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Should We Kiss First Live Recap: Episodes 19+20

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 19 and 20
Kim Sun-ah’s Instagram (kimsuna_official)
Should We Kiss First was moved to a quickcap spot this week due to the finale for Radio Romance followed by The Great Seducer aftercap and then Waikiki all airing on Monday and Tuesday. We didn’t want to do it too quickly, so we decided to recap it at the end of the day. But luckily we were able to watch it today pretty quickly.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but this episode is like all product placement. Yet all the products they showed don’t work properly, lol. I’m not sure if the companies will like that but perhaps they don’t mind so long as they get their proper air time.

Characters: Short hand character chart
Airing Time: March 19th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: On Demand Korea, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

SJ and MH look at their luggage while in their pajamas. MH thinks SJ has a very simple unorganized luggage whereas his luggage is super organized. SJ’s thinks are just thrown in haphazardly and MH’s thinks are stacked and sectioned appropriately.

MH also ads his painkiller medicine and hides it under his other things. Then SJ looks at the food and sees everything crazy super organized and packed. It looks like she is allergic to the organization, lol.

They both go outside and pack the car all up and get ready to go. MH gets a call from YD’s mom and excuses himself. While he steps away SJ remembers what SY told her…it isn’t love, it is guilt.

They drive off with SJ putting her arms outside to enjoy the air. But MH thinks the dust level is high, he wants to close the window. SJ starts eating her snack and wonders if they really have to see the stars, she doesn’t want to see all the stars. When you look at the sky, you can see all the stars. Why do we eat early in the morning, well her sugar level is low because of someone. She feels strange.

SJ asks Ari for a travel song, so the computer starts to play something. Then SJ screams and the car comes to a halt. MH wonders what she wants, is it necessary? SJ says it is very necessary, it is her….luggage.

She left her luggage on the side of the house, so MH puts it inside the trunk and SJ watches him from the mirror. MH gets back in the car and SJ says, let’s go! They go to a rest stop and eat all the food at the rest stop. Food alert. SJ wonders if they can buy everything and MH just buys everything. He gives her the food and she goes back to their car while he goes to the bathroom.

SJ stuffs the food into her mouth as she hops into the car and then a young man sees her. He gets in the car and wonders who she is. She wonders who he is. He is the owner of this car. Oops. Then she sees his photo of him and his girlfriend. SJ apologizes and says he has a pretty girlfriend. He says it is his wife. Just then, MH comes out and sees SJ talking to this man in the car. Lightning strikes as he approaches it and opens the door. Um, what is she doing there?

SJ tries to explain, they are just talking. He wonders if she is going to ride in this car. She says they can do it because he is going to Pyeongchang, which is next to their destination. MH storms off and SJ says, when you get old, you get cranky.

She hops back in the rightful car and MH wonders how she knew that they were going to Pyeongchang? He memorized that license plate number and sits angrily. SJ wonders why he is angry and MH says he is angry because she gave him her potato. She says she gave him everything (to apologize).

MH gets a blood test and IS paces nervously. They will have the result 2 hours later. MR tells them that they should eat something. MR starts eating and eating and eating. She can’t stop eating. IS tells her that he thinks she is pregnant, she wants to eat all the snack food and she had that dream and she pees a lot and had a fever and her mood changes. She is happy and afraid. What if something happens, she isn’t confident to become a mom. She asks if he is happy and he is. She says she is happy when he is happy. But she is also concerned with breaking the news to Soonjin. She mentioned that the wedding was like a funeral, why was she so sad to see the both of them.

SY watches her daughter cleaning the bathroom at the coffee shop and singing. SY thinks back to her saying her daughter can spend a lot of time with her Appa. YD says she decides what she will do. Cut back to the present. Omma says YD hasn’t seen her singing in a long time, maybe she can stay with her Appa.

Back at the hospital, the doctor tells them that this isn’t a pregnancy, it is menopause. It’s natural, on average people start to get postmenopausal at 46 years old. People mistake it because it is just like pregnancy. Then the doctor tells the husband that she might be a little depressed and lose her self-esteem, so hold her a lot.

MH tells SJ that they need to paddle, that is part of the fun. SJ tells MH that she can go back to Seoul and take an escalator. We don’t have to go to the beach and spend all the money on gas. She thinks they don’t match, they don’t match, they don’t match. MH walks off and sits on a bench.

But then we cut to them paddling on a two-person train. SJ complains the entire way. SJ wants him to paddle faster but he says this is his top speed, he has bad knees you know? MH says he should have gone with the young handsome guy, the one that took his potato. So, she stops paddling and he stops as well.

Then a halmae-halbae team comes paddling behind them. They tell them to get out of the way or they will hit them, so they have to start paddling again. Poor MH’s knees hurt and SJ tells him to paddle harder. Are you really doing your best (like Hyun Bin in Secret Garden), she says she will paddle harder.

We see them paddling through a pretty tunnel that has so many lights all around. MH apologizes and SJ smiles. He puts his hand out and she holds it. They both smile and look at each other as they look at all the lights in the tunnel.

KS sits on a bench near a school and sees a boy and girl high school student playing. He smiles at the kids bickering. JM looks at him and wonders what she should do, should she tell SJ?

At the coffee shop, a woman falls and hurts her leg. The barista comes up, but the lady starts yelling at him. This gives him a headache. YD turns on her crazy and goes up to this woman with a mop. She hits her with it and tells this woman how much is your stuff. I can give you cash for it. You are the one that ripped! Shall we look at this CCTV? Are you mad? Feeling tight? We all feel the same!

HM tells them both to stop, if she wants to continue this arguing them he will call the police and we will see whose fault it is. It looks like YD thinks about all the things that she has done wrong going all the way back to SJ at the airport.

Cut to MH and SJ at a very glamorous campsite. It is possibly one of the sexiest campsites you can have and is often called glamping (glamorous + camping). MH cooks the meat and they both sit to enjoy it. SJ says they are really married and he asks if she wants to take it back. He says an old Chinese proverb and SJ has no clue what he is talking about. He says you can’t take things back, that is an old saying. SJ says he knows a lot….what is the name of that tree? Dotori tree (Acorn tree…shout out to DC Inside). She says she used to pick a lot of acorns. MH says the squirrels hide a lot of acorns, but they usually don’t’ know where they hid them. 95 % of them are never found so that is how they become trees.

They start to eat and MH tells her the best way to enjoy the taste from a gatnip leaf. You have to shake it and then turn it around and add the bulgogi, he will show you a good example…don’t eat the burnt part…all the bad things are there….

SJ says she will just eat and die! It is the same if she dies from hunger or cancer, it doesn’t matter!

MH is a little stunned. SJ wants to just listen to music so she can eat and not talk. She turns on the cell phone, but MH says it doesn’t have a good speaker, so he will get one. MH goes to his bag, but it is broken. SJ comes in grumbling, she just wants to eat! She says they can use her bag.

But then he remembers his medicine is inside this bag that is locked.

Night time. SJ and MJ are driving somewhere. They are looking for someplace, but the navigation is all wrong. SJ is steady complaining about everything. They arrive at a location, but it is a restaurant that serves goat. SJ is surprised, maybe he didn’t put it in right. SJ thinks goat might be better than stars. But MH says they are very close, they should just go there now.

But SJ just continues complaining. She says MH makes her so mad. He asks for just one more time. Cut to them at the proper location, but it is closed. SJ screams.

MH runs to a man that just came out and tells him that he is a cancer patient that has one month to live. He just wants to watch this right now. The owner asks if that is his wife, it isn’t’ huh? He says that it is, so the man says love is strong and runs in to open it for them.

We cut to the observatory rooftop opening and MH and SJ looking up at it. There are millions of stars. They even see a shooting star. SJ thinks that happened in only a moment, she needs to pay more attention. Did he bring her there to see it? He says he didn’t expect it, he came here 6 years ago by himself, he didn’t think he would see so many stars above him. It was so comforting to see all those stars above him. He felt like he was alone, but not alone. SJ says that she heard the stars they see are already dead, it is a light from the past, so she doesn’t like stars. From now on, don’t be comforted by dead stars and be comforted by living people. Do you know where a shooting star goes when it disappears? It stays in someone’s memory.

MH says the stars are still there even in the daytime when you can’t see them. So, when you don’t see me, just know that I am still there. SJ agrees and wonders if they can see things better with telescopes. She looks through the telescope and sees Saturn and Jupiter. MH smiles as SJ looks at the planets. She says it looks like they are right next to them and she feels warm. MH gives her a hug and she lets him see the planets as well.

They fall asleep holding hands. While in bed MH says he doesn’t want to wake up, he wants to stay like that forever. He doesn’t want time to pass, he just wants to stop there. SJ says they should just stay there, they don’t have to think about anything, they can forget everything, no dreams, no worries, just be together. She snuggles back into the bed and closes her eyes. MH traces her face and thinks that it would have been better if they met earlier, he wants to live one more day next to her.

Meanwhile, KS is just depressed. He and JM are in bed. He asks her to give him a break, but she has something to tell him. She should have told him earlier. She says Soon-jin. But KS says he is really letting her go, he is erasing her.

Back at the honeymoon spot, SJ wonders what that shooting sound is as she dries her hair at the car. MH is back at the tent and hears the shot as well. He runs out to look for SJ. SJ also runs to find him. They both heard the gun sound and they wonder why people are shooting here. SJ says it is just like Welcome to Dongmakgol (a movie).

But then they realize that a wild pig went through their things, so those shots must be from wild pig hunters. SJ thinks she should ask them to shoot the carrier. The gun people come out and shoot the carrier open, it falls open and the medicine pops out, but they don’t notice it.

KS drops JM off at work. She says she will pick up Ji-su so he doesn’t have to worry about it. JM walks in and thinks that she will also erase her knowledge. She shouldn’t feel guilty, it is Soon-jin’s choice, not her choice. She is so deep in her thoughts that she walks in front of a car. KS walks out and hugs her and that is when JM tells him that MH is in the last stages of cancer.

Back at the honeymoon spot, MH and SJ are at the beach enjoying the waves and taking photos. KS calls MH and yells at him, he will kill him, answer him, are you dying, are you dying? MH says the doctor told him he is dying, but he feels more alive than ever. He will live today and tomorrow and until he dies, he will be alive. KS asks how long. How long! You will die soon! You will die eventually! Where is Soon-jin! Where is that stupid girl! He starts crying and MH hangs up.

Then MH approaches SJ on the beach. She is smiling happily and asks MH if they can take a photo together. He says he will take a photo of her. She wants to take photos together, but he wants to take photos of her. He starts to take a lot of photos of her.

A little time later they walk to the trees, but MH’s pain comes back. He goes back to the car, but he can’t find his medicine. He wonders where it is. SJ asks what he is doing back there, he says he has a cramp in his leg, he will come back soon, don’t wait for him.

SJ goes into the tree walkway and MH crumbles to the ground as he tries to withstand the pain.

MR sings at her home while her hubby watches her. She is singing and cursing at the same time. He thinks this is good since this is her. He walks up to her but sees her cutting all the flowers off the stems. She calls them useless things and asks them if they are pretty? Get real, you are already going falling, you just don’t know about it.

IS goes up to her and asks her to go somewhere with him. She asks him if he is okay? He says he is fine! But MR isn’t happy, she is upset at IS for making her expect that she is pregnant. She leaves.

On the honeymoon, MH has rejoined SJ on their walk at night. SJ hides and pretends like she is a ghost and MH says she is a sexy ghost. SJ jokes, has he ever seen as sexy a ghost as her? They start walking again but MH disappears. Then he reappears doing the exorcist. SJ feels his head and her head. Does he have a fever? They think they should quit and eat some pork. But then MH stops.

SJ keeps walking, she doesn’t notice anything is wrong. But then she stops and tells him that he won’t accept his jokes anymore. But when she turns around, he isn’t there. She walks back to find him and sees his light on the ground. Now she is really alarmed. She calls his name over and over again, but he isn’t answering.

MH is hiding, but he is in pain and falls to the ground. An ambulance comes and starts putting all the equipment on him. We see his “Just live for today” tattoo. Then we see his phone, SJ is calling. The nurse/doctor tells her that MH is unconscious. SJ runs to the hospital. She thought she wasn’t scared of anything, but this is scary.

She goes inside the hospital room and looks at MH hooked up to the drip. This reminds her of what he told her all those years ago, “It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault.” She thinks back to him telling her that he didn’t think he would eat breakfast with his frozen heart. He hopes tomorrow doesn’t come. She thinks about all the things he told her as she watches him.

MH wakes up and asks her if she is surprised. She says she is, a little bit. He asks what the doctor said. But she didn’t see the doctor. She asks him if he is very sick and he says he is a little bit. She said that she should have gotten in that young man’s car if she knew that this would happen and eat the potato. He smiles and says that he is sorry she is with this old man. He will make her some potato. He is hungry all of a sudden.

They leave the hospital together.

MH – I am going to live today and I will live tomorrow until I die, I will be alive.


SJ is in front of MH’s company and MH looks like an A-hole. She looks through the window and a secretary tells him that she wants him to testify. The CEO is refusing to testify so she is looking for the person that made the commercial, what should they do? MH says he doesn’t’ have time to go to the courtroom. The Apollo food company is suing the Mom even though the baby died. SJ is suing them and they are suing her. MH thinks it isn’t his fault.

He looks out the window at her. He says, after a car commercial, if someone dies is that the commercial’s fault? We don’t make products, we make art. Just remove her, I don’t want to see her.

Cut to someone pushing SJ out on a rainy day. SJ grips her paperwork tightly and tries to keep it from getting ruined.

MH leaves and sees SJ, he remembers her from the funeral. But he is still an A-hole at this point, so he walks off with his umbrella and leaves her there in the rain.

Fade Out

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  1. DramaFanatic
    March 21, 2018 / 7:45 pm

    Is this drama good? The picture caught my eye! I just read the plot, it sound like a melodrama? I’m taking a break from adolescent / high school dramas – feel like I’ve had my fair share of them by now.

    • V
      March 21, 2018 / 7:48 pm

      IT IS SO GOOD. Uplifting and funny and light and really lovely. But the main male character has a terminal illness so it might end sadly. Somehow the production is able to make it 95% light and happy though.

      • DramaFanatic
        March 21, 2018 / 8:03 pm

        Thank you! It’s the next drama on my list after Misty now. 😃 I could definitely use something uplifting, happy and light afterwards. That’s how it is when terminal illnesses are involved, I might need a roll of toilet paper then. 😭

        • V
          March 21, 2018 / 8:20 pm

          I cannot guarantee how it will end, but the first 10 episodes are so funny and happy. You can also check out Eulachacha Waikiki (Laughter in Waikiki or Waikiki Guest House)! That drama is straight hilarious from beginning to end. One or two episodes has some super gross parts, but then no more after that.

          • DramaFanatic
            March 22, 2018 / 5:11 am

            Of course not, but it’s almost expected unless something miraculous happens. I have seen some clips of Waikiki (it has so many English names) on Viki, and I agree that it does indeed seem hilarious! But it doesn’t feel like the genre I’m looking for at the moment.

            • V
              March 22, 2018 / 7:31 am

              I can understand that, it is very slapstick. You just might like SWKF? then! We really love it and think about it all day 🙂 I need to get my tissues ready though.

              • DramaFanatic
                March 22, 2018 / 9:36 am

                If I just need a good laugh and to disconnect my brain, I’ll turn to Waikiki! I think so too, it sounds like what I’m looking for – maybe I’ll binge-watch it in order to follow the rest of your recaps, but I’m not sure I can make it. There’s still about 10-12 episodes left, right? There’s just always these sad dramas, I need boxes of tissues. I once made the mistake of watching a melodrama at my parents’ house, and my mum was like: why are you crying?! Haha

  2. DramaFanatic
    March 22, 2018 / 9:37 am

    I was just crying and sobbing. I just couldn’t handle the emotions. 🙈

  3. bbcream
    March 22, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    This show is really bubbly even though it is dealing with a gloomy subject matter. Not just with MH, but also with SJ. I love how upbeat it is though! I hope it keeps this tone to the end and doesn’t become super gloomy.

  4. Jen
    March 23, 2018 / 1:37 am

    It is killing me that we can only get bite size scene of what happened 10 years ago in some episode.

    Just tell us already! Hahahaha

    • Anonymous
      March 23, 2018 / 5:09 am

      Me tooooooooo! I love it and it pains me at the same time. I look forward to the epilogue in every episode! I love how the recent epilogues focus more on their recent history together. the snowy car scene was my favorite so far. But perhaps moving forward, the epilogues will focus more on the court case that bankrupted SJ.

  5. Lean
    March 26, 2018 / 11:59 pm

    There is so much heart and laughter in this show. I really enjoy it. Too bad there are not many recaps of the show. I come to your site when I need a dose of it. I know it sounds weird to say this. But the show hurts so good.

    • V
      March 27, 2018 / 7:38 am

      It is not weird at all, I think that is the best way to describe it 🙂

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