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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 29 and 30

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 29 and 30
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I’m worried for our couple and basically everyone involved in any love relationship in this drama. Perhaps Kyung-su and Ji-min will be okay. But our coffee shop girl is dumped before the love ever started, Mu-han and Soon-jin are all kinds of upset at each other, and In-su and Mi-ra are also having some issues due to their best friends lives. This law fight is also going to bring out the dogs in everyone and um….why is that rich law firm also psycho and stalkerish?

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Airing Time: April 9th, 22:00 Seoul
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Countdown: RECAPPING!

MH goes up to SJ and kisses her hard and aggressively. She pushes him away. He asks her why she avoids him. She says it is because she doesn’t like it right now. he wants to know why it is this moment? She tells him that he looks like a different person. he looks scary. he tells her that she should ask him. Once she knows the truth then the scary thing will disappear.

She asks him why he went to Switzerland. Why did you lie and go there? What about our marriage, why did you go to the court? Do you want to give me all the money? Is it for you are for me? I beg you, don’t tell me it is for me.

MH asks her why is she next to him, Is it for him or for someone else. She hopes it is for him, if she has any reason to be next to him. This is right isn’t it? It seems like yo don’t’ know why(?).

They sit and eat dinner together, but noone is talking. SJ thinks back to talking to that lawyer and she also thinks about MH lying to her about Switzerland. MH asks her why she can’t eat. He asks her why he can eat so well. She says that when she hates someone, she hates them eating as well.

MH throws up in the bathroom while SJ is in the kitchen thinking about why she is doing this. She prepares MH’s food and makes sure the water is the perfect temperature for the tea. MH comes back and mutters that this medicine looks like poison. She tells him to talk to himself inside his head, she can hear him. She gives it to him and tells him to drink it.

Later, he asks her what she is doing. She asks him why he knocked on the door. SJ is sitting on the floor reading something in the library. He says she should stand up or she will stand her up. She stands up immediately. She tells him to go to bed first. But he wants to go to bed together. SJ says that she has a second trial in April, can he help her? He says that he can. Then they bother mutter, I am afraid of you.

MH reads in the bedroom and SJ reads in the office. He takes off his glasses and goes up to her. He tells her that she asked him to help her, why doesn’t she ask him anything. He will do it. He doesn’t’ have enough time to be scared. I am going to kiss you. Do you still hate it?

He moves to kiss her but she moves her head. He looks at her and kisses her. then they move to the bedroom. But in the middle of kissing she tells him to stop. She is sorry, but stop. She sits up and says that she will show him a little bit, but not anymore. Sorry.

SJ is still sleeping, MH watches her. they are both in bed. He tells her good morning. She doesnt’ say anything so he tells her good morning again. She tells him morning and he mentions that she didn’t say good. He decides that he won’t go to work. Will she go to work? She tells him that she is fired. He says he will go to a morning meeting. When he comes back, can she play with him?
KS and JM talk about how a teachers salary is better than working at the mart. JM asked KS for a recommendation letter for SJ, but he isn’t writing it. KS is just thinking about the conversation he had with MH about him saying he will die soon. He is going to get the information about dying, can’t he just stop? KS looks up the place on the internet.

In another room, JM talks to MR about how this is a busy time, she doesn’t know because she doesn’t have kids. being old is not a privilege. We have a 12 year difference. JM says that she feels stupid when she talks to MR, it is like she is talking to an alien. MR says she feels like she is talking to a monster but JM says that the real monster is somewhere else. MR is interested, what is she talking about. They talk about Switzerland and JM going there. He tried to survive all the way to Switzerland and tortured the chair (?) and ate energy medicine. MR says she will publicly execute him. Her husband comes in, she tells him if he doesn’t’ want to die publicly with MH then shut up, I also hate you.

He sighs. he tries to change the subject to the plum blossom festival. But she just asks him to go there and remove all the blossoms for her. Men say they will do everything before marriage but then they won’t even remove plum blossoms. MR tells him that she knew about the jelly commercial. Why didn’t he tell her. IS wants to know if she told her. But MR says that she already knew everything. He wants to know why she went to see him and pretended like she didn’t know. MR says it was because she wanted him to get a hold of MH.

IS says that MH fell in love with SJ. MR doesn’t care, she just tell him to get him to the trial.

The rich lawyer meets with SJ’s lawyer and tries to give her $1 million dollars. She is not hearing it. She says she will record it. he starts recoding something and says that she has issues with her husbands corruption right? it looks like he will prosecute her husbands corruption unless the lawyer gives them what they have. He leaves and laughs as he shakes the young lawyers hand. the young lawyer tells the corrupt lawyer that MH and SJ are married so he can complain about the witness. The Young guy is the chairman of the Apollon company.

MH throws around ping pong balls with messages on them as they talk about the different advertisements. there is a bd company that kills the environment but it is a job to make dirty things clean. MH says he doesn’t want to do it. He tells his team that they can do the job, but they shouldn’t lie and say the company is one way when they aren’t.
KS and SJ talk about their life together. They met from 15 until now. In life, she is the one that he has seen the most. They didn’t expect to be 46. Time flies. But his time is flying faster. KS asks if MH mentioned his plans, did he say anything? Sj said that they don’t have enough time to make plans. Why does he want to see her? KS gives her a recommendation letter for her teacher job. SJ says that they are a good couple. They aren’t cruel yet they still give me pain and medicine. KS wants to tell her something, but can’t spit it out. Finally he says, graceful…..graceful….I just want to know. (He was about to say graceful death or euthanasia). They argue a bit about the money. KS doesn’t want him to die without her getting anything so she should get the money.

At the company, MH talks to IS about how SJ treats him like a living person and not a dying person. He says he will treat him like that as well. MH tells him to sit over there and he will listen to him. IS asks why he went to Switzerland. MH says it is for euthanasia. It is the only place that accepts foreigners. he will leave for it right after the trial. IS gets chocked up and tells him to die naturally. What about us, it is not easy. MH says that he wants to die easily with his unfulfilled life as a memory. IS tells them that they should drink like living people, lets drink. MH says it is only 10am. But IS tells him that they drank alcohol like water when they first formed the company. MH says they can do it another day, today he said he would play with SJ. IS explains that SJ wants him as a witness. But what are they doing? MH says….love.

Back at the coffee shop, YD brings SJ a drink as a present. Then she sits and says that she will go live with them. SJ looks like this is the worst news. YD just tells her that she is the one that told her to do it. She also doesn’t’ feel good about it, but she wants to live with them. SJ tells her that she shouldn’t come, don’t come. As you said, we shouldn’t live together, I have a temper and you have a temper so we shouldn’t’ live together. Your father, it will make your fathers life very hard.

The Plum Blossoms are out in Seoul full force as SJ and MH drive to see them. So he did get a chance to see the blossoms. SJ thinks about what YD told her and MH thinks about what IS told him. MH says…love. Then he rolls down the window and comments on the flowers. it is Spring, spring, spring everywhere. He says he should enjoy Spring anyway. He asks her what season she likes. She looks like she would like spring. He says he started to like ti because of someone. She says that she doesn’t want to fight with him, let’s o quietly. he also tells them that they shouldn’t’ fight as well.

They decide not to fight today and the bubbly music plays.

Cut to SJ driving now. She says so many cars are coming. He tells her to change her lane, she is so nervous about driving though and doesn’t know what to do. MH is holding onto the window bar for dear life and tries to tell her to change lanes and drive straight and IT’S A READ LIGHT! STOP!!!!

She slams on the breaks and says that she doesn’t want to learn how to drive. he wonders what she will do in the future. they decide to switch to bicycles. SJ thinks if she rides a bicycle then she isn’t Ahn Soon-jin she is Byun Soon-jin (like she will change her family name). She said she doesn’t’ want to ride a bike.

He taps on the car and tells her to get out. She says she won’t ride. he tells her that she can just drive herself if she can. She tries to back out but almost runs over MH. She gets out and wonders how he always makes her scared. He says he was scared, he thought he wouldn’t see her anymore.

They start riding riding and enjoying the spring. SJ tells him that he won. MH starts riding the bike really fast. SJ wonders why he is riding it so fast, no one is giving him a prize. Then we cut to MH huffing and puffing as SJ rides past him. He falls over exhausted and SJ comes rushing back to him. But he tries to play it off and says that he is so energetic. But SJ is concerned. She thinks he is sick, he shouldn’t try to hard and make her uncomfortable all the time.

He tells her that she can go first, he doesn’t want to be with someone that makes her uncomfortable. We all know that you feel uncomfortable around her. She says that is true, she is uncomfortable around him. He tries so hard to be normal. Why can he be like that and look at her like that and hug her. He says he isn’t confident. She wonders how he can’t be confident if he asked her to come sleep with him and basically showed up in her life. He should have hid it forever. he tells her that she is the one that shook his life and always came in front of him.

SJ asks him, how can they have love? MH says that he doesn’t need her love either. It is his mistake.

They push their bikes back quietly. He puts his in the car, but she just keeps pushing hers down the side walk and doesn’t look at him. MH gets in the car and leaves. But he look at SJ in his rearview mirror.

SJ walks away, but then she turns and looks at him drive away.

Cut to her pushing the bicycle along a street. She tries to signal for a taxi, but it just drives by her. But then a car slowly pulls up to her. It is the guy that is just following her around that might be from Apollon. He gets out and asks her if she is okay. Does she need a ride?

She tells him that she will just take a taxi. he mentions that this is why people want to help but can’t help. She tells him fine, take me to the main street. She gets in.
MH gets home, or maybe he has been ther for awhile, he looks at his luggage and kicks it a little bit. then he grabs the toy that SJ gave him and looks at it. He throws it to the ground and opens the locked drawer on his desk. He pulls out the book and puts it on his desk. Ding Dong.

Someone is at the door so he opens it thinking it is SJ, but it is actually her family members. he changes his mood immediately and accepts all their gifts.

SJ meets with the head of the Apollon company. He asks her what she would lie? His apology? He doesnt’ need to apologize, they did nothing wrong, they followed the law. She wonders why they put her in jail and asked for a lot of money. He says it is becasue it was noisy. The government researched about it.

SJ says that they knew that a child died in Japan and hid it. He says that he doesn’t know about Japan. Millions of kids ate this food and only one…. You will not win this case becasue I am innocent.

SJ tells him that her kid will show everything. they killed her twice and autopsyed her twice. The doctors had two different stories. They made it up. You will not win over me.

Meanwhile, MH is at home with the in-laws. Mother made her self oh so comfortable in the kitchen and the sister is in there as well. MH is at the table eating and talking to her Mom and to MH. She tells Mh that her eunnie only has MH, without MH, she has nothing. basically MH has to listen to them talking about this.

JM and MR drink at a very nice rooftop bar and think about how wonderful this is. MR tries to guess JM’s breast size. JM is all like, why do you want to know that? MR says it is becasue they bother me. JM covers her chest with her jacket and asks her if this is better? MR agrees.

SJ comes up, JM is shocked to see her. Did MR call her? MR says of course she called her. SJ sits and tells her that she is happy she is there, it is like they are back to old times. But someone says, what are you talking about?
Mom and sister wonder why a housewife doesn’t come home that late. They tell MH to please understand her. MH says that he wants to apologize to them even though it is late. They think that it is nothing, couples can fight. But MH says that he didn’t realize what kind of wrong thing he did, he thought he only hurt SJ but he didn’t think that SJ had family members that cared about her so much, he is sorry. The mother basically tells him that it is okay.

Meanwhile, the ladies are all getting drunk on the bar. But JM is the drunkest and talks about people meeting a good husband. Everyone hit on Sj and MR, but not you. MR is about to beat JM up and tells her not to move. SJ still looks pretty sober and asks what MR wanted to tell her. MR whispers that she found the owl. SJ is all like, huh?

Elsewhere, KS looks through a lot of business cards back at his shop. He finds SY’s card and calls her. She thinks something happened to YD, but he tells her that it isn’t YD, it is YD’s appa. He has last stage cancer. SY is stunned….what did you say? KS tells her that he will die soon.

At home, MH looks at his book as he sits at his desk. He opens it up to the jelly page and reads it.

SJ comes home. As she comes in she thinks about what they said about not needing each others love. She also thinks of the company telling her that she won’t win in this country because he is innocent.

SJ goes to the library and sees MH reading the jelly section of the book. She tells him that he is crueler than she remembered. She begs him for the last time. Can he be the witness? He says that he will. So lets finish it like this. Let’s separate.

VO – I tried to love you a lot…lets get married….whatever you like, use me however you want.

SJ falls to the ground crying and tries to rip up the book. She hits things off the desk and picks up his lamp and throws it into his glass bookshelf

MH VO – The street that I walked countlessly not to walk to you
ALl those streets where poined at me
When you walk a dark street alone
The stars left by my eye gaze are sparkling about your head
The flowers of my sigh and cold breath swing to lean on you

SJ VO – Love to hell, from hell to love, many times a day like a well bucket moving all day to you
But, what was taken out was many thousand different ways (roads)
The one star from the milky way looking for another star
That many thousand ways, I am walking
I am walking that way

MH sees SJ sitting on the side of the road with her bicycle. He sees the man stopping and offering her a ride. She sees MH and decides to take the car. MH drives around the car and SJ looks over at him driving away.

MH VO – My life is among only one roundabout way among all the shortcuts – Na Hee Duk – two poems: Blue Night and That Place is not Far Away

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