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Kim Min Jae Interview for The Star Magazine Part 2

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Kim Min-jae is one of the stars of Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency that just premiered this week. He recently participated in an interview with The Star magazine where he talked about the drama, his hiatus, and if he ever competes with his looks (Part 1).

In Part 2 of the interview he continues the discussion with more actorly focused questions like how he gets out of character, who he wants to work with, what character he would like to play, and what he would like to do in the fall (if he was not already busy with Flower Crew).

Part 3 will be coming up soon, hopefully in the next week. Until then, enjoy digging into the mind of Kim Min-jae for part 2 of the interview!


“What do you want to do the most this fall?”

Sometimes it is difficult [for actors] to get out of their roles, how about you?

I can’t even get out of my character after the project ends. It is less severe if I start a new project right after or if I have something to focus on, but if I rest, I feel the emptiness more. To not to get in this situation, I should always keep myself busy with the next project. (laughs)

What is the most memorable moment at the filming site?

This is always a difficult question for me. Those moments are always joyful and funny, but I forget about it quickly because I have to act in the next scene. I am always happy when I am with Flower Crew members so there are no particular moments.

Do you have any particular character or genre you want to try as an actor?

Recently, I want to try a serious role. I always want to try noir. Of course, an actor is an occupation who should express themselves based on the genre and roles, but when I play a more serious character, and I really feel the emotions while acting, it is really wonderful and interesting. Bright characters are a little harder for me.

Do you have an actor you really want to work with?

Oh Jung-se seonbae. I actually have a strong relationship with him. I come across him a lot while working, but I never had a chance to practice any dialog with him, so I really want to work with him. Lee Dong-hwei seonbae is another one.

Do you have a role model?

I have a lot of actors I respect and like, but I purposely don’t pick any role models. (laughs)

What is the most memorable work you have done?

The recent movie Wrestler. Because I acted in regular roles in other works, but in this movie, I did a lot of physical action. I think it is because of the emotions I felt in the moments while I was learning an unfamiliar sport like wresting and the memory of running and sweating while acting. All these make it more memorable for me.

I saw a nick name Real.be in your Instagram, what does it mean?

When I tried to become a musician, I thought I needed a nickname. So, I was thinking about what I say the most and I realized I say “really?” a lot. Real? or Real Be? It sounded good to me in English. So, I added a meaning. “I will do honest music”, “This is what I really like”. Now music is just a hobby for me, and I use my nickname only as my Instagram ID. (laughs)

You are interested in music a lot. What is your favorite music genre?

I don’t have any particular music genre I prefer. It depends on how I feel on that day. It constantly changes dependent on the situation, like when I feel happy, or if I’m having a difficult time, or taking a shower, or in the car. (laughs)

It is almost Fall. What is one thing you want to do the most?

I think I will have [to follow] a schedule in the Fall, but I have a future wish. I want to take a long motorcycle trip. A cross country trip. I want to go to Busan and Jeju island.

Editor SEUNG-HEE MOON / Photo EUN-BOK LEE / Date 2019-09-16
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Part 2
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Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Part 2
Kim Min-jae Interview with The Star Part 2


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