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Kill It: Episode 9 Live Recap

Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

We are catching up on Kill It all day today. First up is episode 9! The more we watch of this show, the more we don’t understand, lol.

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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in!

Recap Countdown: this is a quickcap!




Everyone is digging in the woods and find something buried about one foot in. They open it and find a perfectly preserved face of someone. Hyunjin looks at the prosecutor and asks if they can get the full warrant now?

Caption: they found a dead body without a warrant so now they can get the warrant to investigate the dead body.

Jungwoo (the prosecutor) says that they have to make sure that they interview the Han Sol orphanage people. Hyunjin tells him to call the national forensics (like CSI). 

At the hotel, Soohyun tells the mystery woman that she does not have thta much time, tell me about Jaehwan and me.

Woman – To be exact, he is your biological father because he made you but he did not raise you.

SH – Why did they kill kids with numbers?

Woman – The video footage you sent me has the answer. If you want to know then find that place.

SH – That is not the answer I wanted

Woman – If you want to know about the death of the numbered kids, then you need to find out why they were born in the beginning.

Soohyun checks his phone and sees a text of the doctor.

Woman – He is the th target. It is your choice between the target and the people that you have to protect

SH – you will die first

Woman – No, if you thought so then you would have killed me and Jaehwan already. you dont’ want to kill, you want to know. Leave unless you want to say hi to your father.

Soohyun looks annoyed, but leaves quietly and calmly.

Jaehwan comes in and sits almost as soon as Soohyun walks away. He notices nothing. He sits with the secretary and thinks back to a meeting with the secretary woman.

VO – Go hyunwoo (scientist) who disappeared 19 years ago sent us that kind of picture, you should have a lot of questions about it.

Woman – I was waiting until you told me first.

in the present, Jaehwan tells the secretary that she has worked for him for 19 years, that is a long time. The best thing about you is that you don’t show emotion. You dont’ show any emotion and always treat me the same even though you should have a lot of hard moments.

She says no, you consider me a lot. Let’s drink.

JH – By the way, I heard your parents died early, did you grow up alone?

Woman – i have an eunnie.

JH – Does that mean it is the past?

Woman – She is dead, it was a car accident.

JH – Car accident? Hyun-jin died from a car accident as well.

Woman – I know, your wife was very sad

JH – You should have had a lot of sadness when your sister died. I did not care too much about you

He sits back and answers his phone. Someone says that it was delivered well. It is Taesoo so Jaehwan tells him to check the numbers and call him when he is ready to move. Jaehwan then looks at the woman and smiles as he tells her that they should eat.

Cut to her leaving right away to get into her car. She immediatly calls the scientist and tells him that Do Jaehwan and Park Taesoo is up to something. He asks what she is talking about. The woman says they are moving the numbered kids, they should not let them die this time again. He tells her that it is dangerous, do not move without a plan, perhaps I should do it.

But she says that he needs to protect himself. And they need to wrap up this case, it is their promise. Call #88, I will call you back later.

But then she gets pulled from her car by two thug looking men.

Elsewhere, Soohyun thinks back to his conversation with the woman at the hotel. She told him that he needs to find the kids. So he drives off to do that.

Inside a jail looking place somewhere, a kid sits awake. Another one comes up to him and givs him a magazine. Its a travel magazine that she snuck away from a hospital. They look at it and think that this exists in the world. They wonder if they can go there if they are adopted and look at the bed of #137, she thinks it is good for him since he was adopted. He should be able to go to all these places with his new parents. 

The boy asks her where she wants to go the most, he says he wants to go to the ocean. She says me too. The girl really wants to be adopted, the boy says he does not have to be adopted, he just wants to live outside, freely.

Then Taesoo comes in and looks at them. He Kill It’s the mood.



The next morning, Soohyun listens to the news in his car that talks about the body that was found in the woods. It also mentions that the senators assassination is still unsolved. He thinks back to his life in the jail like orphanage and also his conversation with the woman.

Meanwhile, Jaehwan goes home and looks at the surgery video on his computer, he looks suspicious of something. taesoo comes into his office and tells him not to worry about the numbers. He also asks what she should do with the secretary woman. there was also nothing inside to show an intruder, no GPS or hidden camera.

Jaehwan thinks that he came all the way inside and saw the laptop. Taesoo says that they have footage of the intruder from one of the car blackboxes. Jaehwan looks at the black box. It shows Soo-hyun hopping the fence. 

Jaehwan says that the height and gait of this person looks familiar. he also says that the situation is noisy around Han Sol. Taesoo apologizes for that and says he got rid of the car he used and has an alibi. Jaehwan gives him another phone to use and tells him to keep an eye on the secretary until he goes there.

Jaehwan leaves his gated home, Soohyun watches him get into his car and calls him. Jaehwan does not answer at first because it is a restricted number. But he answers and says that it is nice to see him after 19 years. 

SH – Father, why did you want to kill me? I am your son.

Jaehwan sees him in the car, they are almost face to face.

JH – You had no use to me

SH – Because Do Hyun-jin died?

JH – In retrospect, I was the one that made the biggest mistake.

SH – So the kids will numbers mistakenly died?

JH – I think you are my only mistake, #88

SH – Ah, thank you for remembering my number

JH – What do you want?

SH – Remember, I don’t make mistakes, unlike you.

He puts his car in gear and revs his engine as he starts to drive quickly toward Jaehwan, but then swerves and drives around the car and leaves. Jaehwan looks spooked and calls Taesoo.


Hyunjin talks to her autopsy doctor about the woman they found. He has not found any DNA matches. it looks like she was strangled to death by a wire. A lot of her neck bones were broken. Find that bad guy and bring him to me, I will punch him. They talk about this poor woman and how scary it must have been. They then try and figure out the relationship with Han Sol orphanage. They do not know the connection yet. 

She heads out with the doctor telling her that they should at least eat lunch together. But Hyunjin keeps leaving and goes to the dead womans house. this is the woman that Taesoo killed after soohyun found her. Hyunjin finds a phone number there (the one that Soohyun wrote on a piece of paper for her) and sees that it is Soohyun’s number.

But then the prosecutor calls her from outside the house. Hyunjin comes back out and starts to talk to the prosecutor (um, she took off her shoes to look around a murder scene?). She puts her shoes back on as he talks about the case, but she is in a hurry and does not really talk to the prosecutor. The prosecutor has his usual happy, lets spend time together, vibe, but she walks off.

At home, Soohyun talks to Philip a little bit, but then Philip leaves. Soohyun sees his text messages on his phone.

Text: See who #88 meets

Text: To move forward with this case, #88  needs a motive. So find where Do Hyun-jin is and tell me.

Text: Why aren’t you answering? You paid off the gambling debt.

Philip comes back in as Soohyun is looking at the computer. 

SH – What is this? Why are you using a different profile?

PH – I don’t know this person! We are just chatting!

SH – How did you come back to Korea without using a ship or airplane?

PH – Soo-hyun, you should not do this to me

Soohyun approaches him as Philip keeps making excuses.

SH – Did you come with Karimov? When Karimov came here, Seulgi almost got killed. When I told you I was not going to kill anyone anymore, Le Young-eun’s life was in danger (Do Hyun-jin’s old name). Why didn’t you tell me, what it about money?

PH – I dont’ know what you will do if you know that person.

SH – Leave my house.

PH – Soo-hyun, without me you will not be able to find….

SH – I know.

PH – Soohyun….

SH – Do you think we are still friends?

Philip kind of looks around and then heads off. Cut to Soohyun walking outside. Hyunjin meets him outside and asks him why he went to that woman’s house. She hands over the piece of paper and tells him that this old woman died, she wants to talk to him.



They go to her apartment to talk over tea. HJ says that they found her body, but it looks like she had nothing to do with Han Sol orphanage. Soohyun tells her that she was a foster mother.

HJ – Foster mom? I had no memory of her.

SH – Not for the normal orphans, she was the one taking care of the numbered kids.

HJ – Ah, that is why you went to her house. Did you find out what you wanted to know?

SH – No, maybe for her, she also did not want to remember Han Sol so she avoided me. That is why I left the number. (flashback to the woman trying to call him)…do you suspect me as her murderer?

HJ -Honestly, yes. The victims house was broken into and your number is on the floor, of course (lol). 

SH – How did you find her?

HJ – I found an article that said some kid where missing and they found skulls around Han Sol 15 years ago. But we can’t find that article in the portal anymore. While investigating that case, we found her body.

SH – Did you findo ut anything about Han Sol orphanage?

HJ – Nothing. The numbered kids and you – why were you numbered?

SH – I am looking for that answer also

HJ – Why didn’t youa sk me about Han Sol orphanage?

SH – I thought it was also a bad memory for you

HJ – Did you recover your memory?

SH – Little by little.

HJ- That is good, but perhaps it is not good. SOmetimes I want to forget. If you have any questions then just ask me.

SH -Thank you.

But then she gets a phone call and opens her bag to get her phone. She excuses herself. But an old notebook falls out which is the old reporters notebook.

Meanwhile, Philip looks miserable sitting outside when Seulki comes up to talk to him and asks him if he got kicked out. They argue like siblings. She tells him that he can wait in the hospital, Soohyun looks scary but is a nice guy.

So Philip goes into the animal clinic, but then the wolf like dog starts to bark at him as if he will attack him at any moment. So Philip goes back outside and asks Seulki if he can stay at her place. She wonders what happened with them but also tells him to follow her.

At Soohyun’s place, she talks to her mother on the phone and tells her that she is fine, don’t worry about me. Drink tea to calm yourself…she keeps talking to her about these things and tries not to let her mother fret.

In the kitchen, Soohyun starts to flip through the reporters notebook (I’m no expert, but shouldn’t this notebook be in the evidence room?). Soo-hyun starts to remember things that have to do with the reporters notebook. But then he has to put it back when Hyunjin comes back in.



In her place, Seulki basically sections off the kitchen with tape and tells Philip not to leave that area until she talks to Soo-hyun.

Outside, Soohyun and Hyunjin walk out. Hyunjin puts her phone number into his phone and asks if she should be Do Hyunjin or Lee Young-eun? He doesn’t say anything so she feels awkward and puts in Do Hyunjin ad then hands it back over to him.

HJ – Soohyun, I know that you are confused and it is difficult. Whenever the time comes, just call me.

He goes back to his lair and looks at his phone as he thinks about Hyunjin. He then remembers all the names from the notebook. he remembers Hyun jin tell him to call her when things are confusing. He ends up opening his computer and looking up all the names from the notebook.

The next day, we see the team all working together in their offices. The prosecutor is there as well. He is going to head out to meet her father so they kind of teaser Hyun-jin about it because the prosecutor is nervous. But then they start to talk about the case.

They also talk about the politician and her fathers relationship as well as the prosecutor meeting him. He asks her if she is okay meeting her father like this, she says she is seeing him as a police officer and not her father. But she does look nervous.

Elsewhere, the mother talks to a man about how he is the only person she kept close to her after her husband became the chairman. She wants to make Hyunjin the next chairman, how can we do that? He tells her that she needs to become a major stock holder, then it will be easy. But the mothers stock amount is not enough, they need to buy more.

Meanwhile, the husband meets with three other people. One of them is an older man who looks like he carries a lot of influence. He tells them not to worry about anything. They also talk about a case and how they should not worry about anything. the doctor tells the man that they will see him at the next patient visit. The old man leaves and the other three look at photos, carefully.

they are photos of Soo-hyun meeting the secretary at the hotel. So they mention how the secretary has been lying to them this entire time. The doctor asks who this guy is, so they fill him in and say that it is #88. The doctor wonders how this can be? he should be dead.

Jaehwan says that they never confirmed that he was dead inside the smuggling ship. Jaehwan thinks they have an eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth vendetta. So, they will use the secretary as bait.



Inside the clinic, soohyun starts to think about the horticulturalist that delivered all the plants to their building. He goes to one plant and breaks its branch. Seulki comes in and asks what happened? Don’t harm my plants. Did you fight with Philip? You only have 3 friends.

He asks her if she is going to the flower shop.

Cut to Soohyun at the flower shop looking around. The scientist asks him if he needs anything. Soohyun tells him that the plants are dying so he wants nitride. The scientist is a little bit surprised to see him. One of them asks were Seulki is and the other says that she is around here somewhere. So Sohyun starts to walk around looking at things and settles on a sheet of paper that shows the business registration.

But Seulki comes running up with a plant to buy so they head out.

Inside the apartment, Philip looks around Seulki’s place and thinks that it looks a lot better than Soohyun’s place. he keeps looking around and starts to flip through her art book. He thinks her art looks really good but then he settles on a photo of Pavels face and stops cold.

inside her home, Hyun-jin and the prosecutor are scolded by the doctor for carrying out this investigation. But the mother comes up and scolds the doctor for talking badly to her daughter and kicks him out. She also tells Hyunjin to go inside to talk to her father.

Inside, the two talk to Jaehwan. They ask why he ended his support to the politician. They also talk about Han Sol orphanage. The father tells them that they need to find the criminal and make him feel safe. Hyunjin pulls out a magazine and asks about an old case that was unethical with children. He says it was a rumor, she says it was not a rumor, but he says he has another appointment, so lets cut it off here.

They leave, the prosecutor says that he can find the old evidence about that tube baby case. They head out.

Meanwhile, the mother pours tea for the father. he thinks she wants to talk to him about something important. She says that she will give all her shares to Hyunjin. She is not asking him for his permission, she is just telling him. He says Hyunjin is not good for the company, just let her do what she wants to do.

The mother thinks that she is the best person for the company, what are your reasons to not want her? I wonder what the reason is. He tries to avoid it and says that Hyunjin can decide. She says that she did everything she wanted to do with her, but she went to police school because you let her, so you should listen to me from now on, okay.

In the police office, the team talks about a delivery guy that pointed at Hyunjin and how that company is not a real company? Something like that. So, they meet with this delivery person and ask him who asked him to deliver the documents. He mentions that it was someone so they check the CCTV and see the secretary.

Hyunjin tells her sidekick to take a screencap of it and send it to her.

So they send the text to a phone number where we see that the secretary is all tied up in a room. The failed assassin is there looking all kinds of happy. The failed assassin calls Jaehwan who tells the failed assassin that someone will come and find her.

Meanwhile, the scientist has a locator on the secretary. He sends a text message to Soohyun so that no other kids are killed by these guys.



In his lair, Soohyun sees the location of the next surgery, but it is a lie. It is actually the location where the secretary is. Soohyun takes off.

Hyunjin, meanwhile, calls to talk to the secretary but she is told that they are out on a business trip.

Elsewhere, Jaehwan shows up at the warehouse where the secretary is. He tells her that he should have known earlier about her sister. She tells him that she will not be able to be successful. But Jaehwan says that no one knows what they are doing, if they know about it, well, there are a lot of greedy people in the world so those people will cover up the case.

Outside, the guards walking around see Soo-hyun there. They tell Jaehwan that his daughter is there. He tells them to make an excuse and leave, don’t make any trouble.

Soohyun is also walking around the area.

Inside, it looks like the secretary is about to meet her end. Taesoo covers her face with a black hood as a tear trickled down her cheek.

But then, Hyunjin calls Soohyun and asks him where he is, I think I see your car ~ argh!”

Soohyun turns around and starts running.

Fade Out


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