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Last Minute Romance Episode 8: Sympathetic Love

Last Minute Romance web drama
Y’all, this episode ending had me reaching for the like button, DJ is the best in it and goes against what the typical male lead would do. Though it is another episode where I am at a loss for the drama that it relates to. The tile is either Sympathetic Love or Love with Sympathy. I don’t know, I’m at a loss. This episode is great though! I was so ready to watch episode 9 after finishing this one. The ending basically makes you trip over yourself to get to the next episode!

Last Minute Romance web drama
DJ is looking pitiful and drinking soju on his octapang. His friend comes out with some more soju which looks like he just purchased it, but DJ is still mad at him. His hyung feels bad though and is trying to make amends. He isn’t doing a good job though because he jokingly said, “Are you cosplaying a dumped guy?” which was too soon.

DJ tells him to just go away. His hyung tells him that he took down all the comics. But DJ isn’t easy and tells hyung that he ran out of ideas, so he had to take it down anyway. Hyung said he was too into becoming famous so he didn’t even know his dongsang was in love. DJ was like, huh? What are you talking about? Hyung tries to explain it to him but DJ just tells him to shut up, she loved JSW, not him.

His hyung is wondering if it is even possible. Like if he loved Han Ji-min a lot and dated her lookalike. But what if the real Han Ji-min showed up. Does that make me like the real Han Ji-min right away?

DJ – What the F are you talking about? Why would Han Ji-min date you?
Hyung – What I’m trying to tell you is that you met her for a while so it doesn’t matter if it is real or not real, it is not important. If you meet someone and eat together then you will grow some attachment between them.
DJ – She has liked JSW for 10 years. We have met for one month only.
Hyung – 10 years, that is a long time, maybe it is a little difficult.

They both continue drinking their soju (which are in little juice boxes) and looking pitiful. But it looks like they are at least friends again.

Last Minute Romance web drama
BS has woken up and looks alright. He friend gives her something warm to drink and BS drinks it.

Monk – Are you better?
BS – I was really sick, if it hurts like this, I just want to die.

It’s a sad scene, but BS starts smiling and says it is really not a joke. Her friend says that she needs to slowly prepare (for her death) and that she should get hospitalized. She said it was good timing because their contract ended.

BS – That dude told me I am pitiful because I only have group pictures and Ji Sul-woo’s pictures. So he brought a camera with him. I never knew I was that pitiful. When we were in the orphanage it was like that. When Eunnie’s and Oppa’s came for volunteering and hugged us and cried because we are so pitiful, I really hated that. Because I thought, if I do nothing then I am still pitiful, that is my destiny. That is what I thought. Why does it make me sad and angry when he told me that?
Monk – When you really like someone, it is natural to see the brightest side of that person. Then time passes and love grows and you start to see the darkest and saddest parts of that person. That is why in Buddhism, love is with pity. I think he is also like that. So that is a little different from the pity people felt when they visited our orphanage.
BS – How do you know that?
Monk – Ya, I knew it instantly that he likes you. He even brought a camera to take a picture of you.
BS – It doesn’t matter. I can only use that picture for my funeral.

BS is smiling but it is bittersweet.

Last Minute Romance web drama
The manager and Ji Sul-woo are both in JSW’s dressing room looking at all the photos.
Manager – This rumor has spread around even though they tried to stop it. All our sponsors are even talking about it. We tried to stop it, but these pictures are so obvious so we can’t do anything about it.
JSW – Hyung this is not me.
Manager – I didn’t say it is you, but it looks just like you.
JSW – This is photoshopped.
Manager – I know it is your fan of course. We can search your fan page and find her. Should I find it?

(Phone – Park Trash + reporter; they combined the words trash + reporter to create a new word in Korean that is like trash-reporter)

JSW picks up the phone
JSW – Yes, reporter Park
Reporter – If you responded well when I talked to you then it wouldn’t be this big. Your agency also doesn’t know about it right?
JSW – Yeah, we already made our public announcement so I have nothing else to say about it.
Reporter – Even if you have nothing to say, maybe your girlfriend will have something to say, everyone is looking for her.
JSW – huh
Reporter – you don’t have to respond to it, let’s talk about it later
JSW – reporter park, reporter park, ya!

JSW looks pretty pissed and asked his manager if he thinks he can really find her (BS).

Last Minute Romance web drama
Cut to BS’s apartment. She is back home, still in her cute outfit. She looks around her home and starts to pack things up. She even changes to another outfit, a yellow one this time. Actually, everything is yellow/beige in this scene. Kind of reflecting a bittersweet feeling.

One of the boxes breaks open revealing a lot of pads, she is annoyed and starts to pack them up. She wonders why she bought so many of them and then starts to cry.

Last Minute Romance web drama
DJ is in his apartment surfing the web about the scandal of the JSW lookalike. There are tons of rumors floating around. People think JSW is dating a normal person now. DJ runs out of his place and tries to call BS, but her phone is off. He wonders why she turned off her phone and talks to himself saying that she should pick up her phone.

Last Minute Romance web drama
BS’s doorbell rings and she goes to see who it is. It is the real JSW! But of course, she thinks it is DJ. He rings the bell again. Aw. she starts to put ton makeup and then she opens the door.

BS – Why are you here (looking pissed, she lets him in)
JSW – (looks confused)

He goes inside and looks at all his photos around.

BS – You just intentionally dressed up like that.
JSW – It is nice to see you.
BS – (still annoyed)
JSW – You know me…Ji Sul-woo (venerably)
BS – How ridiculous. You made me look so foolish. What do you want with me?

She looks at him pissed off, but then she realizes….it is the real Ji Sul-woo? Her face changes like she notices it is the real one. She is mesmerized.

BS – J-J-Ji Sul-woo Oppa?

Fade Out


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