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Should We Kiss First Recap: Episodes 9+10

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 9 and 10
Kim Sun-ah’s Instagram (kimsuna_official)
Our first aftercap for Should We Kiss First! For all my Waikiki peeps, we are moving Waikiki to recap right after we finish this one! We will post it completely done as soon as we finish.

Should We Kiss First has been really hitting all the right spots and massaging in the feels. It is nice to see that it is the ratings leader for Monday and Tuesday as well. There isn’t too much buzz internationally about it, but if it continues this way then we might have to bump Radio Romance from it’s live recap spot and move Should We Kiss First to our live recap, it is that good.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Characters: Short hand character chart
Airing Time: March 5th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: On Demand Korea, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

Recap Countdown: KKEUT

MH – Both of us are alone for a while. It’s been many years, I think it is the same for you. So, can you come to my place and just sleep together. We can endure the night together, I am talking about just laying down together in a warm bed, the night is the most difficult time of the day, right?

Then MH asks her if she would like to come here to sleep with him. She says…yes?… He tells her to come upstairs.

They hang up and SJ goes all into her own head…hmmm, go upstairs to sleep…that sounds strange…maybe he is lonely….does he need help every night? She thinks about what her friend said about just divorcing him later, yeah, her life is already ruined so ruining it this way or that way doesn’t really matter. The friend says…if he dies then you will be rich! JST thinks…$$$ millions $$$! She hops up and starts doing a little jig on the bed.

Then we cut to KS singing the “mama shark” song with his daughter and wife. JM is angry though. She yells at him to put on his pants. It basically ruins all their fun, so JM asks her daughter to get her appa’s pants. She does, but JM explodes. How can she be like this, she should remove everything and clean everything, how long should I do this, should she shred all the documents and everything! KS thinks she is talking to the daughter about all her things and tells her not to talk that way to a kid. Then he tells his daughter that her mom is super pretty, and they leave together.

Meanwhile, SJ is trying to put on makeup yet look like she hasn’t put on makeup. Then she wonders if she should wear a bra or not? They are seeing each other for the first time, but actually, it is not the first time… then we cut to 501 and we see MH cleaning frantically.

SJ goes upstairs awkwardly and MH answers the phone awkwardly. SJ says she came there without anything but her toothbrush, she just came there with her bare skin. She isn’t going to the bathtub…I don’t know if I can do this. But MH tells her, of course, she can do this. SJ goes in right away and MH has this expression on his face like “wow, she actually came”

He tells her where the bathroom is and tells her that he has new sheets, so her makeup will be on the sheets, but she can remove her makeup tomorrow. He has all-natural soap and non-sensitive face oil and everything. SJ is all annoyed that she has been busted but tries to play it off.

SJ goes inside and is so annoyed. Does she have germs? Is she so germy? The toilet keeps opening and closing and SJ keeps kicking it closed. SJ looks in the mirror, is she a parasite? Then she looks at her toothbrush and says, “I will eat you well”

Meanwhile, MH is cleaning his bed and spraying perfume on the sheets. SJ goes inside and they are so awkward. He tells her that he will make her have a nice rest; she bows, please make me sleep well. But the bow is way too low, so it is strange. He wants to know how she likes to sleep, what side she wants to sleep on; but SJ gets shy…just normal…normal…she says as she shyly turns her back (her mind is in the gutter, so she thinks he means sex positions). But he tells her, just laying down. What side do you like? Right side or left side?

She tells him that she likes the right side and he says…lets sleep.

They hop in bed and look so awkward. He asks her if she has something to tell him and she says…I have no bra on. MH’s eyes get so big. SJ tells him that she normally sleeps naked. Then she says it is so hot, so hot! These sheets feel good, what kind of sheets do you normally use? Is this duck? We are not salted fish so stop salting and not tasting and just eat.

MH is frozen though so SJ keeps talking. She says it doesn’t matter what the process is, she is okay to have sex with him, she is all prepared and can be his fire starter (she thinks he is impotent)…I will be the one that can wake you up…Ii can wake you up and up and up…I will make you live another life like you are fire again.

MH – New life?

SJ – I can do it for you. I will make you live again. I will.

MH closes his eyes.

KS is snoring, and JM cannot sleep. She slaps him, and he hops up, who is doing this! But then he rolls over back to sleep. JM starts soccer kicking him and he hops up again, who is doing this! Is this a dream? Then he sees his wife and says he must have had a nightmare, did she wake up because of her? But then he sees that he is bleeding? He has a wound. JM is more than annoyed and starts to wrap a bandage around her hand. KS keeps talking about how he has an injury but then JM comes up to him and slaps him across the face.

JM tells him to just leave her house. KS wants to know what is going on, so she pulls out the real-estate contract. She says that her mouth hurts and her heart hurts. He insulted her, so she is insulting him as well…leave…just leave. But KS says he has nowhere to go, he wants to be with her, he is alive because of her. But JM tells him to just leave. His body is out but his mind is still there, they still love each other, she is just the sinner in front of his longtime love. Their daughter is a sin as well, they didn’t do a 100-day birthday party or go to a theme park or a zoo. SJ also knows that; that is why she says they have 4 people in their family because she is there as well.

They argue about it some more. JM tells him that she canceled that contract. She won’t forgive him this time! He is upset that she canceled it and tells her to do whatever she likes. He leaves her alone crying.

MH is still in bed, but it looks like SJ isn’t there. MH wonders why he called her to stay there with him tonight and he starts to recite an old poem. Then SJ comes back in, she wonders why it is so hot in there, she is sweating so much. She asks MH if he is sleeping and pulls the sheets off, but then she sees his thingy! It is up! That must be why he was reciting the poetry, lol. MH still pretends like he is sleeping.

Cut to a moment later. SJ is under the covers thinking that she really wants to go home, she really, really wants to go home. It is so hot here like some ICU unit. She can’t pass gas, she can’t leave, she really wants to pass gas….but don’t come out….no, no, no! But she passes gas, LOL! She keeps doing it too.

The air filter says it detected bad air and turns on. MH tries to keep from laughing but makes a little noise. SJ is all like…um, when did I pass gas? And looks at MH. MH says she just passed it, he heard it. She is trying to play it off and mumbling. But then MH tells her that she can use him as a sleeping pillow. She can use him the way she likes. He wants her to sleep well in their bed. (SJ thinks that he called someone and slept well but now he wants her to hop on him and not move? Wow, so selfish, so he just lays down and she has to do shaky, shaky?) MH tells her that she has to keep the promise to stand him up again and again. (you bastard) MH says, if he had someone to stand him up whenever he fell, then it would be really nice. Then he asks her if she wants an arm pillow?

She says that she doesn’t and rolls over to the other side. He watches her back.

The sun shines in and wakes them both up. MH sits up and SJ is still curled in bed. He tells her to sleep more but she says he has to go to work. It’s Saturday though so he is not in a hurry. Mh stumbles to his bathroom and closes the toilet, then he sees two toothbrushes in one spot. He stares at these toothbrushes for a moment.

Cut to the coffee shop, JM is looking at the part-time job on the door. She wonders where her husband might have gone and thinks that he went to see SJ.

SJ is up and walking through the house. She sees crab juk and thinks it is for her. The home is spectacular, it is hard to believe her place is in the same building. She sees his library and tries to grab a book from one of the shelves. Then we see MH arriving home again, he went out to walk his dog. SJ yells that she is in the library, so MH goes to find her there.

MH asks him if she likes dog (ke) and she says that she really like crab (ke). He says that is great that she likes dogs (ke). Then she pulls out his book and asks if she can borrow it. It is a book that MH wrote several years ago. MH is paused, he doesn’t want her to have it and asks for her to give it to him. She doesn’t want to though. She says she can buy it, but he tells her to just give it to him. She hides behind a shelf and looks at MH, he looks super serious, so she puts the book on the shelf and stares off into space. The mood changed so quickly, and they are back to awkwardness.

KS brings his barista some coffee beans. The barista tells him that his phone is ringing, and he says he is just ignoring it. The barista asks if his wife hit him and KS says to just ignore it. Then KS gives him the passport of the girl who stole their truck. They are shocked she is only 18 years old and spoke banmal to him so easily. They think they should call her.

SJ and MH sit for breakfast. It looks like the mood is a little better. SJ is pretty happy to eat the juk, but she finds out that the juk is for the dog. He won’t give her any. He thinks they should have rules, they can sleep together but they can’t eat together inside the home, they can eat together outside their home though. (that son of a bitch…ah you make me hate you so much) but then she whispers that he is the perfect guy for her.

MH gets a phone call from KS and says he is Yeo Ha-min’s guardian. The person his daughter hit. His daughter took everything from him, opportunity and his truck, but the father can’t say anything about it. No one has contacted him about the accident. MH tells him that he will make her visit him if he has the phone number.

SJ and MH leave together but MH goes to the elevator and SJ awkwardly heads down the stairs. Then she sees JM sitting on her steps. SJ tells them that she is alone, but JM wants to open the door and go inside. She tells her that she is always blamed when JM and KS fight but never thanked when they get along well together. SJ just wants her to leave her alone. Then she says JM isn’t even confident, she took her husband, can’t she just take him and leave her alone?

But JM tells her that SJ treats her like a sinner. He is a sinner, she is a sinner, their daughter is a sinner. She just lost in the courtroom for 10 years. If JM was her then she would have just disappeared and let KS live happily.

SJ says, yes that is true. She slept with Eun Kyung-su last night, it was good, and she enjoyed it. That is why I am not leaving him. JM cries and slaps her. SJ takes it and then tells her that she wants it so badly so SJ will just leave with KS. Whoever’s season ends has to embrace their own shadow and survive.

SJ goes inside and JM follows her in and starts to throw everything around and break all her things. SJ just sits and lets her do it all. It looks like SJ has all the memories she had with KS all around her home. All the videotapes and their kid’s ultrasound and everything. This is their baby that died. JM starts crying and sees all the VHS tapes and everything. Meanwhile, we see MH listening to everything from the stairs. He heard it all.

Fade Out


JM leaves SJ’s place with a sigh. Then MH comes from the steps and looks at her. JM asks who he is, and he says that he is from 501. She wants to know what of it and he tells her that SJ slept at his place that night and just came downstairs. She slept with him, not her husband. He leaves and JM sighs as she realizes what she just did.

Yi-deon sneaks around the hospital and finds Ha-mins room. But she just peaks in. HM bumps her from behind which makes her fall into the room onto the floor. He tells her that she should just apologize since she is kneeling already. She has no dignity but only has self-pride, right? So, when she needs courage she just refuses to give in. She talks about what she wants to say but has no responsibility. She should just leave; her parents will apologize to him. He walks into his room.

KS accepts his wife’s phone call and she answers as if she loves him a lot. Then she tells KS that SJ is dating someone. She slept with 501. She saw her coming from upstairs and she talked to 501, he said he slept with Soon-jin. KS is upset at this, but JM is amazingly happy. But KS just thinks back to all the things SJ said about 501. He just thinks 501, 501, 501 as he walks the hospital.

Then he runs into 501 at the hospital. He asks him who he is, he looks familiar. MH says he is 501, he lives upstairs to Ahn Soon-jin. KS drops his bag…who? They stare at each other for a moment. Then MH picks up all KS’s food that fell and gives it back to him. But KS just wants to kill 501. His hands are positioned to strangle him, but MH just puts the bag on KS’s hands and leaves.

KS runs to attack MH, but then he tells him that he looked just like his middle school friend. But in his mind, he thinks of all the rage he has toward him…they need to meet slowly.

MH keeps walking to the room and that is when YD sees him. She runs back into the room and YD eats some of the coffee immediately. MH goes into the room and says he is YD’s father. He apologizes for the accident. HM sees YD eating the coffee, then she has an allergic reaction to it and collapses.

All the hospital staff workers get to work helping YD. Once she is stable MH rubs his hands over her head. YD says she understands why he won’t see Umma, but why won’t he see her? She just wanted to see him. She waited and waited to see him, but he never visited her. She thought she would never see him again. So, she went to Korea to find out why he is doing this to her. She will find it out.

MH tells her to leave after the saline drip stops, and he leaves.

Back in HM’s room, KS starts getting all his anger out at he tells HM what happens. He just saw him at the hospital! He will find out everything about him!

KS sees MH leaving the hospital and looks at him in anger, he says he will peel away all the layers about him and starts following him around. But he follows him all the way to a cemetery. KS wonders why MH came there. He looks uncomfortable as he walks up the steps of the cemetery as he follows MH around. MH goes to his father’s resting place and pours him a drink. KS goes to his babies resting place. She was 6 when she died. The tomb is dusty because no one is visiting. Appa asks his daughter if she is cold and we see that the tomb says he will see her every day. But it looks like he didn’t live up to that promise.

MH leaves and sees KS cleaning a tombstone and crying over uncontrollably.

Then we cut to SJ throwing away all of her marriage and wedding items. She sees a quote from a Chinese actor: Sometimes man is everything for women …This is from the movie Chang Jang Ji Goo…I am your forever 1991 hot summer, Yours Yoo Duk Hwa.

She throws that away as well. Perhaps this is her high school memory. Then she gets to her child’s 100-day celebration and their wedding video. But she can only just stare at them. The guard comes in and says she has a lot of things to throw away, but they look very important. She asks him to throw away it all. But she stops him from throwing a box away and tears fall.

Meanwhile, her friend MR is at her place. She is cleaning everything and then yells at SJ when she comes back in. Why is she living like this? Is this why she didn’t want her to drop her off at home? The friend tells SJ that the girl she put in the water is MH’s daughter. SJ thinks that she is at the bottom but there is a deeper bottom. She shouldn’t have fallen anymore, but she fell lower and lower. She doesn’t know what she is doing there anymore. The friend wipes a tear away cavalierly and asks SJ if she found another place to stay? Then SJ goes to make her friend some coffee. Why is she there anyway?

MR says she was curious because the two of them live right next to each other. How are things going? Is he not contacting you anymore? SJ says he asked her to come sleep with him. She never knew that word could be so warm, to endure the night together and sleep with someone together in the same bed. Even though she is tired, she wanted to do that some more. She never knew that word is that comforting.

Cut to IS taking to MH. We find out that SY is going to be coming to Korea. The friend wants to know if MH can just forgive his ex-wife. Then they both will be free. Why did MH call him out anyway? MH says he called because he didn’t want to go home, he went to see his father. IS says it isn’t time for his father’s memorial but MH tells him that he wanted to see him before the memorial, he just wanted to do it. But IS tells him that he has a pretty girl at home in SJ, does he not like her? If he doesn’t like her then he can just quit, he doesn’t have to hurt SJ’s heart.

MH says he is thinking about it, he wants to pick the right answer. Not the right answer, but the best answer, the answer that he likes.

Meanwhile, SJ is playing the doll picking game at home and MR is singing in the norebang game that SJ has in her home. It is girls’ night as they play and jump around. Then MR tells her to just move upstairs with that guy. But SJ says they can’t. He wants them to sleep together but eat separately. MR tells her, don’t you know what all men like? SJ says of course…that thing.

But MR says it is true even for a guy with impotence, what do you think he likes…then they laugh about what all men like. MR says they need to show a classic poor girl with true love. They need to do this strategically.

Cut to MH coming home and seeing a little airplane…then on the stares, he sees a name tag…then her young picture…then origami….a little snowman. He is wondering what is going on. He gets to her door and is about to ring it, but he just decides to go upstairs. SJ puts some eye drops in her eyes and pretends like she is crying.

MH gets to her and asks to see her face. SJ turns around and says that he is back. He tells her that she dropped all those things. She said she came out to throw them all away, but maybe she dropped them, can you throw them all away for me? He says, how can he throw them all away? So, she tells him that he can keep it….and…can he keeps her as well. Then she rests her head awkwardly on his chest (she thinks, you are supposed to hug me now).

MH tells her that they should sleep together 7 times. Then he tells her, “Should We Kiss First?” and pulls her into a kiss.


KS tells MH that she is going to the US with their daughter. So just take care of him. She tells this to his father. But he wants to know why she is telling that to a dead person. She says it is because she doesn’t understand him, is it a problem of difference or a problem in their heart? Then she tells them that they should leave. They walk off and we see SJ crying over her child’s gravesite. She is cradling the urn. Everyone is crying over the gravesite and MH watches them.

MH – The first day I saw her she was crying…and the second time, and third, and fourth, and one year, two years, three years later, she was always crying. I never let her know that I knew her. Ten years passed, no, nothing has passed, and she showed up in front of me again.

Fade Out


A Sub PD wrote a letter to DC inside! We did a quick translation of it below. We will also add the photos later!

Hello DC Acorns (DC people in this forum call themselves Acorns),

I am the SubAcorn1 and sub PD Kim Jae-hyun
I am super happy that KiMunHal has it’s own gallery (KiMunHal is the nickname for the show. It is a shortening of Kiss Munjo Halkayo)
Because of your love, we are having a wonderful time at our site.

Today I am working hard on editing for todays episode.
To make sure I am not a fake person, I will show a realtime report of the editing room and some pictures.

Today is the 10th episode, we will show the old relationship outline.
So please be sure to tune in.
This 10th episode I laughed a lot and cried a lot while looking at the edited version and checking the music.

The past relationship continues to the present. The one hurt is also helping and embracing another hurt person. 501 starts to love 401.

While I was working on this drama I realized that a sexy thing can be this warm and this sad. While I was having a hard time I would read about what Acorns here said about this show. A lot of people said it was healing and they like it, that made me heal all our troubles. We forget that we are tired when we read these posts as well.

The people who make the drama and watch the drama both forget about their hardships together. (Muhan+Soojin = Mujin) Not only MuJin, but everyone around this drama (makers and viewers) are all 501 and 401.

Thank you for this support from the bottom of my heart.

If you have any questions about the shooting sight or the story then just leave a comment anytime and say <> and we will look at it and answer as much as we can.

The third picture is of the scary taxi driver who asked if they were getting in or out. Actually he is this era’s real hair-tori (hair+acorn) and he is the main FD (Floor director).

And the last picture is about the dogs dark circles and how we created them.

Please watch this show live, I will be back soon.

There will be no more sadness
When I walk around a rainy street without an umbrella
I think I will be happy
Because acorn is within me

Cho Acorn
(Sub Acorn)

Behind the scenes of Should We Kiss First

Behind the scenes of Should We Kiss First

Behind the scenes of Should We Kiss First

Behind the scenes of Should We Kiss First

Scene 1: SJ visits MH’s place and tells him she only brought her tooth brush.

Scene 2: MH asks SJ about the bed position, but she misunderstood the question and answers normal position.

Scene 3: SJ tells MH lets get to the point, not just tasting it.

Scene 4: SJ passes gas and activates the air purifier.

Scene 5: KS become jealous of MH after hearing MH and SJ slept together.

Scene 6: SJ and MR are having fun at SJ’s house and talks about what all the man likes

Scene 7: MH tells SJ “Should we kiss first” and kisses her.

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