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Should We Kiss First, Recap: Episodes 3 and 4

Episode 3-4 Live Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First 키스 먼저 할까요 starring Kim Soon-ah and Kam Woo-sung
Don’t let the image deceive you. There are a lot of laughs and light in Should We Kiss First, which is what makes me love it. Herein lies the next two episodes which also aired on Tuesday of this week, right after the premier. They showed both episodes in one day due to the Olympics, which meant that we were covering 3 dramas and 5 episodes on Tuesday, good Lord, I will be so happy when everything goes back to normal next week. I love the Olympics (I mean did you see the women of USA vs Canada battling it out in hockey!) but I am not so thrilled with what it is doing with my drama watching schedule.

This episode of Should We Kiss First brings out the goals! SJ needs money and we find out that MH has it in spades (or does he?). But they still don’t know that they are each others neighbors which brings a lot of laughs. Also, please someone make a gif of Soon-jin trying to be sexy and seductive with her back because it is my everything right now.

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SJ goes to stand with MH in the rain. She tells him that she recognized him at first sight ..as a bomb, it was unlucky to see him. She takes off in the rain and gets in a taxi.

MH tells her bye softly. Then a woman comes up to him and tells him that SJ left her phone on the table.

In the taxi, the taxi driver tells SJ that she is cold and should wear her clothes. Where does she want to go? She tells him to stop at the subway station. He wants to take her all the way to her destination but SJ says no. Inside the subway station, SJ sees some umbrellas for sale, she runs over to buy it, but it is too expensive. Then she turns and is startled to see MH coming into the subway. She quickly hides in the convenience store.

MH pulls out SJ’s cell phone and sees a text message from loan sharks about selling body parts, they have all the connections, SJ can do that then they will be all done with their business. In the convenience store, SJ wonders what MH is doing and MH thinks that he should have left her cell phone in the hotel and not bring it with him.

MH leaves and SJ follows, but she tries not to see MH. She is just trying to get on the subway. But MH is already on the subway and he sees her standing on the runway. He tries to give her a hand signal…they should meet…he has her cell phone…but the train leaves. SJ didn’t get any of that and just thinks that MH didn’t want to meet her but now he has melodrama eyes, he is crazy.

On the train, someone calls MH and he tells them that he will be there right away. Maybe 20-30 minutes. He gets off and sighs.

Meanwhile, SJ is hopping on and off of trains.

The doctor has some bad news for MH. His dog is very ill. The doctor tells him that he should let him go, it is more painful to live and it is difficult for the owner as well. But MH thinks that maybe dogs want to live. The doctor thinks that living like this is more painful, but MH thinks that the dog wants to live even like this. He will drop off the dog in the morning and pick her up after work.

IS and MR are working out hard at a gym. They are super sweaty. MR starts talking about older women and her husband tells her that she is not old, but she thinks that the world is looking at her like that now. IS wonders why she is telling him that and MR starts to talk about her friend and his friend. IS’s friend should not treat her friend like a weed on the street or she will not forgive him. Why did he go to the mountain in this weather? IS tells his wife that his friend didn’t want to meet anyone, but he liked SJ’s profile. They keep talking about MH, how rich is he? The friend says that he is super rich, $10 million, 20 million? Including the divorce fee. He was son in law of a chaebol.

MR just about passes out. What! Big score! SJ should just bite him!

SJ gets home, she has even more notices to pay. She hears some steps and slowly approaches the stairs, is it a loanshark….but it is just the security guard. He gives her the professional report on leakage problem. There is no problem in 501, it is 401’s problem so she has to take care of it, 501 told him. But SJ thinks that it doesn’t make sense, she has water leaking in her ceiling, they can check her bathroom if they want to see, she has been enduring it. She turns and thinks, MH is a bad guy, she will torture him forever!

The guard tells MH that SJ doesn’t believe him. But MH says that the company was a reputable company. MH has his dog and is carrying her lovingly. The guard tells MH that he should be nice to humans as well. Then he leaves mumbling about how they are all crazy.

Meanwhile, KS is busy talking to a woman about a house for SJ because he knows that SJ’s house is in auction. He doesn’t say it is for SJ though, he just says that it is for a friend. But the woman tells him that his “friend” should pay for it, it will be big trouble for him if his wife knows. KS smiles politely, but then he gets a vision of his current wife yelling at him.

MH still has SJ’s phone. SJ calls her phone and politely tells the person on the other line that this is her phone. MH says that he has this phone because she left it at the hotel. SJ tells him to just take it back to the hotel, and asked him how can he take it from the hotel, did he just take it to see her naive face again? SJ keeps saying that he doesn’t care about other people so how come he took her phone?

MH tells her that maybe he wanted to see her again subconsciously. But SJ thinks he is crazy, is he a sociopath? MH tries to ask for her address but SJ tells him that he will try to sleep with her or kill her at her home. Even if she really wanted to die, she won’t get killed by him. So just send the phone to IS. But she gives MH some advice, human-to-human, if she sees him again then she is going to cut his thingy off. Click!

KS is busy looking in a women’s brazier shop with his face camouflaged. This hop has a lot going on actually. The shop owner approaches him and they both sing a song to each other as if they are a duet. That was the secret password and KS passes, so the owner pulls out all the illegal watches. All these watches are amazing knockoffs that look so similar to the real one that no one would be able to tell the difference.

Cut to the coffee shop that KS owns. He is tasting coffee with the kid from earlier and doing owner type things. But it is clear that KS wants to sell the original watch to make some quick money for SJ and the house he wants to get for her. However, JM comes in right at that moment so his plans are put on hold. They sit to eat, as couples do, and JM notices that KS’s watch is on the wrong wrist. KS tells her that he has some…wrist…wrist…pain…ah, it hurts so much! JM grows concerned, he should go to the hospital! She leaves to go buy some IcyHot and KS continues to milk the situation.

But once she is gone, KS puts the original watch in a watch box and apologizes to JM about what he is about to do.

SJ is checking her phone (meta: one of the names in her text history was Kim Sam-soon!) It looks like SJ is thinking seriously about selling her kidney and becoming a monk. She is at her fabulous friend’s place and they start to talk about the blind date. SJ says that MH is a pervert just as IS comes in. But they don’t see him.

The women talk about MH’s erectile problem some more and he is a sociopath. MR wants to know the details. SJ says that MH was looking at her chest with his shades on and he was eating viagra…he looks a little dumb…he was there because of her name….he wants to have a sex partner….so she told him to go to the room….but she really wanted to cut his penis off!

IS had heard enough. he makes himself known and tells them that SJ must have met someone else, his friend isn’t like that. Both MR and SJ stand up startled to see IS there. But IS just continues, he will talk to his friend about it, he is not that type of guy, really. Perhaps he was wearing a mask where he pretended to be someone else, but his friend isn’t like that. Trust his word, he will check with his friend about what happened and be back.

MR smiles at her cool husband and SJ thinks about MH. MR wonders what her friend is thinking and SJ says that she listens to someone else so well.

Cut to IS meeting with MH at the bar, he asks him if he has slept with anyone in a while? Does he have an erectile problem? MH says his thingy is okay, why is he asking? IS says that SJ thinks he can’t stand up, what happened? They have been friends for a long time. MH wants to know when a person might want to sell their body parts? IS is confused, what happened? But MH says nevermind. IS informs his friend that he behaved like a class A jerk, SJ already has a lot of wounds and MH just sprinkled salt on them.

Meanwhile, the women talk about how much money MH has over wine. SJ can’t believe it but MR says that it is true. She should hold onto him and then get all his money. Whether he dies or they get divorced, either way, she will still have enough money to live with. He is a pumpkin without seeds! Your lucky person!

MR really wants her friend to go for it, she should try it, just pretend that she loves him and that she has fallen in love with him. SJ contemplates this….

MH opens up and tells his friend that his dog will die soon from cancer, he has less than one month to live. So he was cranky because of his dog and SJ took the brunt of it. He thought that he couldn’t accept dying like that (in the bathroom) and he asked his friend to kill his dog peacefully if he dies. When he was dying, he wanted to live and he thinks his dog feels the same.

His friend understands, but he tells MH to live with humans and not with dogs. IS asks him if he thinks he is living or dying. When you are young you didn’t live because you are too busy working and when you are old then you don’t live because you are dying. He wants his friend to do something with innovation and his humanity. He has to innovate himself.

KS goes to the home and sees the notice on the door. MH goes upstairs just at that time and says that he must live in 401 but MH ignores him. KS mutters that he is an asshole and at that time SJ comes in. KS is happy to see her and is about to touch her but she moves away and tells him to leave. KS tells her that he has something to take for his father (or her father?). She tells him to turn around and he does. She punches in her code and goes inside while KS tells her he is sorry.

Meanwhile, MH is making his dog some healthy chicken soup.

In 401, KS gets what he came for and is about to leave, but then he sees the dripping from the bathroom. This incensed him, 501 should pay for this! He will go tell him. But SJ tells him to stop being all extra and just go home, she hates him! He says fine but he goes running upstairs to 501 like a madman. He tells 501 he is SJ’s husband and to stop hiding and to just come out! But MH is all like, um I’m not leaving, I have no problem, I checked the leak out with a professional and it’s not on me.

KS tells him to just come out! They can talk about it man-to-man! But who comes outside to confront a madman? MH tells him to leave before he calls the police.

SJ finishes in the bathroom and sees food set up on her table. She looks at the door. Meanwhile, KS comes down the steps and sits, he looks at the notice. But he hears the door open upstairs, it is 501. He yells at 501, Hey 501! 501! But 501 is listening to music and doesn’t hear a thing. MH runs all the way back upstairs to the terrace. KS follows him there, but instead of confronting him he just slyly smiles and closes the door.

MH doesn’t notice anything and just walks his dog around the rooftop terrace. They enjoy their few moments outside and then start to head back in. But the door is locked! He is locked out! His cell phone is dead! He takes off his jacket and covers his dog with it, then he starts to yell, is anyone out there, is anyone down there?

Inside SJ thinks that she wants to sleep without a sleeping pill tonight. Fighting.

MH sees that no one is going to help him. But he isn’t going to wait and die this time! He devises a plan. He grabs a hose and unravels it. His dog barks, what in the world is his owner doing? But MH just tells her that he will be back, just wait here, and he starts to precariously go down the side of the building as he grips tightly to the hose. But then the security guard sees him and yells, robber! Robber! Just then the hose breaks sending MH falling onto his balcony. He hits his head, but he is otherwise unharmed.

Cut to SJ listening to the security guard over the loudspeaker. It wasn’t a robber, it was one of their neighbors so they don’t have to worry.

In 501, MH tries to put on some IcyHot, but he is having the darndest time at it.

Episode 4 Live Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First 키스 먼저 할까요 starring Kim Soon-ah and Kam Woo-sung

At work, one of the leaders tells everyone that they shouldn’t have put on so much IcyHot! They should go home or she will take their skin off!

But then she realizes that her boss, MH, is wearing the IcyHot. She starts to sniff him and he tells her to brush her teeth, her breath smells…so bad.

SJ finally has her cell phone back and she is at work. She thinks back to what her friend said about pretending to love MH. But she sighs as if thinking, what life am I living?

But then MH gets a text from SJ, she coyly says that her subconscious wants to talk to him, can he pick up the phone?

MH: Yes

SJ sees the text and thinks, just yes?

But she calls him anyway and he picks up right away, this is Son Mu-han. SJ hits her head on a rafter as if wondering how she is in this situation and trying to think of what to say, she tells MH that she is sorry that she was mistaken and she thinks that she should say sorry. She was a real…..broomstick yesterday (she has a problem picking the right words). MH coyly says that she couldn’t sleep last night, she counted a lot of sheep because of him.

They agree that they both had a misunderstanding and she tells him to have a good day. He tells her to have a good day too and they hang up.

But SJ didn’t hang up.

She starts to talk to herself and wonders why she said she will chop off his precious thingy. She also tells herself that he was her type. But… this was her little trick to not hang up and say those things so that MH might overhear it. Sly devil.

A middle-aged man hits on SJ, but she doesn’t tell him her age. Then we hear a scream, someone has fainted. SJ comes right away and handles the situation, but it is more serious than fainting, she is bleeding from her wrist. They need to stop the bleeding.

This woman tried to commit suicide but she didn’t cut her artery, they can save her. JM quietly tells SJ that she is an expert in this area, but they don’t argue, they just work together to save the passenger quietly.

Meanwhile, KS sells his watch.

It’s after work and JM just came out from her mom’s car. they are at the coffee shop and Mom asks where her husband is, but JM just smiles and says that her husband works hard. Ah, it looks like JM is from a wealthy family and the mother opened the store for KS. The mother is about to drive off, but then they see SJ walking up the street. The mother gets out and confronts SJ, why is she still around her kid?

SJ said that her kid opened the store in her neighborhood and got their home in her neighborhood. But the mother tells SJ that she should leave, isn’t she uncomfortable? JM is all kinds of uncomfortable and yells at her mom to stop. But SJ just rolls her eyes and tells them that she did all of the sick person care for her kid, her family is really bad and doesn’t have common sense.

The mom thinks that is a different matter, that is that and this is this. Does she still think that she is the wife? She is the affair now. JM pleads with her mom to leave but the mom continues. She says they are quiet because they have their own concerns, but it isn’t that they are quiet because they can’t say anything. JM yells and storms off into the coffee shop but the mother just continues and asks SJ if she can just live well? But she leaves soon after. Meanwhile, JM is inside the coffee shop looking out at SJ.

SJ starts thinking about how JM paid for the dating service fee and goes inside. She gives JM the lunchbox bags, KS left them yesterday when he came to pick up some documents but she yelled at him so forgot it. But SJ said she didn’t eat it. JM checks and sure enough, she didn’t eat it at all.

JM tells SJ to not care about what her mother said and SJ assures her that she doesn’t care, she doesn’t care about anything now. Someone who has something to worry about, cares about something, but she doesn’t care. She just lives her life as life flows. JM tells her that she has one life, she thinks that she should throw her life to a man and tells her that KS cares about her because it was all their fault.

Cut to KS paying for the apartment for SJ.

The security checks the CCTV to see who locked MH out. They see that it was 401’s husband. He looked so happy to have locked the door, lol.

Water continues to drip in her bathroom. She has 3 bowls to catch them now. MR calls her and tells her that she will be in the bar, but she says that she won’t go because she is tired, she worked hard today.

Cut to MH getting home and seeing all the water in front of his place. A note is on his door with a bloody ax drawing on it. It says that this is his water and he should take a bath with it. Cut to MH pouring all the water on his bathroom floor.

SJ ends up going out with MR dressed nicely and MR giving her some seduction tips. You have to seduce with your back as if you are avoiding them. That is how I got IS! You can do it too!

Then, IS and MH come in as if by accident. MR plays it off as a coincidental meeting. They both go to sit but MR and SJ say that they shouldn’t sit together. It isn’t a booking it is booting (which is the wrong word). MH is particular about this because he is a copywriter.

So, MH and IS sit together and SJ and MR sit at another table. Now the hilarity ensues as SJ tries to act with her back and be seductive, but she looks so uncomfortable and mechanic. MR tries to give her some subtle tips on the sly while acting as if they both don’t care that their men are in the room. Meanwhile IS tells MH to have a good time. He says that it looks like his wife made this happen for MH.

Cut to MH thinking of his ex-wife while outside a building. She tells him that people said that she had an affair, but actually the time she spent with MH made her feel like she traveled somewhere. She will go back to her own place and her own world, so can’t he just divorce her?

He walks toward the building and sees SJ yelling at KS in the corner. How could he do this to her! Just leave, leave! She will divorce him, fine, he can live his own life and have his good life.

KS tries to pull her into a hug and tells him that he had a hard time, it was all his fault. SJ yells that she can’t forgive him, not because of JM, but how can he do this to her, how can he do this to her!

She crumbles and sobs on the ground. MH sees all of this.

But back at the bar SJ is slobbering and yawning, she is so tired. But MR basically tells her to get it together because MH is looking at her; SJ sighs and thinks that this kind of thing works in this era. But MR is all full on tactics mode and tells SJ that timing is important so she should just leave, like the wind. SJ gets up and awkwardly tries to leave sexily and demurely. She tells them to have a good time and tries to act with her back and fails. But MR gives her an okay symbol and smiles. IS sees this from his wife and tells MH that he should follow her.

SJ flosses and gets ready for bed. She texts MH…

SJ: How did you have a leg injury, well, I just worry about a lot of things because I can’t sleep now. Tomorrow will be cold and icy. It was good to see you. (but her writing is a little bad)

MH: (starts writing and erases it, then he starts writing again) My legs are fine, thank you.

SJ checks the phone and is annoyed. Then we see that MH erased his message and just put: Yes.

The guard comes in with two men. The guard tells MH that 401 called and that is why they are there, they are going to look into the water leakage issue and MH should be there with them. he tells him to go inside.

MH goes inside SJ’s home, but he stays safely at the entrance way. Then he sees the flight attendant clothing and the clothing that SJ wore last night. Hmm, this is peculiar. He walks further into the house and sees several pictures flattened so you cannot see them anymore. He lifts one up and we see a baby in one and then a father in another one and a wedding picture in another. Know he knows this is SJ’s place. He thinks back to SJ cleaning off his family picture, fighting her ex, and then taking off her expensive jacket. He looks around the home and sees all the red stickers everywhere.

Cut to SJ walking in the airport. She still has his MH’s family picture tucked inside her bag.


SJ goes to the zoo and MH follows her there. They both still have their luggage. It is cold though so there are no animals around, they are all indoor. MH watches SJ, but she doesn’t’ notice him, she is completely in a daze and leaves her luggage at the giraffes and walks off. MH grabs it. He finds SJ indoor at the dolphins, sitting by herself. No one is around and SJ just looks off at nothing. Then she goes to feed the sheep and sits and sobs at their side. MH is also tearing up as he watches her only a few feet away.

Fade Out

The water line is her fault, oh no!, so SJ tries to apologize to MH about it

I love this show so much right now. I love the nice mix of playful, sweet, hilarious, and touching moments. The actors are really pulling it off too. I forgot how great Kim Sam-soon was at acting since it has been a few years since I saw any of her work. I am glad to see that she is back in full swing and even has two acting projects in two years. Now can we just get her and the writer of Misty together?

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  1. JY299
    February 27, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    LOL I like the fact that you went completely meta on her. Yes, I think of Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam Soon too though I have to remind myself that the male hero was played by Hyun Bin LMFAO. Hyun Bin will always be Mr Shiny Tracksuit for me heheh!

    I’m so intrigued by what exactly went on with JM and KS. In a way, I feel a teensy bit sorry for JM aftre all, she’s going to find out that certain sayings (how you meet a man reflects what type of person he is) are true, KS will continue to “cheat” on some level because he seems the type to hanker after what he’s lost. KS though has the cheater’s guilt syndrome, thinking he still has say after all the damage and hurt he’s caused. And JM’s mother is a whole new category of evil MIL (mother-in-law), c’mon, where does she get her “values” from?

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 5:22 am

      Lol, I didn’t even notice that I called Kim Sam-soon!!! That is so meta. I also can’t think of Hyun Bin outside of a tracksuit. I was so obsessed with Secret Garden once upon a time ago, it was ridiculous. If only these live recaps would have been around back then!

      The MIL was so annoying. But actually that scene made me like JM a little bit more. I also wonder how the “man snatching” happened. I think it has something to do with the difficult time they had after losing their baby. In that regard, some people have said this drama is a lot like Yun-eh-shi-de (Alone in Love). Almost like it is a continuation of that story. I really want to watch that drama now.

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