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Should We Kiss First Recap Episode 5+6

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 5 and 6
This episode dives deeper into the lives of MH and what happened at the zoo all those years ago. We see SJ trying her hardest to seduce MH, but she is not the best at seduction and we also get a little taste of what SJ is capable of when she is pissed off. I was shocked.

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We open right were we ended the last episode with MW still inside Soon-jin’s (SJ’s) apartment with the people checking the piping in the background. The guard tells Mu-han (MH) to come check it out. But the guard tells MH that he shouldn’t take his revenge out on SJ. They should just love each other, 501 should love 401. MH goes to check the water line and they find out that the problem is 401’s. The guard tsks, it is just bad luck, maybe 501 will have some good luck this year…

Meanwhile, SJ is outside looking at the Paris nightscape. MH goes outside as well to walk his dog. He thinks that you will meet who you will meet, you try to avoid and avoid and avoid, but you finally meet them. 401 is like fate.

Flashback to the plane crash, SJ told him that she would just like to die and the plane accident is better than suicide.

MH come out of his revelry and starts to cook. He gets a text from SJ

SJ: There is no more sadness, when I walk around without an umbrella under the rain, I will be happy, but you are in me.

As MH looks at the text, he wonders what he should do with this woman. Meanwhile, SJ is wrapped up in towels in her place and talking to herself. But then she gets a text, perhaps MH bit her bait. She goes over to her phone, but it is only her friend. They talk back and forth about the bait and what MH said. But MH hasn’t responded yet.

MH: Don’t you remember me? (but he doesn’t send it)

SJ: I am okay, you don’t have to feel difficult about me, if I become alone, you will be in my heart and it will keep me alive…goodbye.

SJ starts to sing, a song in Paris as she tries to go to sleep: “Whenever I think about you, my heart is exploding, what should I do, I am tearing just seeing you back, I am sorry goodnight.”

JM is at home making breakfast for her family when her child comes up to her with a drawing of their family. JM happily looks at it, but it has 4 people in it. Who is this 4th person? JS says that it is emo. JM wants to know what appa said and JS says that appa saw it and liked it. He told her to listen to emo and hold her hand some more. If she says that she doesn’t like it then just hug her even more.

JM goes to find her husband, but he locked himself inside their room with the contract. His wife will kill him if she sees it though, so he hides it inside one of the pillows and then pretends to be crying. JM unlocks the door and comes in, but she immediately softens, she wants to know why KS is crying, it’s okay, it’s okay, you have me and Ji-su, it’s okay, don’t cry by yourself. KS milks these tears for all that he can and tells his wife that he loves her.

MH is standing on his balcony, it looks like he is waiting for someone. A car comes up and MH looks at it, but it isn’t SJ. He goes back to waiting. But then he sees SJ walking up the street, just like before. She has on her red coat and her luggage and watches her until she stops in front of the building. He pulls out his phone and calls her but then she tells someone that she will take out her kidney. A man approaches her and wants to know when. She says she can do it in the spring. The man tells her not to think about going away, if she hides then he will go to her ex-husbands’ coffee shop. SJ tells him that she won’t hide, so don’t go near his shop.

The loan shark wants to know why SJ used loan shark money. SJ wants to know why he cares. The loan shark says that he has formed an attachment to her since they go back and forth a lot. SJ tells him that law firm people are vampires and loan sharks are leaches and she is the really stupid person. See you later leech.

But it gets worse as she goes inside and sees the water leaking like crazy. She says that she will kill 501 and goes upstairs. But MH comes outside at the same time. SJ wanted to complain to the security guard, but 501 is also outside. SJ says that 501 saw it with his own eyes but he isn’t fixing it? I will pop his eyes out! How can’t he show his face like a little mouse! If he does something wrong then he should apologize, face to face. SJ curses a lot as she talks about 501. Then she brings up that he was trapped in a bathroom and was almost dead, no one came to him for 4 days.

The security guard finally gets a word in and says that her water pipe was on the ceiling, 6 eyes saw it so it is her problem. But he also has one more thing to confirm. Her husband may have trapped 501 on the roof. SJ is incredulous, what? He trapped him on the roof?

SJ looks at the security camera and takes it in. Yep, her husband really did trap 501 on the roof. 501 was even injured because he tried to escape from the roof. He limped for a few weeks.

Cut to SJ struggling to hold a huge box of apples to apologize to 501. She takes the box upstairs and calls 501 on his door speaker. She tells him that they should talk because she wants to apologize to him face to face. She shows him the apples (“apple” is the same word as “apologize” in Korean. She tells him that she is really sorry, she was rude, she is really, really sorry about that, from the bottom of her heart. She asks him to please accept her apology and she was really sorry that she ignored him when he was trapped in the bathroom, she should have saved him. She feels extra bad thinking that he was alone and naked in the bathtub. She is really sorry again.

She leaves the apples at his door and heads back to her place. MH sits by his door as she walks away.

MR and her hubby IS are sitting at a pool relaxing when he gets a call. It is a meeting for something about listening to music live. MR wants to know if it is for work or private? Perhaps they can send MH. Also, does MH have a fetish about uniforms, like flight attendants? IS doesn’t know that. But MR says that he knows it because IS used to be hooked on flight attendants. But IS just tells his wife that they should use a soft approach to hooking MH and SJ together, not a hard approach.

Meanwhile, SJ is at home eating a horrible dinner. Her friend, MR calls her and tells her to go to the bar and find out about a singer called Ever Cassidy. She should say, ah, this is Ever Cassidy. SJ wonders if she should write her name with her butt this time? Or take off her clothes and use her backbone to seduce him? She is not a backbone galbi. But MR says that she should wear her flight attendant clothes and pretend like she just came back from work. It will be a flight attendant fantasy! At least it isn’t a soldier uniform, he is the perfect man for you SJ! SJ isn’t so convinced.

But SJ shows up at the bar with her clothes on and MH is there. He stands up right away as he sees her. SJ thinks this is great, he can’t take his eyes off her, but MH is just remembering her coming her with her flight attendant clothing already. SJ tells him that her new year’s resolution is just living for today, okay, she will sit over there.

SJ quickly takes off her coat and MH keeps looking at her. SJ thinks this guy must be a pervert, he keeps looking at her take off her coat. MH tells her to sit with him, so she does. But she awkwardly asks him what he would like to drink while bent slightly at the back like a flight attendant. He tells her that he can get the drinks.

MH comes back to the bar and SJ starts taking off her stockings. She says that it is not normal to do these things, but he is also not normal. MH takes a couple pills as SJ throws her stockings somewhere, but that action makes MH choke on his pills, she gives him CPR and helps him spit out the blue pill. But then she hugs his back like she is longing for him.

Cut to them both sitting and listening to some music on a vinyl player. She tells him that it feels like they have known each other for a long time. She wonders what this strange emotion is, it has been ten years since she has been interested in someone else, so she was just trying. MH asks her, doesn’t she remember him? Look at him closely. SJ wonders, have they met before? He must be joking, but MH says that he isn’t joking. SJ says that MH might have met a similar woman, but he tells that there is no other woman like her.

SJ asks where, but MH says that she should try to remember him, he is also wondering why this happened, why did they meet each other again?

Cut to MH getting SJ a cab. SJ says that she will get a subway so he doesn’t have to drop her off, but he tells her that he won’t drop her off because they have the same destination. MH tells her that they are going to the same place so she shouldn’t be too surprised, but she may pass out. SJ is so confused because this sounds like he wants to sleep with her. MH goes up to her and tells her that she will really know what kind of person he is.

SJ is uncomfortable, she tells him that she knows he is in a hurry, but they can do it next time they meet, their summer uniform is better than their winter uniform and she isn’t going home with him tonight. MH tells her to take his jacket. But then he sees his picture in her luggage, he takes it out and looks at it for a long moment. SJ looks at it too, then she notices him and thinks back to him asking her if she remembers him. Now she does remember him and she wonders if she is a good memory to him or a bad memory for him. She turns back toward him, but she sees the taxi driving off with MH inside.

Don’t you remember me?

Fade Out

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 5 and 6

A young spoiled looking woman is talking on the phone angrily to someone as she walks through the airport. Meanwhile, SJ is on the plane as they are waiting for one more passenger to show up. The passenger is this young woman who proves to be a real brat. She bumps into SJ and basically looks down on her and switches back and forth between English and Korean. She also wants SJ to clean her shoes for her.

SJ asks the girl to turn off her cell phone because the airplane is taking off. But the girl just kneads her and tells SJ to just clean her shoes, she will turn off her cell phone whenever she is ready. SJ looks like she is about to slap a B, but she composes herself and asks for the customer’s shoes so she can clean them. But the customer tells her to clean them there, she might spit on them otherwise. SJ starts cleaning them there, but the customer’s camera falls and breaks. The customer yells at SJ, does she know how expensive this is! SJ apologizes and we see that the camera is a vintage looking camera.

Cut to MH taking photos with the same type of camera. Everyone on his team hates him.

The 17-year-old wants alcohol, but SJ tells her that she won’t be able to give it to her because she is underage. She can give her a coffee though. The girl is annoyed but asks for a coffee as if she is planning something. SJ goes to make the coffee but wonders what kind of home training makes a person act like this.

The customer goes to the bathroom and puts marks on her face. Then she goes back to her seat and fakes that she is sick. She throws up all over SJ’s clothing. Hmm, maybe she is really sick?

Meanwhile, MH looks at his cell phone photo of his daughter. IS and MH talk about how she is coming to Korea now and she looks more like him now whereas previously she looked like Suk-young (SY), his ex-wife. MH isn’t going to meet his daughter though, the mother’s side will take care of everything.

Back on the airplane, one of the flight attendants says that YD has a coffee allergy and she said she asked SJ for decaf. She is also going to file a claim about the broken phone. SJ isn’t fooled though, she goes over to the passenger and wipes the dots from Yi-deon’s face. SJ tells her welcome to Korea and tsks. Outside, YD gets in a taxi and SJ gets into it as well. SJ drags this girl to a park river and tells her that they are on land so she will do things her way. But the girl says that she is the granddaughter of a big construction company and if he finds out what she does he will take his revenge on her. But if she leaves her alone then she will let her go.

SJ tells her not to use banmal and the girl says everyone uses banmal in the U.S. But SJ just hits her upside her head and tells her, this is Korea you B. SJ basically tells her that she is a crazy woman and won’t go to jail even if something bad happens to her. Does she feel scared and tight right now? Same to her, everyone feels like that. She wants to put her parents into the water, but she should go into the water today. SJ pushes her into the water and walks off!

Cut to SJ walking with the girls’ luggage and the girl walking all drenched behind her. But just then the boy from the coffee shop shows up in a truck. It looks like he might be at this hotel for a barista convention? He gets out of the coffee truck but accidentally drops his jacket. The girl takes the jacket and puts it on, then she sees SJ leaving so she hops her little self behind the wheel of the truck, tells the boy that she is just borrowing it, and takes off. But HM is deaf, and no one would think that someone who stole their car is borrowing it anyway, so he gives chase!

It’s a three-way chase! SJ is in a bus, the girl is following in the truck, and HM is chasing after her. But it is a red light and HM is able to cut her off and stand in front of the truck. He collapses on the ground, completely exhausted. The girl comes out and yells at him, but she is also worried about him. HM calls someone on video chat and tells them that he has caught a criminal who stole his car. YD tries to sneak away, but HM grabs her arm, she tells him that maybe she can give him money, is 20,000 enough? She said she was only borrowing it the car. Are you deaf?

He says that he is deaf, he can’t hear what she says, he can only read her mouth.

Meanwhile, SJ is on the bus. She is looking at her bag and thinks back to what MH said…try to remember him and he will remember as well. The bus stops at Seoul Zoo and that sparks SJ’s memory.

SJ is crumpled and crying at the zoo. MH puts an umbrella over her as the snow falls. He coughs and then tells her that she left her luggage at the giraffe section. SJ stands up and MH adjusts the umbrella to her height. But she pushes the umbrella to be over both of them and puts her hands in her pockets. Then we see them both taking the zoo bus. She wonders why he is there, did he follow her from the airport? He says that it is because of his picture. She says that she burned it, but he sees it in her luggage. SJ continues, you have to throw things away when you can, or the next day will be painful again, some pain that you can’t get used to, there is no way to end it.

SJ – Would you like to ride one more round?
MH – Yes, let’s do it.

They keep riding on the tiny zoo bus.

MH has his family picture of when his child was young and he looks at the new picture he recently saw of her. Then he gets an international phone call. It is SY, his ex-wife. They haven’t talked to each other for 6 years, but she seems nice. She asks if he met YD? But he says that he didn’t go to the airport. SY is shocked, he is her Appa, but MH says that he was her Appa 6 years ago (stopped being her Appa 6 years ago?). SY says that she didn’t call her parents place to meet her. MH says that her father can find their daughter. Does she want him to worry about her because he is her father? Why does she just decide everything and tell him, like with YD and their divorce?

SY tells him that she wishes that he meets her if she contacts him. She can’t take care of her in the U.S. by herself. The Ex hangs up and MH closes his eyes. It seems like the deal was that MH shouldn’t contact the other family ever again, even the daughter. But now SY wants MH to look out for their daughter because she is a big troublemaker.

SJ waits in front of MH’s workplace. He wonders why she came there to see him and she tells him that she remembers him. That day, thank you. That was a difficult day for me so maybe I erased it from my memory because it was so hard. He asks her if she has a lot of days that she erased from her memory and she says it is not a small amount. Then he asks about today, is she going to erase it? She says that she probably will, but she will decide after today. Would he like to hang out and do whatever like they did that day? MH tells her, yes.

They go to a store, but it closed. MH says that it was a good restaurant, but it closed. SJ wants to know if they should do something they haven’t done before maybe? They go to a tattoo place. MH thinks maybe they shouldn’ do that, but SJ says that she got fired today by text message (because of what happened with his daughter!). They get a tattoo together and MH sees SJ’s scar on her wrist. Then they go eat at a tiny place and we see that MH’s tattoo says, “Live for today.”

MH asks her how she got fired and she says that she had an altercation with a customer, but it is okay, she wanted to quit anyway. MH only drinks tea and SJ tells him that he should drink today because they are doing things that they normally don’t do. She reminds him of their tattoos and they toast to living for today. (Actually, I’m not sure if they have the same tattoo, but I think so).

Cut to both of them looking very drunk and slumped over the table. They make small drunken talk about drinking coffee. MH says that he can’t drink coffee, he can only drink decaf (so maybe the daughter wasn’t lying!). SJ laughs about that and then they start to talk about Paris. She has been their 1000’s of times, but she has never toured downtown. MH says that she sent him a photo and she says that the Eiffel Tower is nothing, only steel. He tells her that he wants to go to the Himalayas, but he was way too busy working. SJ tells him that that is a movie. He wants to go somewhere but he doesn’t and loses all his friends and gets sick. Then she tells him not to go somewhere like that.

SJ asks if she won and then drunkenly says that she never smiled for 10 years. Well, she smiles every day but it is always fake. Perhaps they are playing a game where they say all the things they haven’t done. It looks like MH doesn’t have anything else to say so SJ says that she won! Whoo Hoo! And starts to party by herself. But MH tells her that he has never cried out loud. SJ thinks…hmm, she has nothing she cared about. MH tells her that he never said that he loved you to anyone. SJ says that she hasn’t slept with a man in 10 years, is that okay? MH says that she won, he is not that bad. It’s only been 5 years, no, 6 years?

SJ asks him, would he like to sleep together? Let’s sleep together tonight.


Flashback to the zoo, SJ is slumped on a bench as if sleeping, but there is blood everywhere in the snow. MH runs up to her and pulls her onto his back. He rides with her in the ambulance and whispers something in her ear as they drive to the hospital. A tear trails from SJ’s eye as she lays on the bed and MH also has teary eyes.

Fade Out


Behind the scenes video: Video #1

(These videos are super out of order, I copied them in the oder they were at on the KBS drama YouTube page)

Scene #1: Soon-jin waits for Mu-han outside his workplace. She tells him that she remembers him and thanks him for that day.

Scene #2: Soon-jin’s friend Mi-ra wants Soon-jin to seduce MH at the bar they went to. But Soon-jin isn’t feeling it.

Scene #3: Mu-han tells Soon-jin that they are going to the same place, but she thinks that he want to sleep with her. He sees his family photo, takes it, and leaves.

Scene #4: Mu-han and Soon-jin go out on a date after they find out each others true identities (though she still doesn’t know that he is her neighbor). They get tatoos and drink till they are stupid drunk.

Scene #5: Soon-jin tries her hardest to try and seduce MH, but it is awkward.

Scene #6: Soon-jin turns psycho ajumma on the rude girl from the airplane. She drags her to a river and pushes her in.

Scene #7: Mu-han gets a call from his ex-wife Suk-young. She wants him to see their daughter. But he tells her that he won’t, that was part of the agreement right? Her side of the family can find her.

Scene #8: SJ tries to seduce Mu-han via text message, she sends him some poetic texts, but they fall flat.

Scene #9: Mu-han and Soon-jin are drunk and trying to one-up each other on whose life is the most pitiful (or something like that). In the end SJ wants to know if they should just sleep together?


Source YouTube, SBS

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  1. JY299
    February 27, 2018 / 10:59 pm

    LOL I like the GIF, poor MH looks like he’s about to have a heart attack when SJ hugs him from the back.

    I like how SJ teaches YD a lesson.

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 5:38 am

      That part was so hilarious. You know he was thinking, um, didn’t you get home from your flight hours ago? Why are you still wearing your uniform?

  2. JY299
    February 28, 2018 / 7:20 am

    Lol I’m sure he knows that’s a set up. No wonder SJ jumps to conclusions about his pills. 😂

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 10:53 am

      So are those heart pills? I actually don’t know about that part.

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