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Should We Kiss First Live Recap: Episodes 15+16

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 15 and 16
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Y’all, this drama gets me right in that whimsically lost reverie that I want to live in well after it finishes airing. After Should We Kiss First goes off, I just want to sink into all my warm feelings and not do anything else but enjoy the afterglow of this gorgeous drama. It is the SWKF afterglow, y’all. The ending/epilogue of the last episode was just perfect. Mu-han was having a hard time keeping the cars away from them in the cold and snow; he was squinting and tired, but as soon as Soon-jin yelled, “Are you Okay” from the movie from their past, he perked right up as if that thought alone from their shared youth gave him strength.

This show is so different from other retro dramas, like Fight for My Way or The Best Hit. Those shows were fun and had young people who liked the retro vintage things of the past, but this show has people who actually lived in those time periods and went through all the highs and lows, so it gives a real weight to all the vintage/retro touches the production puts in. Like the CD player, VHS tapes, and music. But it’s not only a weighty feeling for the characters, it is also an added level of feeling for the actors playing the characters who were both young and famous during that time as well.

Y’all, this show is magic, I just love it to bits and I am so happy I get to watch it live and experience it slowly with so many other people around the globe. We might move it from an aftercap back to a quickcap/nightcap after we finish the other shows we are watching, just so we can live in the feelings this drama gives us a bit longer. It’s a conundrum because this is the show we want to watch first once Monday and Tuesday rolls around, but we also really want to just keep the SWKF afterglow for as long as possible as well, which gets partly erased once we watch another show. Drama problems, y’all. ^_^

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Airing Time: March 13th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: On Demand Korea, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

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SJ hugs MH in his apartment and the ex wife watches angrily. SJ says she was thinking about this all day, she wanted to hug him. Today, she will hug him first and all night long and not let him go. MH tells her that she kept her promise.

then SY says she is leaving. SJ lets go of MH, someone is here? Who? MH syas it is YD’s mom, say hello to her. But he holds her hands as they greet. “Hello…hello” SY sees them holding hands and looks at SJ. She says she looks very different from her photo. Then she tells her, see you again. and leaves.

SJ remembers what YD told her about sending her to jail. But then MH starts talking to SJ about is dog. He says that a woman at the zoo told him that you have to throw away something when you have to throw it away. SJ says it all ends with death and others try to survive and like this…someone remembers it.

Outside SY looks back to MH’s door.

Meanwhile YD is still talking to HM. He takes the hiring post and puts it way high up on the door so she can’t reach it. He says she can’t work there, she has a coffee allergy and he has a “her” allergy so there is no way. He goes back inside but YD just pocks her head in and says she will have an interview!

She sees KS right away and tells him that she wants an interview. KS is all like, okay. But inside, MH signals to KS that this is the very bad girl who hit him in the car and KS figures out it is the same girl that got SJ fired. KS immediately tells her to get out, get out! i don’t like you! YD says she doens’t have any money, she just wants to work there. But KS kicks her out, she is the bad girl who reports everthing to the police!

YD leaves and thinks back to what SJ told her about not reporting the incident.
Then we cut to 501, MH sees that SJ’s toothbrush is all worn out so he replaces it with a new toothbrush. Outside the door, SJ gives MH the pajamas she borrowed. But he walks out right when she is head to head with his thingy. SHe stands up and he tells her that he is used to living alone, so that is why he is naked. he is wearing a robe and water is dropping from his head which makes her heart pitterpatter. the water drops on her hand and he wipes it off. She thinks her heart feels so strange right now, but she tries to tell herself that she is the leach, he is the host and she is the parasite. But she is shaken with him right now. He tells her that she can use the bathroom, he will just go dry himself off. SJthinks, wah, use your nathroom…so sexy…everything is so sexy right now! I am going to pee and poop in your bathroom and have diareah….

MH asks her what she is thinking, her expression of strong will in her eyes will block the toilet.

MH walks off and tells her to keep the promise of hugging him all night.

SJ goes inside the bathroom and tries to calm herself, she is just pretending…pretending, pretending.

Meanwhile MH goes to his office and sees SJ’s picture on his desk with her badge. He smiles and goes to his desk. He opens his drawer and finds his biography. He eyes get serious. he remembers SJ saysing that he wrote that biography right? When was it? You look so young in this picture.

MH locks the drawer with a key and angrily stands.

Then we see SJ pop her head out of the bubblebath water. She is really trying to shake herself out of her smitten ness.
HM and KS talk about the mother and daughter who just came in. The mom and daughter are YD and SY. HM says they should compromise both police cases. he thinks they can do that, he doens’ need any money so they don’t have to worry about him. The mother and daughter go to the counter and the mom immediately feels that something is wrong.

MH and SJ are in their sleeping clothing and staring at the bed. SJ thinks they are going to go to bed too early, they aren’t old people. But MH wants to go to bed super early so she can hug him all night. SJ is all like…you really want me to hug you all night? And he nods. SJ says she has had a similar experience, she won’t be able to block the big hole in his heart but she thought she could block some of the wind (meaning she wouldn’t hug him all night). He tells her that he knows that, but she is avoiding his eyes all the time which is why she takes his joke seriously. he tells her to just take it as a sleeping pill, he just wants her to sleep well inthis house for at least one more day.

SJ wants to know why he is so interested in her constipation? MH is all like..you have insomnia and constipation? SJ asks, do you want me to just clean my large intestines also? MH says, cant I? SJ says clean clean clean clean, open open clean my blocked life…clean clean (this also implies that she hasn’t slept with a man in a long time).

KS tells the mom that her dauhter wants to work there, if she says it is okay, then he will say yes. YD tells her to say yes! Yes! Then seh runs off. The mother wants to know who KS is, what is going on. KS sits and tells her that she is MH’s ex wife and he is the ex husband aof her ex husbands girlfriend. What kind of man is he in one word? A-hole, jerk, douchbag, fool, etc. SY asks how she can explain a person in one word. KS wants to know what kind of man he is, he worries about that. SY asks him if he still loves her and KS says it hurts becsue she is still in pain.

SY says MH never told her that he loves her and he only says the truth…she coulnd’t stand that. KS wants to know why she married him and she says she loved him so much. It still hurts her. She also wants to ask a question, SJ has a crime history, what happened? because I am worried about that also. KS says that SJ told…she told…she confessed…accepted….apologized….sorry. He gets up to leave and he tells her that he will talk about the kids problem with her ex. Then he says they are still dating and following the law.
MH read a book in bed to SJ anot a lotus flower blossoming. It is a poem that he reads to her in the bed. Or perhaps it is a book? SJ asks why he even reads these kinds of books, they are basically sleeping pills. He says he bought it because it was pretty. he saw it at the bookstore and it looked so pretty to him so he bought it. Sj grabs it and starts reading it. Why is this book so……sexy. Look here and here and here, all these bugs are sleeping so sexy.

MH says, to Buddhas eyes they see Buddha and pigs see pigs. Sj is all like, huh? Am I a pig and you are a Buddha? Well, a stone Buddha is also Buddha (but stone Buddha means he is a man that is never interested in woman). But she says it is good for him…he is also a Buddha…put your hands up (but that sounds like Buddha in Korean).

MH says he wants to kiss her all of a sudden. He takes off his glasses and looks into her eyes. She looks nervous as she looks at him, but they actually do kiss! He puts his lasses on the side table and she drops her book. they start to kiss a lot on the bed and he climbs on top of her. their tattoos show and we see their feet locked together.

When you can imagine that we have no scene
We, in the dawn of a summer
Blossom as a lotus tree

There clothes are strewn everywhere and we fade out.
IS wakes up and goes downstairs to see his wife eating super spicy chicken feet. She talks to the chicken feet, but she is actually talking on the phone. Are your brains noodles, why don’t you just gather some people and put SJ back to her job. (She is cursing a lot). IS pretends like he doesn’t hear her as he watches her talking like a gangster.

JM tells her, sorry, we are going to do Abonim’s memorial starting htis year, so she is not at work right now. Then KS comes in and passes gas. JM asks if that guy knows that SJ was fired, he also looks like a rich man, what….20 million dollars? The son in law of a big construction company? What? Daebak!

KS hears all of this in shock and goes back to their room. He is mad becasue he can’t find anything bad about MH.

Back at MR and IS’s house, they both sit for an elegant meal. IS wonders how she can eat all of this after eating all those chicken feet. It looks like he wants to ask her if she is pregnant, but he doens’t. Then she tells him about her dream…she was walking on the beack with a white dress and then a big pepper field shows up all of a sudden (pepper means boy). She says it was a beach and a so many big peppers, and endless pepper field. She put all those peppers on her dress. Then she says a young (biatch) woman came and put all those peppers in a big basket, including hers. But how can she win over a young woman? They took everything from her and went back, but then she saw a biiiiig pepper and she took it, but it was a bell pepper. This sounds like a baby dream, someone must be pregnant…who is pregnant?

All the while IS was so nervous at this dream.

The family is preparing the food for the memorial, but KS is in a bad mood, he isn’t talking. JM starts to talk to him and says her boyfriend looks like a good guy. It is great for Soon-jin, he has a lot of money (20 million or 200 million?). But JM tells her to just stop in a quiet voice, he is really angry and tired. Then he tells her that his father will appreciate what she is doing and he appreciates it as well. Thank you.
SJ and MH wake up with their tatoos still together (Live only for today). They both wake up and look at each other. Then BOOM a star explodes, an glacier cracks, a rocket takes off, a volcano explosed and a lion roars. MH asks her if she has to go to work and she starts to get up. SHe says yes and pulls the blankets, but he is naked underneath and tells her to wait a moment as he pulls the blankets back over him (he was really naked!). he tlls her that they are almost 50, but he is still a little embarrassed.

SHe says it is the age where they want to cover up a lot. But she thanks him for his gaze, the feeling of someone picking her, she hasn’t had that for a long time. She is also a woman, she is also a human being, she is also still a human that is alive. She tears up and starts to cry. Mh wipes her tears away and she tells him thank you. he kisses her again and she rests her head on his chest as they sit together.

Fade Out

The barista goes to the coffee shop and opens the door. He starts getting ready for work and we see a nice montage of everything a barista does in the morning. It is a peaceful morning for him as he gets his drip coffee ready. he sings himself a song that YD hears as she comes in. But he stops singing it when he sees her. She greats him and he tells her to clean the floor and the windows. She asks how he can sing even if he can’t hear. He tells her that it is from his memory, he used to hear. She asks him when it happened? She can’t imagine a world without sound. But he just tells her to clean the floor.

KS drives up thinking about Mh being a cheobal son-in-law and his wife being a criminal. He gets out to go inside and YD greets him. She tells him that she has to go to the polcie station due to that thing. He asks her what she will do and she says she will talk about her mind, her appas mind, her moms mind. KS says her statement is the most important thing. YD syas she told SJ to separate from her father and she will make it as if it never happened. She is underage so she can’t go to jail anywya. But even if she goes to jail, that is better than having her as her new mom.

Meanwhile SJ has found a new place to live. It is a very tiny room without a bath. He tells her that she can pay him a little bit more for a private bath, it might be hard for her to share a bathroom. She tells him that she won’t be there for long. The owner says that is waht everyone says. But Sj says she will move in with her boyfrieind. He leaves and SJ thinks that she is so pitiful…she will live with her boyfriend?

Flashback of Mh wanting to drop her off at work, but she told him that she will take the subway. They walk together and SJ says that she has to tell him something. He tells her that she doesn’t have to go to the polcie station. SJ says he knows about it? How much? She says she will explain it to her tongiht. But she says that she doesn’t have to explain it to him, they don’t have to make excuses, they can just live without a past or a future, they can just live for today.

SJ thinks about that while she is at work and wonders why he says they don’t have a past or a future, but she shakes it off and eats her lunch.

The police tell the mom that the daughters case is closed because the appa came and apologized to them so they won’t do anything. SY thinks back to MH hugging SJ. YD wants to know if SJ will come and the polcie say that she won’t come because thye told her not to come because the case is closed.

YD thinks appa is strange, how does he like this woman more than her? It is like she said, she has more power, appa really loves her more than me! SY tells the polcie that she is YD’s legal guardian, not MH. If the case does not move forward then she will sue them. the lawyer shows up and SY asks him to get all the CCTV and blackbox videos. They should also get the doctors report from the hospital. YD thinks, the hospital report?
The workers talk about business things. She asks one of the guys for music but he tells her to be quiet in banmal. They call him a crazy guy. KS comes in and asks where MH is. KS storms into his office and sees MH crippled in pain on the ground. he asks him what is wrong and MH tells him that he needs his medicine from his coat. 2. KS gets it and gives him two pills. MH takes them while KS continues looking on concerned.

Then we cut to MR picking up SJ from work. She wonders why SJ lied and she worries about her. She also wonders when MR will propose to her, she is not a family dog. SJ comes in and sits in the car. The friend tells her that she can find her a better job. But SJ says she will have to work hard for someone else if MR introduces a job to her. She hard sicne she used muscles that she doesn’t use.

MR is all like…huh? Muscles you don’t use? All night long? How was it?

SJ says she cried. Just because…she cried. Becasue she was sorry. Should she do this? As a mom…can I do this? Because she was so sorry…I was so so sorry.

MR tells her that her daughter would be 17 now, she would understand her. She would be happy for her mom. Maybe she is the one that sent MH to her. he is the one your daughter sent you, just to rescue her mother, so it is okay SJ. It is really okay.

MR pats SJ on the back and they cry together.

We cut back to MH and KS sitting at a table. KS wants to know what is going on, is he sick, does he have a disease? Mh says he just has a stomach problem. He tells KS that he isn’t 50 yet, when he becomes his age, he will see that your body hurts for little things. Then he asks KS why he is there. KS says getting the big law firm lawyer and reinvestigating the case is too much. It is just like 10 years ago, the way rich people act. They are chaebals so people with money killing someone with no guilt and poor people just touching them a little bit means they ar super big criminals. What are you going to do with SJ? Do you like her…do you love her…are you sure? If you don’t take care of her until the end, then don’t start. If you aren’t going to be with her until you die, then don’t start.

MH tells him that they will both do it and it is none of his business. KS says she was fired becaue of his daughter and is sleeping in a room without heat, how can he just ignore her, he lives right upstairs. MH says he heard she works as a eacher. But KS says she was fired so noone will hire her as a teacher!
They are still sitting in MR’s car with MR telling he what men like. But SJ says she is doing too much already, MR can take this to work herself. But MR tells her to take it. SJ says she doesn’t want to do it, they slept together so she will just take care of it MR says she will see him then, she will tell him how she lives now, everything. So, do you think I can’t do it? SJ rolls her eyes and calls Son Host.

MH is still at work and sees her call. But he freezes and thinks of what KS told him. Then he picks up the phone.

They talk, SJ says it is her and he says he knows. SHe asks if he is busy and he says what if he is busy? She asks if she can o there and he says if she just wants to see his face then it is fine, she will go upstairs now.


Sj walks in and a voice over says that she want sto love her every moment of every day, but he worries that his greed will take her to the ends of the world like right now….I have decided to love you a lot, I want to love you a lot. – please love me, I want to be loved.

MH watches SJ walking in and thinks about all the things that happened in the last two days. She comes up to him and gives him something. It is his lunch box, but it is a lot. He tells her that he has a meeting and they can go to his office. But she says she just came there to give him that. He says he will give her his password, would she like to go there first? Please sleep on my bed. She smiles and turns to leave. Then MH calls her name and tells her that they an eat together. If she wants to wait for him, can she wait in his office?

She says she will wait outside and look around and he tells her that he will call her right after his meeting.

Sj rests over the balcony, her heart is going pitterpatter. But she sees her friend still waiting. Her friend calls her and tells her to focus on her lotto ticket. They talk a little about MH and how he is pocking her heart. She asks her friend what the menu is. What Heart heart and yellow chicken rice ball with hearts all around it. That is so childish. MR…well, when I pretend like I fall in love, do you think like the real feeling of love starts, do you think fake becomes real, I don’t remember what is love…how is love. But okay, no love for me, just marriage, I am a parasite and Son is the host.

MH hears all of this and is in shock. But he leaves without her seeing him.

Then he sends a text message

MH: Dinner will be difficult, our meeting got extended.

SJ goes to her studio and waits for the message. But it gets late so she thinks she will just take off her clothes. She sits up and hits her head on the roof and then sits back and hits her head on teh roof again.

MH goes home and thinks about all the womderful things SJ told him after his dog died. He is angry about it. He thinks about all the things he overheard and throws SJ’s toothbrush in the trash. Then he goes to his bed and thinks about what she said in the bed. But he can’t sleep. He goes downstairs and sees that the door doesn’t hae a bolt. He goes inside and thinks back to what KS said about not starting if he can’t be responsible until the end. He looks around her empty house.

Then we cut to SH removing all her makeup and tearing a little bit. But Mh calls her and asks her where she is now. Tell me where you are. Can’t you hear me, tell me where you are!

Then we see SJ waiting in her little studio until she is startled by a knock on the door. She opens the door and he is there, still angry. He goes inside and looks around, but there isn’t much to see. He tells her to put her clothes on, lets live together.

MH – Let’s get married. Let’s get married.

SJ is shocked.


MH looks at his hospital photo, he is in 4th stage cancer. He was told that it all dissapeared, but a new cancer is growing. this cancer spred to his lung and internal stomach space, so they cannot operate. Also, they cut everything out from the surgery 6 years ago, including the speen and everything. Mh asks about the therapy and he says there is no more than 3 months.

MH is shocked, only 3 moths all of a sudden. What month is this? January. So, I am going to die in April? He tries to take that in as he sits in the office. He stands and says he will be back in May, he doesn’t feel like he will die, he won’t die, he will be back alive in May.

Fade Out

Ahhhhh, the sad is coming! From the preview it looks like MH will marry SJ and let her live with him, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Can’t he just go on Nature Man and cure himself!

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  1. gustave154
    March 13, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Agree with you that this show is something special. Its an instant classic that you can watch it over and over again.

    • V
      March 13, 2018 / 11:36 am

      I really want to start watching again from the beginning just for the love of it. Do you think that the opening scene in episode 1 was from their honeymoon?

      • Handily
        March 13, 2018 / 7:39 pm

        Me too. I just want to enjoy everything before the heartache starts. I feel like we will have a hard episode next week 😭

    • V
      March 13, 2018 / 6:53 pm

      Yes! I watched a little bit of todays episode again. I need a nice week-long vacation to enjoy rewatching all my favorite dramas. 🙂

      • JY299
        March 13, 2018 / 11:52 pm

        Have not been catching up with this drama, work is kinda crazy at the moment. But read the last part, oh noes!

        • V
          March 14, 2018 / 5:14 pm

          I know!!!! I’m bummed.

  2. amirahamir3323@gmail.com
    March 14, 2018 / 3:47 am

    I’m crying for the last scene…poor moo han n soon jin…

    • V
      March 14, 2018 / 9:42 pm

      I really hope the storyline doesn’t go the way we all think it will. Hopefully there is a cure or a mixup?

  3. Adrianne
    March 14, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    Oh my I should’ve seen that coming! But, half-way thru?? Ok, maybe there’s hope for a satisfying ending. Maybe.

    • V
      March 14, 2018 / 9:44 pm

      It is so early right! This is something that’s usually done on like episode 12 or 13, not episode 8. I didn’t expect this to happen for 2 more weeks. Since it is still so early, I am holding out hope that something can be done or that it is a mixup at the hospital. 🙁

  4. gustave154
    March 15, 2018 / 6:07 pm

    It wouldn’t be realistic for Mu Han to survive but eff that i wanna see our MuJin couple live happily raising kids until they get old together T-T

    • V
      March 15, 2018 / 6:49 pm

      Oh my goodness, you took the words right out of my mouth. I just want them to be happy. But I do have a suspicion that all the baby dreams the friend is having are related to Soon-jin and Mu-han knocking boots. Maybe Soon-jin will get pregnant?

      • Handily
        March 15, 2018 / 9:16 pm

        That would be great and also bitter sweet. Argh, what is this drama doing to me…

  5. Amirah
    March 15, 2018 / 8:37 pm

    I hope they are happy together…in the end…

    • Handily
      March 15, 2018 / 9:15 pm

      Me too, I love them both together. But I guess this is where the melo part comes in. Does someone always die in a melo? I hope not.

      • gustave154
        March 16, 2018 / 7:57 am

        Well Kim Sun Ah’s character in Scent of a Woman had a terminal illness too but she lived longer that what the doctor expected. So there is always hope =)

        • Amirah
          March 16, 2018 / 8:12 am

          I hope so…fighting moo han sshi..

  6. Ann
    April 13, 2018 / 8:03 am

    Noooooooo! Why do melodramas always do this. They dig their way into your heart and just when you think they’ll all be happy episode 16 happens! Poor Mu Han.

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