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Last Minute Romance Episode 3: It’s Okay, It’s a Contract

The title of this episode is It’s Okay, It’s a Contract. Which is a take on the drama It’s Okay, It’s Love. That drama is so good by the way. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already. Okay, let’s get into it!

Last Minute Romance
Dong-joo is flipping through the contract at the bridge and BS is looking at him like she is just goofy in love. She said he looks really similar to JSW but he doesn’t have the mole under his eye and that that is really critical. She is talking to herself and she tells herself to calm down because he is not real and for her to get real.

He looks a lot more apprehensive, he is trying to understand what is going on. “So, if I mimic JSW then you will give me 30,000 right?” She tells him that he shouldn’t just mimic JSW, he should also date her as well. he tells her that he is someone who wants plastic surgery to not look like JSW but she wants him to mimic JSW and date her? Bye.

He gets up to leave but she pulls him back. She tells him that she is a counselor that tries to make a suicidal person not commit suicide. She said she heard that actors don’t get paid that well and they don’t get this kind of chance that often. But he said that he has had this kind of chance often. Lots of people want to give him money to pretend to be like JSW. She wonders why he didn’t take it and he tells her he doesn’t want to be a JSW lookalike.

She said this is the best then because with this contract he won’t have to be like JSW anymore. This is just a person to person contract. She will give him the money from her own pocket. But he isn’t convinced and asks her if her parents know what she is doing. She tells him to not worry about it because she is an orphan and has no family. She only has JSW.

He is still not convinced. He thinks that if he listens to her anymore then he will get cancer. That is when she hops up and says that she already has cancer. But she is saying these things with a love struck face so he doesn’t believe her. He tells her to not joke about those things but she says she is not joking. Then she tries to convince him again. They both have what they need. He needs money and she needs JSW’s face. Its win-win. He doesn’t have to worry about being known as JSW (as an actor) so why is he so hesitant?

He said he thinks he needs to think about it. People are human because we think. She just plops the contract in his hand and says that she will give him time to think, but he can’t think too long because her life is limited. She smiles a goofy love struck smile and doesn’t want to let go of his hand.

Last Minute Romance
DJ and hyung and sitting on the couch at their place. DJ showed the contract to his hyung and his hyung wants to know what he is going to do. He tells him that it is not like mimicking JSW, just dating. Is she a crazy person? DJ said he doesn’t know and to just give it to him, he snatches the contract back. Hyung said that he should pretend that mimicking the actor JSW is his work description. He reads the contract again and it reads that when they meet he has to do at least one line from one of JSW’s movies.

Goblin starts playing on the TV. JSW played Gong Yoo’s part and they are acting out the scene from the pier/beach. “You were the one, you called me.” Hyung tells him that this is a wonderful chance, he needs money for the plastic surgery. But DJ thinks that if he really does it then he really is a look-a-like. So he doesn’t want to do it. Hyung said he can’t even be a look-a-like because he can’t do meloacting. They start gong back and forth about that which turns into a little scuffle.

Last Minute Romance
The monk thinks BS should have gotten the contract right away. BS said she tried to do that, but he didn’t want to, but she thinks he will call her. The monk said that if he calls her, she shouldn’t beg him too much. Even though it is a contract relationship BS should still be the boss. BS is super happy and said it sounds like the friend is more into it than she is.

Then BS gets a phone call from “Fake Product” lol! She named DJ Fake Product, that is hilarious. She tells her friend excitedly that she has to call her back later.

Last Minute Romance
BS – Hello
DJ – I am the person from the Han River
BS – Ahhhh, did you think about it
DJ – The contract, I am going to sign the contract
(she jumps up and down, lol)
BS – Ah, you made a good decision. Since you signed the contract, please try to be like JSW. Do your hair and get some new clothes. I expect you to be just like JSW. Bring me the receipt and I will reimburse you as written in the contract okay?
DJ – I understand. I’ll call you back when I’m ready.

They hang up and BS is soooo excited. She does a happy dance in her room. The sad part is that she is packing up all her clothing right now, aww.

Last Minute Romance
Reconnaissance time! Hyung and DJ look at all of the videos of JSW and then go about practicing all the roles. Hyung is really into it, but DJ is less enthused. Montage of them practicing all the roles and ordering all the clothes. The delivery man was so happy on the first day, but as he brings more and more clothes he becomes angry because he has to walk up all the stares like 4 or 5 times, lol.

Hyung is very into helping his friend. I kind of like this hyung. They practice the Secret Garden sit ups all the way to the kiss moment, lol. This is pretty funny. Then they practice his smile while turning around and Hyung is so taken at the resemblance to JSW. The final touch is putting the mole under DJ’s eye. Done. Hyung tells him that he is perfect.

Last Minute Romance
BS is working hard as a Lifeline Operator and coaching someone on the phone who is having a hard time. Then she gets a text from DJ saying he will meet her at 2pm tomorrow. She is so excited that she actually yelps.

Last Minute Romance
DJ is there and anxiously waiting for her JSW lookalike. Then DJ walks up looking just like JSW! There are even people around who turn to stare at him. But DJ is trying to keep it all together and act like JSW. When he finally sees her he has to take a moment to breathe and relax his face, then when he opens his eyes again, he is focused and he looks exactly like JSW.

BS – Even if you really hate JSW, how can you not watch any of his tv shows and tell me that you are acting like him?
Hyung – Wait wait, the last stage cancer girl and look-a-like actor romance, maybe I should make a webtoon about it?
DJ actually watches JSW’s tv shows and starts crying
Then at the end she looks at him and says, “Wow, daebak!”


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