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Last Minute Romance Episode 9: The Last Scandal of Her Life

Last Minute Romance web drama
I looooooooove the title of this episode because I saw The Last Scandal of My Life and it was sooooo good. I didn’t think I would like that drama as much as I did because the protagonists were much older than me and we had drastically different lives, but I loved it. It was so good. If fact, I think I should rewatch it.

The title matches this episode well too because both deal with celebrity and keeping secrets from the press and protecting a “normal” woman from the hounding of the press. It just matches, y’all. And I love it.

Last Minute Romance web drama
We are back in the apartment. JSW sits down on the couch and looks around.

JSW – So, what is your name?
BS – (squeaks) what? (thinks – *Oppa asked my name, what do I say?*) Baek-sae
JSW – Okay Miss Baek-sae, I don’t have a lot of time, I will just cut to the chase. You know our rumor is spreading around.
BS – What? (thinks – *is this real?*)

All while JSW is talking, BS is glorifying him in her vision. He hands her his cell phone and she takes it and thinks – *is this really JSW’s cell phone?* She can barely grab the phone.

He nods for her to take the cell phone and smiles. She takes it looking stupid happy, but then her face falls when she sees all the photos of her and DJ.

BS – What is this?
JSW – Ha ha ha, I actually want to ask you about that. I am having big trouble because of these pictures. I have a headache (cue scene of him touching his head romantically and her thinking that he is really handsome.)
BS(thinking – *No, get real, how does Oppa have these photos?*)
Last Minute Romance web drama

But then she hears DJ’s voice in her head.
DJ’s voice – I don’t want to be known as a JSW lookalike, that is why I want the plastic surgery.

JSW – Did you photoshop my face?
BS – Yes, I photoshopped it!
JSW – Did you do it by yourself?
BS – Yes.
JSW – Ah, okay, then just tell the truth like this “I photoshopped and intentionally spread the rumor around, can you do that?” Don’t worry about it too much. Of course, we will do a favor for you from our side. But you have to explain it clearly

BS is still looking with dove eyes at JSW and can’t really concentrate she thinks that she is going crazy.

JSW – Can you do that?
BS – Yes.
JSW – Good.

JSW looks at all the drugs and picks one up.

JSW – Ah, you are pretty sick huh? Do you have enough money for your treatment? I can help you with that. These kinds of things cost a lot of money. I can’t ignore one of my fans in trouble. Please take care of this problem well.

Last Minute Romance web drama
Manager – I wanted to meet her and talk to her but Sul-woo said he wanted to talk to her, you know how he behaves. There are so many reporters in front of the apartment — president, I will call you later.

The manager is worried that so many people are outside BS’s apartment and calls JSW’s phone.

Last Minute Romance web drama
JSW – Can you give me a cup of water?
BS – Yes
JSW – (answers the phone) What?
Manager – A lot of reporters are in front of the apartment, what do we do? Is there a backdoor? If they see you then it is big trouble.

BS comes back and gives JSW the water with his face on the mug and her head bowed. This is a pretty funny scene because she practically thrusts his face in front of him. He doesn’t take the water though and leaves. Baek-sae turns.

BS – Oppa…

JSW pauses and turns around. Though this doesn’t look good because he has a smile that looks like he has some kind of evil plan.

Last Minute Romance web drama
DJ is on the way though! He is in a taxi and caught in traffic. He looks concerned. He thinks back

Voice – It doesn’t make any sense when a man gets out of the car to run and meet a girl.
BS – Why? That is very romantic.

Now DJ realizes that sometimes you have to get out of the car and run to the girl as he tells the driver, “Sorry, I have to leave here.” And takes off running to Baek-sae.

While he is running the voice over continues.
Voice over
DJ – That really doesn’t make sense, cars are faster.
BS – The important thing is that they meet.

Last Minute Romance web drama
BS comes out of the apartment with JSW to confront the reporters. All the reporters gather around. I had a feeling he would make her confess to all those reporters. JSW is smiling and BS has her head bowed.

Reporter – How did you two meet?
JSW – She will tell you everything…tell them the truth that you photoshopped.
BS – I photoshopped the pictures. I just did it for fun, we are not dating.

One of the reporters doesn’t look like he believes her.

JSW – Because of my fans we had this little happening. She is my longterm fan so you will see a lot of my photos and everything in her place.
Reporter – According to a specialist this is not a photoshopped picture.

JSW looks like he wasn’t expecting this response. DJ is in the audience of reporters and watching this all unfold.

Last Minute Romance web drama
JSW – Actually, she is a cancer patient and she is my fan. (He shows the reporters BS’s doctor’s report) So before she dies, she wanted to see me. So I just met her a few times as my fan, but we are not dating. I will pay for all her hospital bills. I didn’t want to say this kind of good deed to everyone, that is why I hid it.

BS looks at JSW shocked, she didn’t think he would show that, but she stays quiet in the moment. DJ is still in the audience. He looks pissed and like he can’t believe what he is hearing.

JSW – If I become this memory for her in her little life, then I am thankful.

Now that was enough for DJ to blow his top. He yells from the crowd
DJ – Ya! Ji Sul-woo!

Then walks to the front and confronts Ji Sul-woo.

Reporter – Two Ji Sul-woo’s?

Last Minute Romance web drama

DJ – Coward Ji Sul-woo
JSW – Who are you?

Fade Out

This is a fake person
BS – He is the real Yoon Dong-joon
Lots of scenes of DJ and BS together and in the hospital. It looks like JSW is having a hard time as a famous actor. It also looks like DJ might have a bit of success?


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