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Last Minute Romance Episode 6: What Happened in Building

Today’s title is weird, but if you know that is a spoof on What Happened in Bali, you are easier to forgive it. For some reason this episode was split into two parts and each part had its own video. I decided to combine them all into one post though because these episodes are so short.

I think this is the half-way point with this web drama? We are going to pick up another one to do soon. If you are reading along and you have a web drama you want recapped, then let us know. Otherwise we will just pick whatever we have our eye on. We are leaning on doing Yellow next. But these are so short so we could do two at a time.

Last Minute Romance web drama
We open on a jail cell? BS is in chains, has a big bomb on her, and she is strapped in a chair. Ah, it looks like it is a spoof of Descended from the Sun.

Talking into a phone/walkie-talkie
DJ – I am going to rescue you. I will rescue you. You know I am the specialist.
BS – Big Boss
DJ – Wait a little bit longer

Last Minute Romance web drama
Now we are outside the building and the sexy romantic scene has turned regular. I really like how they bring it back to normal.

DJ – Where the heck is this place? Am I going to do this difficult thing?

He sets off into the building and he is acting even though he doesn’t have to while he walks into this dilapidated building. Aw, he is really acting like a soldier. He is looking around the building and kicking the door and rolling and all those things. Lol, then he starts making little bullet sounds like an eight-year-old boy. Okay, back to the serious acting. He keeps looking around the building.

BS is waiting in the secured room and bored. Finally DJ gets to the room.

DJ – I am almost there, this is a very securely locked door, I am going to explode it, so don’t be scared.
BS – Big boss!

He puts some fireworks on the door and they have some sound effects going off on a speaker. All he while BS is screaming and then the sound cuts off and she is still screaming. It looks like the fireworks lasted longer than the sound effects.

DJ – I am going in now.

He ruffles through his pocket and…he has the key! LOL. But it broke off! Oh no! What are they going to do now? he looks apprehensive and calls BS.

Last Minute Romance web drama
DJ – Don’t be too surprised, this is real, you are really locked in.
BS – What are you talking about?
DJ – The key broke.
BS – What!

He tries to use some rocks to break the lock and BS is starting to jump to the door. She jumps all the way to the door and peaks out but DJ tells her to just let him take care of it. He calls a locksmith and the locksmith says it will take 3 hours. Man, that is so long.

BS – Did you call the base for backup?
DJ – Yeah the locksmith – um, base – told us it takes 3 hours to send back up.
BS – What!

Last Minute Romance web drama
The webtoon is very popular and has some great responses. All great reviews. But then someone put a picture of DJ and BS up and thinks it is a real story. Oh, nos! Now all these people are talking about it and posting all their photos of BS and DJ on their dates. “I have a picture too!” “I have one too!” “I took one too!” The friend is super nervous now.

Last Minute Romance web drama
It’s night time and BS is still locked in. DJ asks if she is okay and she says she is okay, but she looks so tired.

BS – Can you play a JSW drama, please? I want to listen to it at least.
DJ – Okay, I will….no data here.

Man, that stinks. But then he gets up, maybe he is going to try and break it open?
DJ – You are my reason, you are my love, I want you to know this, you are my shiny angel. Look at that. Touching her cheek, I want to be that glove she is wearing, then I can touch her cheek, you are an angel shining above me. When you become an angel with wings, when you fly in the sky and walk on clouds, when peoples gaze looking at you will have a wave of surprise in their eyes (he is excellent!).
BS – Is this your theater play?
DJ – I just did it because you said you were bored.
BS – You are better than what I thought, when did you start acting?
DJ – I was in a play in middle school. I started before JSW, then when JSW was on tv, my Mom thought I debut so she spread all the word around, so a lot of girls came in front of my school.
BS – So JSW is the arch enemy of your life.
DJ – Sometimes I thought I should be his fake, but I was really hungry, I couldn’t find a job or pay the rent, I was so hungry that I just drank tap water. So my hyung told me to just report to the tv that I could be a lookalike to make $500. But I was super angry. The funny thing is, if hyung asks me one more time, I will say okay. Hunger is a dangerous thing.

Last Minute Romance web drama
DJ hops up. He is alarmed and antsy.
DJ – You have to eat your medicine right!
BS – (super tired) People from the base will come.

DJ gets something and is beating the door witch it, he keeps beating it and beating it. His hands start to bleed, he is hitting it so hard. Finally, he got it! He goes inside to her.

DJ – Are you okay?
BS – (looking hurt) Why did it take so long big boss? (smiles)

Last Minute Romance web drama
They are walking down the street and DJ kneels to give her a piggyback ride. She wonders what this is and he said she is tired so just hop on. She hops on and gets a piggyback ride just like in dramas. At the end, she gives him his jacket back and he tells her they shouldn’t do these dangerous things again. She said it was fun but he said he won’t do them anymore. He asks if she is okay and if her cancer can be cured. She tells him that Steve Jobs died with this, so what can she do. He tells her to go in, but she says to wait; cut to her treating his hand in her apartment.

Last Minute Romance web drama
She said she actually wanted to dress a bandage for a guy who rescued her. He said, ah, you’re having fun. But it doesn’t look like he is having any fun. Then he tells her that her house looks like a JSW museum and she hits his hand. Lol.

He notices pictures of a lot of kids and wants to know why she doesn’t have her own pictures? No pictures alone? She said no one takes pictures of her, but she has a lot of selfies in her cell phone.

DJ – (outside calling someone) By the way, do you have a camera, I have something I want to take a picture of. (He starts to walk home)

Last minute romance episode 6
Interviewer – All the girls in our department went crazy because you were coming today.
JSW – It is my honor, this is a place that just anyone can’t come in so thank you so much.

Last Minute Romance web drama
JSW is looking at all these pictures of DJ and BS. The producer wants to know if they can use the images. JSW said that must be photoshopped. The producer said it would be good because he has no scandal so people talk about him like he is some alien. JSW says that is not him so don’t do that kind of prank. He then said his recording isn’t done yet which is a signal for the guy to leave. His manager comes up and wonders why the love line reporter went there to interview him (ah the producer was a reporter!).

Fade out

BS – You are meeting me because I am so pitiful and because I pay you. You are not the real JSW, you are a fake!
DJ – Why did you do that! She is not that kind of girl!
Hyung – I told you I am not making it like real life.
DJ – Because of you, I am done!


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