. But OJ tells him about all the evidence that he has, think about it. The newspaper guy says that he won’t kill the head of the gangsters. OJ just wants him to write a good newspaper article. But the newspaper guy says that this is over his head, goodbye.

SJ fills her daughter in on all that is going down. MS has dropped OJ, she already has another gangster to take his spot. So you have to get in good with MS.

JY meets with the good policeman to talk about her mother. He says it is difficult because she is not Korean anymore, she is from Thailand now, but he will try to do all that he can. JY asks him not to tell SP, she will tell him herself when she has more evidence.

The police officer tells JY about the Scorpion guy that just got out of jail. He is the same guy that stabbed SP, he is also staying in Kiseung and not going back to Seoul. He will let her know more when he finds out.

They part, but we see that SP is looking after her. The scorpion guy calls SP and lets him know that the mom is safe. Then he goes to the mom’s room and tells her that it will be more comfortable this way. he has a scorpion tattoo on his hand. She sees the tattoo and remembers that SP told her that a guy with a scorpion tattoo with protecting her.

JY is trying to go meet the scorpion guy but GS does not want her to go with him. Everyone crowds around her. SP tells her that he will go with her to meet him. GS and SP leave with JY. GG wonders what is going on, why is the mood like this? I want to go back to the way it was before.

In the car, the three drive to meet Scorpion with GS looking back and forth between GG and JY.

they get to the gangster hangout place. All the gangsters are hanging out and lounging around int he room. The scorpion comes out and asks why he would take her mother when he just got out of jail. He and SP get into a little altercation, but JY breaks it up and asks Scorpion where her mother is. But he does not answer and just tells her to leave. SP pulls her out.

Umma is watching from the back room.

SP tries to put JY in the car, but she walks off in anger. SP asks GS to follow her because he has to do something else.

NEWS: MS will run for the supreme court judge, she won’t have any trouble becoming one.

OJ listens to this news and asks one of his thugs what happened to GD. The thug says that GD left town. SP calls OJ right then, OJ asks him if he is stalking him. SP tells him they don’t’ have that kind of relationship, then he starts to talk about MS’s new hunting dog and how he is all over the place now. He tells him that the new hunting dog owns a nightclub that OJ used to own. OJ tells him, if this is not true then I will kill y -. CLICK.

SP Just hung up. OJ grumbles about not showing respect to elders and just hanging up. Then he tells his other thug person that he is going to the nightclub to check it out.

In front of her father’s statue, MS tells everyone gathered that she will remove all the bad things and revolutionize Korea. Everyone claps for her.

Afterward, MS tells SJ to take care of her secret orphan named account. SJ wants to know why? But then she remembers that it must have to do with the supreme court thing. MS smiles and hugs her. MS tells her to take the money for herself and to give some to YH also. SJ is so overjoyed and says that MS is the only one that thinks about her. I will be loyal to you! She tears up and bows. Then she asks MS what she should do with the massagist.

MS says, don’t you know who she is? JY’s mother. SJ is shocked (ah, so she didn’t’ know?). She says this is the woman that died 18 years ago? MS tells her that she picked the woman that wants to backstab her all by herself.

SJ apologizes profusely.

MS tells her that she is so great, she brought the dead back to life.

But SJ pleads with her and tells her that she didn’t know!

Afterward, SJ tells her daughter YH that MS gave them a lot of money, what should they do? YH tells her to just keep working. SJ tells her that she made a huge mistake about JY’s mother. YH is confused, JY’s mother? SJ holds her daughter and tells her that they need a plan.
GD is taking all the money from the safe while says that they are not guilty, I am your father now, haha.

OJ shows up and says that he didn’t’ know where he was, but he came there?

OJ sits at his desk and pulls out his guns. He tells him to put all the money in his mouth and picks up the gun. He doesn’t’ have that much time, but it is enough time to put a hole in his head.

GD pleads with him and tells him that he will lose to SP if he does this now. SP is making you kill me and become a murderer, it is all his plan!

OJ thinks about this.

GD brags OJ’s legs and asks for him to save him, no one else will be next to him!

OJ asks him if he is done talking yet and then drags him by the hair to all the money. He repeats, put all the money in your mouth.

The man cries, I don’t’ want to die like this! I will be next to you forever!

OJ asks, should I just kill this guy? He puts the gun right to his head on the desk.

SJ and MS walk and talk. They walk down the stairs as SJ tells her that she made the account into cash and hid it all. They go outside, SJ opens a parasol for MS. MS tells her that she is okay, just rest. SJ tells her that she will take care of JY’s mother for her. But MS says, JY’s mom? She died 18 years ago.

SJ looks confused but then says she understands, just know this, I will save you and protect you!

OJ didn’t end up killing GD. They are somewhere in a field. Another henchman said that what SP said is correct about the business. OJ sighs and says that is the first place that he settled down. GD tries to say that he can take it back, SP is helping him. But OJ just gets out of the car and tries to throw something at GD, he ruuuuuuuuns away.

SJ tells one of the henchmen that he does not need to protect the massagist anymore. She already died 18 years ago. no one needs to hear about it. Don’t you hear me! What I say is MS’s will! Listen to me now, this is my warning.

The man looks slightly annoyed, but bows to her. Then the camera scrolls to a recording device. Scorpion overheard all of this and sends a message to SP.

SP tells GS and GG that they need to go now. GG needs to stay in the office. The other two leave. GG grumbles that they are ditching him.

The other thug plays the recording to MS about her saying that they should kill her. What she says is what MS says! MS laughs and mentions that when the tiger is not around when someone pretends that they are the tiger.

The thug wants to know what he should do. She tells him that he should take care of it herself and not let his kids do it.

Meanwhile, the thugs are about to get rid of JY’s mom. But Scorpion stops them and says that they have to wait for someone to come back first.

Elsewhere, OJ is riding in the back of his car with his two thugs. he says that life is like this. He used to be the mayor but is like this now. GD tries to brown nose him, but OJ just hits him and tells him to shut up.

They get to their location.

GS sees OJ getting out of the car and asks SP how much he prepared for this?

The head thug gets back to the other thugs put JY into a barrel and seal it. But then someone tells the main thug that he needs to come out because OJ is there. the main thug tells the other ones to finish it as he goes out to meet OJ.

OJ walks in like he owns the place. the thug tells him that the mayor running away with no teeth is still a mayor? OJ lets him know that he will be like him someday, so give him the woman.

thugs are all around this place, it feels like a tigers den. The main thug asks him if he really thinks he can ruin his first big job in Kiseung?

OJ laughs.

Meanwhile, MS talks to the head of prosecutors about supporting her in the confirmation hearing.

back tot he thugs, OJ tells him, people, to find the woman. Then he takes out his gun and fires it, which makes all the other men stand back.

Scorpion tries to roll the barrel out, but GD spots it and yells, Over There!

The thugs take the barrel outside and dump it in the sea. GD asks OJ what they should do, this is the only way that they can survive. OJ looks at it sinking and mutters that his important card is in the sea. he looks at it sink to the bottom and then leaves. Sp passes right by them in his car.

MS is still talking tot he heads prosecutor but she tells him that he can be excused. She gets a call from her new dog who tells her that OK stormed in. She tells him that he should not call her number anymore, he can go to Seoul and wait.

Scene changes, SP tells HJ that she can get up now, it is safe.

Then he tells her that he will tell her the most important thing.

Flashback. She is the most important witness from 18 years ago. MS will try to kill you so that she can bury her past. He will use this weakness that no one knows about. I will prepare your perfect death. But I don’t want you to do it now. She says that she wants to see the end. Cut to how Scorpion got her out. A bunch of guys worked for him and put sandbags in the barrel.

In OJ’s car, GD wonders what he will do. OJ says there is a bad smell around, he smells SP. GD wonders if he worked on them again.

Cut to JY. SP tells her that he has her mother, just wait a bit more. She asks him if he is sure? he does not respond. In the car, HJ thanks SP.

SP pulls up to the meeting place and lets HJ out of the car. JY is outside and waiting in the garden for her mother. She walks up and puts out her arms to JY as she cries. They hug warmly. JY smiles and says that she is finally calling her Umma properly.

GS and SP leave them alone to reunite.

In the car, GS asks SP if he thinks JY is okay.

Cut to JY and HJ talking about walking. She tells JY that she told SP not to tell her about Umma. SHe also wanted JY to leave SP. She didn’t’ want her to get revenge with SP, it was too scary. She was sorry to both of them.

JY hugs her again and tells her that it is okay.

GG says he didn’t know that SP would lie to them! The sister snaps back at her brother and tells him that he doesn’t know what is going on in his head! Tsk!

JY shows up and tells SP that he lied to her! She starts pounding on him over and over again. He tells her that he is sorry. She is pissed though and tells him that they need to talk, she walks off to the side. SP smiles at his team and tells them that they can work. Then he goes to meet with JY. She is still upset, but she gives him a big hug and thanks him for bringing her mother back.

The team watches, smiling. They joke about how there is no room between him and her for GG or the sister. The siblings talk about it. Sister says she will get her recognition from working hard as a woman. He is all like, you are a woman? She hits him.

Later on, HJ tells SP that DW told her that they are fighting a big enemy that is like hitting rocks with eggs. Even if he throws his life away, he will make a hole in the rock. You can go into that little hole and crack it further. I was the same. I can do anything to save someone.

SP tells her that it is time to go, Scorpion hyung-nim will protect her. She thanks him and tells him to take care of JY. She leaves with Scorpion hyung-nim.

JY and SP watch hr drive away.

Afterward, JY asks SP in the car, if MS sent him the notebook. SP says yes, MS has a plan to remove the 7 people meeting using him. SHe involved him in it. JY says that they need to remove the past and forcefully create a new future.

SP – Yes, now our real fight starts.

Cut to MS smiling in her judges quarters.

OJ is angry as he stares at his Kiseung Mayor nameplate, he kicks the table.

At the fighting law firm, SP shows his sibling team the projector. They are all like, wow, so cool! SP lets them know that the big picture starts today, he will need to collect them all one by one. If you have a lot of fish in the net, the one that wants to come out first will be the easiest one to come out. So who will be the one that wants to come out quickly?

JY – SJ?

SP – Bingo.

Cut to SJ getting arrested by the police while at the prosecutor office. She is with her daughter. The police tell her that they have a recording that she kidnapped and ordered the murder of a Thailand woman. YH looks at the report. The police drag her away in handcuffs with SJ yelling that it is a mistake! YH also yells after her mother.

OJ talks to the newspaper team, he finds out that SJ is going to jail, she is arrested.

the police go to OJ’s office but he is not there. They take all of his things.

OJ tells GD to start the car, they will need to go to the end. GD tells him yes mayor – no, yes hyung-nim.

News: Mayor and secretary are under a search warrant for a murder. SJ is a woman in her 50s, she tried to kill a Thailand woman, she didn’t’ have a job for 35 years but received commissions….

MS turns off the news as she puts on her Judge robes.

SP meets with her and tells her that her end is near. MS smiles and tells him to just finish it well. She wonders what the end it. She walks away.

SP tells her that she took JY’s mother from her twice, she will never forgive her.

MS comes back and says that she does not care, it is none of her business, is it true that the massagist is the mother? Is there evidence?

SP says he didn’t expect her to say the truth.

MS says that the one thing she didn’t’ expect when sending him the notebook is that he and JY would get involved. But it will be a stopping block for her revenge.

He says it will be the opposite, it will be the biggest hole in her plan that she did not expect he and JY would get together.

Fade Out

JY – I am going to untie that not that couldn’ be untied for 18 years
JY – I am going to take you down with everything that I have
MS – I am the judge/justice of Kiseung.
MS – You are hitting a rock with an egg.
SP – Just wait, the rock will crack soon.
JY – SJ gave us a signal that she has evidence of MS’s corruption.
SP – Well, from today, I am your proper legal defendant.
OJ – There is only one thing that can stop SP…JY

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