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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 25 and 26

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 25 and 26
Kim Sun-ah’s Instagram (@kimsuna_official)
The angst is about to start and I don’t know if I can deal. Please stay delightful show, don’t rip my heart out!

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Characters: Short hand character chart
Airing Time: April 2nd, 22:00 Seoul
Live Watch Link: SBS On-air (22:00 Seoul on M&T)
Watch Link: ODK, Viki, Kocowa, Viu

Countdown: KKEUT

We open with MH and SJ overlooking the Han river. She asks him, soooo when you went out to look at the stars alone, you were sick? He says it was before he knew about the disease, when we met in the airplane. She remembers that he wanted her to throw away his family picture. He says his wife had another man so he just went back. SJ asks him if the person that rescued her at the zoo was him. It was you right? I was blaming you back then, but now I am a little thankful for it.

MH – If I was not sick, maybe I wouldn’t have followed you and rescued you at all. It started back then, seeing other peoples life

SJ – It is the butterfly effect, you recued me and I changed you. So a different us met here and look in the same direction. In a way, we are really connected right?

They look at each other. But then some kids come out and say that those old people are having an affair, it makes them want to throw up. MH and SJ look behind them, are they talking about them? They shake it off.

MH and SJ walk around and see a cute dog. They pick it up and start playing with it. But SJ has an allergy so MH picks it up and starts playing with it. the owner comes around and starts talking to them. MH tells her that she can do a lot of things to take care of the dog better. He happily lists so many things and SJ pulls him away.

They keep walking and talking. Why do people pay money to ride those crazy rides. They hear a musician singing. SH wants to hear it but MH wants to keep walking. SJ thinks they can be that musicians hope, you never know. MH is all like, fine, go hangout with the musician and play music together.

MH walks away and sees a flower almost blossoming. He says this is hope. But SJ is off playing music with the musician. She has some caracas and is shaking them around. As she shakes them around a lot more people start coming up and listening to the musician. SJ signals to MH to come with them. But he shakes his head. He looks happy just watching her from afar.

They take the bus together with SJ resting her head on his shoulder.

VO – how did you live your life? My kid died and no one said it was their fault. It was my kids fault. Other kids are all fine, only my kid died, whoever made it and advertised it all said it was my kids fault.
They get back home. SJ wonders why he is so quiet, take off your clothes. She takes of his jacket and he says he will wash up first. She shakes out the jacket and the pen falls out. She picks it up and intense music starts to play. We see a flashback of SJ begging MH in the rain and then seeing the pen on the floor. She quickls goes to her bag and pulls out her paperwork. She finds the pen from all those years ago and matches it with this new pen. her heart falls. her eyes grow wide. and MH walks in with his robe on.

He walks up to her and says he put the water in the tub for her. SJ hides the pens behind her back and looks like a deer caught in headlights. He wonders why she looks like that. he sees his pen and wonders why it is there, he thinks he dropped it. He tells her that she can tell him if she is angry. She gave hope to the kid on the street so things will come back nicely.

But SJ just stands up stoicly and says she will dry his hair, lets go together.

SJ dries MH’s hair and looks like she wants to kill him with it. He is happy though and wants to know if she wants to eat some kuksu? Why aren’t you answering? SJ grabs a fist full of his hair and tells him not to move. He asks why he should do that without morality. She says he knows he doesnt have morality, she will clean up.

She leaves and we cut to dinner. He made kuksu. SJ just stands and stares at it. Her figners starts to ball into fists as she rests on the back of the chair. But then she sits down and the table. MH realls wonders what is going on. SJ looks so tense, like a board. But then she tells him, thank you for the food, it looks good. The soup base tastes good. He says it has some seefood in it.

SJ tells him that he makes everything properly adn he tells her not to eat too much since it is late at night. Cut to SJ throwing up in the bathroom. Maybe she doesn’t want to eat his food anymore? She hits her chest a few times and then washes her mouth out at the sink. She looks destroyed as she looks int he mirror and thinks back to kissing MH. She tries to wipe the kiss off of her mouth and starts crying.

MH is in the bedroom reading, SJ enters and still looks stunned. She tells him that she need to see something. He tells her that she can do that and he will read his book. But then seh says she will see it tomorrow, she is tired and will go to sleep. She hops in bed and he tells her to sleep tight.
SJ isn’t in bed. She is in the library, MH is sleeping. She sees all of his pens in his library. he has so many water fountain pens on display. then she goes to the locked drawer and tries to pull it open several times. But it won’t open. She sees something on his desk, his wallet? She opens it and takes out his ID. Then she goes to her paperwork and matches his ID number with the petition number. it is the Korean SSN number. She thinks back to her lawyer telling her that the person wanted to apologize to her.

SJ looks over at MH sleeping. He wakes up and asks her, aren’t you going to bed? You can’t sleep? What are you doing? What is in your hands? SJ tells him that she is going to court for her daughter again, so she just wanted to check the documents again. He tells her that

VO – Now I know, lets go to the end to see waht your true intentions are adn why you are doing this to me.

SJ – It was you, everything, all planned? Me too, and the love?
MH – Love wasn’t part of my plan, my mistake…my mistake

SJ goes to sleep but is crying as she sleeps. MH puts his hand on her shoulder and tries to wipe her tears away. he holds her hand as he watches her sleep.
IS is laying in his couch thinking. he hears MH talking.

VO – I was off guard with alcohol, he shouldn’t have let himself love her. My greed pushed her in front of a cliff again. My advertisement, without my intention, killed someone. I witnessed that I can hurt someone without intension…..it started as an apology, but it became love.

ID gets up and walks around and he thinks about his friend. MR comes in and thinks that she never saw her husband like that. The world is strange. She puts out her yoga things and starts stretching. IS goes up to her and asks about SJ kids accident.

MR wants to know why he is asking, it makes her sad. She doesn’t know exactly because she was overseas studying and she also didn’t talk to SJ about it because she might have ahard time. he wants toknow if it was a snack food. MR tells him that it was Apollon company, but the case dissapeard before it even started. IS sighs. MR tells him to stop his one-sided love and take care of his body if he doens’t want to go to Gangnam like his friend (die). She ends by saying he isn’t his freind at all.

He tells her to not talk so harshly but she just tells him to leave, she has to follow the feeling of yoga. But she asks him what company MH was at before they started this company together. She just wants to know how great his friend is to make her friends life so miserable. When she thinks about these things, her blood punps backward.

SJ goes to the library and looks up MH’s book. She finds it and starts flipping though it. Then she spots the advertisement for the candy. She reads several quotes from the book.

“The first goal is to make the kids curious”
“Second is make the kids want to be acknowledged by their parents”
“This is my kids first time cooking”
“Mungle mungle jello narang..simple and complete plan”

SJ starts crying and leaves. She goes directly to her lawyers office and tells her that she knows who did the petition. If you put him as a witness, can we win the case? The lawyer says they should try first. they will win this time if they have a witness. they have 1 1/2 to 3 months for the case so we have to know his condition. SJ says whatever she has to do, she will make sure he is a witness, even if she has to take him out of his grave.

MH is buying a car for SJ. He says his wife hasn’t driven for a while so she needs parking assistance. Would you like to test drive it? He asks how long it would take to get it. Can he get it today? the man says yes, it is no problem.
Ji-su looks for Soon-jin, but doesn’t see her around anywhere. JM asks one of the workers where SJ is. The worker says she stopped showing up without notice. JM thinks she isn’t that type of person. MH also goes to the grocery store and sees JM.

JM meets with MH and smiles at Ji-su as they eat ice cream together. JM lays into him about how their situation is not good. MH asks JS to buy him an icecream, she runs off to do it.

JM tells MH that she and SJ were good friends before. Then the accident happened and she was next to her for it. But she betrayed her. it wasn’t her intention, but it happened. Eunnie was just like a dead person, that is why I was next to her, but I killed her even more. You are doing the same as I did before. Whatever you do will be pain for the other person, I hope you stop this crazy thing here.

SJ goes to the cemetery with flowers. But she stops on the steps and sits as if seh can’t go forward. She sees her ex husband at their daughters gravesite and walks up to him. They don’t speak. SJ kneels and touches the gravesite.

SJ asks him, you didnt’ buy flowers? he says he thought she would bring them. he thinks he should promise her that she will live a good life. SJ says she will. KS tells her to put on some more clothes, it isnt’ spring yet. SJ says thats right, she thought spring came, she thought it was spring.

YD thinks about what SJ told her.

VO – lets sleep together, I made you a room. Lets go before it is too late. Come and you will know why.

Subway girl comes to talk to HM which brings YD out of her thinking stage. The subway girl talks to HM about boxing. She can help him because she started 3 years ago. YD goes up to her and tells her not to get close to Oppa, no boxing, okay eunnie? But the eunnie isn’t stopping, she hits back with a few words of her own. HM tells YD to bring him the coffee beans and subway girl whispers that she is not a match to her, little girl.

Cut to JM and MR talking. JM says she saw MH at the grocery store, he went there. He is dying but he does everything like smile and buy new cars. MR wants to know, huh, he bought a new car? Does he want to drive to hell? (lol, Hwayugi shout out?). JM and MR keep talking about it, JM is so happy she can talk to her about it. she was just suffering. MR says they should be angry, she was tricked by his eyes, why is a conmans eye so serious. If he sells me anything theyn I will buy it. How can his eyes look so real? it look slike he really regreats what he did, I was about to tell him, fighting! MR says she went to his office and she was about to hold his hand and tell him to please take care of my soon-jin. He is a really scary man. How can she not leave that house, something is wrong with her, I don’t understand her.

MR says, huh, strange? I don’t understand you, you are the scariest woman in Korea. “You can’t judge by their look” think about what you did, you are the same type of monster. Are they friends? No, you and me are in different leagues. MR hand up and thinks she almost became friends with that girl, she needs to be careful.
SJ meets with KS at a cafe, possibly. She says not to tell JM, sometimes woman appreciate not knowing the truth. he thinks, so it’s better not to know? SJ says she doesn’t know anymore.

The food comes but SJ isn’t eating. KS tells her to eat, should he give her her spoons also? She starst eating and he wonders when she will come out. he is sorry to Ji-min but he wants SJ to eat and remove her luggage from his place. SJ thinks she can eat because he is such a pitiful person. She will stick with him. She came into his house to just leave dirtily, but she should get the money at least.

KS thinks she is crazy, don’t say those things and just come out. She tells him that he has 20 million dollars. If she takes half then that is 10 million. She will take it and just do nothing. He dies, but seh has to live 30 more years, how can she survive otherwise? I have to get my revenge on him like this.

KS tells her not to do it, it isn’t like her. But she says she won’t be swayed by her feelings, she will focus on her goals. So don’t try to stop her, it won’t work.

KS drops her off at the condo. he gets out of the car and sees her. SJ says she promised her daughter that she will survive, but she will also live well and not just survive. She won’t get hurt by him or anyone. They hold hands in comfort to each other and KS lightly rubs her hair.

MH sees the two of them together, but he doesnt’ stop his car and goes upstairs.

he meets SJ at teh elevator and tells her: Choice and focus, sympathy and jimbae (drum) and your ex. When will I get tired of it? We only have 6 more times to play….someone like me without too much emotion, felt that. You did too much. Can’t you just not hold hands? If needed You should hold his arm (foot?). (this part was confusing)

He turns and says that he was about to feel jealous, what should we do tonight? Sj still looks like she has an inferno of rage inside her. She thinks about the biography.

VO – How did you know my birthday?

MH changed his password to her birthday. Mh opens the door and looks at SJ, but she still looks off. He asks her, lets do it. Lets do what you want to do.

SJ hugs him and says, focus and choice, from now on, I will focus on you. Whenever i see you or don’t see you.

MH says he will be happy if she does that.
Cut to Mh and SJ brushing their teeth together. MH wondres why seh followed him to the restroom. She says she is focusing, they opened up everything so they can open up the restroom as well. He tells her that she should cover the bathroom toilet cover after she poops. She looks at him and then says that man nitpicks everything, he has bad eyes but good ears.

He wipes some toothpaste from her face and SJ feels something by it. then they go and sit to watch TV together. She wants to watch a drama so they turn it on even though he dosnt’ like it. They start to watch Switch and cuddle. Then MH goes to his office and feels some pain. She brings him his medicine on a tray. She says he should take it if it hurts, don’t endure it. then she goes to his medicine cabinet (refrigerator?). She looks over everything inside and thinks back to what her lawyer told her about the trial taking 1.5 months at the least. SJ thinks that she will make him live day by day and put him on the witness stand.

MH goes to the kitchen and wonders what she is doing alone. She says she is making him some tea, he asks if she would like to drink it together? Cut to them both drinking the tea together. She says that she thought he was a pervert when she saw him on their blind date. She really didn’t want it to be him, she wanted to run away when this mountain clothed guy came to her.

He says it isnt’ too late, she can leave him, he will be okay. She doesn’t’ have to endure him because of him. She says she is there for herself. She will be there until the end, not for him, but for herself.

The insawls come over and bring the kids as well. they let themselves into 501. the soninlaw brings a gift for MH that is great for men, he used it a lot when he first got married. SJ thinks they shouldn’t come over without any notice. The sister says, if they never show up without notice then they will never see her. they would just show up at her funeral. MH smiles as he talks to them. But he calls SJ, Soon-jin instead of Yobo, so the wife says he should say Yobo.

MH goes to the library and starts vacuuming. She looks at the fountain pens like she is a serial killer. MH smiles at her and says that this is the first time he had so many people in their house. He comments on how all her family members are just like her, little Soon-jin, old Soon-jin, man soon-jin. She says she will take over the vacuuming, he can just relax.

Cut to MH reading a book about farting (we fart 16 times…). SJ falls asleep at his side. he keeps reading..farting is not something to be ashamed of (he looks at her)..it is just something you can say sorry about…boong boong…it is not the sound, it is the smell. Poopy has those kinds of things inside…

SJ hops up and tells him that she will read his book today, he should just lay down and close his eyes. he takes off his glasses and says she can read him something else, not about farting. SJ grabs a book and starts reading.

Everything shiny is pretty
but when is light created?
Is it when they recieve the energy or when they throw out the energy
when they throw out the energy, everything is shiny
when the sun is shiny then the weight of the sun is smaller
It means, when the sun is shiny, it isn’t that they take more
it is because it gives all that it has.

MH turns over and thinks about this.

Cut to MH filling out the hospice form contract. he signs the contract and talks to the hospice about it. he tells them that he can be there by 4 oclock.

The next morning, MH folds the sheets and has a bag packed.

Sj walks in and MH and SJ tells each other good morning but the can’t say that it is good all the time (I think SJ just said morning). MH tells her that she missed work, she should go to work. She tells him that he should quit her job. He says that he has to go on a work trip. SJ thinks this is a sudden work trip. She looks at the bag and then opens it.
She sees teh receipt for the airport. he is going to Switzerland.


SJ is having a hard time sleeping and MH pats her on the shoulder and wipes her tears away. then he holds her hand and watches her sleep. MH saw that SJ hid something in her pocket. He goes to her jacket while she is asleep and looks in the pocket. he sees the pen and melo music plays. he then goes over to his jacket and pulls out a pen. the pens match.

he goes to his desk and tries to write with it, he can’t write with it. then he thinks back to SJ telling him to save her, if he is busy then he can just sign the petition. He touches his head and starts crying as he holds the pen. he looks at Sj sleeping and keeps crying at his desk.

Then he look at her again with teary eyes.

Fade Out

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