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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 27 and 28

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 27 and 28
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This drama continues to surprise. I really thought MH would happily live with SJ and not know that she found out he is the bastard that ignored her plea’s in the rain. I really didn’t think MH would find out, but it makes so much sense that he did. SJ was acting so strange that day and she isn’t the best in hiding what she is doing, of course he noticed that she hid something in her pocket. But I think the trigger for him to go find it were Soon-jin’s tears at night. Ugh, my heart broke when Mu-han realized it and started sobbing as well. But it crushed me even more when he quietly found a hospice to stay at and pretended like he was going on a long business trip. It’s not only sad that he is going to die alone…it’s just…you cannot go somewhere and die Mu-han! SJ needs to keep you alive for the trial!

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MH grips the pen and thinks back to SJ screaming at him to help her…save her…I beg you, I beg you….

He looks at SJ sleeping and starts sobbing in his office. the next day he fixes the sheets and tells her good morning. She says morning and he says that she didn’t say good. He says it can’t be good all the time. He says, then morning for me. Did you go to work today? She tells him to stop working, she can take care of it. He tells her that he is going on a business trip.

This makes her pause, business trip? You didn’t say anything about that yesterday. She wonders why he is going on a business trip now.

She goes into the office and looks in his suitcase. She pulls out the ticket and sees that he is going to Switzerland. is this really a business trip?

In the bathroom, MH is washing his face as he thinks about picking up the pen when SJ was on the ground and all the moments after that when SJ was acting strangely. The last thought is when she said…you know you don’t have any morality.

He leaves and sees that she is looking at his luggage. he runs in there and looks through it. She is still standing there. She tells him that this is suspisious, is there something he doens’t want me to see? He tells her it is an award, he is going to pick it up. She tells him congratulations and then he asks her what she is carrying. She is carrying a little toy and gives it to him. It is so someone will be with him just in case he collapses somewhere. She tells him he should pack his suits, she didn’t see any. How can he forget about those? She will pack it for him.

She leaves and he quickly checks the hospice forms. It looks like she didn’t see those.

SJ cooks in the kitchen and makes a gorgeous breakfast for MH. He asks her waht it is and she says it is anti cancer treatment. She will make his meals and drinks. The soup is a miracle vegetable soup. it worked for her past father-in-law. He says she doens’t believe in miracles but she said she will start to believe it from today, so show her waht a miracle is. She doesn’t believe in miracles, but she believes in him.

He asks her why she is so nice to him, he doesn’t have to be that nice to him. She can live with herself and not worry about him. But she says it will haunt her so she will do whatever she can do now. the person will leave, but it is her lose if she loses her heart to that person, even though they are gone. MH tells her, let’s eat, I want to be your miracle also.
They start to eat slowly and SJ gives him more food. MH leaves and tells SJ not to come out. SJ says See you later, have a good trip. But MH says, what did you say? She says, have a good trip and come back. he aks her what she said again so she peeks her head out and says Have a good trip, you told me not to come out, what should I do?

She comes completely out and says that her neck and her body came out, what is he going to do? He comes closer to her and holds her arms warmly. She tells him to come back and bring a lot of Swiss chocolates, especially the ones from that shop that are 200 years old. that chocolate is older than us. You are good at eating by yourself so just eat by yourself and come back. He says that he won’t be abel to call her, so don’t wait for my phone call.

He gets on the elevator with his head lowered. SJ looks at him and then walks up to him and gives him a long kiss. She puts her hands around his shoulders and he puts his hands around her waste as they continue to kiss. then they stop and look at each other for a moment. The elevators close with them still looking at each other. he is on his side and she is on her side and they are still looking at the door. MH starts tearing up like a statue that is crying.

KS asks JM if she would like to go to the zoo with Ji-su later? JM thinks their JS will be super happy. He tells them that they can do things, one by one, all the things they couldnt’ do because of him. She says she knows he was pretending to be okay, but she knows that he is not okay. She gives him something to give SJ, with this thing SJ will be able to work as a teacher. She hopes Sj will forgive her in the future sometime, she never apologized to her and was always avoiding her.

He drops her off at work and she gives him something to cheer him up. Some traditional medicine to boost his energy. KS happily throws the medicine in his hands, but then he sees MH walking thorugh the airport. He thinks of what he told him….just die alone far away, that is all you can do for SJ.

KS goes up to him and wonders where he is going. he uses Jongdaemal. MH says that he is going to find somehwhere to die. After he comes back then he will leave rigth away, so can he just stop? KS tells him to wait and says that he was doing too much, he shouldn’t have told him like that, maybe there is another way. there should be something. MH says it is nic being a terminally ill patient because he can decide when to die. It is the last thing in his life that no one can blame him for. He is painful for her and he will be more pain for her. He wants to remain as a man, not a patient.

KS thanks him for saying that. He thinks they should think about SJ only. He gives MH the medicine that JM gave him. MH wants to know, do you want me to eat this and be energetic and energetically die? KS says no and slowly pulls the medicine back.
the case if being reopened and SJ and her lawyer are meeting with the judges in the court case. the lawyer says that this case was already proven in Japan, that this company was dangerous, but Apollon imported it anyway. If Apollon didn’t accept their fault and blamed the family and the child. They tried to hide their wrong doings. So our plaintiff lost a 7 year old daughter and couldn’t let her go, she was enduring it for 11 years, where was the law and what did the country do. i can’t just not ask this, it is late and we should let her daughter go now after finding the truth. She would be 18 now. It has been delayed long enough. Can you expedite the process?

Their lawyers talk and say that they don’t know what this person will testify. SJ looks to the side and sees an empty seat. her lawyer wants to make this witness anonymous just in case Apollon approaches this person. SJ thinks back to approaching him in the rain and begging him as he leaves.

The other case agrees with expediting, but they don’t want it to be public. SJ says that it is not okay that this is not public. her lawyer says that all the court cases should be open, we want it to be public. then the other lawyers say that they will not agree with the expedited date. It should be after May 30th. But SJ’s team wants it to be 2 weeks later.
MH is in JM’s airplane. He is in firstclass and reading his medical records. JM looks at him and wonders what is going on. Why is an endstage cancer patient riding an airplane?

HM goes to the boxing gym with Subway girl. HM wants to learn how to bandage his hands so the subway girl shows him. YD comes in and sees the two of them together and basically holding hands. her fury releases as she moves up to him and punches him in the shoulder. He asks her what she is doing there, is she a stalker? She says she came there to learn boxing with her own money. he tells her to stop, she is just 18 years old, he is 25, she is just a kid to him, is everything supposed to go her way?

She starts crying and says that in global standards, in African standards, she is an adult. She is old already! Subway girl tells her not to cry, lets eat some triangle Kimbap, Oppa will buy it. But she just yells, YOU SHOULDN’T APPROACH OPPA!

A car honks at SJ, is looks like this might be one of the lawyers from the company. He wants her to come to his car. Can she get in? She is reluctant. he says his client wants to tell her something. SJ takes a picture of the plate number and sends it to her lawyer, then she gets in.

The lawyer says she is not as easy as he heard. She said she suffered because people thought she was easy. He says she shouldn’t trust anyone in this field. He wasnts to drive off and eat lunch together, but she doesnt’ want to. he tells her that the times changed, it isn’t like 10 years ago. They drive off.

Cut tot he airplane. MH thinks about what SJ said, then JM comes up to him. She says, excuse me customer, are you feeling incomfortable, can you just release it first. I understand you, but you look very strange, we have a doctor among the customers, so if you feel strange then let us know. You can’t jsut pass out here, we would have to go back with 400 people. Fighting until we get there! You have to stay concious. here is some water.

She hands him the water and he takes the medicine that KS gave him.

SJ meets with the smug lawyer in a private room. He tries to hand her a bag. She says she saw this on the news, the world has evolved like this. You are scared of me now. He says you avoid poop because it is dirty, not becuse it is scary, this is for the company’s image. SJ tells him that this is worthless to her, remove it. He tells her that the most important thing is inside.

SJ opens it and sees piles of money. he tells her that they can give her even more money if she gives up. She suffered a lot and has a criminal record, she is not the only one getting hurt. SJ says she has no one, she divorced her ex husband and she doesn’t talk to her family members. he says she should know someone, the witness without a name. We are ofguard, but we will form our team and attack you soon….so, what can we do?

KS works at his coffee shop and YD is there to help out. She asks him if she can practice making something. She practiced a lot, can he keep it secret from their barista? he nods and she is so happy. KS asks her when her mother is coming. She asks why and he says it is just….can you call your mother to come? She is confused, do you want to fire me? He says it isn’t that…he just wants to talk to her becasue of you, adult talk, so can you ask her to come visit?

KS goes outside and look at YD inside. HM aks him if something happened. Why does he look at her so sadly. KS tells HM to be a little more warm to YD. He doesn’t want to be mice to her. KS tells him that her father won’t live long. She is reborn, but her father is dying. He doens’t want to tell her, what should she do? (She is also the age that his daughter would be).

SJ is in the back lifting boxes, maybe this is punishment for missing work that day. She tries to grab someof the boxes, but she can’t grab. The manager comes to the back and starts talking outloud about how SJ is a leach like woman. All the boxes fall on SJ but instead of helping, the manager just says she is a trouble maker. Hurry up and get up. SJ asks him, doens’t he see that she is hurt? He sees it and says that she will need to pay for all of the broken ones. She tells him that he is so bad, he is going too far. She stands up and tells him that she is a leac, she is old, she doesnt’ work hard and is good at nothing, she is a leach, so waht? She told him she is okay, seh will live like that, you like hard yourself, don’t just make a weaker person’s life harder. Okay, I am leaving, you just make s**t from your mouth.

Sj leaves and takes off her apron. She sits against the wall and then gets a call from IS.
He says he is just calling to check up on her, he wanted to tell her sorry. SJ tells him that she wanted to ask him something, can she see him now? She gets up and slowly walks to the elevator, but a sinister someone in a suit is looking at her. Maybe he is from the company? He calls someone and sys that he will do it.

SJ goes to the company and has small talk with someone about going on a business trip. this woman doesn’t’ know about this trip, she says he told them he would take a vacation. Maybe all the hirer ups have something? She smiles and leaves, but that makes SJ suspicious. She looks at al of MH’s awards, he really does have awards from Switzerland on his desk. But he just got one in October, so his trip shouldn’t’ be an award trip.

IS comes in and tells her that everything is messed up but MH is being truthful. SJ knows that this is MH’s guilty feeling. They sit and SJ asks how he can send a sick person to Switzerland? he says that he goes there regularly and he said he wants to go there. She wants to know what commercial it was for, a bank, a watch? he asks her, what does she want to ask him?

SJ asks him about her daughters case, can he find out who made the commercial? their trial starts soon and she needs to find the person who made the ad. Can he find that person and put him on the trial? Apollon is looking for him also, can you block them? IS tells her that she has to be careful, she is the only one fighting with this case. that means, if they remove that one person, then it will not happen. They will make this case like it never happened at all. SJ tells him that she has to win without creating a second and third child like her daughter. Where is he now? Where do you think he is now? I can’t even imagine where he is heading to.

The company man runs up Sj’s stairs. SJ gets to her door and a person with a shovel is at her door. But it is only her friend. it looks like she is there to kill MH with the shovel and bury him. SJ says she knows everything. MR wants to know how she knows and SJ says she remembered it, she remembered that day all those years ago. She is living with him and slept with him, that jerk, I loved him and when he said he was dying, I cried like the world collapsed. I can’t forgive myself.

MR asks where he is? he didn’t go to work. Where is he now?

the sinister company man hears all of this.

They go inside and talk about what is going on. is this revenge…love…will she save him….or kill him? Why did he go to Switzerland? MR thinks he is dying so it doesn’t matter, he can go to the south pole or to the desert and die. She shouldn’t care. maybe he went to the mountain and is eating cup noodles in Switzerland. What are you going to do with him revenge or love, pick one you make me confused!

SJ tells him that she will keep him alive.

MH talks to Switzerland person about his death. Swiss man tells him that it is important to live with dignity until you die. He can give him a pill for euthanasia, but he will have to follow through with it all himself.

SJ talks with someone else about the way to save MH. Is there anything they can do? Is there a new drug they can take? is there anything? Anyway? O.1% possibility? She will do anything.

He says there are a lot of drugs, but it is rare to use them in last stage cancer patients. Sj wants to use it. Just try it on him when he comes back and I will drag him to it. Can you prepare for him to get the treatment? I can’t leave him like this.

MH comes back and sees a cute kid holding onto her mothers luggage. he accidentally bumps into another person and apologizes. His things scattered on the floor though. These area all the things that Sj asked him to buy, he bought them all.

He goes outside and looks at the sky. SJ is at home and looks at his photo. then MH calls SJ and she looks at the phone in complete shock, she sniffs and then picks it up. He tells her that he came back. She says, okay, you came back, now come home.

He says he has to tell her something before he comes home. When he comes home, he will throw away his conscious and will be more selfish and mistreat her. He won’t hesitate. he will be her white rice cake. She says she doesn’t’ like white rice cake, it doesn’t have any flavor and doesn’t look good, no conscious, selfish.

He says, even so, I will go back to you for a few more days.
They hang up. A moment later, SJ goes outside and sees MH driving up. He waves at her from the car and tears fill her eyes. She goes inside and his face falls. He takes a breath and then goes to 501. He rings the doorbell and waits outside. Sj is inside against the wall. he goes inside and they look at each other for a moment. He tells her, before I die with my cancer, i will die because of you. Do you hate me more when you see me? If you hate me, it is okay, I told you I will live for me, you take care of your heart and I will take care of my heart. I bought chocolate, but if I give it to you know, will you receive it? it took me an hour to find the store and another hour to wait in line, I worked hard for this chocolate, can you take it from me?

She tells him to unpack.

Later, he holds up the chocolate and tells her to try it. he can taste it before he dies. She takes it and says she can unpack for him, he can wash. He asks her if she is okay now. She nods. He tells her to take one more thing from him. She asks him if he just shopped around and did nothing else? He said that wherever he visited, it reminded him or her. He gives her a watch and tells her that he hopes she lives without stopping from now on, not like him.

He puts the watch on her wrist and she thanks him for it. She asks him to leave so she can open his presents comfortably. She gives him some clothes and he thanks her for that, then he leaves.

She waits for him to leave an goes through his luggage as she wonders where he went. The lawyer calls him at that moment and tells him that they have a date, April 13th. Also, Sj asked her who the person was that filed the petition, whatever she can do, seh will put that witness in the courtroom. It seems like she knows that you made the petition. She says that she will put you in the courtroom even from the grave. Why don’t you tell her? it would be better for the trial as well.

He asks if she really said that she would take him from the grave and put him in the courtroom? She says yes.

SJ gets a hint as to where MH went and looks at her phone to find it. But MH comes in at that time which causes her to hide something. MH thinks back to what SJ said…choice and focus…from now on I will focus on you.

MH goes up to her and stands right in front of her. He puts his hands over her cheeks
VO – you can leave me, really, we don’t have to do this 7 times, don’t endure because of me.
VO – i will be here until the end, not for you, but for me.

He kisses her aggressively and she tries to push him off. She does and they look at each other.


SJ and MH eat at the dinner table. they are both quiet and angry. She thinks back to then enjoying a meal together and sharing their food. Laughing over their food. just happy times together. MH also thinks about SJ laughing and enjoying life. Then we cut to him throwing up in the bathroom.

Fade Out

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