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Lawless Lawyer Live Recap Episode 10

Episode 10 Live recap for Korean Drama Lawless Lawyer starring Lee Joon-gi and Seo Ye-ji
Sang-pil’s case isn’t going so well which makes me actually wonder what really goes through prosecutors heads: winning or actually finding out the truth? Also, SP got stabbed by a friend of his uncles while in jail. Though I guess you could say SP let the man go ahead and stab him instead of just getting stabbed. This does not look good. I mean the stab wound is bad but it also opens up more ways for MS or OJ to have him killed. Hopefully there is a Kang In-gyu type doctor at this prison, we don’t need any sorry-not-sorry complications during surgery.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart
Bong Sang-pil – SP | Ha Jae-yi – JY | Cha Mun-sook – MS | Ahn Oh-ju – OJ | Choi Jin-ae – JA | Choi Dae-woong – DW | Nam Soon-ja – SJ | Kang Yeon-hee – YH | Tae Guang-su – GS

Airing Time: June 10th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

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JY looks at the new projected image on the wall which implicates MS and OJ in a murder. She calls someone or answers a call from someone. The police tell her that SP is being transported to the hospital.

JY hurries off and makes it to hospital before the ambulance gets there. She hops out of her car and sees SP wheeled out of the ambulance and into the hospital. She runs to hold his hand, but she is not permitted into the surgical suite.

The entire team runs up behind her and asks what is going on. But JY is weak in the knees. She tries to tell them that it will be okay.

Cut to MS riding her horse (very similar to the old Korean president’s life).

OJ talks to the news person as he walks around a park for a photo op. The conversation is fake as they wax poetic about Kiseung and how amazing of a mayor OJ is. After they shake hands for the camera, they sit to talk and chill. OJ asks him if he thinks anything is wrong with MS lately? Have you noticed?

MS gets a call from SJ alerting her to the fact that SP got stabbed in jail.

Elsewhere, OJ attacks GD and asks him if he is acting without his orders? GD says he is not, but this is good for them. If he dies then the investigation will end as well. But OJ thinks someone is looking after SP so that means MS hired other hitmen, don’t you think so? He slightly smiles.

The doctors come out and let everyone know that the surgery went well.
The team all cheer. JY goes inside SP’s room and sits with him. She is the only one allowed in because she is his lawyer. She thinks back to all the times SP protected her and tells him that she will do well from now on. She lightly rubs his face and rests her head on his chest.

SP wakes up and mutters something. JY sits. SP asks again, is that true? Answer me first, was what you said true? JY thanks SP for being alive and tells him that she was so surprised. If you surprise me one more time….she lightly hits him on his chest.

The team goes back to the offices along with JY. JY asked that SP stay in the hospital overnight and not go back to the hotel. The team is all like, ah, okay. And just smile as they look at her. It looks like they are waiting on her to tell them what to do. JY looks at them and then kind of figures this out so she starts to give them all orders on what to do. The need to track the witness from the courtroom so they need to get on it. The team all do another super cute pose that involves singing. then they all get to it!

Meanwhile, OJ thinks that MS wants SP to win his case so he is trying to figure things out. First on the list is, who stabbed SP. They thinks the #1 should want his revenge. OJ asks GD if he would get revenge for him if he died. GD waits 3 seconds and then says, of course! but OJ is not fooled. GD asks the same thing about MS, if someone kills MS will you get your revenge? OJ is all like, ah….MS is a little strange.

Elsewhere, MS thinks back to her last meeting with OJ. They talk about business like things such as OJ giving all his money to her foundation. But OJ’s head is getting big now that he is mayor.

SP also has a flashback with getting stabbed. But it isnt’ long because OJ walks into his room. SP tries to grab OJ, but he is chained to his bed and can’t reach him. OJ plays with him a little bit and lets him grab his jacket, but he is able to shake him off easily and sit on the couch. He says he worries about him, he should be kind to him, maybe he can find out who stabbed him. You have a lot of enemies because you poke around everywhere, just live nicely like me.

OJ leaves and tellsGD that it seems like he does not know who stabbed him.

While walking out, they run into the good prosecutor, SB. SB talks to OJ about past things. SB stopped OJ’s company from operating back in the day so he recognizes SB’s name and wants to know why he is there. But he says everything playfully in his way. SB is serious and wants to know why he is at the hospital. He hopes he does not see him in the courtroom.

SB then goes into SP’s room with the stabber. He asks him if this is the person who stabbed him? SP says it is not, the person who stabbed me is smaller and weaker, he is not the guy. Everyone knows he is probably lying about it. But they tell the guy to leave. SP then asks SB if he thinks he killed his uncle? SB says he does not trust living people. Only dead people and evidence. But the problem is, why did OJ come here?

SP says it is because OJ also wants to know who stabbed him. Then he tells SB to prepare for this case well because JY is more of a pitbull than he is.
JY and YH walk into the courtroom together. YH says SP is a scary guy, he killed his own uncle. But JY says it will be solved today. She also asks who is the biggest problem, the lawyer who tries to find the answer of the prosecutor who already decided the answer? Someone told me that you never trusted anyone with all you have or tried to rescue someone with all you have.

YH tells her that she shouldn’t’ go to the courtroom with that emotion, but JY tells her that lawyers trust is the most important thing for an innocent person.

they both run into MS. MS is nice to JY and asks her if she thinks she wants SP to die? That is not the case. But JY tells her that her past can not be forgotten or covered up. So she should not be relaxed about it. MS grows serious and tells JY that she is looking forward to finding out how they will prove that.

JY and YH talk about keeping SP in the hospital or moving him back to the jail. YH tries to argue that SP tried to injure himself. He already has a history of disturbing the courtroom. He can remove evidence.

MS says that what SB is saying makes sense so she is denying JY’s request to remove him from jail.

JY tells SP all of this. SP didn’t think MS would agree to it anyway so he is still in high spirits. JY takes him out of the hospital room and walks him around to meet with this teammates. SP feigns pain in front of them but then says he was just playing. they talk about drinking but then they reprimand each other for talking about drinking in front of the patient.

A little boy comes up and asks why SP has a handcuff even though he is sick. SP tells him that ajusshi’s friend hit him. But then the little boy’s mom pulls him away. JY asks SP to tell her everything about him. Because she needs to know and because he is her man.

HJ massages MS’s arm and is told that she is a good masseuse. She asks a littl bit about her but they are all one word replies. SJ speaks up and basically says it is an honor for MS to ask her any questions. Then they conversation changes to OJ. SJ basically hates him. OJ comes it right at that moment to ruin the mood. SJ yells at the masseuse to get out, HJ leaves immediately. MS tells SJ to leave as well. SJ is crushed.

Outside, SJ prepares money for HJ, but instead of giving it to her, she throws it into the air and makes it rain. HJ has to pick it all up while saying “thank you.” Then HJ tells her that she can’t say anything or her entire family will die. Everyone, she will kill them all, you understand? HJ tells her that she understands and bow deeply, but when she turns her back on SJ, she does not look scared at all.

JY shows SP the picture of MS and OJ at the murder scene. She says that a woman gave it to her and it looks like DW snuck her into MS’s home and possibly gave her the picture as well.
OJ asks MS if she did the SP thing (stabbed him)? MS is all like, no. They are both talking to each other about SP. OJ says, if someone touched SP without my permission and came in front of you, well, I am sorry about that. MS asks him if he is pretending like he is asking her for permission? They are basically having a polite falling out. OJ politely excuses himself and leaves.

Meanwhile, JY goes to her fathers company and sees the photo that HJ did not pick up. She thinks back to the night they took the photo and to when HJ gave her the photos. Umma is also looking at JY’s childhood photo in her hotel room.

Appa wakes JY up with food. He is very nicely dressed up because he is taking photos for MS’s autobiography. This tie is very important to him so JY asks him why he has to wear that tie there. Appa tells her to think about him and his work a little bit. He does not understand why JY and MS are not getting along.

Appa goes to take the photos. But he wants to move something that is in the background. he ends up moving it, but he breaks it. It is a huge vase that costs $100k. He said he would pay for it at first but after hearing that he is gobsmacked. Sj yells at him abuot it. MS rolls her eyes but acts dignified.

HJ is also in the room as the masseuse, she puts on her face mask so the father will not notice her. HJ also notices the tie. For some reason, MS starts talking about if Appa tried to find JY’s mother again? It seems like she might sense something werid about the masseuse. Appa says that he still thinks she is alive.

JY is back to his hospital room and all chained up. He asks JY if she can trust the massage person, she does not know anything about her right? It could be a trap just like his uncle was trapped. JY says that it is hard to explain, but she does not look like she would lie to her. It seems like everything she says is true.

JY leaves and gets a text from HJ. She says she wants to visit her at 11, she would like to see her privately. JY responds that she will wait for her.

JY goes to the offices and waits for HJ to show up. GS lets her in and they start to talk. JY gives her the photo that she took. Then she tells her that she will prepare something to drink. She comes back with the drink and asks her if DW really gave her MS’s picture? Why did you give me the picture? MS is a really scary person, why are you volunteering for this job?

HJ says she got the picture from MS’s office, she told you that the picture was from DW, just in case you don’t trust her. DW sent her there. I am doing this becasue I want to find my lost life. I am ready to throw away everything to find my past.

Your past?

I am not here to tell you this. MS and OJ’s relationship is not as good as it was before. I think there is a problem between them. To me, I will leave.

Excuse me, can I have your name? I just want to know what to call you.

People call me Mama in MS’s house.


She nods and smiles.

Cut to everyone thinking. SP thinks for a moment about crocodile eggs or something like that and OJ thinks about his failing relationship with MS. He tells GD to wait there, he will go visit SP.

OJ drives up right when JY leaves. It looks like they are at the hospital. All of a sudden a lot of black cars drive up. DW’s #1 comes out and bows to someone. he meets with a man inside and tells him that they can start.

A man comes in and unplugs all the security camera’s. Then dozens of men rush into the hospital in all black and with black facemasks on. They also have weapons.

OJ goes into SP’s room to ask him about sho stabbed him and all those things. Then the men go inside the room and tell #1 that SP is not alone, OJ is with him. OJ is all like, what are you doing? i am the mayor!

The #1 asks the person he is talking to what they should do. The camera spans to MS. MS gives him a signal with his eyes.

Cut back to the room. OJ tells SP to find a way to survive. he beats up the first two guys and sends them flying into the hallway. But then he looks out the window and sees all the men that are waiting for him. He decides that he needs help and throws the keys to SP to unlock himself.

They both go into the hallway. OJ tells SP that he better not die, if he dies, then he will kill him. Then they start to fight all the thugs off. SP must have an adrenaline rush or is high on drugs or something, because his injuries aren’t really hurting him at all.

They beat everyone up and rush to the next hallway. OJ basicallytells all the tiny thugs to leave. They get to the front of the building and a bromance looks like it might be developing…….but no, they immediately punch each other in the face and almost double knock each other out.

They hop in the elevator with a lot of other thugs and fight them all while the elevator goes to the first floor. The men fall out with OJ and SP left bloody and standing. SP asks him who he thinks would want them to die like this. OJ tells him to shut up and pats him on his stab wound.

OJ – SP, it’s your lucky day.

GG and GS are with JY at the offices. She thanks them for protecting her and tell them that they can eat something if they want. They tell her that they will go grab some gukbap and be back (no delivery?).

JY thinks for a moment on their case, but then hears a commotion outside. GG and GS burst back in the door with SP. he is bloody and kind of weak. JY calls the detective on their case and lets him know that SP is there at the office.

Then SP and JY look deeply in each others eyes as SP talks about how he will protect her at all costs and anytime. JY starts crying as they hug it out.

GD runs into OJ’s office and asks who did this! How dare they! Tell him and he will bring the kids! OJ isa ll bloody and asks GD who he thinks made the mayor, OJ, like this? he looks menacingly ahead.

Cut to SB and the detective showing up at the law offices. SP tells him that he is a patient, take it easy. But SB gives zero cares and just grabs SP up by the arm and pulls him away. He tells JY that he will not make it a bigger deal since she called him right away, but he will take him right back to the prison.

MS is starting to put two and two together about HJ while HJ is massaging her. She asks her, your name is Mama? Mama….that is a good name. She looks at her with deepening interest.

At OJ’s company, OJ is a little bit recovered but still has a busted lip that he can’t cover up and a scratch on his face. GD starts yelling about how Seoul is much better than Kiseung. OJ tries to think about MS’s plan, he tries to put it all together. She wanted him to be mayor and then give his money to her fathers foundation. GD thinks he is acting crazy in front of OJ and apologizes. But OJ says he actually woke him up from this crazy dream. Now he knows why MS made him mayor….his money….she wants to take everything from him….she has taken everything from him.

SP is back in prison.

JY gets a call and asks what their business is.

Cut to the 2nd trial for SP’s case. JY tells SP that there will be a big surprise at this trial. She needs to prove that he is not guilty. But she does not tell him what it is.

MS comes in and they all rise. She calls the case to order. JY stands and says that she has a witness, it is a new witness. MS asks what the prosecution thinks. The prosecution does not like it. JY says she got the witness this day so she could not follow the proper procedure.

The witness walks in. JY says she is asking Mayor OJ to the witness stand. OJ walks in much more like a gangster than a judge. He is about to fix his busted lip and scratch though. he says he will put his honor as mayor on the line. SP sitting right there is not the real murderer.

He looks at a nervous MS and smiles.

Fade Out

Y’all this show is moving so fast, it’s hard to keep up. It has a lot of fun/cute scenes (any scene with the cute law firm), and a lot of fun fight scenes (hello hospital fight out) but the storyline itself is losing me. I just want someone to infiltrate the bad guys and not have their whereabouts found out immediately. But MS or SJ are sleuthing out everyone around them. The blind woman gave her stuff away easily (#1 how can a blind person call her informant at the house that she is an informant at? She can’t see anyone sneaking up behind her!). As for HJ, I would love it if no one ever found out that she is JY’s mother and was just a really good informant for JY which also built their relationship back up. I want to see cute montages of JY and HJ meeting in secret where HJ told JY all the news over coffee or at a bookstore or anywhere. It would almost be like a mother-daughter date montage.

I also am not feeling the love story itself in this show *runs and hides*. I like both characters separately and I like it when they bicker, but the intimate/caring scenes are not jiving for me. I know other people love the two of them together though. Perhaps I am missing something? Can anyone enlighten me?

You made a deal with OJ because of me?
We both agreed
If your moms alive, can you return to the old Ha jae-yi
MS and I are already at war
OJ…how dare
Your job will be twice as hard, what are you going to do?
The day you are in court is the day you talk about Kiseung’s law is breaking
We are in all out war from now on
Sorry Uncle, I cannot follow your last wish.

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  1. Kinamare
    June 10, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Thank you so much for this! Good job! 😃

    • V
      June 10, 2018 / 8:33 am

      Thank you Kinamare! So glad your enjoying it 🙂

  2. Whitemist
    June 10, 2018 / 9:11 am

    Wow! The recap is out so fast! Thank you!
    I get what u mean about this show being really fast. Its like they cramp a 30 episodes into 16. The loveline does seems like an afterthought. They writer had to add to add a background live story to sort of spice things up I think.

  3. clairdelune
    June 10, 2018 / 10:07 am

    Hello! thanks for your live recap for this show as I’m also following it live on tvN before watching the subbed version the next day. Even though I’ve been enjoying the show so much, I have to agree that the show is moving at the speed of light lol. I hope the writer will slow down a bit to build a better complication for SP & JY to start fighting against the villains on their own, but apparently he fancied the complications so I’m afraid we’ll just have a messy ‘war’ where everybody is fighting everybody in the end. We’ll see.

    I kinda like the romance part, maybe because the two seem cute together and it helps me from getting a heart attack due to the intense plot lol… I guess I don’t have a better reason than that :)).

  4. randomfan123
    June 10, 2018 / 10:36 am

    Hi! Thanks for your recap! Yes, this show is very fast paced! I can hardly keep up with all the plot twists.

    I’m really liking the relationship though. It feels very natural to me. Because the two main leads have a personal investment in the main case, it seems natural that an emotional bond would form between the two. But that could just be me. Either way, their chemistry is off the charts – as partners and/or as a couple!

  5. Shayri Garg
    June 10, 2018 / 10:46 am

    I’m with you on the drama moving too fast. The romance feels right to me. Bong Sang Pil & Ha Jayei have more things binding them than most people who start loving each other. When JI ‘s mom went in the MS’ s house in previous episodes I knew that she was gonna get busted real soon, she’s just that dumb. Why else would she come back to Kisung & seek out JI again & again. No plan, just impulse. She’s a weakness the good guys could have done without.

  6. V
    June 10, 2018 / 11:47 am

    Ah, okay, so it’s pretty mixed. Some people think the romance is normal/nice and others feel like it is a bit forced/quick. But we can all agree that this drama moves at lightning speed. It is the type of show were you really have to pay attention and watch every episode.

  7. C
    June 10, 2018 / 2:42 pm

    Getting them in bed right away (for me) deflates any romantic interest, tension, whatever, that is usually presented by episodes 6 through 8.

    Their first kiss, then bed—and their love story is set—because—they’ve got a ton of present-day and ancient crimes to solve. He’s also in jail by the that usual first kiss timeframe. So the story can kinda flow without having to be interrupted by the midpoint romantic thing. Their certainty about their love for each other set early on is kinda nice, because these two need to trust and rely on each other completely in this den of vipers.

    Lee Joon Ki has a vibe of a ferociously hard-working and serious actor, very lean and athletic as any stuntman. He also always feels a bit hyperactive and slightly out of reach of a quiet conversation. This actress is really a good match for him with her voice and calmness and beauty. I feel their conversing scenes across the table showcases LJK really well.

  8. Lydia
    June 12, 2018 / 11:25 am

    It become the pattern now. Romance every Sunday episodes.TBH I love this couple, BongHa. Episode 6 and 8 are fine for me. But for episode 10, I feel that their scenes at episode 10 a lil bit forced and a lil bit too much. I want to see their banter like earlier episodes. Also since we only have 6 episodes left, better for PD nim and writer to just focus at Sang-pil’s revenge plan. He gotta get out of prison or hospital immediately. There are still circle 6 he and Jae Yi must taking care of for the last 6 episodes.
    As usual, thank you so much for the recap 😘😘

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