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Kill It Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

I don’t know what to say about Kill It, it does not make much sense (to me) but I still love it. I don’t know if it is the way the actors are playing this off straight even though the situations they are in are so comical, yet it does not look like they are meant to be comical at all, so it is accidentally comical but it is also serious business? I am just confused. But I love it. Emergency cat CPR, anyone?

We are all caught up on Kill It! So we will start on episode 5 live recap right now!

Caution: Be wary of typos!

Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN




We open back on the building but we are inside before the shot on the roof. The annoying cop starts to walk around one of the rooms where a ton of thugs are laying around after having been beaten up by Soohyun. He doesn’t see Sohyun though and Soohyun manages to hide. But then Soohyun drops and hangs in front of him like he is hanging from the monkey bars and karate chops the annoying cop. He passes out.

Cut to the roof where Hyunjin is in a stand off with Karimov. They talk about whose hand will be faster. She says it will be hers, but it isn’t hers as Karimove pulls his gun out quickly. Soohyun ballet hops in and spins Hyunjin out of the way then shoots Karimov, it hits his gun. Karimov then runs away.

Soohyun starts to give chase but Hyunjin tells him to show his face unless he wants to be misunderstood. But he does not and takes off over the side of the building in pursuit of Karimov. Hyunjin tells her police person to find that masked man along with the others.

On the street, the foot chase is live as SOohyun chases after Karimov. Karimov manages to steal a van while it is being driven(?). Soohyun hops in as well and is able to throw Karimov from the van or maybe Karimov jumps. Soohyun stears the van narrowly away from pedestrians and crashes it into s neighborhood shop, then he hops out and walks away.

In the police department, the chief congratulates Hyunjin for a good job and asks who knocked that police guy out? Catch him so we can find out. He leaves. The sidekick then gives Soohyun something to eat and then shows him the CCTV footage where the van avoided the pedestrians. Soohyun is surprised that they avoided the innocent people. So one guy jumped out of the car and the other one avoided those people. So he is not the mafia? Is he a hero type guy?

They ask the annoying cop if he saw the mans face. The annoying cop is in a full on neck brace that might cover a part of his shoulders and chest as well. He is a bit embarrassed that he passed out at the scene of the crime and says he does not know what they want, he is the one that got knocked out! He is angry about it all so he gets up and leaves with his typical attitude.

Meanwhile, Soohyun has arrived back home and taken a shower and is in the middle of enjoying an almond milk when Phillip calls. Phillip is playing a V/R game that looks like it might be super scary and filled with zombies or something. he puts it away and answers his phone. On the other end is a raspy voice that asks where his friend is that killed the boss and ran away.

Phillip starts to grab some paperwork and tries to play off that he does not know that guy, I am on your side. I don’t know his address. But the thugs on the line says that they will make him remember. Soohyun then calls Philip to find out how Karimov snuck into this situation. Philip says that he does not know all this stuff, he is not in the mafia. Soohyun tells him to find the name first and give it to him.

But Philip is in a hurry to get out of there because the Mafia is a the door so he has to try and pack and leave. But the Mafia breaks the door and holds Philip up against the wall easily as they call their boss. They call their boss and put it to Philips ear after dropping him back to the floor again.



Elsewhere, Soohyun waits in his animal clinic when he sees a Siberian Husky(?) at the window. Seulki brought it. She happily comes in with the dog. Soohyun asks if she can kick out the person on the 4th floor, he can pay for the money. Seulki asks what happened. He says that he does not feel good about her. She asks why he doesn’t rent that room then, it would be good for me and good for you. He tells her to go upstairs. She is all like, you always tell me to go upstairs.

In the police office, Hyunjin and sidekick are both working on this mysterious man. He is on the street calling her about it but hasn’t been able to find out anything about him or any wherabaouts. It looks like they are looking for information about Karimov and how he snuck into Korea from Russia. They get off the phone and Hyunjin wonders about Karimove and also about the other guy that saved her (Soohyun).

Cut to the private plant wall restaurant room that all dramas use nowadays. Jaehwan (Hyunjin’s father) meets with a couple of men who look wealthy and in places of power. One of them is a senator. They talk about some sketchy business practices and laugh and then talk about how it was strange that that one guy died. perhaps there is another murderer. Why would a drug addict hike so far into the mountains? It’s suspicious.

Jaehwan asks him if he trusts rumors more than the government? The senator says it was just a joke but he asks if there is anything he does not know? (This senator might be new to the game). The other two look like they are super bad though. Jaehwan says that if there was something for him to know then the police will prove it.

Later that night, Hyunjin brings home a birthday cake and asks Soohun if he wants to eat it together. so they sit at a small table in his vet clinic and start to light a candle on this yummy looking white cake with large sliced strawberries all over it. She says this is for her childhood friend that she lost contact with, she hopes he is doing well.

She says a prayer or a wish about her friend as Soohyun watches her. Then they start to eat. She asks him if he has a friend like that. Any friend you can remember? He does not say anything. So she says that she thinks he does not.

But he says that he has one. She is impressed, wow, what friend. He says that he has a friend who was good at folding airplanes. She says that is cool, a friend who can fold airplanes well. i liked paper airplanes when I was young. 

He asks if he can go back to work now,she says of course and then turns her head to the sound of the rain. She mutters that the last time she saw her friend, it was raining. This catches his attention, he turns and looks at her.

But we cut to him lighting a fire in a trashcan as he burns evidence. Then he unfolds a paper airplane that says “88 Happy Birthday Lee Young-eun.” written in green crayon. He thinks back to Hyunjoo saying that she liked paper airplanes when she was young.

Cut to Hyunjin sitting in her very nice looking apartment (she cleaned up well) and looking out the window. She thinks back to a memory when she tried to see her best friend in the orphanage after she was adopted into that rich family with the mentally disturned woman. She wanted to see her best friend but the woman told her that her hyunjin does not have any friends. She pulled her away.

In the present, we see Soohyun looking at the rain as well and he is sent into a memory of a rainy day where he is running from a car. He actually gets hit by the car, y’all. The man driving it gets out and looks at little passed out Soohyun who has a bloody forehead now.



The next day, Seulki tells Soohyun that the 4th floor eunnie looks injured, you should look after her and not only animals. But he just tells her that he will buy her something to eat. This is all seulki needs to hear as seh happily goes out with him. But right outside the building they see the restaurant ajumma running frantically and then falling. They run to her. The ajumma tells them that her daughter had to be hospitalized.

Seulki tells Soohyun to take her to the hospital because she has to go to school. So they go to the hospital and find out that this girl is one of the girls involved in the trafficking ring. Hyunjin shows up and says the women could not escape due to drugs. Umma cries over her daughter who is recovering. Soohyun looks at Hyunjin who is looking at the mother and her daughter.

Hyunjin and Soohyun leaves, Hyunjin is comforted that the girl at least has her mother. Mothers are the strongest against cases like this. They are not afraid of anything when it comes to their children. Sometimes I want to see my mom even though I don’t understand her. What do you think? You never say anything so I think you become a mermaid over night.

He starts talking so they talk about her and her treatment and how she might have a scar. Soohyun thinks about what Seulki said about how he should care about injured people also. Soohyun says he was asking about her. it might not hurt, but you could have a scar. You can take the cat. He walks off.

Cut to the father who is in someones office. it might be his office because it has his awards all around. He is being interviewed where the interviewer says that the father did a lot for woman looking to get pregnant and women’s clinics and all those things. She says that he had ethics trouble with test tube babies where he stopped the study, can you say something about this? he says that rumors and truths should be separated. His company got in trouble with these nonsense rumors. But the truth will be revealed.

the rumors started from one of their researchers unfortunate circumstances. We have only one thing, we respect life. The interviewer says that is good and then mentions that she heard his daughter is a police woman, don’t you worry about her? He says of course, all parents worry, but he respects her own opinion. The interviewer thanks him for his interview.

Int he building, Seulki shows Soohyun a CCTV recording of a person that looks suspicious. She asks if it is 4th floor eunnies mom cleaning the room? She thinks so. Soohyun asks if she is sure? Seulki says that she is the eunnie that protects her tenants safety. She says that she saw two moms, the restaurant ajumma and the 4th floor eunnies. Who did you think my mom was like? Have you thought about it?

He says not really, so she says that he wouldn’t, he is a man in his thirties that reads borning magazines.



Back at the fathers office. One of the bad guys from dinner (not the senator) comes to talk to him. They talk about evidence that they need. Flashback to a researcher from the company that Jaehwan is talking to. The researcher says he wants to be careful about these things. More careful. Kids born with his research are important to him. You know what Joo Youngeun did to these kids. Jaehwan asks if he can just wait for him to solve it? This can collapse the company. But th eresearcher says he will choose the kids life over the companies life, he does not ask for his understanding, he just wants him to respect it.

He moves to leave, but Jaehwan tells him that he cannot take his research documents out of the lab. There is no personal data. I respect you and your should respect the company laws. The researcher takes all his notes out of his bag to leave them. But Jawhean does not want him to leave. He asks him one more time to stay, he needs him, the reseracher can do his own work and Jaehwan will do his work. But the researcher leaves.

The researcher goes home and finds his wife and kid dead??? Then someone comes in and hits the researcher over the head with a metal pipe. The researcher wakes up in a burning house though he is able to escape. He hides from the cops and calls his friend JaeHwan (good Lord, whyyyyyy). He tells his friend that he does not know what is going on, but he is the only one he can trust.

JaeHwan tells him to go to the vacation home. They hang up and JaeHwan yells at his person sitting next to him, WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE AND CALLING ME! The man says that he is sorry, they will finish this up. I did my part, now you do your part.

In the present, Jaehwan and the other bad guy mention that the researcher might be moving on his revenge to them. Perhaps he has been preparing all this time? The bad guy shows a few pictures of the forgerized data that made the researcher the arsonist that killed his own family. There are fires in some of the murders recently that involved the people from the company or involved in the company in some way. If their guess is right, then they might be in danger.

JawHwan says no, they are not in danger, Ko Hyunwoo (the researcher) will be the one in danger.

Scene change to Hyunjin talking to the trafficking thugs about going to jail for a long long time in Russia. But if they say how they snuck into Korea, then their sentence can be lowered. The thugs speak in Russian to each other and sit back. 

Hyunjin tells them that they wife should be healthy and he should wonder if she had a daughter or a son. She also mentioned another ten year old that might be one of the others family members. She smiles and walks out.

In the veterinary clinic, Hyunjin’s mother shows up to speak to Soohyun about her daughter. She asks him if he knows about her daughters job? She then slides an envelop across and asks if he can tell her when her daughter comes in and out and who she meets? I will pay you every week. He looks at her without emotion but says okay, he will call her when she needs to know.

The mother says that he might not have understood her. He says he does. She then asks if he can not tell her daughter that she came there? He says that won’t happen and then gives the money back (though I think he accepted the job). She looks at him and asks if they have seen each other before? He says he does not remember.

So she leaves and runs into Seulki who is on her way inside. Seulki is so excited and asks Soohyun if she watches morning dramas. He tells her to go upstairs. She asks why he did not take the money! 

Cut to poor Philip who is still being tortured in his apartment. He says there have been so many days, I already told you that I don’t know where he is. If he knows then he will kill me, I don’t contact him anymore. The Russians open one of his bags and sees the bank note with all the money with Kim Soohyun and Philips names on it. They start to torture him again and are about to ax off his hand. Philip relents and gives Soohyun’s address.



In the apartment building, Soo-hyun sees all the diet food that her mother left in the fridge. She calls her mother and tells her that she does not have to do it. The mother asks her the name of the animal doctor.

Cut to Soohyun going to the clinic. She says she will take the cat next time and just needs to tell him something this time. She knows that her mother stopped by. He walks off and then brings back something to treat her tiny injury on her cheek. 

They share a moment.

Then they start to talk about rough hands and then her mother and how she saw him. Hyunjin knows that her mother asked him to tell her when she goes to work, comes home, and who visits her. She apologizes to him for everything. She is just sorry about that. 

Soohyun looks over her shoulder to the window and sees Karimov looking at them, then he walks away. Hyunjin starts to turn around but Soohyun stops her and finishes dressing her wound

Cut to the researcher! he is still alive! He survived the fire and whatever happened at the clinic and is involved with the rich mans secretary doctor person. it looks like she is a good person after all. They are both on a boat. The researcher gets dressed in a suit and throws two white flowers into the ocean for his family members.

In the city, Seulki and Hyunjin play a tiny arcade game outside. She thanks Seulki for cleaning up the boxes. She says it is not for her, she just does not like a messy building. But then Hyunjin sees that Seulki injured her forehead, she askes her when that happened. Seulki says it happened when she was small, she injured her head.

Hyunjin says she will take her to school, but actually Seulki is already at school. So she walks off and hyunjin goes to her car. In the car she thinks about that little kid from years ago. then she drives off. Soohyun is waiting on his motorcycle and follows her.

In the school, Seulki makes suer her bangs cover her scar while sitting on the athletic field. In the background, we see Karimov walking up.

Cut to Soohyun on the motorcycle, he gets a text message of a picture of Seulki sitting on the school field.

Elsewhere, Hyunjin almost taps a person that is walking by, with her car. She gets out and asks if he is okay, he says he is okay, smiles, and walks off. 

At the same time, Soohyun gets to Seulki’s school and goes to the bench the picture was taken at. But she is not there, she surprises him from behind and asks if he is there to walk her home! She is so happy about it. He pretends like it is no big deal.



At home, he gives her a pink whistle. She asks if he will come to save her if she whistles it? She also mentions that she likes cobalt blue, are there any others colors. He tells her to stay home today and then goes to his computer to look up the CCTV footage.

Karimov is outside somewhere.

Then the whistle goes off. Soohyun runs upstairs to find Seulki in no danger at all as she tries to do a handstand off the bed. She says she couldn’t get back up. He leaves but she blows the whistle again so he runs up again, but she just wants to eat with him. He tells her that he knows she does not know what is going on and shouldn’t play around. He leaves.

She blows the whistle again and is happy when she hears the door click. But this time it is Karimov. He tries to grab her, Soohyun comes in right in the knick of time to fight him off as Seulki hides and thinks back to hiding when she was little.

The fight continues Jason Bourne style as the two men are in hand to hand combat and try to stab each other. Soohyun also puts a GPS tracker on Karimov before Karimov runs away. He then checks with Seulki to see if she is okay. She remembers him doing the same thing when seh was little.

he takes her to the hospital where she gets some rest and a bandage for her head. When she wakes up, she tells him that this reminded her of the past, she was scared. Then she goes back to sleep. Soohyun checks his GPS and sees where Karmov is in the city.

Meanwhile, that night Hyunjin drives with the Russians to find out their trafficking locations and also tells him that the kids they sold have parents and people that love them. Of course these bad guys don’t care (or maybe this guy cares, not sure).

All the police get to the harbor where all the dirty dastardly deeds take place. Soohyun also shows up. The police walk around in stealth mode as they follow the Russian around the harbor. The Russian leads them to the container with all the people. But the container is empty.

On a boat, Soohyun starts taking out thugs.

The police are upset at this thug for lying, but Hyunjin thinks he did not lie, Karimov’s plan probably changed. They start to head out, but Hyunjin tells them not to move. She hears something. So she turns and heads to container 04 and opens the door. All the women are in this container.

On the boat, Soohyun gets to the location where Philip is being held. He is all tied up outside. Karimov is also on the boat and tells someone on the phone that the situation is not great right now, they need to leave in the morning.

Soohyun hops to his location on the boat and pulls a gun on him. He shoots and hits Karimov right in the hand. Karimov falls to the ground and clutches his hand in pain. Soohyun tells him that he shouldn’t have messed with him. Karimov tells Soohyun that he knows something about his past! I know how you met Pavel for the first time.

Then a man tries to tie a rope around Soohyun from behind, but SOohyun stabs that guy and continues slowly walking toward Karimov. Karimov tells him to wait, don’t kill me. I can help you, I can give you his name and where he lives and everything. Please don’t kill me.

But he kills him. Or at least blood splatters everywhere. Bye Karimov?

Fade Out

Kill It Korean drama recap
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN




Soohyun approaches karimov who pleads and begs Soohyun to not kill him, he will tell him everything he wants to know. But Soohyun shoots Karimov in the head, he is dead-dead. Philip hears this and is able to break free from his bindings. On his way out, he sees super dead-dead Karimov and hesitantly runs past him.

Soohyun drives off on his motorcycle.

Meanwhile, it is pretty peaceful back at the apartment complex as Seulki sits at home thinking with her hedgehog playing next to her. Her arm is all bandaged and she is contemplative and possibly still a bit shook by what happened. She goes to her bookshelf and looks at a photo of her parents and then thinks back to the night she saw a man dead in the living room.

Another man walked up on her as she looked at them with hiccup-tears and twirls her around to not look at him.

In another flashback, possibly an internal flashback, Pavel has killed the target which was perhaps the grandfather. Soohyun asks him if the kid was the target? It wasn’t right? Pavel just walks away. Then we cut to the house where we see that Pavel killed the father? He made it look like the father killed himself. it also looks like this  might be a reporter? Possible THE reporter.

The girl is looking at all of this as she hides, but of course Pavel sees her. He is about to kill her too, but Soohyun stops him and says that she is too young. They hand fight for a moment as Pavel tries to get past Soohyun but Soohyun does not let him pass. They mention how she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soohyun says he will take care of it.

He goes up to the girl and kneels in front of her with his knife. She thinks she might die so she closes her eyes. She also already has the cut on her forehead. But then we see that the forehead wound is fixed. Did Soohyun do that? Possibly…

In the present, It looks like Seulki knows that Soohyun is the one that killed her grandfather. She says that she is sorry, but if she accepts it then she will be alone again. So she keeps telling her grandfather that she is sorry.

Elsewhere, Soohyun finally gets to his assassin lair and thinks about little Seulki as well as all the people he has killed. Someone voices over that they see different people and look at them in the same way. Or they see different things and look at them in the same way? Like he looks at animals the same way she looks at people and they have the same pity towards them. Then he hears Pavels voice over who says that he should like like the people in the picture, not like him.

Soohyun looks around at all his assassin stuff for a moment and then pets his wolflike dog. He asks him if he can forgive him (his dogs name might be Grey).


Seulki looks through the window at the veterinary clinic when Hyunjin comes out to do something and sees her. She wonders why Seulki isn’t going inside, did they fight? She keeps walking and then sees Soohyun around the corner at recycling. She asks him why Seulki is injured. But Soohyun does not answer. Hyunjin keeps talking about a cat that crawls everywhere so she can’t put anything on the top of the recycling. 

Soohyun mentions that cats are careful so she says that reminds her of someone. She also mentions that the restaurant owner is going to the country side, would you like to see her?



Cut to Hyunjin and Soohyun talking to the restaurant lady. Her husban is not suspected as the killer anymore so he is free, but they can’t do anything about his drug problem. They also mention the black box and ask why she erased it. Is it about your daughter? The woman doesn’t really answer and asks if they found the murderer. Hyunjin says that when they find the murderer, they will also find out why she erased the blackbox.

The woman says that she hopes they find the murderer and thanks Soohyun for using her restaurant. Then she leaves. Hyunjin gets a call at that moment from her sidekick guy who tells her that they found K at a ship in the harbor. She immediately says that she will be there right away. She tells Soohyun that she has an emergency and hurries off.

At the harbor, her sidekick says that they found 3 people, she has to see it. She goes on the boat and sees Karimov still in the same spot with the bullet wound in his head. Several officers are around as well as CSI people. The autopsy butcher guy shows up to, super excited, and says that it is so rare to see a gun shot wound in Korea! He is so excited to see a head shot and is amazed at the blood splatters. 

Hyunjin tells him to watch his mouth a little bit, will you? But the butcher guy is way to excited to calm himself. he gets to work assessing the scene before the Russian thugs have a chance to take the body away.

Cut to Seulki looking out over something. Hyunjin calls her, she accepts it but then Soohyun comes up to her and asks her what she is doing. The phone is still on.

Soohyun asks her what she is doing, she says she is dizzy. He asks her if she is skipping class? She says she is on a diet (maybe it is lunch time?). He asks if she wants to tell him something? She says that she wants to get plastic surgery for the wound on her forehead, she wants to remove it as if nothing happened. She wants to start over with her life. He tells her okay, you should do it.

Hyunjin hangs up the phone and wonders about the scar on Seulki’s forehead, as if nothing happened….what does it mean? She thinks about Soohyun telling her to not get involved with Seulki, just forget about her. This triggers something in Hyunjin, so she runs off to call someone.

The man says that he did not want to take her phone call, but he should not avoid a customer. She asks about the witness, he says that he can’t find anything and does not know how they launder their identity. It is like they disappeared from the world. Hyunjin wants any little clue. She starts to think about that thug that tried to snatch Seulki. She asks the man to find out everything about Seulki, all her relatives and everything.

Meanwhile, Soohyun is looking up the orphanage that his new picture shows. The name of the orphanage is actually on this photo. But then he hears something and heads out to see his friend Philip, he puts his finger to his neck and asks him who he is. Philip says it is his friend, Philip! Then he tells him about all the scary things that happened in the last 24 hours.

Soohyun asks him about the mafia and why they found him and if he snuck out? Philip says that is  not important, he almost got killed running away and I couldn’t eat or sleep or wash, waaaaaah. he sobs a bit, Soohyun sighs.

Cut to Philip enjoying a lovely rose petal bath in a glorious bachelorpaddy bathroom. It must be Soohyun’s bathroom. Philip enjoys it, but he also thinks back to turning in Soohyun’s address and wondering if Soohyun suspects him. He thinks he probably does not.

Outside, Jaehwan (Hyunjin’s father) is driving up to the pharmaceutical building but ha to cut through a lot of protesters throwing eggs at the car. he thinks about the senator telling him that he should be elected so Jaehwan does not have to suffer anymore. In their conversation, the senator and Jaehwan talk about all the underhanded things they can do when the senator is elected. But the sentor also says that Jaehwan never makes himself dirty.

Jaehwan tells him to cut to the chase and be direct, he does not like poeple who are not direct. the politician tells him that he helped him a lot for his company ever since Han Sol orphanage, but I am not an external executive for your company. jaewhan says, when the orphanage closed, not only senators but police and prosecturs all took care of it. Your trial – our lawyers defended it. 

The senator says yes, that is what I was wondering, but why do you do this much for the owner of the orphanage. I thought about it and now I know something. Number 88, where was that kid sent? jaehwan grows even more serious and tells him that it seems like he has another purpose. The politician says it is nothing, he just wants to share what he enjoys. Jaehwan says okay, he will think about it. The politician is happy to hear it and tells Jaehwan that they should toast. Then asks if Go Hyunwoo is really alive? Jaehwan tells him that he says a lot and he worries a lot.



Back in the lair, Philip gets out of the bath and talks to Soohyun. Soohyun asks him when he will leave. Philip is relaxed and says that they are friends the asks if he found the orphanage. Soohyun says that Karimov found him. Philip asks if he suspects him? I still have bruises on my skin, you know how bad it is. I kept your secret, I shouldn’t’ have come here. When you were 11, I was always on your side. I tried to save your memory, you know since you were abandoned. I protected you with all my might. I told you about your picture. I was always on your side.

Soohyun stands and says that he will introduce him to Seulki, we can eat together. Don’t say anything stupid to her.

Cut to the three of them eating together. Seulki asks Soohyun to give her all the sides (because her arm is broken) so Soohyun does. Philip says that he did not expect this from Soohyun, should I break my arm too? By the way, how come you can’t eat when you broke your left arm? She says that she is left handed. Philip does something anoying (like he caws like a rooster or something) so Soohyun tells him to go back upstairs. So Philip takes his food and does it.

Elsewhere, someone is either burying a box or digging it up. Oh, maybe one group of guys was burying it years ago and now a single guy is digging it up. I dont’ know who this guy is though. He opens the case and it looks like he expected to see a body, but it is only a mannequin inside.

At the same time, someone sends a text of an image of the researcher on the boat to the senator guy. He is all like, what in the world?!

We also cut to Jaehwan beating the s**t out of someone for not killing the researcher. Several men stand around him as he does it. The man pleads with him to be saved. The fabulous woman assistant/doctor/nurse tells Jaehwan that she will take care of it. Then the man is dragged out my the men.

In the police station, the annoying cop asks Hyunjin if she is really still investigating the case? He is angry about that. Hyunjin basically ignores him and tells him that he should be a righteous policeman at least once before he retires. He asks if he is just a bad cop and she is a good cop! The sidekick tries to be playful with him so he can leave. But the bad cop is just annoyed and annoying. he yells at everyone about everything and leaves.

Once he leaves, the team gets back to work about the new prosecutor for their case. The boss tells her to be careful because this prosecutor is famous for his craziness. She heads out to see him and walks into his office where he is talking and talking excitedly behind his computer…left side! Right side! Left! Left! Nice!…she walks up slowly and cannot see his face yet.

But then we see his face, it is the guy she saw from earlier. It looks like he is playing a video game online? She tells him she will be back but he says that he just needs one more moment! he finishes up the game quickly and tells her to have a seat. he heard that the victims were rescued because of her and thanks her for it. Then he says that he cannot put Kim Jongshik in jail because they do not have enough evidence (didn’t they already settle on this?). Hyun jin agrees.

But the new prosecutor says that he should go to jail due to his drug problem. Hyunjin says that she knows this too. He smiles and asks her to eat dinner with him. She says she is busy. He asks to watch a movie on the weekend. She says that she already saw it. He mentions that he did not tell her the title yet. She says whatever movie it is, she already saw it. he thinks she will regret it. But she just smiles and asks if he has anything for her?

He says that he has the mafia stuff….but you already know. She does not answer.



Cut to the mafia people on the Korean side. The secretary is looking at the failed assassin who is all beat up and hanging upside down. He asks if he can make a phone call. She says that no mistakes are allowed, just leave and never come back.

Scene change to Hyunjin translating Russian to Korean (she was a ballet dancer in Russia). She works all night at this among other things case related ad is woken up in the morning by her sidekick who talks about the movie Leon (called The Professional in the US with little Natalie Portman). He says all that he remembers about the movie. Hyun jin then shows him a drawing of the potential killer, but the drawing is really only of the eyes. His face is otherwise covered by a hat and facemask.

Hyunjin goes back to the neighborhood and talks to a Halmae who is selling vegetibles outside on the street. She buys some vegetebles and tells her not to work too late, go home early if you can. Soohyun watches her do this. Hyunjin leaves to grab something to drink for the woman and Soohyun, during this period, the woman gives Soohyun something to eat as well (one of her vegetables). Hyunjin coems back with the drinks and is given her vegetebles. The Halmae tells Soohyun to help his girlfriend, don’t just look at her. Then hands him something to carry and they both walk away.

They walk up their normal walkway that passes the creek where they talk about her cat and how he is doing. She says that he still breaks her dishes.

They get back to Soohyun’s clinic where they find out that the hedgehog disappeared because Seulki and Philip are arguing about it as they look for him. They notice Soohyun and Hyunjin coming in and then talk to them about the hedgehog and also how Philip wants Seulki to invest in something stupid. 

Then they find the hedgehog (so cute!). They put it back inside it’s little house and enjoy the moment. Soohyun looks like he might be enjoying it as well, though that is a big might because he doesn’t really smile. 

Hyunjin and Seulki ride the elevator up where Hyunjin asks her about her arm. Seulki tell sher they don’t know each other that well. Then they both go to Hyunjin’s place because Hyunjin invited her to see her cat. While there, Hyunjin thinks about SOohyun. So Seulki asks her what she is thinking about. Hyunjin says that she is thinking about the cat. Seulki is all like, yeah right. The jokes with her about being her landlord and then she makes herself comfortable on the couch and actually falls asleep.



While sleeping, Hyunjin tries to look at Seulki’s forehead scar, but is not able to. Instaed, she goes to the window and hums a tune. Soohyun might actually hear her humming from his place as he looks out the window. Or maybe he is just looking out the window, not sure. She keeps humming and he keeps staring at something. The cat also enjoys it and perks his head up.

But then Philip gives Soohyun the next target, the senator. 


Soohyun starts to stake out the senator. Then we see him in his business man attire as he enters a fancy looking hotel or conference building that the senator is at. But he actually passes Do Jaehwan (Hyunjin’s father) who might recognize him. Even though Soohyun is in disguise, Jaehwan looks at him twice as if he knows him.

In another room, the senator’s daughter talks to him about something cute and then asks the vet to look at her cat as well. The vet is Soohyun. Soohyun goes inside and sits as the daughter tells him that it is pretty quiet there because everyone is doing something for the election. Soohyun asks if he can use the restroom. 

he heads to the bathroom where a tiny cat greets him in the hallway. So Soohyun picks up the cat and carries it with him upstairs. He goes to the office and starts to look around quietly as he sets the cat on the desk. He places a recording device or maybe a bomb under the desk and then uses another instrment to  rack the safe. Inside he gets out an old looking notebook that has losts of information on kids, possibly orphans?

He frantically starts to flip through these photos until he gets to an image of a boy that was crossed out. however, he is stopped by the daughter but is able to make it seem like he is not snooping around and just looking for the cat.

Elsewhere, Hyunjin brings in food for her autopsy doctor, The Butcher, as he works diligently in his lab. He uncovers Karimov and starts to explain his wounds to her. For instance, the details of the gun wound (he ponders how they snuck the gun in) and then his hand wound. He thinks that hitting the hand first is to bragging about his abilities. Then there is a cut wound that he explains, but Hyunjin wants him to cut to the chase.

So, the doctor says that the head shot is the kill wound and it was right in the middle on the forehead. So, he hit the hand first and then the head. Perhaps he had a grudge against him? Hyunjin asks why he called her, the Butcher asks her if she remembers the second victim, Kim Jonggu, from the notebook?



She hurries back to her desk and starts looking up the second victim on the computer. The wounds look similar. The Butcher told her that they could not find the sharp weapon that the killer used to stab Kim Jonggu. But it is funny, the person who killed the Russian mafia case became the suspect for the Kim Jonghu case. Hunjin thinks about this and starts to place new images on her wall in order to figure it all out. She stares at it and then motions like she is throwing a dart into the board as she tries to figure it out.

But then the prosecutor shows up behind her, making her hop. She asks how long he was here. He smiles and says every since she did the dart thing (haha). He asks her if she would like to eat, but she reminded him that she said no before. But he is not swayed and says that she is looking for common ground between cases….I know who that person is….Seooooo~. Then he walks off. She quickly says that they should eat together.

Cut to a very nice eatery at a BBQ place. He is into cooking at the table fire, but she just wants him to tell her what’s up. But he wants to chat and asks why she went to a police school when she is a chaebol and a ballet dance major? She asks if that disqualifies her from the police? He smiles and says that is not the case. She mentions that he is a gamer and then asks what the common ground is. He playfully pours her a drink and says that if you drink this then we are datinnnnnng….if you drink this then I will tell you.

She says that their appointment was not about drinking, right? The prosecutor asks about her father, what kind of person is he? Hyunjin tells him, when he is done doing research about her then he should be done with her father also. But he just wonders what kind of person he is to her. Then he waits as she thinks about it.

HJ – I respect him and am thankful

P – So he is your father but you don’t love him?

HJ – Maybe you were lying, there is no common ground, right?

P – The person should be Seo Wonsuk, but maybe you already guessed it? Now do we have a reason to drink together?

HJ – Are you good at drinking?

Later on we see that he was not as he is passed out in the car and she still looks sober. She tanks their driver for taking them home and then wakes up the prosecutor to go home. He gets up and says that it is part of his manners to not send a woman home after drinking together. She asks if he can just make it a coworker and not a female. Throw away your manner dictionary. He asks if she would like to have ice cream together? The answer is no. He says that they are on the same team, so lets work well together.

She asks why he is so into this case. He says that he will move onto a new game after he cracks the current game. But….the Kim Jonggu case is an unsolved case and I did not get to the end stage yet (did not crack it yet). 

he extends his hand and says, if this answers your question then lets work well together. She shakes.

Soohyun watches them from the window andn then walks to his couch. Philip is still living with him so he brings some Korean pancakes (Kimchi jun) to eat at the coffee table and chats like he normally does. Right now he asks if he can add his office to a corner of Soohyun’s place, but Soohyun looks like he is not listening. Philip asks if he should give his food to the pretty neighbor? Just eat it, you want to eat it after smelling it, right?

Soohyun leaves.




The next day at work, Hyunjin’s sidekick starts to talk to her about a photo. It looks important as the serious music kicks in. He says that the suspect for Karimov’s case and another case look like they have the same physical appearance. All the measurements look the same. Hyunjin stairs at him, stunned, and then thinks back to what the autopsy doctor said about the Russian mafia killer and the Kim Junggu killer being the same suspect. 

Then the sidekick asks what that is? he points to an envelop that says that it is for the meat. Hyun jin avoids the question and opens the envelop which looks like it is critical info for the case she is working on.

Back in his lair, Philip talks to Soohyun about his paper airplane that he has not seen in awhile and asks him if he remembers anything about 88? Then he asks if he set the D-Day for the next target. Soohyun says that he will take care of it. Soohyun asks about the Hansol orphanage so Philip says that it is interesting. He searched all about it, but the name is blocked. He worked on it some more and found an article. he hands the article to Soohyun which says that “there was a skull found near Han Sol prphanage.” 

Soohyun asks where the skull was found. Philip says that he sent him the address already, so Soohyun hurries out on his motorcycle. While driving, we see the flashback from his childhood when he was running from the car in the rain.

Soohyun gets to the location and starts to walk to the resticted area that is closed with a gate. The gate is the entrance to the orphanage. Epic music plays as he looks at the gate for a long minute, then he walks in.

Meanwhile, Hyunjin also drives to a spot that looks like it is in the vacinity of the orphanage as well. It might be the same gate as she hops through a gate, but we don’t see if it is actually the orphanage gates.

Hyun jin goes inside and starts to look at something in a hallway. Soohyun starts to walk down a corridoor and peaks around to looks at hyunjin. She shines her light in his direction, but he hides to avoid it. Then she starts to walk to the area he is hiding in.

She gets to it and looks up the corridor.

Fade Out



Ooh! I am super intrigued! What secret await us at this orphanage, y’all. I think they will let us know at least a tiny flashback of a clue. Heck, they might divulge a lot to us considering this show is only 12 episodes. I’m looking forward to episode 5. We will start on that one right away!

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  1. WPB
    April 23, 2019 / 12:58 pm

    I only finished watching ep 3. I am also not thrilled about the forced added comic characters in this show. The annoying cop for one. He got to my nerve the first time he showed up (I think it was the briefing at the police station). Though I haven’t watched ep 4, but I can tell the autopsy butcher guy would be another annoying character, who will keep showing up in the show. I have seen the same issue in other Korean drama before. A little comic moments are welcome but sometimes they over do it.

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