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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 12

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Only 4 episodes left after this one so I expect a jam packed ride today of MS dodging the responsibility Jae-yi and Sang-pil are trying to pin her with. Soon-ja looks like she is ready to flip to Oh-ju’s side for her daughters well being and Yeon-hee looks like she is ready to do that as well, so I suspect they will be integral in putting MS behind bars in the coming days.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS | prosecutor Cheon Seong-bum – SB

Airing Time: June 17th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

Countdown: SOON …check twitter for updates.

JY tells SP to stand up and offers her hand. But he gets up on his own. JY thinks something is up, but GS runs in with the news of MS’s interview

On the news, a father tells MS that she gave a death sentence to my son! And hits MS with a bottle, this bottle cuts her and sends her to the hospital.

OJ thinks this willbury MS’s picture news, the gods mst be on her side. He asks GD if he is on her side. GD bows and apologizes. He asks OJ if he will visit her but OJ says no because she probably won’t welcome him, that’s why it is difficult to be mayor.

SJ calls OJ and yells for him to show up at the hospital. He tells her he is not deaf, he is going.

Everyone thinks she got what was coming to her. But SP tells them that she became a victim now so this is a bad thing. then he asks them to find a different angle for the father hitting MS scene.

A lot of supporters came to the hospital for MS. OJ shows up as well and asks SJ if MS is okay? SJ tells him that the gods helped her keep her site, if it was a little lower then she would have lost it.

MS wakes up and tells OJ to tell the reporters that she is unconcious now. Also, SJ, call the head of the prosecutors and news paper person. Then MS tells OJ to hurry adn go away.

OJ leaves like a servant but walks through the lobby like a boss. GD asks if MS has a grudge on him because of the picture? OJ syas yes, she is about to kill me, we have different faces behind our masks, if I do anything wrong then I’m dead, but I see the end.

He goes to the reporters and tells them that MS is unconcious right now. This tragic event happened in the city of Kiseung where the crime rate is so low. I am so sad as mayor, I will definitely ask for the responsibility.

SP and the team are able to get a behind the scenes video of the incident. It looks like MS knew what was about to happen and is using all of this on purpose. She is a scary person. JY says that MS knows several steps ahead. SP mutters that she made her weakness her strength.

In the hospital, MS smiles as she looks at the news.
In the lawfirm, the team all talk about how no one talks about MS’s picture anymore on the internet. Only her supporters have come out. SP tells them that she has had a lot of cases on in humane crimes so she knows how what crimes would cause the most passion in a fraction of a second. She is a victim from and accuser, so she will be happy with this result.

Cut to MS at the hospital, the head of the prosecutors shows up to meet MS. He says he will give a big sentence to the man, but MS tells him not to do anything. SJ and the head prosecutor are all like, huh? MS tells them to bring a lot of news teams to the police station.

MS shows up at the police station with her bandage and basically says that her judgement was right against his son, but she understands the heart of the parents. The man is there. She tells the reporters that she does not want to prosecute him. The man falls to his knees in regret and cries. MS basically comforts him.

SP asks if this happened on purpose? MS says are you asking if I did this on purpose? SP says yes, because of this your picture from 18 years is buried. MS says that picture is all fabricated, I gave my answer at the press conference before. She leaves, all her supporters chant their support.

They mention that she turns her chances to opportunities. SP tells JY to go home, she feels like something is strange.

On the news, JY’s appa is on the TV as one of MS’s greatest supporters. The sister comes in to JY’s room and asks to eat with her on her bed, she shares her food with her and sees if she is doing okay. JY tells her that her appa does not know anything about MS, the sister says that he will know soon. they joke for a moment about being a dating master, the sister says she is a little jealous of them, but fighting! Pop pop!

Meanwhile, SP broods out the window as he thinks about his meeting with JY’s mother on the beach. GS comes in at that moment. SP tells him that JY’s mother is alive. GS is all like, what? Does JY know about it? SP tells him that the mother wanted it to be a secret, so don’t tell JY.

SP meets with HJ again, this time it is on a rocky area. He says he will separate from JY, but he has one question. This journal, did you send it to me? He holds out the journal that explains all about MS. HJ flips through it but she says she didn’t send it to him. SP is confused, what? You didnt’ send it? She says she did not send it. SP covers his mouth as he thinks.
MS talks to the judge that stopped JY from practicing law, it seems like he might have family things? Ah, he is a representative of teh political party, he brings MS a huge gift that is an artifact that the Chinese emperor used to use. They says that all the media and everyone are back on her side now. MS smiles and says she just followed her own principles.

Another man comes in, the judge stands and shakes his hand. MS introsuces them two, she says this man is her person, they will move together.

OJ is in his office with GD and another person, but he says that he has a bad feeling whenever they come there. GD cautiously puts the news on the desk, it says that the Golden City development stopped. OJ yells, what is going on with this? the man says that the golden city is on hold. OJ tells GD to call ID. Why is it stopped? The man says it is stopped from the Government office, they made an issue with it. MS should have taken care of everything. GD says that, maybe, MS changed her mind.

OJ storms out and goes right to MS’s office. ID is there in the office as well. OJ rails at them about the golden city, check the paper, it’s stopped! ID and OJ fight about this for a moment. MS tells them to stop fighting so OJ starts to tell her that he bought all the land for the golden city in her name but she is not even letting me start? MS tells him that she stopped it because it can be problematic in the future.

OJ says this is all that he wanted to do as mayor (or something similar). ID tells him that he did not become mayor by himself. OJ is incredulous, he tells MS that she ate OJ Group. MS tells him that he said he wanted to give OJ Group to Kiseung, which means that he wanted to give it to her.

OJ asks ID if he worked with MS behind the scenes against him? ID slpaos OJ a few times and tells him that they were just communicating, you stupid guy. OJ is stunned quiet, he whispers that the dog that someone raised, bit the owners neck, what do you think the owner can do? I did everything you asked me to do, but now anymore. I am going to do whatever I want to do from now on, expect that. He points his finger at ID and stares at MS.
Afterward, OJ rides int he car, quietly fuming. GD talks on the phone and tells someone that he did not do it and that the mayor will take care of everything. He gets off the phone and tells OJ that his son in law wants to build a building but the city would not let him, can you say something to the office?

OJ tells him to stop the car. GD stops the car. OJ asks him if he also wants to order him around? Is he his secretary? OJ starts beating him up and is about to hit him with a brick. GD apologizes profusely on the ground. OJ tells him to behave well, if he does it one more time then he will die without anyone knowing about it.

GS and SP wonder about the note. Who could have sent it? SP says he needs to check this out. The rest of the rowdy team shows up. SP tells them that they will do this mission their old ways from now on. They will work on the guy that made his uncle die. This time it is not fighting Mu, it is removing Mu. The team asks if he is going to kill him this time?

Cut to GD all bloody at a club. He has some anger management issues and starts throwing drinks and money at the club ladies. they call him crazy and run out of the private room. SP walks in right then and tells GD that he hasn’t seen him in awhile. Why are you here alone? GD yells that he didn’t do anything. SP tells him that he can play with GS a little bit.

GD is pretty drunk and starts walking toward SP on the table. Sp tells him to expect it. GD just laughs and stands up, but then he passes out drunk. The rowdy team members grab him, they are all dressed like they work for the club and just take GD away in their truck.

Cut to GD hanging over a pit with a blind fold on. He is hanging from his hands and is prodded awake. He asks SP where he is! Sp askshim if he really wants him to let him go? SP tells them to let him down. GD starts to fall further and further into this pit. SP tells him, hey, what you did to my uncle….what did you do after hanging (strangling?) my uncle? You dont say it? Say it if you don’t want to die right away.

I didn’t stab him! I didn’t stab him! Sorry!

So you didn’t stab him but you strangled him? I am going to do to you what you did to my uncle.

They call OJ? (or the camera just cuts to OJ).

GD starts getting dropped further and further into the pit. he cries, why are you doing this to me? I didn’t want to do it, you know that OJ told me to do it. SP asks him how he can trust him, you are nothing but GD. GD says he has all the video, he didn’t do it.

GS records GD’s voice or something. GD tells SP that he has to get his revenge against OJ, not him. SP tells them to cut the rope. GD falls and screams, but he lands in the bottom of the pit. SP tells him that he wanted to kill him himself, but OJ will take care of him, his way is different from him.

GG throws GD a bottle of water and tells him, fighting.

the team walks away thoroughly satisfied with their job. they wonder who they should tell first, they know the answer, let’s go!
SJ runs into OJ’s office yelling about how the golden city project is off?

OJ just holds his head like he has a headache and tells her, how can’t you know this when you stick to MS? She stopped the project. SJ falls to the couch and yells about all her money that she lost. OJ tells her to stop grumbling about money, she wants to know what they should do, he tells her that he thought she knew a lot, but he and her both don’t know anything.

SJ stands up and tells OJ that she can do anything. OJ tells her that they are similar in that regard.

But then there is a commotion in the hall outside, SP has come in. He is able to come all the way to the office. He wonders how the famous butler and OJ are speaking, does MS know this? He didn’t know they were this close, it is good to know this news. then he tells them that he doesn’t see GD there. Don’t you wonder where he is? There will be something interesting on the news.

SP starts to leave, but OJ calls him a crazy guy and then points a gun at him. SJ cowers, but SP walks right up to the barrel and stands there. OJ tells him, if you do those things then I will shoot you right in your head, okay? SP mimics the same motion with his finger and smiles. he walks out with OJ in a quiet rage.

Back at the law firm, GG is amazingly happy with something that he found, he tells GS to look at this and he shows him a video. the video is of OJ and GD talking about DW coming there alone to protect his kid, the gods are helping him, hey, bring DW to me.

they think this is good evidence, they can send it all to soemone. But SP says they should put it on the internet first. they have to do that first before they put OJ in the courthouse. the other run off to do that, and SP grips his notebook.
OJ’S office
The right hand man comes up to OJ and tells him that they found where GD was, it seems like SP took him. OJ is all like, SP? Then someoe else runs in and tells him to watch the news. OJ tells him to play it.

News: On the internet, an internet site shows OJ ordering the killing of someone and we have a recording of his voice. “I just did it because OJ asked me to do it.”

Everyone is happy at the fighting law firm, but JY wants to know why SP didn’t tell her. He tells heer that he wanted to tell her later. She tells him that they need to talk. they go to the beach where she asks him why he is behaving like this lately, why didn’t he tell her about OJ she thought he would do everything with her, is there something that she shouldnt’ know?

SP apologizes and tells her that, right now, he can’t tell her anything.

She turns and walks away.

MS watches the news about OJ asking for a murder and how it is a big issue. ID and the other guy come in, maybe he is the prosecutor. he says that he knew this would happen. MS tells them that they have to shoot a crazy dog before it bites them. Then she tells the proseucture to destroy him completely.

ID gives the prosecutor a file, in the file are all the details about OJ’s money flow during the election.

Meanwhile, OJ is brooding in his office. he calls someone and tells themto find SP, look everywhere. Do it right now.

JY gets a call from HJ, she wants to have lunch with her. JY says that is fine with her, of course, she can reserve a location.

Cut to a bright cafe, HJ shows up, JY is already there. She says she picked this place because HJ is from Thailand. Do you like it? HJ says she likes everything. they start eating, JY gives more food to HJ as they share the food. Then seh asks her how long she was in Thailand, was she born there? HJ says she was there for a long time. She asks asks where she stays here. Umma says she is in a hotel in front of the station.

More food shows up so they eat. But it looks like JY has an allergic reaction to the food. Perhaps it is a peanut allergy or somekind of allergy. HJ comes up to the side and asks her if she is okay, then she tells the staff to call the ambulance, she has a shrimp allergy!

JY stops immediately, she was faking, and asks HJ how she knows she has a shrimp allergy? HJ is flustered and runs away.

JY looks after her passionately and a tear falls. HJ has already left the building and is walking down the street. She tells somene that she will be there. then JY calls her. HJ apologizes for leaving so abruptly.

JY tells hre that no one knows about her shrimp allergy….Umma.

HJ tries not to cry as she looks back toward the Thai place. But ehn she turns and walks off. JY runs to find her.

Meanwhile, SP gets a text. It says that she is at MS’s house now. SP walks off. GG tells GS that he thinks something is going on with Hyung-nim.

SJ tells MS that they have the massage room ready. HJ is in the massage room getting ready, but it looks like she has something…not sure what.

MS looks toward the massage room apprehensively. She walks toward the room.

HJ puts a drug in the tea just as MS comes in. But MS is suspicious of the tea and actually finds the powder on the glass. She doesn’t drink it. She climbs on the bed and tells her that she does not want to drink tea. HJ tells her that she will start with her neck. She starts massaging her kneck, but it is difficult. MS pulls her hands away and asks her how long she thinks she will let her do this. The one that saved you life told you never to come back to Kiseung.

HJ says, you know how I lived because of you!

MS tells her to accept her situation!

SJ runs in and slaps HJ, she yells for the other people to take her out. Then seh asks MS if she is okay. MS’s eyes roll back and she passes out.

JY tries to find her Umma on the street.

Elsewhere, SP sees the mothers passport. He thinks back to telling HJ that he thinks MS knows about her, she shoudn’t go there anymore. But HJ thinks they can use this situation. She is riking it all, she can’t go back now. He should help her this time. SP thinks it is too dangerous.

Cut to him thinkingabout this at HJ’s place. JY shows up. She asks him why he is there. SP doesn’t have an answer. She says, you knew about it? That she is my mother? You knew about it, but you didn’t tell me? How can you do this to me? How can you hid it from me? She runs out. SP goes after her.

JY – Her phone is off, maybe something happened to her.

She pulls herself away and goes to MS’s office.

MS is in her office.

JY – Where is my mom

MS – You shouldn’t look for your mother here, she dissapeared 18 years ago.

JY – tell me (in banmal) where did you take my mother?

MS – family makes people stupid, like you and your mom. that is why I am not making any more family. Family is a weakness that you can never remove, like you are now.

JY basically tells her to shut and tell her where her mother is. TELL ME. But some guards run in to take JY out. SP is there and tells the guards to take their hands off her, he can take her out himself.

MS tells him that hse is super upset, so take her out. But JY just continues yelling, where is my mom! Where is my mom!

She is pulled out.

In the lobby, JY asks Sp if he didn’t tell her becaue of his revenge, he is using her mother for that.

SP tells him that, whtever she says, he will not tell her.

JY – is this all about revenge? Recruiting me to your law office? You only thought about you revenge?……from now on, I can’t trust you anymore.

She walks out.

Elsewhere, SJ grumbles about OJ calling her to a place like this. OJ is waiting for her in an abandoned building. SJ tells OJ that they will investigate his election money, he is in a corner right now. She told YH, but SB took the case.

OJ is all like, the bad prosecutor that slashed the banker?

SJ tells him that they will have a way, dont’ be too dissapointed.

OJ tells her to cooperate with him if she wants to get her money back.

SJ tells himt hat they money is important to him.

he mentions the case from 18 years ago and warns SJ, after MS slashes me, the next person is you.

Are you threateneing me?

Just think about it, SP not revealing your name is becaue he is prepareing something important, do you think you are safe?

GS tells SP that HJ is missing, she did not come back to her room.

JY is out looking for her.

SB storms into the offices and tells themt hat they will investigate the case. the head of the prosecutors gave this to him. He throws something on the table. It is OJ’s election fraud. SB wants to know if someone else will touch OJ in this crazy city.

SP says he knows who it is now from this information, because of this, all his questions are solved.

Cut to MS slowly walking to her bench.

SP slowly walks to his projector image. GS asks him who sent him the note.

SP – MS did.

Cut back to MS sitting at her desk with a little smile.

SP – MS brought me to Kiseung.

Flashback to MS preparing all the information int he notebook and giving it to someone to give to SP. She also watched him when he arrived to the city.

SP – She is using me to remove all her henchmen, that is why she wanted me to come here.

MS flashbacks to everything that SP did. it was all in her plan.

MS calls the head of the prosectutors and asks what happened to OJ, he tells her that he is all done.

SP – Especially OJ, to et rid of him, she needed my rage for revenge. But the end of this revenge is MS, she knows that I am the last person I will point my knife at. Even though seh knows that, she still picked me…..MS.

Fade Out

SP – Maybe one or the other…you either removed all the evidence, or found another sacrificial lamb
SP – Can you help me?
JY – Did you take my mom?
SP – Stop i-jashik
SP – I am going to use MS’s weakness point that no one knew about
MS – Straighten up the account that I used in someone else’s name.
SJ? – Remove her, put her in the sea where no one can find the body.
JY – What are you talking about?
MS – That is justice.
SP – Just trust me, can you wait a little bit? (be patient?)

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  1. plekto
    June 17, 2018 / 8:40 am

    What? Did this make sense to you guys? Do you think everything has flowed normally and naturally so far? Aren’t there a few too many plot holes? Like, how did MS know SP is alive, how did SP find the pictures in the first place if he has never visited Gi Sung again, just where did he find them, and many many other questions. I’m asking this because you clearly speak Korean and are probably acquainted with the culture etc. I like this series so much, and that’s why I want it to be perfect, like Goblin was for me. I mean I expect the occasional ignorable tiny plot hole, but still… If I considered it some mindless entertainment I wouldn’t have cared, but I love the characters and the story so much and found so many connections to my own life and beliefs, that I have connected emotionally to this story. So now I just have to ask. Do you guys think the turn this story has taken makes sense and is within reasonable bounds (in a Korean way I suppose)? What do you think of the story so far?

    Sigh, sorry if my message seems aggressive, that isn’t my intention at all. Sigh…

    • plekto
      June 17, 2018 / 8:42 am

      Thank you for recapping by the way, I’ve been meaning to say this, you are awesome, and I appreciate it greatly. I apologise for my manners in the previous comment.

      • plekto
        June 17, 2018 / 8:52 am

        Not to mention all the gripes I have with the turn of events in SP and JY’s relationship. I had so many hopes that this wouldn’t be a standard drama formula and they would stay united until the end, becoming stronger and bonding more with each passing day, but no, they just had to go about it that way. I was hoping that after DW’s death SP would know not to leave JY out of things, to confide in her, trust her, and depend on her just like she does for him. And it would have made for a perfect relationship where they grow closer and learn to coexist, while serving as character development as well. But no, SP decided to break up because he thinks he puts JY in danger. JY chose to be with him, to get to the bottom of this case together, not just for her mother mother, but also for his mother, other people who may have been scammed, justice, etc. And he had also told her in ep4 to brace herself and follow him. Teaching her to defend was very good and useful too!! But no, they just reversed everything in their character development as individuals and as a couple by going for the obvious noble sacrifice. Which I would characterize as stupid, because if they are not in sync, and they don’t work together, it’s easy for their enemies to destroy them.

        Okay, I’ll refrain from commenting now… Sigh… Sigh…

  2. plekto
    June 17, 2018 / 9:02 am

    I mean, I don’t really appreciate such sudden changes in character dynamics that come out of nowhere and are not the least bit foreshadowed just for the sake of convenient plot twists to keep us on the edge of our seats. I was on the edge of my seat since day 1!!!

    Sorry, sorry, I commented again… Sigh… How to get over this and continue studying… Sigh…

    • V
      June 17, 2018 / 10:20 am

      Nope, you are pretty spot on. This show is pretty all over the place. The actors and the individual characters still make it fun, but the story line does not make that much contextual sense. It is a fun ride because who knows what is going to happen (literally), but it would be nice to have some things that are clever and having me nodding my head instead of shaking it.

    • Kethy-chan
      June 20, 2018 / 8:29 am

      lol @ Plekto.
      Clearly, you’re upset about the recent development (or shall we call it a regression) and I totally get it. While I am willing to forgive the Show for giving us the seemingly mandatory couple rift (they didn’t break up! Neither has verbally asserted a break up, so we’re kind sorta maybe good… kinda… She’s just SUPER mad at him… yes? lol), what I am NOT willing to forgive is how it was JY’s mum who caused it all.

      This woman returned to town without a plan. zero. zilch. nada. just a tearful face and huge dark sunshades to cover her face occasionally (at best). Just, “I wanna see my family” and that’s it, she’s back, making tearful bold demands of our Lawless Hero, asking him to break up with his love. And then what, JY’s mum? You tell her you’ve been (rightfully) absent for 18yrs and then what? the people who ran you out of town are STILL alive and well (does she NOT watch the news????), so what was the point???

      I’m not saying it’s easy to stay in hiding but, maybe coming up with a plan would have been nice. And when even her lamely executed plan failed (I kneeeew CMS would figure it out instantly! as a matter of fact, I expected her to ask JI’s Mum to drink the tea herself!), was there a plan B? No? Damsel in distress iiiiimmmeeeediately! gggrrrrr!

      Basically, no good has come out of JY’s mum needlessly reappearing. She’s been more trouble than even CMS has been for the couple !!!

    • Kethy-chan
      June 20, 2018 / 8:31 am

      I also truly cannot understand how JY couldn’t recognize her mum, even if she believed she was dead and that it’s been 18yrs. HOW do you forget the face of someone you’re (supposedly) still looking for?? that part of the plot just kiiiiilled me.

      • V
        June 20, 2018 / 9:46 am

        That is hilarious. I thought the same thing, her photos are all over there house and it’s not like her look changed that much. The mom shouldn’t really recognize her, but she should recognize the mom.

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