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Last Minute Romance Episode 10 Final: Answer Me 2087

Web drama Lee seo won Han Seung yeon
This was a very cute web drama that ended just as adorably as it began. The title is a take on the super successful Answer Me franchise with Answer Me 1997, Answer Me 1994, and Answer Me 1988. This one is bitter sweet though because it is wishful thinking. I had a fun time watching this series and I look forward to the next web drama! (Will post images soon!)

We are back at where we ended the last episode. The reporters are crowding around JSW, DJ, and BS and everyone is figuring out that there is actually a person who looks exactly like JSW in this world that they live in.

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
Reporters – Wow, what happened, why are there 2 JSW’s? – Really, Twins! – Who is the real one?
BS – You shouldn’t be here, are you crazy?
DJ – Is it true that he paid your bill? Did he meet you because your life is terminal, tell me. This is your first time meeting her right? Why are you saying all that bullsh*t?
JSW – What are you, who are you?
DJ – This girl, you just easily said she has a terminal life, her last wish was to even meet your fake.
JSW – So that is how you pretended to be me.
BS – I asked him to pretend to be like JSW, it is not his fault. I will take care of this, just leave, you shouldn’t be in pictures.
DJ – I am not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you think I am JSW or not, I’m not leaving. I will stay next to you.

Reporter – This is the guy in the picture, he is the fake JSW, take photos!
BS – He is not fake, he is real. The real Yoon Dong-joon

Kisses! They share a kiss in front of all the reporters and everyone crowds around them and pushes JSW away. They all try to take photos of DJ and BS kissing. JSW falls on the ground, surprised

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
Newspaper articles
The JSW scandal truth is finally revealed. The truth and the misunderstanding.
Fake JSW and the terminal woman’s drama like love
A lot of attention has been given to Yoon Dong-joon, JSW lookalike
Yoon Dong-joon is actually a blue chip in the theater industry
The woman B confession, JSW came to her house to explain the truth about photoshopping
JSW paying her hospital bill was fake, they just met that day.
A lot of people are criticizing JSW, what was the reason?
JSW actually needed honesty, not zero defects

There are also a lot of photoshop meme’s of JSW when he fell and JSW has a lot of bad comments about all that happened with BS and DJ. It is a very bad look for him.

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
BS is lying in her hospital bed and DJ is next to her, the situation looks serious and also romantic in a way.
BS – Until I die, can you love me?
DJ – No, I will love you until I die.
BS – Dong-Joon shi (laughing)

They were role-playing again, lol. They are both laughing and DJ says, “What is this” then BS says she is really worried about something. He says, “What,” and she says she is worried that he will really love her until he dies.” She tells him that whoever survives should just live on. People say someone can live until 100 but you only have 70 years left.

DJ – So let’s meet in 10th of May 2087.
BS – Why May 10th?
DJ – That is the first day we met on the Hang River bridge.
BS – You remember those things, daebak!
DJ – That day I failed my audition.
BS – So, let’s meet May 10th, 2018 at the place we met for the first time.
DJ – Han River Bridge
BS – Han River bridge, the north side next to the lifeline telephone.
DJ – Daebak, you remember those things…(laughing)

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
He rolls over on the bed and shows her a script. They start to practice the script which is Oom-yung-ui Destiny (but it is a joke because Oom-yung-ui means Destiny and Koreans think there is too much English in Korean nowadays so there are so many jokes online about using the Korean word and then the English word right next to it. So like Oom-yung-ui Destiny is actually Destiny Destiny. Kind of like chai tea).

They practice his lines.
BS – I don’t have any women to introduce to you because I don’t want to get blamed.
DJ – I-I-I r-r-really love w-w-wo-wo-women’s voice and s-s-sitting n-n-next to me and …….
BS – (laughing) Is this real? It looks like it is the first time
DJ – Of course we didn’t start shooting yet. This is my real line. (he got the part!)
BS – Really? That is great! Congratulations!
DJ – I am not the main role, but I am the best friend who is hungry for women and a pervert. It is a comical character.
BS – It doesn’t matter, let’s play it from the beginning to the end. (She starts reading it from the beginning again) I have no woman to introduce to you, I don’t want to get blamed.
DJ – When women sit next to me I am so nervous and my heart is pumping.

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
Cut to the real TV show. It is a tv show, not a theater show! He gets a call from his hyung and hyung says that he still didn’t change his number even though he is a star now. They laugh and DJ asks hyung if he likes his job. Hyung says he feels better than writing webtoons. Perhaps it was stressful. Hyung says he watched his tv shows but he is not on tv often recently and tells him to work hard. DJ laughs and says, “Hyung, are you going to keep your current job, what about cartoons?” Hyung says that if it doesn’t work out then he will just stop. He is good. He tells him that if DJ loses his fame to come to hyung’s field.

Someone tells DJ to come shoot and DJ tells hyung he will talk to him later. DJ gets up and walks to set and we see that he has his own chair! Cut to JSW in his dressing room. JSW is complaining about the difference between him and Yoon Dong-joon. he said it is the mole! They should make it bigger! Everyone is looking at him annoyed.

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
The monk asks if DJ is still going to change his face and DJ says he became famous with that face. he said he donated all BS’s money to her former lifeline job. the monk says that it is a shame because Baek-sae wanted to see him on tv a lot. DJ says that if she sees him she will criticize him a lot. “Can you only do that, you have to have emotional lines!” he smiles thinking of their happy times together and the monk smiles as well.

Monk – Baek-sae saw you acting, not on tv, but on the theater stage.
DJ – What?
Monk – She thought you were the Romeo role, but actually you were one of the roles that die by Romeo.
DJ – So when did she..why why why when…
Monk – She was super dressed up to watch your practice.
DJ – She was always pretty.

Voice Over – I like happy endings. If the drama ends sad, I even put bad replies on the forum. If my ending is happy then it is also a happy ending. I really wish happiness for the guy who gave me a happy ending.

Web drama lee seo won han seung yeon
Cut to DJ in a car with brown hair. He tells hyung to wait a moment. He sees something. So he goes to the bridge and looks out over the bridge. It is the bridge that they met at. Suddenly two girls approach him and want his signature. He says that he is not JSW but they said that he is Yoon Dong-joon and they are his fans. He is pretty happy, it looks like these are his first fans. They fade out by showing the Lifeline phone.


I love how they ended where they began and it was a new beginning for Dong-joon. His new life as Dong-joon not as a Ji Sul-woo fake. Love that. What a cute and quick drama! I love how web dramas don’t drag with the story, they just get straight to it! This was our first web drama kind-of-live-recap-kind-of slow-recap-kind-of-transcript-but-not-really, we hope you liked it!


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