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Should We Kiss First Live Recap Episodes 21+22

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 21 and 22
Kim Sun-ah’s Instagram (kimsuna_official)
It feels like ages, and one Misty finale, since we last left our duo. It is the half way point (it’s 40 episodes right?), so I feel like we have so much more to cover. And yet, how much more do they have to cover? I feel like the only thing left is the mystery of 10 years ago (to the audience, not the characters) that they are delving out in these wonderful epilogues and snippets. I’m interested in it, but I also wonder if this show will give us an ending like Misty just did because it is starting to feel like a trend. Black, Hwayugi, Misty….is Should We Kiss First next in the bad ending parade? I hope not.

Characters: Short hand character chart
Airing Time: March 26th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: ODK, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

Countdown: RECAPPING!

MH and SJ drive back home, quiet. The solemn music is playing. SJ says that the sea on one side and lake on the other, there is no river so they can’t meet each other. MH says it used to be the sea, they were together, but after many years, they still missed each other. SJ asks, one month later, will we still be together? After time passes, will I still miss you? I hope so, I don’t want to erase this memory.

In the car SJ asks why he isn’t talking. He asks, what about you? He tells her to take a nap until they get home. But she says she doesn’t want to, she wants to do everything together with him. He thinks, thank you for not asking me. And she thinks, because you will answer.

Meanwhile, YD is in her father place packing up all SJ’s things. SHe puts it all in a sutcase and rolls it out.

MH and SJ get home. SJ sings a song, “Why did you pack everything, why did you shoot it, why aren’t you listening to meeeeee.” MH tells her to stop mocking him, who made him angry? they playfully start to talk to each other. MH tells her to change her clothes and go to bed but she says, impossible…..impossible….

MH turns and thinks that she really doesn’t listen to her. She lays on the bed but her back hurts, something is in the bed. She turns the sheets back and sees an X formed by rocks. She yells and MH runs in. He thinks, maybe his daughter came by.

SJ goes to the closet and sees that everything is gone. But she is most concerned about her documents. They are gone as well. He apologizes but she says to call his daughter and let her talk to her. MH says he will talk to her, but SJ yells, let me talk to her!

YD is busy working at the cafe, she sees her appa’s phone call and is hesitant to pick up. Almost scared even. She picks up though and SJ asks where her luggage is. YD says she threw it away. SJ wants to know where she threw it away!

Cut to SJ running to the trash with MH. They root throught he trash. MH sees it first, the court documents. He knows these must be what she is looking for, so he hands it over to her. SJ grabs it and apologizes for yelling at him. She says these documents are very important to her. MH says it is okay, if it is important to her then it is important to him also.

Then we see him walking to the cafe. He sees his daughter recycling outside. He asks her where the trash place is, you can walk first. they go to a park and sit.
MH tells her that he understands why she is doing this. But nothing is changing. She tells him that she knows he is very angry. He says he isn’t angry, he only gets angry when he cares about something, but she just bothers him, please leave. She says she isn’t there because of him, she is there becaues of someone else. Even if he hates her.

MH wants to know why she comes to his place. She says he doens’t listen or trust or know anything about him. But she worries that this is the end and he won’t recognize her and he becomes like Byul. He tells her to sit down. He says, he will recognize her whenever she comes back and wherever she is. He will watch her graduate high school and go to college. So what you have to do now, Son Ye-deon.

But she tells him to do it, it seems like he doesn’t realize what is important now.

VO – Whoever sent the petition, if they go to court then we can fight again.

SJ calls her lawyer. The Supreme court is reviewing the petition. They don’t know who sent the petition, but they will see who that person is. They hang up and SJ wonders who that person is.

MH comes in and tells her that he cahnged the password to 0502. She asks him how he knows her birthday and he says he did a target analysis because she is the one playing with him even though he doens’t play with anyone. They hug.

MH thinks back to what SJ said about her being the parasite and him being the host. He thinks that he forgot it a little bit, about him being the host. He should live like the host and not be too greedy.

MR and JM talk to each other. MR asks JM what she wants to drink but she asks it like, how do you want to be punched. JM is at MR’s house. She gives her the drink. JM says this drink smells well fermented and drinks it, but then she spits it out and says that this is real vinegar! Are you F-ing me!

But it looks like it was a mistake. However, JM argues with her about how old she is, she is too old to do these things. MR pulls the cup from her and pours it on her. Cut to the two of them sitting. JM has on new clothing. She says she came there because of the petition they talked about.
JM tells her that she can buy her age and let her take a break, she is so busy with her kid and the house and her husband. MR says her woman life ended, how can she live the rest of her life! Whyyyyyyyy! F-life!

But JM thinks that MR is talking about MH and knows he has cancer. But MR is talking about herself and menopause. JM start talking about the situation, but each is talking about the other thing. JM says what an unlucky woman, she met a rich man and changed her luck again…maybe it is a sin from a passed life. MR gets up, grabs her plant, and hits JM with it over and over again.
CLothes are drying outside while MH and SJ are inside in the kitchen. SJ wants to make something for him. MH tells her to stop using all those slang words, he walks up behindher and starts to wrap her apron tighter. He asks her waht she is going to make. She says she will make 4 dishes. He looks impressed, 4 dishes!

But she needs her cell phone and he doens’t know where his chell phone either. They want to call each other but then both lost their phones so they can’t call each other. But then MH finds her phone and sees that he is in her phone as “Son Host.” His face falls.

She asks him if he found it but he says he didn’t. He goes to the kitchen and she says they ned been sprouts (sukju=host), don’t you like bean sprouts (host). I like been sprouts (host). MH is pretty sad though and says he can go buy some. He leaves.

SJ thinks back to MH in the hospital. Her face grows serious. She remembers MH asking her for one month and she wonders, why one month?

KS, meanwhile, is raging in the rain. He remembers MH telling him that the doctors say he is dying, but he feels more alive than before.

Cut back to 501, MH is back. SJ asks, what about the suckju? I steamed and prepared it, you bought it so we should chop it and put it in. But MH doesn’t like suckju. He reluctantly goes to the kitchen and grabs the suckju. They sit and make the dumplings with the suckju inside. SJ talks about how it is dificult right, it is not easy. Look at me.

But MH’s mandu is so gorgeous looking. SJ asked why he didn’t follow her, it isn’t his first time is it? MH says it is his first time, just tell him that he did it well, are you upset that my mandu is so great? Okay, from now on I will make my mandu ugly like those mandu’s. He smiles and motions to SJ’s.

MH gets a text to go to the cafe. Sj asks what the text is, is it big? He says maybe. She wonders if it has to do with when he collapsed and he nods. SJ says it is okay, she is okay if he is a sick person with a disease, it is okay with her. She already guessed it and she is ready for it. So just be sick comfortably.

SHe holds his hand and says that he can just get better soon. But MH is still thinking parasite and host while she is talking. SJ says that she is sad that he gave her a lot and she can’t give him anything, but at least she has something to do. She is used to it and she is good at it, so don’t worry about her, really.

MH says he doesn’t worry about her, at first he did, but after he knew her true feelings, I am okay. So lets go to the courtroom quickly.

SJ says that she worries and wants him to get better soon. But MH is upset and says he will go wash his hands. However, he gets in the shower with all his clothes on and runs the cold water over himself. He stays in there for a minute while SJ waits outside.
SJ says she was waiting for him. He asks why everything is so easy, he knows she doesn’t have anything and cares about nothing, she can just fakely love and fakely smile, but it is difficult for someone else, it is scary. I can’t forget any small thing.

Dinner is ready, he tells her to eat first, he has an appointment.

MH meets with KS on the street. KS asks him when he is dying. He says he is dying in one month. KS punches him, and grabs him by the collar. One month! One Month! Why did you get married? I told you not to start! You need a hospice, not a wife! You are using her! If you don’t stop now then I will kill you.

MH says, I love her. I shouldn’t, but it happened.

This stops KS from raging at him, he lets go.

Meanwhile, SJ isn’t eating dinner and is just waiting for MH.

MH says it isn’t love for SJ, she just needs marriage. KS wants to know if he is getting his revenge on her? Just putting her next to you to watch you die? MH says that he wants to give everything to her after he dies. That way she won’t have any money troubles. Marriage is the only way to avoid unneccessary trouble. If she loved him then he wouldn’t have gotten married.

KS tells him that she loves him. She told him that she wants to live well. Flashback to SJ telling KS that she was sad. He tells KS that she waits for you each time of the day, she fell in love with you. You are not just dying by yourself. You are making SJ die again.

MH stands up, stunned. He walks off, slowly.

SJ does some wifey things around the house. She picks up the coat that she ripped on accident and holds it. But then she sees something inside it, medicine. MH walks back upstairs slowly as SJ looks at this medicine. Jeenie Star. She knows this medicine. She puts some in her hand and sees that it is blue. She thinks back to their first meeting at the blind date when she thought it was viagra.

VO – the feeling of someone needing me, someone choosing me
VO – A little more, a little more, I was greedy, now we are at the end of the world
VO – You are not just dying, you are killing SJ also.

MH goes inside and SJ quickly puts the medicine away. But she accidentally drops a pill and he saw it (?). He goes into the closet and she asks him if he fought someone. He says he deserved it. She wonders if he will answer who that person is. She was waiting for him to come home. One fallen flower can’t go back to its branch. The thing that is past can’t be reversed. So, you can’t take it back. Would you like to eat dinner together?

MH looks at her then and walks right up to her. they stare at each other for a moment. He says, You said it wrong. SJ says how much more should she know?….I am hungry, just come out and eat.

In MH’s hand is the single blue pill, so he knows that she saw it.
It is morning. IS thinks it is super hot, but MR thinks it is super cold and has the heater on. He wants to hug her, but she doesn’t’ want him to touch her. She says that he tries to solve everything, but there are somethings that you cannot solve. He tells her that he isn’t trying to solve it, but they should o through it together. MR says, we can do it when you have menopause and go cold and hot and cold and hot.

MH’s colleagues congratulate him on his wedding happily. they put several Hawaiian lai’s on him and clap. He asks if there si anything new and they show him the eating hemorrhoids medicine. That is their new client. they asked how their first night was but one of the guys says this wasn’t their first night. (the motel guy, lol).

HM is at a subway talking to the server. She knows him from the cafe and gives him her phone number. She can call after 2 anytime. He tells her to come by and drink coffee when she wants. YD is behind him and looking like she hates this girl. It is YD’s time to get something, YD says eunnie shouldn’t approach him! Please give that to her. The girl look at her and it is a jealously game.

MR and SJ pour each other soju drinks at a cafe. Some man tells them to raise kids at home so MR comes up to him and throws something at him. Ah, she squirts ketchup at him!!!!!! He says she is crazy and she says she is old and crazy! She squirts even more at him! He runs away and SJ and MR sit back at the table.

SJ thinks that MR is too young to have menopause. MR thinks it is a living hell, she never expected it to come like this. SJ says nothing tells you it is coming in life. You had enough for 30 years, they worked hard so they should take a break. But MR just wonders, why now! SHe is sad about it, she says she saw her parents getting old and her appa dying. She saw her young colleague come back as luggage. She didn’t know that it would come to her like this. She feels like she got a big straight punch across the face that she wasn’t prepared for.

SJ tells her that she might think that she is done, but she is her North Star. 5 years ago and 10 years ago and now, she is the best. Because of her, she could survive, do you know that stupid? MR says that her North Star is Mu-han so just grab him and live looking at him.
That is when SJ thinks about the pills. She asks MR if she knows Jeenie Star medicine. MR wonders what that is and SJ says it is nothing, lets order some more drinks.

IS gives MH something he asked for, before he went on the trip. It is something to do with the marriage. Maybe IS is the witness? They go drink and MH says that SJ loves her. He was drunk so he was off guard. He shouldnt’ have let her love him, his greed pushed him to the end of the cliff again. IS thinks they don’t have to start hot, they can start slowly. He started to love his wife because she loved him so much.

MH thinks it should stop there, but IS wonders why? If you love her then just lover her for a long long time. MH thinks it is difficult to love her for a long long time. He thinks he should live by himself, he is not confident about married life. But IS wonders if he is going to take the marriage back? He should just go to the courthouse. MH takes a drink and says, I will.

Cut tot he sister and mother talking at their restaurant. they both are trying to get in contact with SJ. The mother worries about her but the sister thinks she should worry more about her and her grandchildren. then her husband runs in complaining about how something is so hot. She tells him to use his head, use tools. They playfully talk about the difference between MH and him. He says MH goes on the street and he goes off road (?).

Meanwhile, SJ and MR are drunk. they are walking around outside drunkenly and then stop for an impromptu dance party to Dancing Queen. they dance to this song and somehow MR climbs way up high on a pole. they look so cute as they do a performance for everyone on the street. All the people watch them and one of the ajusshis claps exciedly.

they ask this husband who he is and he says he is their driver. MR apologizes to him about something and then points to her car. They drive off.
But then we see them drunkenly fall into 501. MR just spills on the floor and crawls inside with her head down. MH is all like….what??? SJ comes in too, she is drunk, but not as drunk as MR.

MR requests a table to drink some more with some food. But they tell her that she should stand up first. MR stands up and tells him that she will draw blood tears from his eyes if he makes SJ cry!!!!! Then she passes out. But she wakes up and says she is leaving, she is going home, bye. then she walks off somewhere.

Cut tot he husband at MH’s house.

MR and SJ stand and tell MH and SJ about how to survive a marriage in flight attendant terms. There is no exit. When you have married life troubles, then don’t hesitate and fasten your seatbelt and stay steady together. You can reach your emergency vest easily so don’t hesitate and put it over your head. Then use someone in front of you. For details, read your manual.

MH smiles as we watches and afterward he looks at the pictures from their honeymoon and tries not to cry. He looks at SJ’s picture over and over again. SJ also looks at his picture on her cell phone. She touches him on her cell phone and then puts it away and lets her head fall.

MH puts the camera away as well and goes to meet with SJ. But SJ had already come out so they meet in the hallway. they stare at each other for a moment, then SJ pulls MH into a hug. He doesn’t know what to do at first, but then he hugs her back very tightly. She also hugs him tightly. But then she pulls away a little bit and they stare at each other deeply. She kisses him, but he avoids it.

He says, I’m dying…..I’m sorry.

SJ looks at him.


SJ is int he rain and tries to keep her paperwork dry. MH comes out looking snooty. He opens his umbrella and leaves. Then the secretary comes out. SJ runs up to him and asks him to help her. His company knows that Japan has a similar case as her kid, so anyone can testify in the courtroom, I beg you. The secretary says she should go to him and ask. He points to MH.

SJ runs up to him and asks him to save her, please, I beg you! Yust once! I beg you!

But he gets in the car and is driven away by his driver. But there is something on the ground. His pen. On it, it has SMH engraved.

Fade Out.

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