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Kim Min Jae Interview for The Star Magazine Part 1

Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Magazine
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Magazine, image The Star

Kim Min-jae is one of the stars of Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency that just started airing today. He recently participated in an interview with The Star magazine where he talked about the drama, his hiatus, and if he ever competes with his looks.

The last drama I saw Kim Min-jae in was The Great Seducer which was some kind of drama, I don’t even know how to explain it. It was – something. All the actors did their best with the script though, I can say that much about it. I also do remember that I liked his performance in it of a wise cracking rich kid with a not so secret crush on his best friend. I am happy to see him spread his acting wings again in Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency. The first episode was all kinds of cute.

We have part 1 of his interview with The Star translated below. Part 2 is coming up, possibly tomorrow (let’s just say some time soon). Part 3 has not been released yet, but we will keep our eyes on it once it is and have it up to complete the trio!


“Do I compete with the other actors in Flower Crew for our Beauty?”

How was today’s photo shoot?

I like to be in pictorials. That is why I don’t even think taking photos for pictorials is work. I actually take my own pictorials including planning clothing and illustrations, like you. (haha)

How have you been doing?

I have had my own time. Rest for the body and soul. I was reviewing my previous projects and thought about what kind of actor I want to be. I was only working so hard and not looking around.

You are coming back after a one-year hiatus. What is your new drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency about?

It is about matchmakers in the Chosen Dynasty. They match men and women for marriage. Usually, matchmakers are women, but in Flower Crew, three boys made a company and matchmake the King and a slave. You might think “marriage between the King and a slave? Nonsense” but you will see. (laughs)

How were you cast in the JTBC drama Flower Crew?

They contacted me first. The script was really fun. The subject matter was fresh, and moreover, personally, it was more attractive to me because I never played this kind of character before. I thought I would regret it if I missed this opportunity.

Can you briefly introduce your role?

I am the leader of the matchmakers. The founder and CEO of the Flower Crew

JTBC’s drama Flower Crew is a haven of flowery pretty boys. How were you with the other actors?

Everything is fun because we are all in the same age group. We also can talk a lot about acting and each other’s roles. We ask things like “If I do in this scene, I hope you react that way”

I thought there would be a competition abetween you guys for who is prettier because many handsome young actors are acting together.

Well… being competitive based on looks. I don’t do it. Also, we are too busy to compare our look since we have our own roles. (laughs) One takes care of beauty, the other takes care of skills, so we do our best for our own roles.

How are you with Gong Seong-yeon?

We are good since we are around the same age. We also talk a lot about each other’s roles.

Do you suggest your ideas on acting a lot while filming?

Because I am full of ideas, I share them constantly. I always think about the subtext in the script and I also study all the time. Moreover, I am the best person to know the character I play, so I constantly think about why I have to say this line at that moment. I don’t just say anything without thinking.

I think actor is a job who transfers their energy to the audience. Do you have any untold difficulties?

It consumes a lot of emotional energy. So, after putting in all my emotions, I need time to recharge. I do my best on playing each given moment while wishing my energy is transferred to the viewers. (laughs)

(Credit: Original Editor is SEUNG-HEE MOON)
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Magazine
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Magazine, image The Star
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Magazine
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Magazine, image The Star
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