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Should We Kiss First Recap Episode 7+8

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 7 and 8We are going to move Should We Kiss First as our aftercap and move Waikiki to the nightcap spot. We love Waikiki, we just love Should We Kiss First more, we are so anxious to find out what happens at the beginning of each episode!

I love this episode, just like the others. I was surprised to see an NC 19 rating at the start, but then it was made pretty clear why it would have that rating a few minutes in, hilariously clear. MH’s daughter is a main focus of this episode as she makes her way into the lives of almost all of the main characters. We also see how SJ reacts when she finds out just who 501 really is. Spoiler alert, it had me rolling.

But then they cut the jokes with heart, which is what makes me love this show so much.

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Soon-jin asks if they should sleep together? Let’s just sleep together tonight. They drunkenly go to a motel that is a theme motel with so many different types of themes. A jail theme, fairytale theme, egg theme, hospital theme. But Mu-han can’t really see what is in front of him so he tries to pull out his glasses. He fumbles around as he tries to put them on and they talk about SJ wearing her uniform. SJ says they should do it before she takes her uniform off…does he want to go to a jail or the hospital? MH tells her wherever, he will run away with her.

Cut to them in a subway-themed room. MH is standing and holding on to the handle of the subway and SJ is sitting on the seat. They are rocking as they pretend like the train is moving, but it looks like something more from far away. SJ gets up and tries to get off the subway as she sings a song. But the door won’t open (because it is wallpaper probably). He tells her that her door is the other way and he points to the bedroom. But then we cut to them sitting.

MH wishes that tomorrow doesn’t come and they don’t get sober. He wishes that he is not himself tonight as he looks at SJ. Then we cut to the couple trying to take off each other’s clothing as if they are in a hurry. But SJ’s butt gets trapped in-between the rail and the wall. MH tries to pop it out…1-2-3! He pulls her out and they topple to the floor. SJ is a little embarrassed, but MH picks her up and they share a moment. He leans in and is about to kiss her, his lips are so close to her lips…. but he doesn’t. He tells her that after they do this, she will remove it from her memory.

The daughter is at the police station, but she isn’t talking. She won’t tell the police her name or anything. It drives the cop crazy.

MH and SJ still haven’t gotten busy. He is sitting in the subway and SJ is looking around. She finds a dildo and turns it on, but she can’t find a way to turn it off, can he help her stop it? They call the dildo a banana…a crazy banana. She says it is the last day for living today and laughs a lot. MH tries on some bondage things and SJ laughs as he pretends to be a puppy dog.

The girl gets put in jail. The policeman tells her that the barista had some internal bleeding, so he had to go to the hospital. She looks shocked to hear that. It doesn’t look like she is a bad person.

Oh no, they lost the key to the S&M bondage stuff. They need to find it, so they get on their hands and knees and crawl around looking for the key. They are still a little tipsy as they crawl around and talk about their age. SJ tells him that he can put on a turtleneck, people will think that he is cold, not that he has this thing on her neck. But then they think that the room next door should have the same thing, they can wait until they leave and then go find their key. They say they should sit and think, but they can’t get up, their knees hurt too much. MH talks about his degenerative arthritis and stays on the floor.

SJ tells MH that he looks pitiful, his body is like that and he only has his mouth, but that is typical for old men. Old people only use their mouth for eating and speaking (she wants to be kissed). She tells him to come over there next to her so he gets up. But his body hurts. He sits next to her and she pulls him down, so they can both lay on the bed next to each other. But they are only lying on their backs. SJ does grab his chain though and smiles.

Cut to them both sleeping with all their clothes on and MH with his neck bondage. SJ tells him that she is so tired after her flights that she doesn’t want to do anything, but her doctor tells her that she shouldn’t live by herself, she should live with her family because she doesn’t have the will to live (or something like that?). But she doesn’t like this doctor and calls him a bad doctor. However, she can’t just not go to that doctor. Then she wonders why he won’t ask her any questions. If she is confident in not getting hurt if he refuses her, can she still like him? She is confident that she will not get hurt because she lives for today only.

MH tells her to not shake or be shaken. He can’t do it, he won’t be able to do it, but if she wants then he can be her friend. He won’t run away, and he will try to be a good friend because he decided to live only for today. CLICK. They hear someone leaving. SJ goes outside and sees a woman, it is the copywriter. SJ asks her if she can have the key for their neck strap, they have to go to work.

MH peeks his head out and SJ gives him thumbs up and tells him to go back inside. The woman comes back with the key and SJ tells her that she saved them, thank you so much, goodbye. SJ takes off the neck collar and they remark on how the banana dildo is dead. Should he get her a new one? He doesn’t want her to take the broken one. But she says she likes the broken one, they are a good match.

Cut to MH leaving and seeing the copyright in the elevator with another one of his copywriters. She realizes that he is the one with the neck strap! The other two are chuckling a little bit but the MH tells the copywriter to not look at SJ, he is the only one that can look at her. SJ is all like, whaaaaaat?

They walk down the street together. SJ likes to walk behind and see everything. He thinks she wants to look at him maybe? SJ walks in front of him and says that she feels well deserved now.

We change scenes to the two friends. The friend thinks she is getting fat, will he still love her if she is 90kg? He says yes, of course, he only sees his wife now. But if she doesn’t trust him then she can get fat. He tells her to live her own life and not worry about anything. Then SY calls him. IS gives MR a kiss and says a quote from a movie, then he picks up the phone from IS’s ex-wife. MR thinks, huh, ex-wife?

Meanwhile, SJ and MH are sitting to eat at a cafe. They think the morning is more awkward than last night and SJ is wondering if she did anything that she should be embarrassed about. MH says that freezing point and melting point are the same. He never thought he would eat breakfast with this frozen heart of his, but he thinks someone is telling him that he should melt. (While MH is talking, SJ wonders what in the F is he talking about? Last night he wanted to be friends, but now he wants to melt her? Will he just eat the outside of the watermelon and not eat the main thing, only side dishes and not the main course? What is going on?)?

MH asks the waitress for Bugoguk and she says they only serve Bugoguk (because they went to a Bugoguk restaurant). MH gives SJ her spoons so SJ wonders what type of man MH is, is he highly calculated or just difficult? SJ tells MH that she is impressed by nothing, people who live alone are shaken by little things like giving the woman her silverware. But in her mind, she is still on her seduction, she wonders what to do to be his fat parasite. MH gets a call though; his daughter is at the police station. MH looks outside the door and just leaves.

SJ is sitting and wondering…um. But then, MH comes back inside and tells SJ that she can eat but he has to leave because his daughter is back, but she is at the police station. SJ tells him to go, of course, then she wonders if the daughter is in big trouble (this is the person that SJ threw into the river).

Recap for the K-drama Should We Kiss First episodes 7 and 8
Yi-deon gets out of the jail cell, the policeman says that her appa is there. YD is super shocked though, her appa? She goes outside and sees her father sitting there, they go up to each other and MJ asks her if she remembers him. YD tells him that he is old, don’t be mistaken because she didn’t call him, she doesn’t want to see him. MH says that is fine, she didn’t want her to stick to him. She is shocked at this, but MH just says that he paid the fines, but YD has to pay for the truck and hospital bills later. She will have to apologize to the victim later.

She says that she won’t, and MH tells her that whatever she does is on her, this is all that he can do. She says that her grandfather will fix everything! But MH is just calm and tells his daughter to be healthy. He leaves, and she starts crying. Her bad behavior didn’t work at all for him. YD leaves the station, but she doesn’t know where she should go, she gets a cab. MH is hiding nearby and peeks at the cab, he sees the license plate and follows it down the street with his eyes.

SJ gets home and sees that her door is open. KS is there complaining about the guy’s jacket at SJ’s place. Who is this guy? Who is he? SJ tells him that he is funny, he is pitiful, she is pitiful, she is sick and tired of it, she is really sick and tired of it. He asks her if she slept with him and she yells at him to stop. But she says that she slept with him, what is KS to her? He can sleep with someone else, but she can’t? He is raising a baby now, he holds her and touches her and talks to her. Your father died and there is nothing left between you and me. Your fathers anniversary…you do it. You have your life and I will have my own life.

KS tells her that it sounds crazy, but he will not let her go to anyone. He has to make sure that this man is a good man and then he will send her to him. This guy should be a good guy, otherwise, he will kill him. Meanwhile, his wife is vacuuming and cleaning around their home. She happily looks at their marriage photo and wonders how she can beat 32 years. He had his first love first kiss, first everything with someone else. But she will be the last person standing next to him. She goes back to cleaning and finds the contract in the pillow!

KS goes to the hospital and checks up on his barista, HM. He tells him that he only thought he was sick at home, he would have come a lot earlier. Who is the assailant? Where are they? Don’t let it go too easily! HM tells him that he won’t.

Then we see the assailant, YD at a hotel. She complains, she had been waiting for this day for so long! But how could they make her meet her father at the police station! ARGH!

It seems like YD is yelling about SJ, so we cut to SJ turning in her uniform at the airport. MR drove her there, she says that they should grind up all these bad behaving girls and put them in noodles. SJ starts to laugh. MR wants to know if SJ wants to do something and SJ says she might dye her hair. They keep talking small talk about things and MR wonders if SJ will get another job, what is her next step? SJ says that she might teach at a stewardess school, it is a lot less pay but she will just eat less and poop less.

The conversation changes to MH’s daughter, she came back. SJ says that she knows that. Then MR asks how far they went last night and SJ tells her that they went to a hotel. MR, what! Cut to MR giving SJ pole dancing lessons and she is so amazing at it. SJ wants to know how she learned how to stick dance and MR is all like, this is called Pole dancing! But then they talk about the motel, is he impotent? SJ says that he said he will be a good friend to her, but maybe it is a relief, they can grow old together like friends. They connect well, like they have known each other for a long long time.

Cut to MH asking someone for the taxi number. He wants to find where his daughter went. We see that his daughter went to his house! But she doesn’t know which room is his. She does see SJ walking up the street though! SJ is talking about this brat that she threw in the water. She says all these bad things about how that girl reported her for kidnapping and they have to go to court with her father and all that. SJ goes inside and the girl thinks that this is great that she lives here.

She runs inside when SJ goes in and then runs up the stairs until she barges into SJ’s room. SJ is super shocked that she is there, but the girl wants to tell her that this is scary right! This is the first time this has happened to her right! Your scared and amazed right! SJ is all like…um, go away. But the girl is steady raging. She says that SJ ruined everything between her appa and her, so she barges into the house. She doesn’t take off her shoes and talks about how dirty the place is.

Crazy SJ comes out, but she leaves and goes into one of the rooms. The girl just scoffs and goes to destroy her home. But then she gasps as she sees SJ! SJ is completely naked! She walks all the way up to the girl and tells her to clean all her stuff up. Then she goes back to the bathroom. But she puts on a robe and tries to listen through the door. She doesn’t really hear anything, so she peaks outside and sees the girl ripping apart MH’s jacket! She runs up to her to try and stop it, but the entire sleeve rips off.

We fast-forward to the girl sitting in the guard’s station. The guard is trying to figure out the situation. Who is her father? She says that her father is Son Mu-han. SJ’s eyes grow wide as she thinks back to him talking about his daughter who just came back to Korea from the U.S. The guard finds him, he is in 501, but when he looks up again he sees SJ sneaking away.

The guard uses his intercom and YD talks on it.

Appa, this is YD, I didn’t come here to see you, I came here to ditch you like you ditched me. Think about it, I don’t even remember your face or voice, I have no memory of you, what can I throw away, so I am not going to do anything in the future, I will just feel free, I will go back, and I am going to be the one to say goodbye this time.

Everyone is listening to the girl’s message over the intercom, SJ listened to it as well. MH storms out of his house and walks up to the guard station. He tells her that they should leave, he will give her a ride. He gives her a ride in his super old classic car and drops her off. He tells her that he won’t go inside, and he doesn’t look at her. YD gets out reluctantly and watches her father drive away. We cut to a split screen of the two of them as he leaves.

Meanwhile, SJ is trying to find out the best way to break that she had a fight with his daughter. How can she tell him this? Should she just meet him at the police station? MH drives up at that moment. When they talk to each other, they both say that they have something to tell each other. Then MH says that they should go to his home.

Cut to SJ staring at 501. She is super shocked and starts to think about all the curse words she said to 501. Her face is not hiding her shock at all. MH tells her that he is the sitting at home acorn person (but the actual word is sitting at home do nothing person). He invites her in.

SJ walks inside as if she is kicking herself mentally and sits on the couch. She asks him when she figured it out, he says it was the day he went to her house. But she wants to know about his daughter, when did he figure that out? What is he going to do about his daughter? MH says that the mother is going to pick her up soon. (SJ thinks that it is good that the mother isn’t there, they will fight if she is there, the student can go to school and she can be in MH’s arms, she just needs 3 days!). MH comes back with her tea and tells her to do it, she said she had something to tell him. SJ quickly tells him that she boiled some dwenjangguk in the washes, no, it was something else and it will catch on fire. MH gets up, but SJ tells him not to come! It’s a fire! Fire!

She runs downstairs and then looks up at the roof. Ah, how is this happening! SJ can’t believe MH is 501 and starts rolling and kicking on the floor.

Cut to bedtime, MH thinks about SJ not being able to sleep and we see that SJ can’t sleep. She gets a call from MH and he asks her how many sheep she counted. She says 76. He tells her to listen to him, he will read her a book, “The night of our soul” He starts to read to her.

I wonder if you want to come to my house to sleep together because both of us are alone. I am lonely, I wonder if you are the same? Come to my room, I wonder if you can come to my room and sleep together with me and just talk. We can endure the night in a warm bed together with someone else. Nighttime is the most difficult time, right?

Then, he closes by asking her if she wants to sleep with him in his bed? She says yes, and we cut to them sleeping so awkwardly in his bed together.


SJ is in a hospital bed and MH was next to her in the emergency room all night. She opens her eyes and sees him, but he doesn’t notice her. He gets up to leave and she whispers in a raspy voice, it isn’t her fault… it’s not like I heard a hallucination…you said that to me, who are you? Do you know me? How do you know me? Who are you? But her vision is blurry, and she only sees the back of his head.

Fade Out

This show is so good that we had to google it after finishing the recap. I really love all the flashback scenes and especially the scene of MH finding SJ on the bench and then taking her to the hospital. The way it was shot and pos produced with the effects over it is just so wonderful. It really gets me right in the feels.

On Soompi, hyall let us all know that the book MH read from is from a movie that Jane Fonda and Robert Redford were in. I google it and it looks like the movie is Our Souls at Night, which is the film version of a book called Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf.

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  1. gustave154
    February 28, 2018 / 3:46 am

    This show is so good!!! Love how they balance the melo and comedy parts together. Its must watch TV for me! Thanks for the recaps as always =)

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 5:30 am

      You’re welcome! I love this show so much, too. The cinematography pulls me right in and the acting and storyline keep me there. The zoo scenes were so touching. I was a little paprehensive about the melo parts of this drama, but so far the melo parts are actually the parts that I like the most. Go figure!

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