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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 33 and 34

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 33 and 34
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Okay, y’all, I think Mu-han and Soon-jin are finally going to love each other straight again with no concerns over their past and not looking toward their future. I hope the law case goes well, but if it ends with the last episode than I am fine with that because it at least brought Mu-han and Soon-jin back together. I want that company to taken out though. Perhaps MH’s ex-wife can help?

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Airing Time: April 16th, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
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Countdown: RECAPPING!

Judge – Where is your lawyer? Is she coming or she couldn’t’ come?
SJ – She is not picking up the phone, but she is coming. Just wait a little bit.

MH shows up and sits in the witness stand. He made it.

KS is in jail sitting on the floor. A cop tells him that the victims lawyer came to see him. KS tells him to make up whatever he wants, he is trapped there for 36 hours. The cops asks if he will meet him or not?

Cut to KS meeting with the lawyer of the bad guy. The lawyer says that man has a bad heart, how can you hit an old man? Then he talked about KS’s living daughter. You should give up your dead daughters trial for your living daughter. But KS didn’t know about the trial at all.

SJ thinks that these bad guys make up everything and thinks back to what these people told her. The other lawyer is watching something inappropriate on his cell phone. The Judge says that they cannot continue with the trial today because the lawyer isn’t there. They will have to reschedule to May. Can you attend witness? But MH doesn’t answer.

KS yells at the guards, he has to get out to attend his daughters trial. A thug comes up to him and tells him to be quiet, but KS pushes him off and then they start to fight.

In the courtroom, MH stands and goes to talk to SJ. Everyone has left. He looks at her sitting there. He tells her to stand up, lets leave together. Soon-jin shi?

SJ stands.

SJ – thank you for coming.

MH – look at me.

SJ – I didn’t know that lawyer Park would do this, I never imagined it.

The other lawyer comes in.

Lawyer – I told you not to trust anyone inthis field, peole follow money, you suffered this much.

They ask him where the lawyer is, he knows they know where she is. He says she is in Hawaii somewhere, she has some trouble with her husband. She found where to go to. See you in May…well just one of you.

MH asks the lawyer to talk. He talks to him and tells SJ to wait a little bit, don’t leave, stay there. He goes to meet him. They talk. The lawyer says that they married quickly, he doens’t care about that, but from the document it looks like you married just to threaten them. A married couples statement is not trustworthy. MH asks when they bought the lawyer, when did it start? Lawyer says it happened a few days ago. MH say that he gave her something? You are amateurish. He puts his phone on the table.

the lawyer says that he is bluffing, he has nothing on him. They talk about the original documents or something like that. The lawyer says he asked the judges for the original. He says that SJ is in trouble, she only has him, he sarcastically say that he hopes he lives long. MH takes some vitamins? And smiles.

MH says that if the chairman is under investigation if people talk about the case and if Gongwon’s know about this case. Give her an apology, my wife doesn’t care about money, I have a lot of money, she just wants an apology. If you dont like it then I will make people talk about this case. Get the trial of my wife, or everyone in the country and let them decide. You should be in a hurry, as you know, I am going to die soon.
MH goes back into the room, but SJ isn’t there. He drives around looking for her and sees her getting on a bus. He follows the bus closely.

The bad guys told the lawyer to take a trip and they won’t talk about her husband. She wants to leave. But he keeps telling her that the world isn’t black and white, they all did it to protect their family. But you look down on us. The lawyer leaves. He says that seh is still young. The bad lawyer says that if the company doesn’t apologize to the mother then they will spread this case to the media. If you apologize then it will just be in court quietly.

Across town, SJ walks on a path as she thinks that no one was there. No one. The reason she went thorugh this difficult trial was maybe because the court was teh only one listening to me, but the trial ended and I was lonely, I wanted to go to my daughter.

MH appraoches her and tells her that she is not alone today, they came back there today. He doenst know about her, but his beginning was here, you were always around me and it always pressured my heart. It hurts me becasue I remembered you sometimes. I regreat that I hesitated, i whould have come to you quicker, then you and me would have been a little less lonely. I was sorry that I ignored you and was quiet in front of your pain. I tried to protect my own life, I didn’t even know cancer was destroying me. I was stupid, I want to have your forgiveness, not know, but in the future. I want you to forgive me.

SJ says that she will forgive him, don’t go to Switzerland, stick with me and live until I forgive you. I don’t want to forgive you easily, so you should live long. thank you for following me. From today, my begining is here. Lets start again, you and me.
SJ – From today, I will try to love you
MH VO – I decided to love you a lot a lot. Every day, every moment, I will try to love you.
SJ – Do you want to be loved by me?
MH nods
SJ – If you want to die and go somewhere without me, then I will never forgive you. Decide it here, then I can start again. Son Mu-han, let me ask you one last time…do you want to be loved by me?
MH slightly nods again and smiles

They go look at the animals. MH asks her where she is staying, she says it is at the goshiwon. He asks her how she eats, she says she eats, but there are no side dishes, can I go to your place? He says she can if she will treat him like a man and not as a patient. She asks the flamingo if MH looks like a man, live with him, he isn’t scary. MH asks the flamingo if they have ever been in the car with SJ driving, they will know real danger then, she dons’t know right or left or U-turns so we almost went to Pyongynag (North Korea).

MH says flamingos can fly in the wild, but in the zoo they don’t fly because the zoo keepers remove some feathers. They know they can’t fly so they give up. SJ tells him that they shouldn’t give up by themselves.

They walk off and run into some kids. The kids say they are dating. His girl wanted to see soem monkeys. SJ says he is a real man, better than someone… he is showing his girlfriend some monkeys already, that is why they made the term young man. The kids start to talk about little things like, you should listen to me, and those kinds of things. SJ tells her that her boyfriend is really cool. The little boy tells MH that they seperated from the teachers to show them the monkeys. So they have to go to the information center and announce that they are there, can you do that for me? SJ tells him he is a cool guy, he isn’t even crying. He says he can’t cry in front of his girlfriend. Then he asks ajusshi why he laughed. Did you remember our names and class? MH says the names and class. SJ says that they can go to the broadcast center. But the girl has to go to the bathroom so SJ takes her. Then the boy says he has to pee too! he is about to go in the bushes, but MH picks him up and takes him to the bathroom, but he gets peed on. They have to go to the bathroom to clean up.

The little boy tells MH to be quiet about it. MH says he will tell the ajumma that they will buy some new clothes. Outside SJ tells teh little girl that marriage isnt’ so good, someone nicpicks you a lot, closing the bathroom, putting down the toilet, getting mad when you meet other guys, (she lists everything MH does to her). the little girl says that her boyfriend isnt’ like that, he popo’s her and tells her he loves her. SJ says she has a nice boyfriend, then she looks at MH and says that she would like to hear those words too. MH comes up to SJ and says that the boy peed in his pants, don’t let the girl know and secretly buy some new clothes.
SY wants YD to quit her job so she goes to her work and tells her as much. YD hides behind HM so he is caught in the middle of this argument. HM pulls YD outside. YD yells that everyone is the same, they all push me away! HM pulls her somewhere else with her mother watching them.

JM goes to jail to see KS. He is all busted up, but he isn’t worried about that. He says that he is going to the prosecutor tomorrow, he will go to jail because he hit a chaebol chairman. JM yells at him about that, is his head just decoration? Why did he do that? But then she finds out that it is Apollon company. KS tells her that they need to get ready, it will be complicated, even before he knew it, he became a part of the trial. JM doesn’t know what is going on.

SJ gets home and plops on the bed as if she was waiting for that moment. MH tells her to take off her clothes and lay down. You shouldn’t wear outside clothes, they are dirty. SJ keeps saying that she finally came home. He tells her to just listen to him, as someone said, he is frustrated. You listen to the 5 year old well, but you don’t listen to me. So unpack.

SJ tells him to leave it unpacked. She will not go anywhere forever, because of you. Ah, it is so comfortable, I can’t sleep anywhere else, I will only sleep with you and wake up with you (to the bed). MH asks, what about me? Me too? He climbs on the bed and is about to take off his clothes, but she just pushes him down so he lays on the bed. She tells him that it is great, even though we are all covered in dust, at least we are together. We might fight, but I just want you to understand one thing, when I hated you, I still loved you.

He tells her that he wants her to know that he can never hate her in whatever situation. She tells him that he says something useful. then she will be in any moment with him, she will do everything together. She cuddles up and his chest. He says that he won’t make her lonely, so long as he is next to her, he won’t leave her alone anymore. They will do everything together, okay? I will be your miracle.

SJ asks, do you really think a miracle will happen for us? MH says that for him, it already happened.


MH walks into YD’s room. A note tells him not to worry about her, she will be okay eventually, she will go back to Switzerland. MH starts crying as he thinks back to YD telling him to tell her any lie that he loves her, but MH told her that he is not her appa! He cries a lot about it as he sits on YD’s bed. SJ comes in and pats him on the back. He rests his head in her chest as she comforts him.

MH – Since she was little, I didn’t hug her….until the end, I didn’t have direct eye contact.
SJ – Do you regret it?
MH – no, I am not going to regret it. I will try not to regret it. At least I saw her so it is okay.
SJ – Do you know that you are the same as her. You don’t care about others and you only think of yourself and say mean things. You guys think you are the center of the world. We are a couple tigers and she is a baby rabbit. She picked up the rabbit, that is the same as controlling peoples heart(?).
MH – I am the same, but don’t’ talk bad about my daughter…thank you for the room (he rubs her leg)….I told you I am not going to leave you alone, stick with me.

They walk out and SJ hugs MH and smiles.

YD yells, this is so romantic! HM asks how she can be so happy in this situation. She says that she is super happy, she is not going back to America and he bought her ramen and they are on the Han river. HM tells her that whenever she has a chance, she has to hear and listen to that person, don’t’ regret it. She asks who, you? (he wants to tell her about her father, but she thinks he is talking about him).
IS meditates at home while IS looks though newspaper clippings of the Japanese case. MR’s mind is occupied with where SJ is.

Message – If you dont watch your mouth, then your mouth will burn you up

SJ and MH call them both at the same time. They ask about the trial and are filled in. The company bought the lawyer and MH came to the trial. the next one is May 16th. The friends don’t know that SJ and MH are next to each other so they ask a lot of questions about where SJ or MH is. Is SJ alone? Did MH go to Switzerland to die? How can he survive, he should be dead already? IS is all like….what the F? So IS starts whispering.

MR wants SJ to go to the house again and catch him. IS dosn’t want MH to go. SJ and MH tell them that they are together now, they don’t have to worry about them, lets hang up. they hang up and MR and IS look at each other….they are together?

SJ wants MH to stand on the scale. He should not lose weight, he should gain weight. She tells him the scale is not just for looks. MH reminds her not to treat him like a patient. He tells her to go on it first. SJ looks at the scale like it is about to kill her. MH teases her and says that they shouldn’t hide anything between them. Then he smiles and says, see…you can’t go up there.

But SJ just looks at him and takes off all of her clothing and goes up on the scale. That means he also has to, so he steps on the scale and she measures his weight. But she looks concerned as she writes it down.

Cut to SJ getting out of the bathroom, MH waits for her reading a book right outside the door. he is really sticking right next to her. He follows her around and gives her a hung. She asks what this is and he says it is because I like it. He rests his head on her shoulder and won’t let her answer her friends phone call. She turns around and hugs him. They have a moment of just hugging. Then they go to the bedroom.

SJ tells him goodnight. He tells her that if she has a good night, then he will have a good night also. She agrees, because it was a long long day, she is also sleepy. MH says the trial will be challenging, but they will win in the end. He will make it so they win. He won’t give up, so they can fight until the end.

MH is cuddled up in bed alone. He wakes up and sees that SJ is not there. there is some noise somewhere. He goes to the bathroom adn waits. Then he tells her good morning. But YD comes out looking stunned. She tells him, okay….good morning. You said you wont be an appa to me. It looks like you love your daughter though, but what will we do, I want to hate you with all my power. He aks her why she didnt’ leave. She says she decided to stay and hate him (?).

SJ tells YD good morning, but she thinks it is MH. It looks like YD just snuck into the house, lol. SJ tries to hide her shock and tells YD welcome, they should have a good relationship (sarcastically). YD says that is fine, when ajumma has a hard time then they can fight everyday. SJ says she is eating her rive, they didn’t make anything for her. So stand up, we have to eat. YD gets up in a huff.

SJ tells MH to go sit down and just eat. I spent all day cooking this (she makes another word mistake). She tells Mh to just eat, there are Omega 3’s in this bluefish. SJ makes another word mistake, YD corrects it and asks them if she can share their side dishes.
The CEO says, how dare he threaten me? They had their business because of me. Without companies, there is no advertisement or advertisers. the lawyer says he might be crazy right now, the scariest people in the world are the ones with a death date. CEO says he doesn’t’ have a future, what can he do by himself?

the lawyer lets him know that MH is the most threatening variable of this case. If he tries it by public opinion then it could be a big issue. CEO thinks they can change it with one commercial. But the lawyer thinks the people are different now, he saw the candle protests.

CEO wants the lawyer to just make it go away. The lawyer just wants him to apologize to her, they don’t want anything else. But the CEO says they need to finish this strong or others will come out and want an apology. They need to use the ex-husband to slash Soon-jin and tell it to the family members. If the mother-in-law knows about KS, then she will kill him first.

YD brought the rabbit back. SJ picks it up and reads a not on it. YD basically says that she wants her to clean her room and feed her, she can give her food. SJ starts to clean and remove all the photos of the furniture, she complains about them adding too much, then she will know it is used. But there is a knock on the door.

JM is there crying, she says that she knows she is a bad person, but can SJ just give her a break, she begs her, please?

This case has 5 cases in China, but no one sued. One case in Singapore, they sued and they won. The doctor found the powder in the lungs. MH says that they should give this reporter the source and let them investigate it. But IS wants him to move the trial up. they need a new lawyer though. IS knows a lot of lawyers in his family, but MH says he wants a new lawyer with no attachments. IS says he talks bad about someones family but didn’t even change his facial expression? MH says changing his facial expression doesn’t change what he says.

IS moves on and tells MH that KS is in jail for hitting the CEO of Apollon. MH wants to know why he is telling him this now? IS is all like, uh, why didn’t you pick up your phone? I called you plenty of times.

Cut to the bad lawyer. The lawyer tells MH that he told him to apologize, but he never apologized in his life. MH says that they need to release KS before he gets there, or he will put his client in the news.

The lawyer meets with KS. KS wants to know what he wants and leave. The lawyer says he just wanted to comfort him, he will eat and leave.

SJ walks around somewhere, she gets a call from MH. He asks her where she is. She says she is near the police station. He tells her that he will get out, don’t worry, he just called her to make sure that she will not worry.

Cut back to the meeting with the lawyer. KS wants to know why he changed his mind. The lawyer said it wasn’t him but MH. The lawyer plays the recording of MH to KS. He smiles as he watches KS listen to it. KS leaves, stunned. SJ meets him. KS wants to know how long she will make him a bad and stupid guy. She hid their daugthers trial from her own father. KS says that MH knew who she was, that is why he approached her. KS plays the recording for her. MH walks in.

SJ says she knows all of this, he told her. KS is furious, how come you can be with him! SJ says it is because she loves him. She knows everything and she loves him.

He slaps her. But then he looks sorry about it.

SJ tells him that she is sorry. But they don’t have enough time to hesitate. She turns and sees MH standing there.

MH and SH walk among the cherry blossoms quietly.

SJ – when are you going to do it
MH – what?
SJ – the one the little kids say?
MH – did you pee?
SJ – we know it so (MH might have said this)
MH – should I really say it?
SJ – is it really that difficult
MH – I don’t know…for me it is difficult
SJ – just tell it to me firts and then your daughter and then team members and everyone you meet, then it will be easier….just do it…..I love you…..I love you.

They look at each other.

SJ – No, I am not going to hear it, just stop…if you say it..I will…
MH – I love you….I’m loving you.

SJ smiles.

Fade Out

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  4. V
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    I am so happy that SJ didn’t fall for that dirty trick at the end of the episode! Just when I thought the crooked lawyer was about to have a heart. I love how everything is out in the open now so they can just move forward with their lives 🙂

  5. Frida
    April 16, 2018 / 11:43 am

    Thank you for your live recap, i think this episode will really heal my heart from the other. I do really love this couple. I just smile brightly read your recap ♥

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