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Should We Kiss First Live Recap Episodes 23+24

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 23 and 24
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I think the epilogues from this point forward might be centered around the previous courtcase and Mu-han’s actions/non-actions in it. But I have a suspicious belief that he is the one who filed the new court order. Perhaps that is his last gift to Soon-jin to finally put her at peace.

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Airing Time: March 27th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
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Countdown: RECAPPING!

SJ hugs MH and they both pull each other into equally tighter and tigheter hugs. Then SJ pulls back and wants to kiss MH, but he turns his head. He tells her that he is dying and he is sorry.

SJ is blank faced as she looks at him for a moment, but then she tries to talk. So, that is why you said one month? MH tells her that he only has one month left. SJ tries not to cry and walks away.

She goes outside and walks around the street like she is sleep walking. Sh ewalks as far as the bridge and stops there to look out at the city.

MH is at home sitting in the hallway and looking at nothing in particular. Then he goes to his office and stares at a paper on his desk.

SJ keeps walking, but then she comes to the end of the sidewalk and starts crying.

In his office, MH starts filling out his paperwork.

In the morning, SJ is still there where the sidewalk ends. Sh ewas there all night long adn probably didn’t sleep. She just thinks of those two words MH said to her…I’m dying.

But then she gets up.

MH hears a click on his door and SJ comes in and looks for him. She says he told her to give him one month, he needs time to love her. She had a lot of questions, but it is because it was him, so she waitied, but what is this, what do you want me to do, what should I do? I just wanted to throw everything away because I hated living, but without noticing it, I wanted to be loved by you.

MH listens to this all and tells her that he just needs hospice. He held death all the time, but when he is facing death, he was afraid of dying by himslef, he wanted to put anyone next to him and she showed up. It was good. So he sometimes forgot that he was about to die. He though, if she was next to him then he won’t be too lonley dying alone. So I thought I would keep trying to love you so.

SJ wants to know why he is telling her this now, he should jsut have kept faking it until he died. MH says it is because her ex-husband knows. But he can find another hospice, can she wait until then?

But SJ is upset, why is he telling her that? Is he giving up everything? Will he just die and then everything ends? Do you really want to end it like this? If you want, then I can do it for you. MH tells her, please do it. he walks by her and SJ wipes her tears.
SJ grabs her bags but MH comes up to her and tells her not to leave, not today. SJ notices that his clothes are inside out. MH tells her that he can’t just bring anyone it. SJ tells him to put his clothing on right. She asks him if he wants her to leave or not. He tells her that he wants her to play with him 7 times. WOuld she like to see a movie with him, whatever one she likes, or he can pick on and tell her.

Cut to a government office. MH gives the person at the counter his marriage paperwork, he wants to report his marriage.

Then we cut to KS thinking about the situation with MH and his wife. He is in his car and MH walks across the street. KS sees him and honks at him. then he gets out of his car and tells him to just die somewhere, don’t let her see you die, she suffered enough. Don’t say that you love her, just go somewhere far away and die. For someone dying, death is it. But for the person remaining, death is the starting point. What will you do? MH tells him that he will think about it.

MH goes to his office and thinks back to seeing SJ try to kill herself at the zoo. The voice over is SJ’s voice talking about how some pain can’t be stopped. MH turns to his computer and starts looking for hospice care.

His friend IS comes into the room and asks him what he is doing. But then they talk about the Apollo company. They called, why did MH refuse their business? It is a big budget and we should accept it. But MH says he can’t. he says that he realized that his commercial has nothing to do with him, but it can destroy someone, he witnessed it. IS doesn’t know what he is talking about. Does this have to do with the food company? MH says, if he put the warning, if he testified, then he could connect it better. It is late, but he will do what he can do in the future.

SJ meets with her lawyer and they talk about the case. The lawyer checked the petition and made a copy of it. SJ looks through it. It looks like the food is a type of jello. This person might be from Apollon food company. It is only one person, but maybe they want to repay her. SJ says he is one good man, she is so thankful to him, can the lawyer find out who this person is? Also, when does she need he money?

The lawyer says she will do this case pro-bono, so she won’t have to worry about the money this time. Some law firms do good things to show off so she will do the pro-bono work through a law firm. SJ says she will try to make some money to pay her. SJ wonders if hey will win. The lawyer says that people changed and the mood of the country changed so she can be a little hopeful this time.

They meet to eat. A lot of flight attendents are there as well. The flight attendents bow to JM, but they don’t bow to MR.

Apollon made a powdered jelly, but they didn’t warn that kids shouldn’t eat the powder themselves. there was no warning sign and a child died. The jelly blocked the child’s breathing. There was even evidence that this happened, but the mother lost the case.

JM and MR
MR thinks the flight attendents should have bowed to her and thanked her. But JM wonders how she should say that, they should slap her. MR tells JM that she is stupid, doens’t she know that you can’t just go to the hospital. But JM lets it slip that someone is dying. MR wants to know, who is dying!

SJ leaves her grocery store for the day and goes home. KS follows her. But SJ dosn’t go inside and just sits on the stairs. KS comes up to her but she just sighs and tells her to leave. He tells her that they should go to her mom’s house, or somewhere else, not there. She knows. But she is still staying in between like this. She can’t go inside and she cant go outside, she is just so pitiful.

MH is also sitting on the steps, staring at the elevator. He is waiting for SJ. But she doesn’t come so he goes to the movie theater by himself. SJ goes to the jimjilbang by herself. MH is in teh movie theater, but his eyes are closed. then we cut to an empty theater with MH still there, one of the workers has to tell him that the movie ended. MH leaves and walks around, he walks up to the cafe and sneeks a peek at YD. He thinks back to YD telling him that she isn’t there for him, she is there for someone else that listends to her even though he hates her.

MR finds out that SJ is at the jimjilbang, so she goes there as well. MR wants to get her revenge on Mu-han. But SJ says that he is a good guy accept that she is dying. MR thinks that he wouldn’t see her at all if he wasn’t dying. But SJ says that they tricked him first. She is angry, but she can’t be angry because of what she did as well. MR says he is dying but he got married? That is good, let’s file the marriage license. You can take all the money. He is rich and will die soon.
SJ tells her friend that she has something to tell her that she never told her. She loves MH. He also loves her. That is why he can’t just see him dying like that. MR starts crying and calls her a crazy girl. Why did she start this? She is sorry that she started this and made her life hard. But SJ says it isn’t anything, it is a good memory, all the good memories are vivid. Everyday, what we did, what we ate, how it taste, what feelings she had…why does she remember those things. Mi-ra, I have to go. Not because of him, but for me. I have to go back because of me.

MH is outside looking up and sees SJ’s shadow walking to him. She stands next to him and she says that his shadow looks ugly. He says it is teh first time someone told him that. She asks if he wants to go inside and watch a move? he said that he already watched one. She asks him if he is going to still stand there like that, she is going inside. She walks inside and steps all over his shadow.

MH and SJ watch a movie inside. They sit pretty far from each other on the couch, but they look back and forth to each other. Finally, they look at each other at the same time. SH tells him that she will try to be his hospice, she is good so just hire her. If it is difficult then she will just leave him. One month passes quickly.

He asks how she can just say it that way. What if he lives longer. SJ says that she is already sick and tired of him, so lets live until I am sick and tired of you. So you can live a little longer and we can become normal and when i am super sick of you then it will be easier to send you away. So what i am saying is, make me sick and tired of you. MH says that it is sick and tired of being sick and tired of a person like him.

He hopes that she doesn’t try too hard, he will live his own way and she can live her own way, lets do that.

Ji-su plays with a powder and KS runs over to her and takes it away from her. he is very angry and tells her not to play with that, don’t play with powder! Where did you get it from! She says her friend gave it to her. JM comes in and KS yells at her. He tells her that it only takes one second, it is lucky that he caught it! But JM yells at him, she is the only one that is taking care of the house! KS starts cleaning up all the powder and Ji-su tells him that they shouldn’t fight because of her. he gives her a hug.

they slept together that night and tell each other good morning. It is late, MH should go to work, but SJ tells him not to go to work. She says he is dying, he doens’t have to think about going to work, just take a break. Don’t try too hard, you are dying. MH playfully tells her to stop saying he is dying. But SJ says the good thing about knowing your dying is that you are free from your life, so sleep some more, you can sleep all day. He wants to know what she will do while he sleeps? Don’t eat ramen, eat rice and watch an SAT lesson, not movies.

He tells her that his medicine is in the bathroom medicen shelf and in the drawer in the living room and in his backpack. She looks in all those places and find some documents in the bag. It is the marriage license receipt. She thinks that he told her to leave but he went to the courthouse and reported it anyway? Why?
IS eats with MR, it looks like they talk about MH. MR is so upset at him, doesn’t he know that his friend is dying? But IS didn’t know. he thinks back to what MH told him, maybe he wanted to tell him but he didn’t hear it. They argue about MH dying. IS is sad that Mh is dying, he lived by himself and is rich, but he is dying. MR is on SJ’s side, how can he make SJ more pitiful? IS thinks something must be going on, why would a dying person get married?

SJ puts on some tango music and starts tangoing as she cleans. MH comes out and watches this scen. But then he sees something on the floor and wonders how she moved this thing, it is heavy. he thinks she is super strong. But this thing is $30,000 each. he tells her that they are difficult to collect, they have different functions and they are very sensitive, you shouldn’t move it. SJ asks him if he wants to get hit? Just empty this room. Can I use this room?

MH tells her that she can use this room, would she like to change everything? She wants to know why he is so nice to her, is there something that he didn’t tell her? He says there is a lot. If she looked into his head then she would be surprised at what she found.

Cut to the two of them walking to MH’s workplace. They both just playfully talk. Sj says she wants to play with him, when will they play, he will jsut die like this. He smiles and says he will leave early and play with her. She asks about his car, he says he drove it for 15 years and will destroy it. He likes walking and looking at people. SJ says she was worried that she would have to carry him around in a bicycle. MH stops walking and says its warm…the wind. then we cut to MH getting on the bus and waving bye bye to SJ.

But MR is waiting on him when she gets to work as if she is the boss and he is the worker. She is wearing some completely black bad-A looking outfit and confronts him about SJ. She wants to know, what about her husband and SJ? You knew everything about SJ, all of her past and everything. Are you a human being? You are using her, you seduced her, and you slept with her. Either you are good or impotent because you read books in the bed, she hates books but you took her because she is good at taking care of people. Now come with me, lets go do the marriage license. But he says he did it already and MR is stunned…what?!?
SJ and YD
SJ meets with YD and tells her that she prepared a room for her. She can come whenever she wants, before it gets too late. She has to come and see for herself.

Meanwhile, MH meets with IS in IS’s office. But IS is upset at him. IS refused the Apollon contract. IS wants to know how long MH had cancer. MH says it was 6 years. His friends is shocked, he endured this for all that time by himself, he had surgery and recovery and everything all by himself? he asks what he is going to do.

MH says that he started this as atonement, but it became love.

Cut to SJ and MH on a date at the aquarium. They look at the mantis swimming around. The mantis’s name is beluga and means white in Russian. When it is born it is very dark grey, but becomes white when it grows up….it is written over there. SJ laughs, you almost made me sick and tired of you.

She says the mantis makes her want to live in the water, but the mantis leaves and MH tells her that he said no to her, let’s go. But then a family comes with their daughter and SJ looks at them. She tells him that she lost her daughter 11 years ago, back then there was a favorite snack that her mother bought for the kid, even though it was dangerous. But she didn’t know until after her baby died. She got the phone call on the way to Paris so she couldn’t come back until 30 hours later. Maybe she was waiting for me for 30 hours. My kid died and no one said they were wrong, that was her kids fault, all other kids were fine and only her kid died. The person who made it or advertised it, everyone said it was my girls fault. I lived like that, like a jellyfish, I was just pushed around and couldn’t even resist. How did you live your life?

They get back home and SJ asks MH why he can’t say anything. he says he will wash first. She takes his jacket and shakes it off. But then his pen falls out. He picks it up and sees the engraving on it. SMH. This reminds her of that night where she begged that man to help her.

She opens her bag and practically rips open her paperwork. She kept that pen from all those years ago. She checks the two pens, they are identical. MH walks by and SJ glares at him.

MH tells the lawyer that he wants SJ to inherit all his things. The lawyer is a little shocked. He tells her that she is her lawyer right? We are married, can you keep it a secret from SJ, if she knows then she won’t accept it. He will notarize his will as well. he tells her that he made the commercial. the lawyer says that she doesn’t know why he changed his mind, but can he testify in the case? If he testifies, then they will win. He says he might not be alive when it goes to court, but if he is alive then he will.

Fade Out

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  1. Jen
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    OMG.. My heart…

    Thank you for the recap!

    • V
      March 27, 2018 / 11:39 am

      I was so sad watching this episode, and how can they end it like this! I really think MH isn’t going to die in one month, he is going to die in just a few more minutes when SJ kills him.

      • PakalanaPikake
        March 30, 2018 / 11:37 am

        Then I guess we won’t have to wait for him to be obliterated by the deorbiting Tiangong-1 space station this weekend. 😉

        • V
          March 30, 2018 / 11:45 am

          Lol 🙂

  2. Amirah
    March 27, 2018 / 10:23 am

    Thanks again for the recap…

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    Thanks for the recap!!!! aye….. I’m surprised they revealed the court proceedings but NOT READY FOR THE ANGST

    • Handily
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      I am sooooooo not ready for the angst either!

  4. PakalanaPikake
    March 29, 2018 / 2:17 am

    Thanks for the recap, V! It’s amazing how Soon-jin has recognized the monogrammed pen Mu-han dropped in the rain all those years ago. She’d forgotten so many other things. It sure feels as if the show is revving up to crash headlong into a bridge abutment.

  5. PakalanaPikake
    March 30, 2018 / 11:32 am

    Hi, V! By any chance are you identifying background music from SHOULD WE KISS FIRST? In ep. 23 @23:00 (fade from Soon-jin to Mu-han sitting in the stairwell) there’s a lovely ballad with male vocal. It’s very pretty. If it’s possible to get the artist & title in English and Hangul I’d be much obliged. Many thanks!

    FYI, I’ve posted another background track on my fan wall, and will put up another link soon. 😉

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