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Should We Kiss First Live Recap: Episodes 17+18

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 17 and 18
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Mu-han is pretty upset at Soon-jin and she can’t figure out for the life of her why. But she isn’t the kind of person that will just take that ish and has her own way of dealing with Mu-han. I love that about Soon-jin and I am also happy that the angst didn’t last long. But word is getting out about MH’s health so I am hesitant to think that his condition will remain a secret for much longer.

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Airing Time: March 19th, 22:00 Seoul
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MH and SJ get off the elevator at 501. Flashback to moments before. SJ wanted to know why he wanted to marry her and MH thought back to her calling him a parasite host. MH answers that he wanted to save time and he tells her the password to open the door 0623.

They go inside, and he gives her some space in his closet, if she needs more space then he will give her some more. He will empty the other side too. SJ want him to tell her that thing he said, that thing he yelled at her over the phone, but he says he doesn’t remember.

She repeats it, can you hear me? Tell me where you are at! SJ asks him if he is really okay with someone like her? Before she unpacks and gives him 100%, he should think about it one more time. He can take it back. MH says that he is having this marriage because of her because it is with her.

She hugs him and tears up, she says she will love him for a long, long time. Starting is difficult, but she is good at it, she can do it well if it is him.

But he doesn’t hug her back, his arms just rest at his sides.

Then MH shows SJ his big screen and audio system. The screen rolls out from the ceiling and the music turns on. He says he has to finish something up so SJ says she will watch the movie and he can take his time. He walks back to his office and balances himself on his desk. Then he thinks back to all their wonderful moments together and how all those incidents might be fake.

SJ finishes watching the show and opens one of the drawers, she sees her pajamas in the drawer and thinks back to MH saying he just wanted to kiss her. She changes into sexy lingerie, makes sure the sisters are at attention, and goes to find MH. But he is napping in his office with headphones on. She asks what he is doing alone, but he isn’t’ answering. She wants to know what he is doing by himself, he brought her there, what is he listening to?

She tries to seduce him, but he just sits up and looks mad. He tells them to just go out. His body wants to hold her, but not his mind because this is the age where the mind is more important than the body. He stands up and says that he will have her when he wants, not when she wants.

She looks at him like he is crazy, what did he say? MH says that he doesn’t want to have her at all right now, so she should go to sleep, he will find some more music for his commercial. SJ looks annoyed and hurt/stunned, but she leaves. She goes to the bedroom and tries to sleep, but she can’t. She thinks back to what MH said, what? He’ll have me when he wants to have me? Does he think I don’t have any pride? Well, I don’t have any, that is why I am here…let’s survive first.

She tries to sleep again and MH is awake as well. He thinks he is crazy, he will die now so how can he start this? Maybe he should just die as he planned, he should just die and leave.

SJ wakes up to an empty house, but MH left her a message. He says that he won’t be home for two days for a commercial shoot, bye. Then we see MH ringing SY’s door. He says he will come in if YD is there, if not then he will leave.

He goes inside and sees a little coffee bean plant. SY says that YD is growing it, it is precious to her. SY wants to know if she told her about Byul? She didn’t. She wants her to leave without knowing it, but maybe it would be a good lesson for her. Would he like some coffee? He doesn’t drink coffee, Tea? She goes to make him some tea.

MH tells SY to be free, he doesn’t blame her anymore. He hasn’t blamed her for a while. He realized that it is the right choice to be happier rather than less sad (?). SY wants to know why he is like this. He asks why SY is taking this revenge out on SJ, SY says it is because it is important to her because he is YD’s father.

MH tells her that he will get married. SY is against it, that woman can’t be YD’s mother. MH tells her that she won’t be YD’s mother, she did a background check on her, this woman is broke with bad credit, and signed up for a dating service, any man is okay for her. But MH says that he wants her. She isn’t tricking him, he is tricking her, he ignored her for 10 years, but he can’t ignore her anymore. He said that his silence destroyed her life. He says that he wants her to live again and he will do it.

KS thinks back to the pills he gave MH, it looks like he still has one of them. He wants to see how sick JM is. He wants to figure it out, he doesn’t want to send SJ to a sick person. JM wonders what he is talking about and why he is talking to himself. What is he holding? KS does a little sleight of hand and hides the blue pill in his sleeve, so JM doesn’t find it. But the blue pill falls out when he tells JM not to service his watch! He will do it.

JM sees the pill and picks it up, but she doesn’t know what it is.

Outside, KS looks for the pill but doesn’t find it. His daughter tells him to have a good day and that she is a cashier like Emo. She saw her at a Mart. KS is like, huh? But then we cut to him at that same Mart, spying on SJ. He sighs as he sees her and then SJ sees him. At her break time, they eat lunch in his car. He says he wants to do at least this much for her. SJ tells him that she will get married, yesterday MH and her decision to live together, she wants him to congratulate him.

KS tells her that she is in too much of a hurry, what if he is a strange man? But she says that she is the strange person, he went on a business trip and left a note while she slept, she is so sad about that and angry. She feels nervous, what is she doing? Why did he do that to her, what should she say when he comes back? What is she waiting for? She expects something though, which is why she is waiting.

KS tells her to eat, he brought her favorite sushi for her. SJ says she will live well and she won’t hurt his mind anymore.

JM takes the blue pill to a pharmacy, this pill is a strong painkiller like morphine, it is for last stage cancer patients, so they don’t suffer. JM is shocked and thinks her husband might be dying and hiding it from her. She leaves but can barely walk, then she starts to almost cry.

At subway, the entire team watches MH eating alone. They wonder what is going on with him, does he have some kind of man menopause? The head woman says that MH stopped producing anything for 6 years. Meanwhile, MH deletes all of SJ’s messages from his phone. But he keeps the Paris picture. Then he gets a call from SJ.

He looks at it for a moment and then answers. It is a video call, she asks if he is okay and talks to him brightly and asks how the sea is (he says he is in Gangnoon on the east coast). He says it is just a regular beach, nothing special. He wonders why she called him and she says she just thought about him and wanted to see his face. She isn’t only lonely at night, she is lonely in the day as well because of someone, she doesn’t need his house or bed. But he tells her it is all hears now so she can be comfortable. Does she want to get married now? She says she isn’t in a hurry. MH tells her that he hopes she is conservative with what she says from now on. She says that she will try.

SJ gets home and sees a court order for her to show up. The lawyer tells her that she can fight again (possibly the old lawsuit from years ago?), because someone turned over the petition. So, she can challenge the case again. SJ starts crying but then she sees SY standing there. SY says she won’t butcher her in the trial, don’t worry. SJ tells her that she knows he went to Gangnoon.

SJ lets her inside, SY wants to tell SJ something before she leaves. Did MH tell her that he loved her? He can’t say anything that he doesn’t mean, he doesn’t love you, that is why he doesn’t say it. He pities you. It seems like you are an old stone that was pressuring his mind. You are not the first time seeing each other. That is not love, that is a feeling of guilt. You and marriage.

SJ is thoroughly confused, why does he feel guilty? SY says he will tell her and she also wonders if she will really live with him as a bomb and a big stone. SJ tells her not to worry about her, she knows how to dodge bombs and stones, she pities him also and some loves start like that. SY tells him that she will regret it, but she says that her life is always regretting, she may regret it tomorrow, but she wants to be happy today.


KS gets home and sees the place in disarray. JM is crying on the bed and wants to know how long he is going to hide it, just tell her the truth! KS thinks she is talking about his watch, so he tries to tell her that he is sorry. JM cries, why did you do this to me! You are going to be here this short period of time! We came to this position so hard! KS thinks she wants to kick him out. But she says that she will pay it back and takes off his watch. He sets it on the floor and bows.

JM asks how long he will live and he says he can live to 100 years old and make her happy. He wants to know when she knew that the watch was fake? But she says this is about the pill, the blue pill. KS says, he needs it, he needs to see what medicine it is, he wants to know what kind of disease it is. JM says it is end-stage cancer and she threw it away.

JM thinks that this is horrible, what will SJ do?

Meanwhile, SJ is at home thinking about all the things that SY told her. She also thinks back to MH telling her to remember him. She goes to his stack of books, she is looking for that book that he didn’t want her to see. She goes through all the books but doesn’t see it. Then she goes to his drawer and sees the drawer with the lock. She tries to open it, but it is locked tight.

At the same time, MH sits on his bed at the hotel. He pours himself a drink of soju. SJ sits on their bed at home and thinks to the past. She remembers him from the airplane accident and thinking of suicide and him saying that he is sorry he made her feel suicidal. Then he thinks back to the zoo and the cemetery. He looks at his cell phone and calls her.

She sees the call and thinks about it, she decides to answer it. MH asks if she is asleep and if she is listening to her. He sounds a little drunk as he asks her if she is listening to him. She asks him if he wants her to read a book, a lullaby? He says no to both. So, she asks what she can do and he says nothing. Don’t do anything. He says he will love her a lot a lot. He will be the only one that will love her. He will love her alone. She wonders why she should do that and he tells her it is because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She says it wasn’t the zoo or the airplane, so when did they meet each other? Tell her. Otherwise, she won’t be able to stay there.

He says he will answer it when it is the right time, it won’t take too long.

They get off the phone and try to sleep, but they are both awake.

IS talks to someone about work and laughs at his wife dancing all around the house while vacuuming. He says he has to laugh because it is so funny. He goes up to his wife and she hides. He becomes playful with her and asks if he heard that. He says he hears it all the time. She starts wondering if he hears her curse all the time, she was so worried that he would figure it out, what does he think? Does he think she grew up in a poor family, so she is not elegant enough, not like his family who went to top schools? What should I do!

She falls on the couch in despair. But IS tells her that he never thought those things, he just always liked looking at her. MR says her mood changes so often. He says that he knows, hey should go to the hospital and see if she has any problems.

Meanwhile, YD follows HM around with a huge coffee bag. An ajusshi tells him to be careful, but he doesn’t hear him, so he gets all wet by a hose that has a tear in it. YD runs up to him to dry him off and tells him that she will walk first from now on.

The ajusshi comes out and tells him that he told him to watch out, HM tells him that he is sorry and asks for a towel. YD looks like she wonders why he didn’t tell him that he is deaf.

MH comes home and rings the doorbell. SJ goes up to it and watches him. He says you are looking at me, right? I wish for you to open the door. SJ asks who he is, then she will decide whether she will live with him or not. He tells her to give him one month. She wants to know why one month, and he tells her that he needs some time to love her.

He goes inside and SJ cleans up her food, cup noodles. MH wonders why she just doesn’t eat the food in the fridge and she says she didn’t want to cross that rule so she will eat all her own food. It was his rule. She spits all his words back at him. He says he will make her something and she says that she will eat when she wants to eat, not when he wants her to eat.

She leaves and goes to watch some math on the TV. MH wonders why she is watching that, and her face is also like…uh…is he there? MH starts to cook something with a smile. He asks her what she can’t eat and starts making something yummy. SJ tries not to turn her head to look at it, but she fails. He smiles and shows her the food, but she avoids it.

He goes to her door and tells her that they should eat, he is super-duper hungry, let’s eat together. SJ comes out and goes to the table, but she puts in some headphones just like MH did in his office. She eats while listening to the headphones. MH smiles at her.

Then we cut to bedtime. They are both in the bed and MH asks her if she wants him to read something. SJ doesn’t want to hear him talk. She doesn’t want to hear his breath either or see his mellow eyes. He asks her where she goes to work every morning and she tells him that she is a cashier at a Mart. His face grows sour, he asks her if she might want to take a rest and just play with him a bit? Maybe they can do some things that everyone does? He holds her hand and tells her that they should stop living so hard. They hold hands without looking at each other.

A restaurant is calling Mu-han about something. Ah, this is the sister, brother-in-law, and mother, she asks him if he is getting married to her sister? But they are Christian and need some assurances, can he come meet them? He asks where and we cut to MH at the restaurant. MH remembers them all as the strangers who met him individually that one day. Mom and sister tell him that SJ was a knockout and she was in a beauty pageant and so great and pretty. They should get married, not just live together. He shouldn’t delay it, what if they die first?

MH says SJ want to go to court. But HJ tells him that they should get married, it only happens once in your life! But then the mother hits her because they are both divorced so the sister changes it to “…the rest of your life.” They want them to have a ceremony and they want to come.

Then we cut to JM talking to SJ, but she can’t say anything. She says she is there to talk to her about her. SJ wants to know what this is about, and JM says she wants to go inside. But SJ says they should talk outside because of this isn’t’ her house. They talk outside, SJ says what is it, she won’t be surprised by anything. JM is about to tell her about the guy she is about to marry, but SJ says not to tell her. He will tell her. But JM says she should know it now, otherwise, there won’t be a chance. But SJ says that she wants to hang out with him. She wants to eat with him and sleep with him and hear more of his voice reading books to her. She wants to be in his gaze looking at her at least a little bit longer.

MH interrupts them and asks what is going on. JM looks like she is about to tell MH something, but SJ pulls him away and says they should go eat dinner.

They sit for a very lovely dinner. What SJ said plays over their conversation as one of them think about that. MH smiles and says that they have the date for their marriage. SJ thinks that is daebak and tells him that the food is great, it tastes good. They playfully talk, he asks her if she wants to know what he wants to eat, she says no. He tells her that she has to feed him from now on and she says no and laughs.


SJ and MH walk down the aisle together Their family is there too, but they are all in black clothing for some reason as if they are attending a funeral?

SJ – Is this love?
MH – If you let it be.

They take each other’s hands and put on their rings. MR and JM both cry and KS cries too. YD also cries and is also in black clothing. This is like a marriage and a funeral at the same time?

MH – I stopped for a long time, one season’s imperfection perfects me.

Fade Out.


It looks like their honeymoon is all episode tomorrow!

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  1. bbcream
    March 19, 2018 / 3:57 pm

    Thank you so much for this recap. I am also happy that the misunderstanding drama was shortlived. Though I am really sad that the melo part of this drama is coming out right now. I have a little hope that they will still be able to make it an enjoyable watch and not a depressing watch with how the episode ended with the wedding/funeral. What was that? Was it real? Why were all the women wearing black and not hanboks? I am so curious.

    • V
      March 20, 2018 / 7:22 am

      I also wonder what that was, it was also really playful too. I wonder if MH told all the family members that he is dying but didn’t tell SJ? Or maybe that was a dream?

  2. Handily
    March 20, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    I am debating stopping this drama or not. I love all the fun scenes, but I can’t enjoy them as much as I want because I know the sad is coming. But I don’t want to stop it because I love this show so much! Drama problems.

  3. Jen
    March 21, 2018 / 5:49 am

    No more live recap for this drama?

    • V
      March 21, 2018 / 7:14 am

      There are! We plan on watching it today. Waikiki put us a little behind, but we have a bit more time now that Radio Romance has ended.

      • V
        March 21, 2018 / 11:02 am

        It will still be an aftercap that we will do right after Seducer!

  4. Amad
    April 20, 2018 / 8:01 am

    What title song when HM & SJ wedding??

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