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Last Minute Romance Episode 7: Again Mistaken

Last Minute Romance
Today’s episode is title Again Mistaken, though I am at a loss for what drama this title is based off of. Things are getting complicated for our couple in this episode, though I am confident that they will bring it back around. We’ll be posting 3 episodes of Last Minute Romance today, all the way up to episode 9. Then Friday and Saturday are our live recaps of Go Back Spouses so we probably won’t post any episodes then. But we will catch back up on Sunday by posting episode 10.

Last Minute Romance
BS is all dressed up in a faded pink dress with a flowery blouse underneath, she looks very pretty and she is happy as well. It’s daytime, but perhaps she is going out on a lunch date with our hero, DJ?

Monk – Ah, are these your new clothes, they look good.
BS – YoOn-joo this is a size 4-4. I never expected to wear size 4-4 in my life.
Monk – What concept is today to dress up like that?
BS – Today…just ad-lib.

Last Minute Romance
Voice – Is everyone ready?

BS walks into the theater and the director is yelling directions at everyone as they practice. BS asks were Yoon Dong-joon is, she heard he was part of this theater. The person she asked didn’t know at first but then he said, “Ah, Ji Sul-woo fake, he will be on stage soon.

BS is taken aback but she still takes a seat in the audience and watches the performance. Someone else is doing Romeo right now on stage and BS thinks back to when DJ did the Romeo role for her. Then DJ comes out, he is a fighter and dies right away. He falls on the stage dead and looks around as people fight around him. BS is a little sad as she looks at him. Cut to her sitting outside on a bench

Last Minute Romance
DJ calls her and her name for him on her cell phone is “Fake.” Now it looks like she feels bad that she called him that. She picks up the phone and he asks where she is and tells her he will be there soon, he is walking toward her right now. He waves at her from across the street and he is wearing his signature black face mask. But as he waves at her he starts to take her photo with an expensive camera (remember he asked his friend if he could borrow a camera last time). She is self-conscious at first, but then happy that he is taking her photo. She happily poses for him.

But then her phone goes off.

Friend – Hey, where are you at? Are you with him?
BS – Yeah, why?
Friend – Okay, just look at my text message first.

Her friend has a link to the comic in the text message and BS clicks the link (this can not end well) and goes to the webtoon. In the webtoon, she is depicted as a crazy ugly miserable person who tries to seduce DJ. She is amazingly evil on this webtoon. Everything that DJ told JSW is in the comic about her having cancer and giving him money and all those things; even the scene where she was locked in the building is there. Oh, this is bad. The comic says, “If you want the money you should do it right!” All the dating scenes from the time they have been together are there.

Last Minute Romance
BS gets sadder and sadder as she sees the webtoon. All the memories of her and DJ’s time together are flooding into her mind and but she is reading how their time is twisted into something ugly. The comic makes it look like DJ hates being with her and that she is a really bad and miserable person. All the comments are horrible and they all talk about how horrible BS is.

DJ is still taking her photo but he notices her change in emotion and wonders what is wrong. The light finally changes (that is the longest light ever) and he runs across the street to her. He asks her why she is looking like that and she shows him the webtoon. He is at a loss for words.

She says it’s his roommate right? Why is he describing her like this? She yells at him and says he is dating her because she is so pitiful and was meeting her because of the money, he didn’t do it for free. She yells that she is pitiful, right? He doesn’t know what to say, but he says, yes, she is pitiful, so can’t he just feel pitiful toward her? He said it in a gentle voice, but it still hurts.

DJ – All the photos you have are JSW pictures or group pictures. You don’t have any of your own pictures, so I thought you were pitiful. Because you are not a hero in your own story.

Now BS doesn’t know what to say. There is a moment where no one speaks.

Last Minute Romance
BS – That is true, I’ve never been a hero and it is right that I have a limited life and am an orphan and am a crazy fan. But, in the end, I wanted to change this pitiful life into a nice drama, but you made it a comedy. How dare you make the last days of my life so pitiful! Who are you? You are not the real Ji Sul-woo, you are a fake.

DJ is tearing up and BS is mad, and the situation is all around bad. He says that he is sorry. (Now that’s what I’m talking about!) He will ask his friend to remove all the photos and for her to just forgive him. How does that sound?

BS – Forget it. Our contract is ended. I will give you the money, don’t worry.

And she walks off.

DJ is super angry and confronts his friend about the comic. He tells him that she is not that kind of girl so why did hyung make her look like that? Hyung is confused at first but then he said he told him he would make it different from the real story. DJ said he is done because of hyung, but hyung is like, what does that mean? Is she not giving you the money? Why are you meeting that crazy woman to begin with? DJ is so upset that he just leaves.

Last Minute Romance
She took down all her orphanage pictures and suddenly has some pain in her side and crumples over for a moment.

Cut to DJ on the playground by himself, contemplative. He phone dings and he pulls it out. Wow, she sent all the money to him, all $30,000. Now he has $30,065 in his bank account. But he doesn’t look happy about it.

BS’s friend shows up to talk to BS, but she sees her on the ground (off camera) and runs to her side, it looks like BS collapse. DJ is calling her and, in a sweet move, it looks like BS changed his name from “Fake” to his name “Yoon Dong-joon.”

BS – I never did anything cool in my life.
DJ – What do you want to do?
BJ – Pass each other at the critical moment, we don’t see each other. Especially in the airport or bus terminal, they just miss each other.
DJ – Yeah, they just need to turn their heads! They never do that
BS – That’s what makes it so sorrowful

Last Minute Romance
All the while DJ is holding back tears at the park as he tries to call her.

Fade Out.


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