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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 11

Episode 11 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
OJ is at the witness stand, y’all. What in the whole wide world is he going to say? I am assuming that it will be somthing that is in Sang-pil’s favor, though OJ isn’t might double cross him. The almost bromance during the hospital fight out was hilarious though I am happy that they immediately went back to their “I hate you” ways as soon as they beat everyone up.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: June 16th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
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This is the second trial for DW’s murder case. JY stands and requests a second witness: Mayor OJ.

OJ steps to the front and tells MS, your honor, the mayor OJ will put my mayor job on the line. This SP sitting here is not the murderer.

JY – You? What is your business with me?

JY recorded everything on her phone and went to the elvator to meet him. She meets him at his place.

JY – You are going to prove SP’s innocence?
OJ – You ar just like SP

They talk back and forth, OJ tells her that he thought she had a recording device like in the movies. Of course you have something, that is why you came here also. SP will be in danger if the case goes on longer. JY wants to know what he wants. OJ tells GD to get some tea, he tells her that she will know what he wants after court is over. Is it confusing? Well, I dont’ care if SP dies or not, lawyer agasshi.

Court. JY interviews OJ as the witness. She wants to know the reason/evidence OJ has that SP is not the perp. OJ says he will tell the truth about this case. The real murderer is his body guard. What is the motive? Well, he saw SP threatening me so his loyalty to me made this tragic case.

You persuaded him?

Yes, I told him to turn himself into the police, the prosecutors should get that message now.

Cut to the prosecutors seeing the message of GD turning himself in to the police.

OJ walks out to the people in the court and bows to them, he tells them, first of all, he is really sorry that SP was affected by me. And for my bodyguard, I want to ask for a better sentence who had wrong loyalty, please forgive him (me?). He bows again.

MS calls the prosecutors and lawyers to the front. She asks SB if he has a message. He says he has it, but they need further investigation. The real murderer turned themselves in so they don’t need this trial anymore.

MS tells the prosecutors to please investigate the truth. This is the end of today’s trial.

SP – The alligator and the alligator bird had a crack in their relationship
Outside, all the reporters ask OJ what happened and what the reason is that he went to court. OJ tells them that he wil tell them just in case hey have a misunderstanding. He didn’t go there for a lighter sentence for his bodyguard, he should be punished. But as his superior I have to ad for mercy and forgiveness.

SB tells the news that the real murderer turned himself in so SP is not guilty. He is sorry to SP.

Afterward, SP talks to JY in the lobby. He wants to know if she made a deal because of him. She says that she had to get him out and OJ and her both had something to gain.

back at OJ’s company, his secretary asks him if it was too risky. AH, this is GD, so the other guy that turned himself in was another gangster in the company.

Elsewhere, SJ runs in to MS’s office and tells her that it is a big deal. All the newspapers are comparing MS and OJ. OJ is becoming a big star, how dare they do this. You are the one that controls Kiseung, all these stupid people…

Beach. SP and JY meet up with their law team at the beach. It’s picnic time on the beach as everyone is happy and excited that SP is out. They think JY deserves the most praise in this entire situation.

Everyone sits to eat, but JY looks out over the ocean. She thinks back to MS telling her to show her ability and win the ase. She wonders why she told her that. SP walks up and thinks MS is behind all of this. JY did not know she was that bad. SP wonders if it is a good thing or a bad thing for them that their opponent became too seperated. SP/JY thinks s/he is moving within MS’s plan. JY thinks she should meet her. SP looks against it, but JY is adamant.
JY meets with MS. MS tells her that she won this case. But she says that OJ’s testimony actually won the case, not JY. JY wants to know if releasing her from her disciplinary action was her plan from the begining? MS sighs and says that she wanted to make her a good law person after her. Whether she believes it or not, she wanted to replace her in finding out what her mom could not do.

JY tells MS that she found her real face behind her mask, she no longer needs to hear from her anymore. She starts to walk out, but MS asks her what if her mother was alive? Will things go back to the way they were before. JY tells her not to try and shake her, especially if she does not want her to remove the memory of her saving her (when seh was a child).

SP talks to GS on the beach. They talk about JY, he isn’t sure if he should make JY suffer further.

He walks off and goes straight to OJ’s company/office. He lets himself in. OJ gets off the phone and asks SP if he is there to thank him for saving his life. SP says he heard he is sepearted from MS.

things will be twice harder, what are we going to do?

Check the news on what is happening to MS, the next target is you.

OJ tells him that they need to descide everything there, why do they need to do any work outside. But SP wants to get his revenge with the law. OJ stands and says that SP still does not understand, there is a law above the law. SP tells him not to be around JY anymore, if he is then there will be no more laws.

HJ shows up to give MS a massage. She is called out of the blue to come. HJ tells MS that she will prepare for the massage. But MS’s cell phone is ringing so she tells her to get her cell phone from her room. HJ runs to get it and gives it to MS. Then she bows and leaves. The call is from one of the representatives/congressmen, they should meet up to work out.

At OJ’s office, there is a man there (former secretary?) there. It looks like they have a plan for him.

Fighting lawfirm. The traitor comes back and is all bloody. He tells them that the old secretary came and just took him away after putting a box in. It looks like they held him somewhere after beating him up. He is very sorry about what happens and falls to the ground. SP tells him it isn’t his fault.

Meanwhile, OJ meets with MS. he went to the courtroom beacause of MS and would like to talk to MS quietly. MS tells SJ to leave. GD leaves as well. Outside, SJ asks GD if he knows anything. GD is all like, no, but even if I know something, I know nothing. SJ tells him to talk straight. GD calls SJ a doorknob. He heard she was a doorknob, but maybe she really was just a doorknob (really happened in the old presidents life, the three people around her where called doorknobs.)
In the office, OJ shows MS pictures of when he murdered someone. These are the photos that someone gave him and said that he should testify.

MS asks if it was SP?

OJ says, of course it was SP. On my honor, everything I do is to protect you. My loyalty, like my bodyguard whom I gave money to to cover up the incident.

Flashback to when OJ received those images in a frame.

GD tells OJ that he didn’t think those photos would be that useful, do you think she believes it? OJ isn’t sure, but a lie is always completed with the truth, you must have the truth when you lie.

HJ shows up to the office. JY tells SP that he can trust her. SP wants to trust her, but he looks sckeptical. He asks her how she knew his uncle. She says that DW approached her first. She tells them that she is busy, she will visit next time. She runs off which makes JY run after her. She says that SP worried about her. HJ understands and continues running off.

SP follows JY and asks if they would like to have a date. they go to Subway for their date. SP gets JY an avocado sandwhich. She is all like, how did you know I like avocado on my sandwich? Thent hey talk about getting the kids together for important discussions.
JY and SP look at all the images on the wall, they will attack MS directly, now there is a change in their plan.

Cut to SP talking to his team downstairs. SP points to a standing touch screen to explain everything to them. They have to follow MS around, GG thinks they can use a drone, but they can’t fly a drone above the golf club. SP tells sister that she is the key person in this plan because she is the only unknown person. She can become the caddy and follow MS around.

Cut to the sister doing just that at the golf course. She is the caddy for MS and the senator. She tries to rid in the car with them but they push her out and make her walk. But they put a wiretap in the golf clubs or somewhere.

MS and the senator talk business, from now on, he should golf in Seoul only (?). MS tells him to do things his own way, but she needs a public reason. She heard that Seouls supreme court is empty, so he needs to make up a reason.

JY and SP think that MS wants to be a Supreme Court Judge.

There is a murder case. MS gives her judement on it, this person will have a death sentence. SJ gives YH a thumbs up. The father is in the audience and says that they can’t do this to his son! He has to be held back.

MS talks to reporters outside about being a Supreme Court candidate. MS tells them that she has to focus on the law and social situations. She walks to her fathers statue and tells him that she is almost at the point where she can keep the promise she had with him.

SP claps for her and says that it was a good sentence, but you look down on people, do you think the Korean citizens are stupid? Will you be graceful after taking off your mask? That is why you are dangerous.

Do you think I am scared of you?

You deserve a better thing than your judgement, I will give you your judgement here in Kiseung.
Cut to OJ talking to his secretary Kim on the phone. He finds out that MS met with someone at the golf course. Then he watches the news. The person that MS met is on the news and is pushing MS as the Seoul Supreme Court Judge, she is already approved as a candidate. It will also be a good job to correct their justice system.

OJ gets on the phone with SJ. SJ wants to talk to her but OJ says he does not want to go there so he will not get in the car. SJ is upset and yells at him through the phone.

In the fighting lawfirm, the team talk about why MS is taking this position right now. She turned it down a lot before. But SP thinks her plan is to go farther away now due to OJ and her sepearting(?). So they need to use that.

Cut to SP and JY meeting the reporter from one of the earlier episodes. They give her the photos of MS and OJ during the murder. She asks if this is really MS? They tell her yes. They tell her that they think she has a sense of duty as a reporter. The reporter tells them that this is different than the banker case. Her life might be on the line. They tell her that she says that, but she can’t take her eyes off the pictures.

SJ storms into OJ’s office and asks him why he is talking about her daughter (he mentioned her daughter when they were on the phone earlier). OJ tells her that MS is leaving for the supreme court, so who will take care of her daughter? Think about it?

She tells him it is none of his business.

He tries to reason with her, he tells her that this is his nest. She rolls her eyes.

Cut to SJ talking to MS. MS tells her to get out. But SJ wants to know if MS is really accepting the Supreme Court position, what about her daughter? I thought…~. But MS tells her not to guess what she thinks. SJ is taken aback.

SJ meets with her daughter and tells her that she thinks a big storm is coming. She wants to make her someone that will be respected anywhere until she dies. her daughter isn’t that concerned, she puts on makeup. But SJ tells YH that she has to look at MS carefully. YH wants to know what is going on with MS and OJ. SJ tells her that she does not know when it will rain. So YH tells her that she needs to be with someone with an umbrella right?

Fighting lawfirm. They all say that they need to be prepared.

All the head bad people of Kiseung meet up and laugh about all that is going on. SJ grummbles a bit, but everyone else laughs and says good things about MS. MS asks SJ why she is so quiet. SJ tells her that she does not see OJ today. Everyone turns awkward. MS tells SJ, why are you talking about him in front of me?

SJ says it is nothing.

When did you start to care about OJ so much

NO, I don’t, haha.

MS says that she is leaving and tells the prosecutor leader to come to her room sometime, she has someone to introduce to him. SJ gives YH a cue to follow MS. YH follows her and tells her that she can serve her, but MS says it is okey and walks away.

SJ watches all of this with concern and then feigns that she is taking a call from someone she likes. She looks at her daughter come back shaking her head. the person on the phone is actually OJ. OJ asks her if she thought about it? He knows that MS will not take care of her daughter, but OJ never betrays his person, he embraces all his people. SJ agrees with that.

They hang up, cut to OJ smiling.
Breaking News: MS’s past with the golden city person that disappeared. It seems like MS is related to his disappearance.

MS sees the news report and turns it off. She sighs into a flashback. In the flashback, MS rips up some evidence in front of JA , then it cuts to MS telling OJ that he did it.

MS is brought out of her memories by a lot of people telling screaming for her name and asking if it is true. These people are all reporters. They think she has to answer them.

OJ sits in the office and thinks about what SP told him, after MS, it is him. OJ smiles and says that SP is catching two rabbits with one bullet. He looks at the news report, his face is blurred.

In the COurt, MS walks out to go to court, she tells everyone that she will have a public response to it. SP and JY watch her walking out. JY says she leades a calculated life but SP adds that her mask will be revealed soon.

Everyone is super happy. they think they beat their opponent with their opponent. they all toast to it. Their Mu lawfirm will always go forward!

But SP has thoughts so we cut to SP meeting with HJ. He asks her if he can talk to her. HJ asks about JY but SP says it is only him to meet her today. (he wants to meet her alone). they meet on the beach. He thanks her for her help but he will not accept it because he does not trust someone without an identity and that person is also close to MS. Plus, JY trusts you so I am here to ask you not to meet with her anymore. I beg you.

He walks off. HJ tells him, Lawyer SP, thank you so much for protecting my daughter. SP stops in his tracks and slowly turns as he experiences the flashback to the woman that saved his life that night until his eyes fall on HJ.

he remembers the woman that told him to hurry and run away. he blinks a few times and asks her what she said. then he walks closer to her. What did you just say? JY is – JY is – your daughter?

Well, a long time has passed.

So how can I trust you? HOW CAN I TRUST YOU?

How do you think I know DW? And how did I get those pictures and give them to JY

Are you really JY’s mother? 18 years ago, the one that rescued me, that person?

You grew up well, you resemble your mom a lot.

SP can’t believe it, he is teary and looks at the ocean. Back in the office, JY reads the note and wonders who sent it.

I knew, if I came back to Kiseung then JY and my husband would be in danger, that is why I stayed in Thailand. Can you keep it a secret a little longer, I will tell her myself. Can you listen to another wish?


You could protect her until now, but how long do you think she will be safe? As long as she is next to you…..I know you will be sad, but think of it as a mom, I want JY out of this case, if you really love my daughter, then you should let her go. I don’t want to lose her again, I know I shouldnt’ ask you this but…..(she starts crying).

SP understands, though he is reluctuant and blinks away angry tears.

The man that stabbed SP is out. He meets SP in front of the building, it is a happy meeting. SP asks him why he went to jail. the man says that he went because of DW, but he did not tell him the reason. he will stay in Kiseung instead of going back to Seoul, so if SP needs him, just call him.

The man wants to know why SP was picked as a murderer by #2 guy from DW.

MS looks at the news that asks what the truth is behind the picture from 18 years ago. MS calls someone, it is the senator, the senator tells her to clear up this picture or the offer is not valid. SHe thinks he is changing his mind too quickly, what about her father? The politician says that politics is swords, why is it swords? So you can cut off things quickly. they hang up.

Int he fighting lawfirm, SP thinks about what HJ said about how long her daughter will be kept safe when she is next to him. he flashes to all the times JY was in danger because of her, there are at least 4 times. He hangs his head as he thinks about it.
SP asks JY to come with him somewhere. They end up going to a martial arts studio, he wants to teach her a few skills she will have to focus and learn a lot.

they start to practice Judo/Jujitsu style self defense.

SP – Whenever I have time, I will teach this to you so you can defend yourself.

they keep practicing, it looks like she gets a little bit better as they dance-fight.

She is able to get him on the ground, he tells her to hold tight to the center of balance. He flips her over, but she is able to get him in an arm bar so he falls.

MS speaks in front of her Fathers statue and thanks everyone for their support. She holds up the picture and says that 18 years ago, I was threatened with this picture, I dont’ know who sent this. I think it was just someone who wanted to block the golden city, but now I decided it is not only my problem. I have nothing to do with the golden city union leaders dissapearance.

Cut to SP and JY still practice fighting. SP gives. JY asks him what it means for her to do this well. Tell her, what does it mean?

He just lays on the ground. So she gets up and tells him to stand up. He stands up but is unable to look at her. then he turns around as if he will tell her something, but GS bursts in and says that there is an urgent press conference that MS is iving. they run ahead.

MS – I will not be swayed by people who make rumors, I will accept the offer to be a supreme court judge. We will clear up everything at the evaluation.

the father comes in and says, HOW DARE YOU, he hits MS over the head with a bottle that breaks. MS is all cut and bloody. (This happened to the old Korean president also. She got cut by someone and went to the hospital and was in the hospital bed. But then seh told the news “What about the election” and all the people where like, she is the best! Such a strong person!)

OJ chuckles, that is a good picture. Haha.

Fade Out

JY – MS was terrorized on purpose?
MS – I dont’ want to prosecute him.
SP – She faced her danger with danger.
SP – We will do the mission. I will repay them as much as my uncle suffered.
OJ – The golden city business all stopped
JY – Did you know she was my mom? You didn’t tell me because you wanted to use my mom? SP, I can’t trust you anymore.
SP – To destroy him, she needed my will for revenge. She picked me.

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