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Should We Kiss First Live Recap: Episodes 11+12

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 11 and 12
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This show just keeps getting deeper and more intricate as more of how SJ and Mu-han’s lives are interwoven together. I kind of love how Mu-han remembers every single thing about Soon-jin, but she is basically clueless about him. It makes me wonder if we will also start to see her memory of those events coming back. It also puts a more poignant dagger on that one short comment she told Mu-han about forgetting so many things in her past.

One of the PD’s left a message on the DC forum thanking them and showing his happines that the show made it onto DC! We translated it and put it at the bottom of the last post.

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Characters: Short hand character chart
Airing Time: March 6th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: On Demand Korea, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

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MH asks SJ to sleep with him 7 times. Lucky seven. But should we kiss first? He kisses her and SJ thinks this is daebak, what should she do? But there is no feeling, she isn’t moving enough, but she shouldn’t ruin the moment (she starts singing something in her head).

MH asks her, are you shaking? But she thinks she is shaking because she is cold. He says he is shaking also and puts his jacket on her. They kiss again and then stop. But then he kisses her again and SJ thinks the security guard might see them, hmm, but he can watch it.

Cut to the security guard watching it and freaking out…501!…401!????

Then we cut to the passionately awkward lovemaking. MH tries to put SJ on the counter, but he can’t so she does it herself. Then the Santa toy rolls on the ground and stops the momentum momentarily as they watch it. SJ says they should take a shower first. MH thinks that means they should take a shower together? But SJ says she will do it herself, a bubble bath….and she slinks away from MH as if she is about to give him a BJ and runs to the bathroom.

MH tries to catch his breath and we cut to SJ in the bathroom but her bubble bath.

SJ thinks MH is super aggressive now. She thought he was a grass-fed man but now he is an animal. She doesn’t want shaky, shaky though, she wants to sleep so she takes her sleeping pill.

But then we see the daughter outside the door. She tries to figure out the password…maybe it is her birthday? Yep, it was! She is actually pretty shocked that it is her birthday. She goes inside and sees a woman’s shoes. SJ hears something and runs to MH’s room. They think someone is breaking in so they both whisper. But then YD says it is her, is he home?

Cut to SJ thinking about pushing her into the water. MH thinks they should go say hi, but SJ just wants to hide. Ah, it looks like MH and SJ might be hiding in the library? The daughter is walking all around the house and snooping around. MH and SJ are likewise trying to hide from her.

Then YD goes to the bathroom and sees 2 toothbrushes. Her rage builds. MH goes to the bathroom just when YD asks him where his girlfriend is, where is she? Is this all because of a woman? Let’s see what kind of woman makes you ditch your own family! MH says it is just a woman and to him, she is just nothing as well. He doesn’t have to explain everything to her or explain anything to her, just live your own life and he will live his own life. She told him that she came there to throw him away, so just throw him away.

But YD is hurt and starts yelling for this woman to come out. She storms through the house yelling this. SJ is still hiding and thinks that she will just kill this girl with her temper, but it would be embarrassing if she figures it out.

The daughter goes into the library so SJ has to find another place to hide. She is in the stacks and crouching so YD doesn’t see her. The daughter keeps on her hunt and opens another door, she sees the doggie! YD’s mood completely changes as she starts talking to the dog and hugging it and saying she remembers him, look, this is your photo! She is so happy to see this doggie. MH watches his daughter hugging his dog with a stoic look.

Meanwhile, SJ thinks she can go to the terrace and hide there. She slowly starts to sneak out and walk by MH, MH lets her go. Then MH tells YD that he called a taxi for her, it will be here soon, so she can go to her hotel. But YD just picks up the funeral plans for the dog and wants to know if their dog is dying. Why? MH says it is the time, it is time for him to leave. When the time comes, everyone leaves. Like flowers, it happens to everyone all the time. Everyone experiences this.

YD wants to know, what is the right time to leave? If she was a little later then she would have missed it. MH tells her that Buli might not recognize her, she might be bothersome to her since he is in pain. When you die you are alone, it is the same for everyone. You leave alone. But YD just yells at her father, how can he do this? He should have told her and made her say bye. But MH says there is no beautiful bye and tell her that the taxi is waiting, let’s go.

He opens her door for the taxi and YD slowly walks to that side. She glares at her father before getting in, but she gets in and he closes the door. Then the cab drives off and he watches it leave all the way down the street, he starts to tear as he watches his daughter drive away and then starts to cry. He wipes his tears.

But then we cut to SJ freezing on the balcony. Her hair is all frozen and she is curled up on the side.

We cut to JM sleeping happily at home. Then we cut to their daughter Ji-su. KS is looking at JS and thinking back to what SJ said…he has a baby that he can hold.

Then we go back to 501, MH talks to his doggie and tells him to not be sad. Everything hurts him, eating, breathing and taking medicine, but he is still alive like this today. The dog goes to the balcony and starts scratching on it. MH wants to know what he is doing, should he open the door? Then she sees SJ sleeping outside, she is out.

MH pulls her inside and starts to take her temperature. He puts her on his bed and covers her with blankets. He tells her he will change her clothes and then we cut to SJ with the blanket all over her. He tries to change her with the blanket pulled up, so she will sleep, but then SJ wakes up and tells him to stop touching her and let her sleep…he is such a dirty man…stop doing it and just lay with her…she is cold.

MH sighs, but he hops in the bed. He takes off his over shirt, but SJ is naked. She says that she is cold, very, very cold, can he give her his arm? He puts his arm out hesitantly and puts it under her head. SJ curls up to him and uses his body for heat. MH is so nervous though and his arm is falling asleep. He tries to take her temperature again, it is 37.5C so she is normal. Btu she keeps curling into him with her bare skin, she is all naked under those sheets.

It is morning and the coffee shop is open. JM, KS, and their daughter are all eating together. It looks like JM showed up separately. She tells KS that halmoni will be there soon. Then she says that MH looked handsome and sharp, it is hard to find a man like that at this time. He looked rich too. But KS just says he is garbage.

JM tells him that they slept together, he told her publicly, so maybe he loves her. His eyes looked like he cared about her, his gaze was like that. But KS doesn’t want to hear it. JM says that MH cared about her so much, that is how he looked. KS says he is fake and is wearing a mask. But JM wants to know how it is fake? SJ doesn’t have anything. He can’t be a conman. She has bad credit, no house, she has nothing.

But KS says she shouldn’t be with that guy. They argue about it and their kid tells them they are fighting again. But KS tells her, ehhhh, this is a love fight. Ji-su tells them that she knows they get closer after they fight, but they fight all the time.

It looks like someone is there to take everything from SJ’s home. SJ suddenly wakes up with pajamas on, she isn’t naked anymore. MH is still sleeping, but he looks like he might be a little sick now? He wakes up and asks her how she feels. She says she feels good and he says that is a relief. Then she looks at her scar and looks at MH. But he is out, he has a super fever.

Meanwhile, Umma and Hee-jin come to SJ’s house. They didn’t know any of this was going on and they ask the moving people what is happening. Hee-jin wants to know where her sister is but they said they let themselves in. Umma tells them to take off their shoes. They are the law that doesn’t protect people and takes things ruthlessly. Her daughter didn’t do enough wrong for them to just walk all over her things with their shoes on.

The man takes off his shoes and Umma tells the sister to call. SJ doesn’t take Umma’s calls anymore, possibly?

SJ walks around the house to find something to feed MH, but there is only very neatly organized herbal medicine in the fridge. She thinks they will have problems if they get married. Then she thinks she has to pretend that she fell in love, but she is in 0% love right now. MH wakes up and sits up, he sees the toy and origami in his bed. Then he remembers what his friend said about hearing that SJ likes him a lot. MH looks out his bedroom door at SJ while thinking this and sees SJ cooking juk.

Umma and sister Hee-jin, go talk to KS, but it’s more to yell at him. That apartment was supposed to go straight to Soon-jin. She didn’t get any divorce money and lost all her money from the trial; don’t you have anything for her? You asked her to take care of this old man! What kind of person are you? I did a lot of bad things to do, my daughter was crying blood, but I couldn’t tell you anything because I thought you were hurting. You were like my son, so I wanted you to live well because you hurt a lot. It is all her sin

KS says it is not Umma sins, it is his. He is a bad son. Umma says KS has two mothers-in-law and two wives, they don’t need him, they need that apartment. But then JM tells them that SJ is dating someone, the upstairs guy. The sister is all like huh?!?

SJ tells him that SJ is different from day-to-night, right? She is wearing his pajamas now eat this, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh. But MH says he can eat it. But SJ says he is sick because he was taking care of her all night. Now open wide….ahhh, ahhh, ahhh. SJ gives him the food and MH’s heart starts pumping. (SJ thinks this is great, he can eat this and give her the money and the house. His life will be all messed up because he met her). MH tells his dog that he will feed him some jumbokjuk, can we give the juk to his dog? SJ is all like…this is expensive jumbokjuk? It has clam and crab and all those things in it. SJ gives it to the dog and thinks this is more than loving a dog, this is crazy. She tells the dog that the owner loves the dog and tells him he is pretty, so is SJ like some dirt in the dog’s toes?

SJ starts coughing though, maybe she has an allergy? She goes to the kitchen and tries to eat all the remaining food, but there isn’t really any. She looks at the dog food, perhaps she will try to eat it. But then she steps on some dog throw up and tells him that he should eat, not throw up this expensive food. He should eat, eat, eat!

MH comes up from behind her and asks her what she is doing. SJ says the dog didn’t eat. MH asks her if she eats what she throws up? SJ is shocked, how can she be compared to the dog? But MH looks quietly upset, how can she hit his dog? SJ says MH accepts everything that the dog does, that is why he throws up everywhere and that is why his kid doesn’t do what he says. The kid and dog are pretty at home, but they are bad outside the home. They eat everything they want and do whatever they want. They will end up bad for society.

MH asks him if she is done. SJ coughs and tells MH to just hold the dog if he gets lonely. She has a rash all over her face and coughs some more. He tells her to take some medicine. But she storms out.

Fade Out


SJ goes home and sees that her door is unlocked. Her house is empty. Everything is gone except for tiny personal items. Someone comes to the door, it is a cleaner with MH’s jacket. He says he couldn’t fix it perfectly, but he tried his best. He asks her if she is moving and she says she is and bye-bye.

She hangs MH’s suit on the wall and wipes them straight.

IS bought his wife some cotton candy, he wonders why his wife would want this and the man next to him says she might be pregnant. IS takes the food to MR and she gives him a big hug. Then she starts to eat all the food he brought her. He bought her little worms to eat. But he can’t eat them. MR thinks it tastes so good. IS thinks it is shocking that he found something that he didn’t know about her even though they are almost 50.

IS gets a call from YD and MR calls her that B. YD tells IS that her appa has some woman at his house. IS tells her that he will talk to him.

Then we see SJ trying to get a job. She is dressed nicely. The man wants to know if she can do this work, it is 9-6 and has a small salary, minimum wage. See, she won’t be able to do it. He left her alone after reading her resume because she is overqualified. But she stayed here for 5 hours, he was impressed. So, he wants to know if she will come here tomorrow? She says yes, so he gives her their uniform and starts explaining everything to her.

Meanwhile, MH cares for his dog. The dog was fine for a while, but now it looks like it is getting worse. The doctor tells him that dogs are like owners, so maybe he is just enduring. But he doesn’t have much time left. He should prepare to say goodbye.

IS says it is shocking that MH asked someone to his home, he never has anyone over. MR wants to know if they really only just slept together without doing anything? She tells her husband that SJ was fired, she had some interviews for a flight attendant schools, but they won’t give a job to someone who was fired. It is the same everywhere. She tells him that she was fired because of MH’s daughter, YD. MH doesn’t know about it though, so don’t tell him.

Meanwhile, Ha-min walks around in his hospital garments. He sees some kids trying to get a basketball from stuck in the basket and hops right up there and gets it. Then he shoots a few shots. Turns out he is a pretty good basketball player. YD watches all this go down, she looks pretty impressed as well and kind of like she is falling for the barista. But then he turns around and sees her.

YD asks why he is there when he called her to his room. Was it to give her a hard time? But he just gives her passport back to her. She wants to give him a lot of money, how much money does he want so she won’t get prosecuted? But he says he won’t agree with this, she should go in front of a judge. But she just tries to force a lot of money on him. He tells her that he changed his mind. He just wants her apology. Her parents don’t have to come and she should talk slowly, sound is noise for him and he doesn’t want to hear all that noise.

She grabs him and asks him what she should do, but then her heart starts pumping. Why is it pumping so hard? Maybe because of the coffee smell. He gives her his little coffee bean plant and tells her to raise it, don’t kill it. He even smells coffee from this little plant but doesn’t smell anything from her, only money, she shouldn’t be like this at such a young age, only smelling money.

SJ comes home to their building, but she is still outside. She looks up at 501, the room is still dark. Then the guard comes out, he heard she was occupying that room illegally. SJ tells him that she will be out soon. Then she asks a favor for the guard. But then she goes inside and thinks about MH telling her to feed the dog, not correct its behavior.

She grabs his pajamas and his suit, then takes them to his door and hangs them there. She leaves. Inside 501, MH thinks back to what SJ said. If he is lonely, then just sleep with his lovely dog.

In 401, SJ puts out a blanket on the floor and makes herself a bed in the empty room. She tries to get comfortable and go to sleep, but she tosses and turns. She tries to count all the sheep, but she wakes up in a huff and yells a lot of curse words. She thinks this current society is messed up, she worked hard, she didn’t sleep or eat or play, she worked hard….I worked hard like that. She lays back and cries frustrated tears as she tries to fall back asleep.

MH leaves his home and sees all the clothes on the door. SJ comes out too. They hear each other so SJ sneaks back inside her place while MH goes downstairs to see her. She looks through the door and sees that it is all clear. So, she sneaks back out to the elevator, but MH is right there. He tells her good morning and he didn’t call her that night since she suffered from allergies. He asks her if she is going to work and she says she is, flight attendant school. He says he will wait for her, but she shouldn’t go out like this (her clothing is very casual).

SJ says okay and goes back inside to her empty place. She puts on her good clothing, but she doesn’t even have a mirror.

They walk together outside. SJ wonders if MH thinks plum blossoms are pretty because it blossoms or because the leaves fall? MH says it is because of the blossoming expectations and the happy-sad feeling of the blossoms falling. SJ tells him that they should go to the plum blossom festival in the spring. They can see the blossoming and falling. But he stops walking. She asks him if he likes plum blossoms? MH wonders what happened to his coat, was it all torn up? She says she shredded it with her teeth whenever she thought about him. Then she says he has a lot of coats so why did he wear that coat?

MH tells her that he can’t sleep recently, he has a headache and his teeth hurt and his throat hurts, and his intestines hurt, she can do what she likes and use him whatever way she wants to use him.

KS looks up all the information he can about Mu-han and the guardianship of Yi-deon. It looks like KS is looking up all the information he can about the case for Ha-min. He sees that MH is an executive and the policeman says MH is popular in that industry. It looks like MH went to Seoul University and got a lot of awards.

Cut to MH talking with his ad team about kisses for a coffee commercial. But he doesn’t look impressed. He just looks at his computer and writes something. He starts to think about his kiss with Soon-jin. The ad team keeps talking about their coffee commercial ad, and Mu-han keeps thinking about SJ. Then he throws a ping pong ball at his team member.

KS argues to the police station about SJ and YD’s case. It looks like SJ has a record of violence.

SJ is a terrible worker at work. She is a super slow cashier. One of the women she is checking out gives her a hard time about that.

The policeman tells KS that his wife has a history of violence. She hits people, breaks into cars, breaks into houses, she has a history of it. Since she has a history, we can’t just let it go. She is double weighted.

SJ rests in the employee room and gets a call from “Parasite-Host” (because she is the parasite) She picks it up and it is MH. He asks her how her students are, she says it was scary and difficult. He wants to congratulate her on her first day at work. Maybe they can meet at 7:30 outside. But she tells him that today isn’t good. Maybe next time, please. He says okay and tells her bye. Then he sits at his desk with a sigh while SJ puts all her nice clothes back on.

SJ puts her jacket on and thinks back to what MH said about her doing whatever she wants to do with him and using him however she wants.

Cut to MH waiting for a bus. He gets on the bus and sighs as he closes his eyes. Then someone puts an earbud in his ear. He startles awake and sees that it is SJ. She has a CD player and plays them both a song. It looks like it is one of the only things the loan sharks didn’t take. She asks MH if he thinks it is a coincidence that they bump into each other a lot, if a lot of coincidences happen, then it is fate.

They both listen to the music and ride the bus together. Then we hear him saying for her to do whatever she wants to do with him, use him in whatever way she wants.


Flashback to SJ walking away from the loan shark from a couple episodes ago. He tells her that he likes her and he wonders why she needs a loan shark. She says her law firm took all her money, they take more from them. He is a leach, the law firm are vampires, and she is the super stupid person they suck blood from.

The man turns to leave, but then MH yells at him from the balcony. Just wait, I will be down there. MH goes and confronts the loan shark man. He asks how much SJ owes. He tells him 50k. MH says to just come to his office and he will take care of it. The loan shark is stunned, who is he to SJ? MH thinks he is the person that shouldn’t fall in love with SJ.

Fade Out


Scene 1: MH became active about their relationship and SJ is confused about it.

Scene 2: SJ gets cold and MH takes care of her in his bed.

Scene 3: JM is jealous of SJ since KS still loves SJ. KS gets angry and they start to have argument.

Scene 4: MH asks SJ to feed his dog and she is a little jealous of the dog.

Scene 5: YD is confused when her heart starts to bounce in front of HM.

Scene 6: MH tells SJ to use him whatever ways she wants to use him.

Scene 7: SJ and MH’s date in a but while listening to the same music (Etude of Memories, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtXJHwX3ryU) from an old CD player.


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  1. Bubble
    March 6, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Oh no, I have a bad feeling about what MH said at the end. There is so much more to this story then we know.

    • V
      March 6, 2018 / 5:26 pm

      Right! I feel like we only know a fraction of what is really going on. I am really enjoying all the flashbacks in this drama. I love how they build the character of the main two leads.

    • gustave154
      March 7, 2018 / 3:05 am

      Yes i got a feeling he must have done something to Soon Jin… Maybe he has some connection to her daughter’s death?

      • V
        March 7, 2018 / 6:15 am

        Someone had a great theory on the DC thread and it was related to that. That person thinks it might have had something to do with organ transplantations. Perhaps both MH and SJ’s daughter needed an organ transplant. MH’s daughter got the organ and SJ’s daughter didn’t. But MH might feel so guilty about it because MH’s in-law family is wealthy so they might have just taken the organ even though SJ’s family was next on the list.

  2. gustave154
    March 7, 2018 / 3:03 am

    Love how they build up the story while not showing everything. They suffered way too much.. now its time to love

    • V
      March 7, 2018 / 6:08 am

      I love that too!

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