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Last Minute Romance Live Recap: Episode 1

This is our first web drama recap! Does anyone watch web dramas? I always want to watch them but they are so hard to find. It reminds me of the stone age of drama watching were the only way you could watch something was by knowing someone who knew someone.

Well, we were looking around the Naver’s site and spotted where they keep all their web dramas! They were all nice and warm and cozy in one spot. We found Last Minute Romance, which just started, so we are going to try and recap it. I love that each episode is only 10-15 minutes long so it doesn’t take up a lot of our time. Does anyone have any other web dramas they would like recapped? If no one gives me any then I’ll just pick another one because I am kind of falling in love with their style.

As usual, the images are at the bottom. I try to keep the images to a minimum otherwise I will go crazy with image adding. Seriously. Just look at the first few recaps of Fight for My Way. Alright off to the recap!


It’s nighttime in Seoul and some mysterious black shoes step up to a bridge. This does not look good. They scroll up to a face who looks distraught. He is looking at his cell phone, at a woman who is on the phone, perhaps his girlfriend? He turns his head and looks at a lifeline phone that has a suicide prevention hotline number.

Operator – Hello, Lifeline hotline, what can I do for you?

He starts to talk.

Guy – I use to have a girlfriend.
(The operator starts writing: 20-30 years old, I guess he broke up with his girlfriend)
Guy – (crying) She died. (He is calling from the Han River) She just died.
The operator stops writing and deletes what she wrote previously and changes it to “because of his girlfriend’s death.”)
Operator – (soothing voice) I guess you are having a hard time right now…
Guy – (crying) If I fall from here, do you think I can meet her? I really have something to tell her.
Operator – I can tell her, so just tell me what you want to tell her, I can tell her for sure.

The music starts – Somebody else, somebody loves me…

Now a cute cartoon pops up and the writing says “3rd stage pancreatic cancer” Damn. That is horrible.

The cartoon shows a girl walking through the desert and it is either raining or very windy. A cartoon of a monster shows up. It is of her cancer cell that lives in her pancreas. Ah, they zoomed out and now they show that she is living in an hourglass. The pancreas is in the top and pounding the sand down to the bottom. She is at the bottom and the sand is falling on her.

Voice Over – Because of my name (Baek-sae) I thought I would live to be 100 years old without any reason. According to American psychologist Elisabeth Kubler Ross, there are 5 stages of people accepting their death.

She is making a copy of the book.
1st Stage – Denial
The copier says, “Not enough paper” but she sees a hallucination of “Not enough life, 120 days left.” She rubs her eyes but it doesn’t go away.

2nd Stage – Anger
She starts kicking the copier, why should she die, she lived as a good girl!

3rd Stage – Bargaining
If I work hard, maybe I will live a little longer, if I eat natural food and inhale natural air…

4th Stage – Depression
She is crying in front of the copier. Poor thing.

5th Stage – Acceptance
Aw, poor thing. She put her head in the copier and starts to copy her face.
Voice Over – After all those 5 steps I was able to go back to my regular life.

Pictures of her favorite actor are all over her apartment and she is puking in the bathroom. She finally lays on her bed, exhausted and starts reading a bucket list book with 500 things to do in it. But she is tired of it and lays down.

Broadcast – I just came back from Ji Sul-woo’s commercial shoot. Ji Sul-woo is a romance king. Let’s go together.

She is suddenly reinvigorated.
Baek-sae – Ji Sul-woo!

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. The show is showing all Ji Sul-woo’s famous acting roles, the only thing is the acting roles are real-life famous acting roles, lol. Like Wolf Boy or something like that.

Broadcast – He debuted in Wolf Dogs Seduction in 2007 and Young Adult in 2010 and then Pah Joo’s Lover 2014 where he played a 2nd generation cheobal that got 40% ratings. Then he became Korea’s Oppa. After Inheritance in 2016, his nickname became Ji Melo.

JSW – Do I love you?

Baek-sae goes crazy on the couch and is full of energy. She is seriously super reinvigorated.
Baek-sae – Oh, what do I do, Daebak!

The TV show continues with an interview portion. A woman is seated with JSW interviewing him for the camera. He basically gives the same stock answers that all very successful actors in Korea say.

Interviewer – You were successful in all your projects, what is your secret?
JSW – First of all, the audience likes my previous projects which is why I am here now. So every moment and every project I did my best, that is all that I can say.
Interviewer – You were voted the most attractive man in Korea. What is your ideal woman?
JSW – I don’t know, someone who can understand my acting life.

Baek-sae – Me! Me! Me!

Interviewer – Why didn’t you have any scandals for the last 10 years? You didn’t date or had a secret lover?
JSW – Because I like my work so much, I don’t have time for dating. If I have some good news, I will tell everyone publicly. I don’t want to lie to my fans who love me so much. (heart fingers)

Baek-sae is holding a JSW pillow and looking at all his images all around her place. She thinks that it would be really wonderful to date him.

Baek-sae goes to the temple and meets up with one of her friends there who is a monk. They sip some tea on a balcony and talk. This scene is actually really pretty.

Monk – Of course the best green tea is organic. Oh, did you pick what to do with your insurance money? (3 million won)
Girl – I don’t know, the bucket list bothers me. I just want to date JSW
Monk – Hey, with 3 million won, can’t you just borrow him?
Girl – That isn’t a lot of money. Maybe I could get 3 hours.
Monk – Go to his house and just beg him. I’m going to die soon, can’t I just date you?
Girl – No, nothing like that. I want to have a sweet encounter like in a tv drama
Monk – What is so sweet about it? Life is bitter, just like this green tea.
Girl – Aigo, can’t I just find someone who looks just like Ji Sul-woo. It’s not easy to be born like JSW.

She smiles and jokingly sulks. She is really adorable.

Baek-sae is back in her apartment getting down to business. She has a notepad and a pen and she is crossing off all these things on the bucket list because she doesn’t want to do them. All accept the last item which she circles and stars.

1. Cruise ship around the world
2. Ironman competition
3. Spend 1 million won a day
4. Sleep all day
5. Date Ji Sul-woo (two stars and circled)

Do you want to date Ji Sul-woo, yes or no? Yes
Can you date JSW? No
Do you want to date another person? No (but someone who looks like Ji Sul-woo? Yes)

Baek-sae – So, I should just find someone who looks exactly like JSW.

Sounds like a plan to me! But how is she going to do it? I have a feeling she might run into the real JSW.

Baek-sae goes to the computer and starts to type a dating servant contract. Oh, wow, she means business. She is very happy while doing this. The contract says that she will pay for everything and it can be up to 3 million won. When everything is done she will put the money in that person’s bank account. It will be for 3 months. Work Description: You just have to pretend that you are JSW.

She posts it on a part-time job web page and adds that whoever looks like JSW has the best chance. POSTED.

But right after she clicks post, she has some regrets, she thinks it is a little stupid. Oh, but someone sends her a message right away. The message name is JSWdoppleganger. The email says that he can do everything just like JSW. Score!

Ah, but now she is getting tons of messages and they are all saying that they look just like JSW. Girl has some figuring out to do.

This is so cute, she interviews them all with her monk friend bestie and all the contestants do all the famous drama lines. This is so funny

Guy 1 – Love F-U, I can just buy it, how much does it cost, how much
Guy 2 – “Doctor, if you are a doctor you don’t have a boyfriend?”
Guy 3 – *Secret Garden guy*
Guy 4 – “You can go anywhere if you have white clothes and wind”
Guy 5 – “Does it hurt, it hurts me too”
Guy 6 – *A pink umbrella guy*
Guy 7 – *Bite*
Guy 8 – *Goblin guy complete with sword*

There are so many guys there and all they do are pretend like they are parts in famous dramas that JSW was in, but it looks like the production team is just picking all the famous dramas that Korea has ever had and saying JSW was the lead in all of them, lol. Then an ajussi does someone else’s part and the monk is all like, “That is not JSW, NEXT”

JSW walks onto a stage.
JSW – My name is Yoon Dong-joon who will act from the heart.
Huh? I guess he isn’t JSW? Or is this some kind of flashback scene in how JSW became famous? Can you tell I didn’t look at the trailer before watching this?

Ah, so it is just a guy that looks like JSW! The guy wants to have plastic surgery to prevent him from looking like JSW. Apparently looking just like JSW makes his life very hard. His friends tell him to not do plastic surgery. Yoon Dong-joon calls the suicide hotline and says his life is so horrible because he looks like JSW and Baek-sae is like “Ji Sul-woo!” and runs there.

So cute. This is our first web drama to recap and so far I love it. Ten minutes is definitely much easier to do than 1-1.5 hours and it makes it pretty easy when you can pause it every now and again :-). We still tried to keep it live recap format though, otherwise, we would translate every conversation and it would take us all day. We love the live recap format that we do here because it is basically just one pass through of the drama and then we fix typos and stuff and post it. With our schedule, it works the best for us. We hope you enjoy it as well!


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