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Last Minute Romance Episode 4: Melo Over Flowers

Dong-joo may look like JSW, but can he act like him? We find that out in this episode. Spoiler alert, it’s harder than it might seem. Also, good lord these images came out super grainy. What is up with that internet! I’m jealous of everyone with 4K screens.

Last minute romance
We are back at the outdoor scene from the last episode where they meet for the first time. DJ is still reluctant, but he is trying not to let his emotions show. He aggressively puts the flowers on the table and puts his scarf around her neck haphazardly.

DJ – You, you are the one who told me to come here
BS – You were the one who told me to meet here today (confused)
DJ – This flowers meaning is “couple” (buckwheat). By the way, do I like you?
(She starts to take the scarf off, clearly annoyed)

Oh, this scene is pretty funny. He is trying to act like JSW, but he is failing hard. She is having none of it. Then he tries to kiss her, but it is a horrible fake trial and she says, “Stop.” Looks like she has a lot of explaining to do.

Last minute romance
She asks him if he can explain the concept of the clothes he is wearing and he says that those are the clothes that were a big hit because JSW was wearing them; women believe these tight clothes are super sexy. But she just wonders why he came there with 10-year-old clothes on, is he a time traveler? But DJ just says that he heard those were symbolic clothes for JSW and tells her that he had a hard time finding them. She doesn’t dwell on it and says, okay, she understands, let’s move on to the acting part.

He doesn’t understand why she is upset. She wanted him to do the famous lines, what is he supposed to do more than this?

BS – look at me, you came in, Dong-joon…

Last minute romance
We are taken to a dream sequence where Baek-sae is sitting in a cafe. The atmosphere is smooth and light, the colors are even muted to make it look more romantic. JSW/DJ comes in.

JSW/DJ – Sorry, did you wait for a long time?
BS – No, not from there, you have to come in from the back
JSW/DJ – (redoing it, this time he touches her hair) Did you wait for a long time
BS – Noooo (smiling)….ahhhhh stand up, it is too flat, again, again
JSW/DJ – (redo) He brings her a cake then sits and reads)
BS – Now you have to start your lines as if I am your girlfriend. This is the carrot cake that your Baek-sae likes.
JSW/DJ – This is the carrot cake that my Baek-sae likes. Enjoy it.
BS – Ummm, recently I like sweeter things
JSW/DJ – Then strawberry cake like my Baek-sae?
BS – Noooo, that is too common
JSW/DJ – Then soft cheesecake
BS – Too oily (giggling)
JSW/DJ – Then what about me, I am sweet and new, and not oily
BS – Aw, knock it off (smiles for days, she drinks her cup and has foam on her lip)
JSW/DJ – You are so cute, (he leans in for a kiss)
End of dream sequence

Last minute romance
You have to be smooth like this. But he tells her that he watched JSW’s highlights more than 100 times. She is incredulous, Highlights? He only watched highlights? DJ starts to tell her all the superficial things like how JSW is always a chaebol and cold guy and all those stereotypic tropes of Kdramas. But he didn’t actually watch any of the dramas; she is so disappointed.

While talking her alarm goes off, which is the indication that she needs to take all of her drugs. So she takes them all at one time (like 5 or 6). DJ is pretty shocked to see her take all of those drugs.

DJ – Why do you take that many?
BS – They are my anti-cancer drugs.
DJ – I feel like I am going to have cancer.
BS – These are real anti-cancer drugs, I told you I am in the last stages of cancer.
DJ – Are you talking about cancer again? You shouldn’t joke like that.
BS – My 30,000 I will give you is what I received from the insurance company as a cancer patient.
DJ – Why don’t you go to the hospital?
BS – Dating JSW is on my bucket list so I at least want to do this
DJ – Do you really have cancer?
BS – This is the last stage of my life, really, I want to shoot a good drama, I am not joking around.
DJ – I am not joking also, I kind of did my best
BS – Even though you hate JSW so much how can you not watch any of his dramas when you are acting like him!?! Actors read the script more than 100 times and are so into the character that they can’t function normally, that is the life of an actor. You are doing it so roughly (not his entire effort). I am going to work. I wasted my time.

He stands up as she leaves and she tells him that they are the same age so he doesn’t have to bow and stand like that and all those things. Also, don’t use jongdaemal, they have to be comfortable with each other so they have good chemistry. He agrees and starts talking banmal (but he is still stiff) she leaves.

Last minute romance
BS – I wanted to feel like I was dating JSW, but now I understand the mind of directors who work with bad actors.
Friend – What can you do? This is why you shouldn’t cast an actor with only their looks.
BS – This is my last project, what can I do, I don’t have time to recast.
Friend – You never know, his potential might explode all of a sudden
BS – No, maybe a miraculous cure of my cancer will have more potential.

Last minute romance
The hyung is looking at one of his webtoon rankings. It only had 0.1 rating with 1 person reading it. It is ranked super duper low at 1280. He wonders why he doesn’t have any responses. He tries to give himself a star, but an alarm goes off that says you can’t give a rating to your own webtoon.

DJ comes back and his friend wonders why he came back so early. DJ doesn’t want to say that he failed, but his friend tells him that he failed. DJ tries to play it off by saying they were just warming up. His friend wonders if that woman doesn’t like him and DJ tells him that he thinks she is a real cancer patient, like really really. She even eats a lot of drugs at set times. But his hyung isn’t convinced. Hyung thinks she is really crazy and just bought some vitamins that look like cancer drugs.

But then Hyung gets an idea, an end-stage cancer patient, and celebrity look-alike webtoon. He thinks it will be great. DJ just leaves.

Last minute romance
BS is working at lifeline talking to a person who is having a hard time (woman in her 20’s and spontaneous idea about suicide). But the person says she much much prefer to have cancer than be suicidal because suicide is very cumbersome and scary. BS looks kind of apprehensive. BS says cancer is also cumbersome and scary. But the lady says really? But you can die nicely when you get cancer, isn’t that true? BS says yeah, maybe that is true. The woman wants to have cancer and starts talking about that, but BS starts to tell her to have nice thoughts and get some fresh are at the Han river and to go back safely.

Last minute romance
Hyung is sleeping and DJ is watching all the old JSW tv shows. he is trying not to cry, but JSW is pulling the emotions out of him, lol. DJ is really crying (he is watching Goblin). Then he goes to the bathroom and starts to practice all his acting.

Last minute romance
BS is writing a resignation letter because of her health. But she erases it and writes that it is because she cannot sympathize with callers anymore so she lost her qualifications as a counselor. She looks at the resignation and then prints it. Then she packs her things and walks out with her box. DJ is standing there with his back against a post. She stops when she sees him and he smiles at her like JSW. She is amazed, “Daebak.” He walks over to her and says that she is a counselor so she probably doesn’t have a boyfriend because she is so busy. She says that he is an actor so he probably doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is so busy. He said no, I don’t have a project right now so I’m not so busy. She laughs and says she just quit her job so she isn’t so busy either.

What an adorable ending.

He pours her a drink but she can’t drink it.
Her – I am a cancer patient
Him – Really is it really true?
Her – You still don’t believe it? I didn’t tell you I am an alien.
The Hyung really starts to make the webtoon, but he makes her character look monstrous.

Oh no, it looks like this webtoon might hit it big, but he also might get in trouble for making her look so horrible. I kind of forsee BS stumbling onto the webtoon and being really hurt. Is this what will drive them apart? Predictions: DJ learns how to act from this situation and become a famous actor, Hyung has a super big hit webtoon, BS gets what she wants in dating the real JSW????

Also, I just noticed that each episodes title is a take on a famous drama. That is so cute!


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