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Should We Kiss First Live Recap: Episodes 13+14

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 13 and 14
Kim Sun-ah’s Instagram (kimsuna_official)
After Misty, Should We Kiss First is my favorite show out right now. It is definitely my favorite romance out. I love the awkwardness, the bumbling seduction, the reserved emotion…it is just wonderful. The +19 scenes are hilarious and so hard to translate on the spot because one meaning means two different things. Actually, all of Soon-jin and Mu-han’s scenes play with words a lot because SJ is always saying something in the wrong way. We read that even the actors are confused by it sometimes….”Ah, normal position?” That had me rooooollliiiiiing. I know the melo is coming, but before all that, can I just get some more sexy-awkward scenes with our main couple?

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Airing Time: March 12th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: On Demand Korea, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

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SJ puts on her jacket at work and thinks back to what MH said…what would you like to do with me? Use me how you want to use me. But SJ thinks that she is sorry, she will throw something away at hime. MH, meanwhile, is also thinking about SJ. He thinks about her talking about the spring blossom festival and wonders if she is okay with someone like him?

But one of his people comes in and says their commercial person was busted with drugs! She will kill them. They have an emergency meeting to find an emergency replacement actress. The shoot is 4 days later, they need to check the weather and talk tot he owner of the commercial, they need to pick a younger person, but be sure to kill that other actor first.

SJ goe sto MH’s office and sees him working from his window, she thinks it looks like him….she pull out her phone and zooms in, it is him. Inside, MH is talking about his dog, he will pick it up tomorrow. But then he looks out the window and sees someone that looks like a woman…short hair….170 cm…he starts to look at her too.

SJ wonders, huh, is he looking at me too? Don’t look at me! MH starts calling SJ on the phone and she starts to run away, he shouldn’t be calling me! MH thinks his woman must be a crazy woman.

But then we see MH getting on the bus. SH sees him get on the bus and crashes in on him, she pays a high school student to move to another seat and sits next to MH with her CD player. She puts one of her ear buds in his ear and lays her head on his shoulder. MH is all like..huh? SJ looks up and asks him if he thinks it is a coincidence? If they repeat a coincidence several times, then it becomes fate.

MH looks out the window awkwardly and SJ looks at him. But then MH looks at SJ lovingly as they both ride on the bus together.

(song Etude of Memories)

The wife, SY is coming up on the airplane and JM talks to her…is she comfortable? JM says he is uncomfortable because Seoul is close. In the back, JM and the other flight attendant talk about SY, she is the mother of that bad girl who got SJ fired. She is the only daughter of that rich company man.

SJ falls asleep first with her head bobbing up and down as unsexy as ever. Her head bobs and hits MH’s shoulder, but it makes her ear bobs and CD fall out

If you sleep now then you will have a dream
But if you study first then you will realize your dreams
If you worry about worries, then you won’t have any worries.

The bus gets to the bus parking lot and parks. MH and SJ are still on the bus as the driver looks back at them. MH asks him for 5 more minutes, 10 more minutes? The bus driver wants them to leave but he tells him okay, 5 more minutes and then leave (all by hand signals). But the driver thinks old people in a relationship are in more passion than others.

The driver goes inside and then comes out, he locks the bus door. He probably forgot that they were in there!
SJ wakes up and MH asks her if she had a good sleep? She said she can’t sleep without sleeping pills, but you slept so well. She says that it looks like the end of the world. He tells her that he thought about waking her up but he got a little greedy and a little more reedy and then they ended up at the end of the world.

MH turned off his cell phone and her cell phone. He tells her that he decided to love her. He decided to love her a lot, everyday, I want to love you every time of the day. SJ asks, and then? he tells her, he wants to love her but he worries that his greedy love will take her to the end of the world. SJ says that everyday is the end of the world for her. At every moment she is surviving at the end of the world, she is dangling at the end of the world already, so don’t worry about it, she lived long enough and she suffered long enough, so if she falls, she doens’t think it could hurt anymore. Please…love me. I want to be loved too.

She looks over at him and they have a moment where they stare into each others eyes. SJ gives him a slight smile and we fade out.

KS is at SJ’s home. he thinks of what he said about her being kicked out of the house soon, but he is looking at her bed on the floor while he thinks about this.

Meanwhile MH and SJ figure out that they are locked in so they try to escape by the window. MH gets out first and tries to help SJ out, but she is awkward and doesn’t want to hurt his back, but she gets out and is on his shoulders, but they fall! Then we see that her head lands on her butt and she tells him, no, no, no, what are you doing on someones butt! Ah, my butt, you perert! Ah, my knee…

they walk outside at nighttime, they can’t call a taxi there and no taxi’s will drive by so they are just walking and trying to shake out their bodies. SJ says…someone told me that they will love me in each moment of the day but….did I see a ghost…maybe it was a ghost, a hallucination…
MH asks her if she wants a piggy back ride? But she doeesn’t trust him.

MH bends down to give her a piggy back ride and she tells himthat this is useles, useless, useless, you don’t know anything…you don’t know love, you dont’ know women, we have a logn way to go. Aren’t you coming?

MH sighs and hops up. he tries to straighten his body as Sj wonders if she was talking to a ghost. But then MH sees SJ’s hand all lonely by her side. He looks at it and then looks at her. He walks up to her and grabs it softly as the music plays. Sj looks like she is nervous to hold his hand and he is nervous to hold hers, but they don’t look at each other, they just interlock their fingers and walk together holding their hands.

Then MH gets a text and lets go of SJ’s hom. The text is from the dog hospital. SJ asks what happened and MH says Byul-i, his dog…is about to leave.

The doctor tells him that the dog stopped breathing all of a sudden. He was doing okay, but he stopped breathing all of a sudden. This is painful for him, every moment is hell, the cancer spread everywhere. The dog doesn’t show his pain because the master will be sad, everything stopped.

SJ is in the room as well and tries not to cry. MH asks the vetrinarian to give him his last painkiller. He wants to take him home and just say bye as the two of them.

We cut to 501. SJ is kneeling next to his dog with tears, she apologizes to the dog and says that she wouldn’t have done that if she knew it. Byul is on the floor with a mreathing machine and SJ asks him if she can hug him once. She kneels down and hugs Byul on the floor with tears. She stands and tells MH that she is leaving, she hopes he sends him off well tonight but she tells him that they can sleep together tonight if he wants. He shouldn’t be alone. She leaves sobbing and MH goes to lay next to his dog. He looks at his dog and we see photos of all MH’s memories with his dog scrolling across the screen.

MH – I will be here looking at you, so you can leave now, I will be here. So just stop trying and go your own way. (A tear drops as Byul closes his eyes). MH tells Byul bye bye and pats him on his head, he was a good dog and did well.

SJ cries outside his door as MH sends Byul away.
KS cries in SJ’s home as he thinks about all the trouble that Sj is in. He thinks back to what the police said about SJ being punished even more, if she is found guilty. SJ comes home and KS runs up to her, he wants to know why she is crying, is it because of that jerk upstairs? But SJ says she stopped crying because of a man a long time ago. SJ wants him to get out of her life, but KS just yells at her, she makes him worried, that is why he matters in her life because it is because of him.

He takes her to his car and they drive off. But then he screeches to a hault. KS tells her that 501’s daughter is the one that reporter her to the police and stole their car. Does she know that? If they don’t win this case, then she will be punished more than normal. SJ wonders, huh? KS tells her to look around, there are camera’s everywhere. If a camera cought it then she is doomed. SJ says she will go back to america, her mom is coming to pick her up.

KS doesn’t think that matters though, he thinks that must be why she is sleeping with that guy. Sj says she forgot that she was an ex-convict becasue she didn’t comit any crime. Additional punishment? To whom?

Fade Out episode 13

KS stops the car. SJ tells him to go to any place. KS tells her to get out but SJ says she hates seeing her mothers face. It reminds her of that day and It makes her want to kill herself. She can’t forgive her, she tried and she can’t. KS says it is becasue she is n ot guilty, she is the only one who is a sinner in front of her.

KS starts honking the horn loudly and aks if he should wake up everyone in the neighborhood? But then we see Umma. SJ gets out of the car and glares at her.

Umma says she is there and they should go inside since it is cold. KS says he will leave and Umma thanks him for bringing him there. Umma turns to walk inside and SJ runs up to her and grabs her bible away. Does she think God will forgive her for her sin? But Umma says, for her, Sj is God.

SJ throws the bible on the street. She glares at the ground, but then KS comes up to her basicall begs her to go inside.

While inside her sister talks to her about how their kids think she is Santa because she only sends presents and the kids never see her. The husband, Lee Chung-gul comes out all tatted up, he is stunned that SJ is there, is this Christmas in March? He yells to Umma that Sj is thee. Umma meanwell is hiing in her room and wants the daughter to ask about 501.

HJ must have read her mind beause she starts asking about 501, are they dating? This is great! Is he handsome? Don’t date a handsome guy! Look at Kyung-su, I told you he was bad! Just tell methis, did he propose to you…a love proposal?

Cut to MH with his dog, the dog doesn’t have on his mask anymore and MH rubs his dogs paw.

VO – Some sadness cannot be comforted by anything, you just have to endure it yourself, later, I will give you a hug…later, as soon as I see you, I will give you a hug.

SJ sits in front of MH’s door thinking this, but she isn’t going inside.
MR starts singing in french and her husband comes up to hug her, but then MR starts cursing…that stupid B, that a-hole, why can’t you pick up your phone! I am not going to call you anymore! So he sneaks away. But then she starts to sing a lovely song again so IS sneaks back to the living room to talk to her.

IS wants to know what is going on and MR tells her that SJ isn’t picking up the phone, the auction people went and picked up everything and she is sleeping on the floor now. Can’t he just tell MH to let her sleep at his place? IS wonders how he can tell him that but MR says they are “Penis” friends who have been friends since they where children (and played naked). He says guys aren’t like that so he wont talk to him about it.

IS hugs MR and asks her what her schedule is today. She says she will do pole dancing and swimming and et. he asks her if it is her woman’s day today? But she says it isn’t coming? She also wants to eat all the street food, why does she want to eat those things? Uh oh, perhaps she is pregnant?

MH bumps into SJ’s mother while he is in disguise. She asks him if she can have his business card and he wants to know who she is looking for, tell him that name and he can take her there. MOm smiles, he is a really nice guy.

Then we cut to the bathroom, the brother-in-law, CG goes to the stall right next to him and checks his package. Wow.

Then all the neices and nephews run up to MH and asks him all sorts of questions, how old is he? I am 7. He says he is 50. She says he is a halabogi! Halabogi! Does he have a girlfriend? She says he has one too. Is she pretty? Of course. The sister runs up to MH and apologizes for her kids, then she asks for his business card. MH looks confused.
JM goes to the grocery store with her daughter and the daughter sees Emo so she runs up to her. She is so happy to see her. Ji-su runs back to her mother and says they shoud stand in Emo’s line! Can they stand there? She doesn’t hate emo that much does she? JM is reluctant, but she goes up to the line with a lot of food. All the food is for KS’s fathers memorial day. SJ starts checking it all out. JM says SJ suffered a lot doing all the memorials for KS’s appa (they are taking over the memorial service). But SJ just says that he suffered a lot to live with her.

JS says she wants to work in a groery store like Emo and JM calls her crazy. Then JM pays and SJ asks her how many months to pay, but JM says to pay it off, so SJ says, pay it all.

MH had is dog cremated. He tells him that he will spread him on the river over the weekend. Then he talks about how his home is empty now and he feels lonely.

Cut to MR meeting SJ at lunch, they drink and eat in her car as SJ relaxes. MR tells SJ that she thought about it, SJ should ask MH to get married first. She can tell him her situation, she has nothing to lose, she doesn’t even love him so if he dumped her then it would be fine. They didn’t even have *beep* yet so there isn’t anything.

Cut to the ex-wife going to 501 to meet MH. YD is with her. YD says she will tell Hugo about this. She even says MH has a girlfriend now, it is fine with SY, but this woman will be her new step-mother. SY is all like…step-mother? YD retorts that she can have a step-father but not a step-mother?

Inside MH starts to prepare all his dogs things. But the bell rings so he runs to open it right away. However, he looks disspointed and shocked when he opens the door. SY asks if he is dissapointed and the daughter pops her head around and syas she kicked him out. MH lets them both in, but he is reluctant to talk to them. SY call him a coffeeaholic, but now he is drinking tea? He is getting old. But Mh doesn’t say anything, he just poors them some tea. SY says she will look around, she goes to the lirary and sees all the little trinkets that SJ left for him. She asks who this woman is on his desk, she feels like she knows him. MH tells her to come out. But SY says that the person who kidnapped YD and put her in the water is also SJ, she is an ex convict.

At the same time, YD figures out that SJ is is the person who pushed her into the water. Her rage builds. She runs downstairs and rungs the bell, but there is no door lock, somthing is strange. She goes inside and wonders what happened, is she there or not?

Upstairs, SY wonders if MH is shocked, why isn’t he saying anything? His girlfriend is an ex-convict. He says he knows this. SY wants to know if he is on her side? H says she isn’t an exconvict, she is a victim. SY wants to know how he knows about this 2008 case? But MH just says that he knows. SY says he just wants to believe it. But MH says he just trusts her more than anyone else…drink you tea.
SY says this is cold and bitter tea, he should drink it but she isn’t drinking it.

Meanwhile SJ comes home in her relaxed clothing and looks at 501. But YD comes out and blocks her. this is her hair right? She took the bubble bath in her appa’s bathroom right? Sj just asks her how her appa is doing, he looks bad right? She tells YD that they should go somewhere and talk. But YD wants to go to her appa and talk about it now! But SJ says they can do it later, her appa is sad right now. But YD just turns to go back inside so SJ puts her in a head lock.

But then they cut to the coffee shop. Sj asks if YD can tell the police and drop the case, she is sorry that she wasn’t like an adult. YD says being an adult is nothing. SJ agrees. YD tells SJ it is her decision, she can separate from her appa, or she can go to jail. She knows that it is easy to send her to jail. SJ says she can go to jail, she has no house and no job. She wants to live without thinking of anything, doing nothing, meeting no one. She wants to live like a dead person, so can’t she send her to jail. YD says, why should she? She has no power, but her mother does, she is afraid of her momright? If she leaves her father then she will make it like it never happened.

SJ says, lets see who is more powerful, is her mom more powerful, or is she more powerful? YD stands and accidentally breaks a glass, but the deaf barista doesn’t hear it or notice it, he is just peacefully making his coffee. YD looks at him. HM is making an Alice in WOnderland drawing on a coffee cup. YD goes up to him and says that his drawing is great. He tells her to leave. She starts to speak loudly to him and exagerate her mouth. She tells him that she broke a cup. He sighs and tells her to clean up her own mess.

She is all like…huh?…okay, I will clean it. Then we see the person recieve her coffee cup, she loves it. HM goes back to the back to make another one and YD goes there as well. But he tells her to go away becsue she bothers him. She leaves. But then she turns and says, Am I bothering you…actually you bother me also. But he just motions for her to leave. She goes outside and sees the part-timer job. She happily goes back inside and points to the ad. He sighs.
Suk-young tells MH that he doesn’t look like himself, something changed in him. He says that is good. She wants to see him more, like at YD’s graduation and her wedding in the future. Won’t he come to it? Yobo? But he tells her to leave and gets up.

Meanwhile SJ walks back to her place and thinks that she shoud’t have done that. Why doesn’t she have any power? But she thinks of what MH said…he decided to love her…he wants to love her every time of the day. She remembers that she wants to love as well.

SY asks where Byul is. MH says he is dead. Then the bell rings.

They both look at the video of SJ outside. She is wearing some cute rabbit clothing. He opens the door and walks to the front. SJ sees MH holding the dog leash, but he smiles at her. She walks up to him and her expression changes so much in only a few seconds, she pulls him into a big hug and he also gives her a big hug back. He rubs her hair and smiles.

The ex wife watches all of this, sadly.


A car drives down the street in the snow, it is Sj and MH. They are singing a song and holding hands. The song is an old song and SJ is so happy singing it and playing with MH, she holds a bottle to him as if it is a mic. But he doens’t want to sing, she keeps singing happily and he starts singing as well and laughs as he looks at her. He stiffly sings and she happily exuberantly sings, but then the car stops.

Ah, they are stranded on the side of the road in their car.

MH is signalling everyone so they won’t hit their car and SJ watches from inside the car while keeping the dogs ashes warm. We see a split screen of them both, and then SJ opens the sun roof and yells at MH: How are you doing (in Japanese). This is a scene from a Japanese movie where the character asks if the person is okay.

I want to go to you like this snow. Without hesitation. Not walking around or hiding, I just want to jump into your white life. I want to be a warm winter for you. I want to be a thousand year old white snow for you (never melting snow).

He looks at her as she yells, How are you doing! From the Japanese movie and we close on that.

Fade Out

The Japanese move shout out at the end was very popular in the 90’s, that is why MH smiled when she yelled that, be cause it is from their youth. Here is the actual scene. This feels like foreshadowing because in that scene the woman is yelling in the snow and asking her lover who died if he is okay.

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  1. amirah
    March 12, 2018 / 9:57 am

    So sad the dog dies…😭

    • V
      March 12, 2018 / 10:48 am

      That was really sad, but the ending scene where they go to sprinkle the dogs ashes was really happy.

  2. PYC
    March 12, 2018 / 11:20 am

    The interaction between MH and SJ is so so lovely to watch. That final scene of SJ finally turning up at MH’s doorstep and MH brigtphtening up with a half smile, followed by their hug without any conversation….. it just kills me and I can re-watch it again and again.

    Honestly, I don’t need to watch any of the side characters but just these two.

    • Handily
      March 12, 2018 / 3:18 pm

      That hug at the end and MH’s smile at seeing her was so wonderful. I also love how SJ pulled the daughter away and talked to her separately because she’s knew that MH was having a hard time.

      I also loved the bus ride scene, the cafe scene of the barista and the daughter, breaking out of the bus and the walk back, and the epilogue. I loved it all so much. This show just puts me on the perfect mood.

  3. gustave154
    March 12, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    I watched this raw… the japanese language was very romantic.. love this drama to bits

    • V
      March 12, 2018 / 3:25 pm

      I love how she quoted from the Japanese movie at the end! That was so sweet and it brightened his mood right up 🙂

    • amirah
      March 12, 2018 / 6:15 pm

      May i know which site you see the drama?thanks..

      • gustave154
        March 13, 2018 / 3:23 am

        Just google “Shall We Kiss First Episode 13” and choose the first option. Get ready a bunch of tissues too 😉

      • V
        March 13, 2018 / 5:35 am

        You can also watch live on SBS, you need to create a login. They have an English section and a Foreigner login. So Far Should We Kiss First is not restricted to foreigners.

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