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Kill It Episode 8 Live Recap

Kill It recap episode 8
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

Alright, now we now how bad these bad guys really are. Like, really really. So now it’s time to take them all down! I’m rooting for the assassin in this story.

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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

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Soohyun waits behind the curtain as Do Jaehwan walks with purpose to the dresser next to him as if he will walk around to the section SOohyun is in. But then there is a knock on the door and Jaehwan’s attention is taken away to his sitting area where he talks to a man about his grandson who is 5th generation only son so he does not want to give up on him. 

He says he went everywhere in the world, he even went to China secretly. Do Jaehwan says that would be dangerous to go to China secretly, the old man says he wanted to do anything. He wants his grandson to see the world with his own eyes. But he does feel like this emotion is human greediness. 

Do Jaehwan says it is not greediness, if you can do it, then you should do it. The man says that he heard that guy is in the hospital. I thought he was dead but he has extended his life? Jaehwan says yes, he is doing well now. The man says he did not finish his term and stepped down as the head of prosecutors but he still has a lot of people. Jaehwan tells him that they have to prepare an umbrella before it rains, right? I will be your umbrella. Please, you protect my rain. 

So it looks like they said they will protect each other. They both get up and walk out. Soohyun steps from behind the curtain and sees a family portrait. He is sent into a flashback where he knocked on the door to find Young-eun. He yells that he is #88, are you really Young-eun? Young-eun asks if he is really #88? 

But then the mother shows up behind her and says that her young-eun has no orphan friends. At that same time a man stands with an umbrella behind the boy. He asks if he is worried or needs anything? The boy says he is worried for his friend, he heard that getting adopted means that you will die. The man says that this is none of his business. Then he takes him away.

Soohyun is hrown into a dirty room with several other kids sleeping on the floor. Jaehwan tells him that he broke the law so he will be punished. In the room, all the kids look super sick. One of them tells him to run away.

Later, the metal finger assassin comes in looking for Soohyun and does not see him, so he takes off looking for him. But Soohyun was just hiding under the blanket and is able to run away. Jaehwan sees Soohyun running away in the rain and runs him over with his car. He walks up to him in the rain and sees that 88 has a huge head wound. He puts him in a big plastic bag and takes him away.

In the present, Soohyun thinks, “It has been 19 years.”



In the polcie station, Hyunjin works alone in her office or the interview room and thinks back to the metal finger man. But she snaps out of it when the prosecutor comes in to happily chat with her. He notices that she is startled and asks if anything happened? She shrugs it off.

Everyone on the team goes out to eat later, it looks like the prosecutor is treating them to meat in a small BBQ place. They happily chat about single life, though the former bad cop jokes that he is married. They keep joking around but then they start to talk about the case.

The sidekick says that the fake suspects are not the murderers, but they deserve to go to jail anyway. All the victims actually did a lot of bad things, enough to die. They wonder if the murderer is a dark hero like Batman or Hong Gil Dong. Hyunjin says he still shouldnt’ kill people, they say that they will catch him before he does any more things.

Later on, the sidekick and former bad cop drunkenly and happily get into a cab. Hyunjingets into the next one. The prosecutor really wants to head out with her but she just hops in and leave. He etlls her one more drink! One more drink! But she just waves and the car drives off. He sighs and says that he worries about her.

As she gets home, she thinks about Soohyun at the animal clinic in the countryside. But then she sees Soohyun in the clinic. She asks why he is there and he says that it is his clinic. She asks if they can talk as friends from the same orphanage? She goes in a bit drunkenly and sits. There, she tells him that today was a long day, how about you?

he thinks back to the photo of her family and says that today was just a normal day. They end up sitting outside and talking more about how they grew up. She says that she cried a lot and sometimes smiled when she thought about #88. She hoped he was doing well and never wanted to go back to Han Sol orphanage and tried to be favored by her foster parents so she tried to be like a pet to them and pretended to be happy.

[on and off buffering, argh!]

She asks him about himself, he says that he just grew up. [but he might have said more, lots of buffering here].



Hyunjin tells him, you and me, that won’t happen so I am happy. I feel like you just grew up like the 88 that I remember. I am happy about that.

SH – Maybe that is not true.

HJ – *long stare* I am right.

She smiles and then looks at the stars. He looks at her and then turns his head as he thinks a bit.

Then we see him running early in the morning. He thinks about his friends telling him to run away and about the metal finger man telling him that he killed all his friends.

Later on, Soohyun sits in his dark assassin office and drinks something that Philip gives him. Like a tea or something. He asks Philip if he was abandoned in his fathers ship? Is that true? Philip says that someone put him in luggage and threw him into the sea. Pavel picked you up, it was your fate not to die.

SH – Do Jaehwan wanted to kill me

PH – Is your memory back? So Do Jaehwan is your father? So Lee Young-eun is your sister and she is your mother?

SH – When you were smuggled into orea from Russia, how did you do it?

PH – An airplane, you know, I used all my money.

Soohyun steals Philips cell phone from his back pocket while Philip is talking about things. Though Philip doesn’t really say anything, he just says that he doesn’t want to talk about it and wonders where Soohyun is going.

Soohyun goes to a computer and gets a message from the mystery woman who just got the message about the kids surgery. She calls Philip and SOohyun sees the message.



Soohyun picks up the phone and says that he did not introduce himself. I am #88 that you hired. Tell me everything that you know about Do Jaehwan and me. The numbered kids, why did they have to die?

She tells him that he is violating the rule by looking for the client. He tells her to think about what he is best at. My last two targets can change at anytime. I will call you back.

He thanks Philip for his phone and gives it back to him. Philip is all like, man, I got, got. Then he sits at his computer and starts clicking away.

Outside somewhere, the mystery woman shows the text to the scientist. She tells him that #88 threatened them and said that his target can change. The scientist thinks that it might not be an empty threat. But they also think they can control him with Do Hyunjin. He tells her to be careful, she tells him to be careful also. He tells her to prepare where to hide once this case closes. She asks about him, he says that he is going to go to the place that his Ji-eun likes. They both wonder where these people are, she cannot forgive them, even if they die. (the image is of the surgery)





Seulki goes into the clinic and talks to SOohyun about something. He looks as annoyed as always. She tells him that this is the firt time telling him this, her grandfather didn’t just die, someone killed him, aren’t you surprised?

He asks what she wants to say.

SK – Someone rescued me back then, without that guy, I would have died too. He sutured my wound. Why do you think he did it?

SH -That is your question?

SK – Yes, I can’t solve the problem. What do you think the reason he didn’t kill me is?

SH – Maybe you surviving is less uncomfortable.

SK – i need to treat him with a nice meal when I see him. You know, I am the one that Hyunjin was looking for. I will tell Hyunjin eunnie everything. What? Should I not tell her?

SH – You can do whatever you want.

SK – In retrospect, a lot of people saved my life. Including Hyunjin’s ex-boyfriend. I am thankful to you also because you saved me also.

She leaves, Soohyun thinks about this for a moment. Outside, Hyunjin tells Seulki to hop in and she will take her to school. They chat about how Seulki doesn’t ignore her anymore. Seulki says that she was a strange before, but now she knows her.

They go get something to eat at a cafe and chat about being on a diet. Seulki says her real diet will start tomorrow. Hyunjin gives her kimchi for her soup like a mother. It is a loving gesture. Seulki says she is still not ready to tell her. Hyunjin is all like, okay, whenever, that isn’t why i gave you the kimchi. Seulki starts to talk about tearing up whenever she has solangtang (bone soup). 

Seulki asks Hyunjin if it was difficult before?

[buffering @#$%]

We missed the end of Seulki’s conversation and open with Hyunjin talking to the prosecutor about the case and how the assassin might have been lucky with the CCTV not catching him. He deviated from his pattern like a ghost during that hit and showed himself to everyone. They start to talk about Ko Yeonwoo, they think he is a suspect but he is not the murderer because this guy is a lot younger that Ko yeonwoo.

Another man comes into the office, it looks like they are in the senators office. But the conversation turns to this private safe that only Park Taesoo (the metal finger hitman) had access too. The guy starts to talk about how he remembers one thing about the safe. It was open one day so the senator yelled at Park Taesoo a lot and I think he hit him. So I could not go in that day. he heard that a list of disappeared kids from Han Sol was in the safe.

Hyunjin asks about the list, the prosecutor thinks that the murderer could be one of them possibly or the hitman (not sure). Then they both get CCTV footage at the same time. Hyunjin calls someone and tells him to explain to her what he just sent. He explains that Park Taesoo’s behavior was strange. He was 30 meters from the scene.

Hyunjin and the prosecutor walk the area and talk about the case and how Park taesoo should know something about it. They need to investigate it.



They go back to the office and try to figure out if Ko Hyunwoo is alive (huh, this is the exact conversation? It seems like this show is repeating itself???)

The man comes in and starts talking about the safe (again, just like before. This looks like an accident where the show repeated the same scene on accident…uh oh).

They walk the scene (again) and look at the CCTV. They think that they need to figure out more about Park Taesoo.

They both start to walk around the area to find something int he bushes or on the ground or something. Hyunjin picks up something on the ground and they put it in a plastic bag as evidence. Then they go to forensics.

Cut to Park Taesoo being called in again for another interview. He tells the sidekick that he thought the investigation was done. The sidekick smiles and says that it is a big case. He then starts to ask questions about where TS was when the senator was shot. TS says he was nearby, his driver had pneumonia so he drove him around. Sidekick asks if he has any sickness? Taesoo says no, he is healthy.

In the forensics lab, the doctor tells them that the poison from the eye drop was the same as the one they found in the persons eye, Seo Won-seok. (so they found an eye drop bottle). They wonder why they wanted to kill him. They think they are usually betrayed by their most trusted person.

In the interview room, the sidekick asks Taesoo if he has any bad feelings about his boss? Taesoo says he has nothing and he told him everything he has to tell him. He gets up to leave. the former bad cop tries to stop him but Taesoo keeps walking out. Hyunjin walks in at that time and tells Taesoo that he is the murder suspect from the senator. taesoo asks if they have a warrant. The prosecutor holds it up smiling and says he delivered it himself.

They go to the real interrogation room. The prosecutor asks if she wants him to be in the room with her? She takes a breath and says no and then heads in.

In the prosecutor room, Hyunjin introduces herself as the person taking care of the case. He laughs and tells her to release him. The senator died by gun wound. I am not the suspect. Hyunjin says that the gunshot is the cause of death, but you are indicted with attempted murder. He asks for the evidence. She shows him the eyedrop. Flashback to him throwing the eyedrop.

Hyunjin tells him that they found the same poison from this eyedrop and Seo Wonseok. You threw this away once you saw that the senator died. What was the reason that you wanted to poison him. And, tell me what the kid list means. We already have it.

They keep talking about the orphanage but Taesoo asks if he can call chairman Do Jaehwan.

Cut to Hyunjin working through things on her clear marker board.



Do Jaehwan is in his house when a man (the failed assassin) goes in to give him something about the mystery woman. He has been spying on her so he gives Do Jaehwan all the things he found out. 

But then, his daughter comes in so Jaehwan tells the assassin that they should talk about it later. Hyunjin sits. Jaehwan asks what she needs, he knows she is on this case. She wants to know about the scientist, he tells her that she can fine everything on the internet. But she wants to know why he disappeared and she wants to know things that he knows, not things that are in the news.

He doesn’t really want to tell her anything. She asks about the kids list from Han Sol orphanage. He tells her that the senator should know the best. She says that she checked and Jaehwan is actually the owner of the orphanage. Flashback to someone telling Jaehwan that Hyunjin grew up well, maybe she can catch the head. In the present, Jaehwan says, if it is illegal to own the orphanage, then give me the warrant formally, otherwise leave.

Hyunjin stands and says that Park Taesoo wants to talk to you, we are investigating him as an attempted murderer of the senator. She leaves.

She geos to see her mother who says that she does not want her to be against her father. Hyunjin says that she is not against him, it is just a police investigation. Her mother tells her that she really does not want her daughter doing this job, she just wants the best for her. She knows that she was frowning and angry a lot, I know that. You were my daughter, no one can change that. Sae Han group is yours. Hyunjin tells her that she can keep Sae Han, I will just be your daughter.




Hyunjin goes back to her home and starts to look around for her kitten. But her cat is nowhere to be seen. 

Soohyun is in his clinic making himself a coffee. He thinks back to the conversation he had with Hyunjin under the stars. She said she was so happy that 88 grew up well. 

Then she runs in with her cat, looking worried. Soohyun checks her and says that nothing is wrong. Hyunjin wonders why she is not super active anymore. Soohyun says she could be depressed, there are many reasons. On could be to be in an unfamiliar territory, the second is that she could be affected by the owner. When cats are depressed, often times the owner is depressed. The cats are sensitive to it.

Hyunjin says that she did not play with her because of the investigation and was always serious. Soohyun tells her to take care of herself first, for her cat. Hyunjin smiles and says that she has responsibility for herself. She is relieved that it is not a big issue. She picks up her cat and cuddles with it as Soohyun smiles. Then she asks if Soohyun is happy. He tells her she leave the cat with him when she is busy, it is better to be with others. She thanks him for that.


Sometime the next day, Do Jaehwan walks to the hospital with the mystery secretary, but he tells her that she can leave. Then he goes inside. Soohyun is watching them both, then he heads inside.

Inside, Do Jaehwan meets with the doctor. he shows him the nametag that the failed assassin gave him and asks the doctor to look up things about him. He says it is Secretary Yoon’s. The doctor is amazed, it is Secretary Yoon’s?  Jaehwan leaves and tells the secretary that they should eat dinner together on the weekend. She says that she will prepare for it.

But as he is walking up the hallway, he sees a video of the surgery that was sent to his phone. He grows alarmed and starts to hurry out. But he bumps into a doctor looking Soohyun and drops his phone. Soohyun picks it up and apologizes.

Later on, Soohyun thinks about his past and the other kids telling him to run away. he also thinks about what Do Jaehwan said about how the man is not greedy, if you can, then you should get what you want. In his lair, Soohyun looks at all the pictures he took of the kids files.



Outside somewhere, Hyunjin and the prosecutor are talking in a car. The prosecutor says that they do not have enough evidence so his warranty is denied. Hyunjin says that they could have accepted it with more reasons. The prosecutor asks about the missing kids is, do you know anything about that? Park Taesoo should know about it as the right hand man of the senator. I do not want to let him go like this. Hyunjin tells him that they should follow him. The prosecutor agrees.

Inside the police department, the other members of the team sit and chat and then get a delivery from their boss. They start to go through the delivery of mail items. One of the packages is for Do Hyunjin but there is no sender. She shows up and opens it. It is an article about a skull that was found near Han Sol orphanage.

They says that this is an internet thing so why did they mail it? They think the person was worried about following the IP address. The prosecutor walks up right then and reads it. he thinks this might have been the beginning of the deaths (or something like that). She asks for a warrant to search it and they head out.

Hyunjin meets with a reporter at a cafe and talks to him about the article. The reporter looks nervous and says that he thought it would be big news. A little kids skull near the orphanage. She says that she cannot search it anymore. He says that it did not even take one day to take his post down. As soon as he posted it, his boss called him. He tried to push it, but he was fired and charged with spreading rumors. But he also thought that someone was watching him and his family. He thinks he touched something that he should not have touched.

Hyunjin asks if he knows anything more? He says that Seo Wonseok was the director of the orphanage. He made those kids work and tortured them and if they died then he buried them. I heard that he sold kids to hospitals. I heard he does this by order, but I did not investigate it further.

She asks where he found the body? He says that he thinks he remembers the location and will send it to her. But he tells her to be careful.

She heads back to the police office and asks the prosecutor for the warrant, but the entire team looks upset. The warrant was denied. They don’t know what they can investigate if everything they want to investigate is blocked. Hyunjin asks them if they all live following the law. Everyone looks up like, yes, we do.

At home, Soohyun sees that Philip is eating. He tells him that he saw his passport, you did not take an airplane when you came to Korea. Think about it carefully about what you can tell me. I will be back. Soohyun heads out. Philip looks at bit worried.

Outside in the night, the cop and prosecutor team drive off somewhere all together.

At the same time, Do Jaehwan shows up to an impressive hotel.

Waiting at the hotel is the secretary. She stands when someone sits, but this person is Soohyun. She is surprised so he says that he guessed right. Flashback to all the clues that led him to her.

SH – I can meet you with Chairman Do also. Is he my father that I will see after 19 years?

In the woods, the prosecutor team digs up the ground. But they wonder if it is the right place. Hyunjin says it should be from all the date. So they keep digging and then find something. They keep digging around and see that what they found is a bag that is buried. Her sidekick hops back. Hyunjin kneels to get a closer look.

In the hotel, Soohyun watches Do Jaehwan walk up.

Fade Out



Y’all, this show is so convenient and yet so random that I have to comment on it. They conveniently find the eye dropper bottle that has everything they need to indict the metal assassin. They find out that the secretary is the person who sent the mail, even though Philip, the expert computer guy, can’t find out who she is. The scientist somehow befriends Seulki, though I don’t think they ever showed how she found this place? They find the bone location within 20 feet of where to dig on first shot (though I would normally let them pass on this). We randomly find out that Soohyun has a reverse “Luke I am your father” moment where he finds out that Jaehwan is his father??? Which means that Do Hyunjin’s foster parents are actually his parents???

Even so, I am still all on board because this show is intriguing for some reason. ^_^


Secretary – The [four people murdered] commonality is Han Sol orphanage

VO – The only two left are Ko Yeonwoo and your father

JW – As an officer, you should find the murderer and make me feel safe

SH – Why did you try to murder me? I am your son.

JH – In retrospect, I made the biggest mistake that day.

SH – Even if you remember me, I don’t make mistakes like you.

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  1. WPB
    April 14, 2019 / 8:54 am

    Viki finally has Kill it!!!! It was a few weeks late (they only have episode 1 and 2 at the moment) but I am not complaining. I didn’t know if they will catch up with the live show eventually but I am trying not to read too much spoilers. 😁

    • V
      April 14, 2019 / 10:26 am

      Even if you read spoilers, it is a whole other thing to see it visually.

  2. Jo
    April 14, 2019 / 10:40 am

    I agree, it’s so random and convenient but then, it’s mysterious because you’re like yeah, you solved this but did they leave that there so you can solve it quickly and you’ll dig somewhere else while I run away? It’s so weird like sometimes I think SH wants HJ to catch him but not because he wants to be caught but he wants her to catch other people. It’s this weird circle. I’m still trying to figure out 1. why his eye is blue if those are really his parents (because why drop him at the orphanage unless he’s defective?), WHEN WILL HE FIND OUT ABOUT HIS ENTIRE GROWN-UP CHILD, and who her mother is? Also, was he saying he doesn’t make mistakes to SK or His dad because that statement sounds weird?

    • Suzy
      April 14, 2019 / 11:02 am

      I agree with you, this show is intriguing for some reason

    • mschoiyu
      April 14, 2019 / 2:22 pm

      I thought I read it wrong in previoua eps, but can you please explain how is there many sayings of Soohyun’s daughter?? Who’s the mother?

      • Jo
        April 14, 2019 / 3:57 pm

        Last week *I think* the scientist told the secretary how SK is SH daughter which MAKES NO SENSE since they are like 10 yrs apart but they haven’t told us how or why so we are still trying to figure that part out

        • V
          April 15, 2019 / 11:26 am

          Oh good Lord, I missed that somehow or don’t remember it! So he might actually have a daughter? I thought they were saying that Seulki is the scientists daughter? But that would not make sense either considering how the plot is going.

      • V
        April 15, 2019 / 11:24 am

        Maybe I wrote it wrong in the episode. For Soohyun, it looks like they are saying that Hyunjin’s foster parents are his real parents perhaps? Soohyun does not have a daughter.

    • V
      April 14, 2019 / 3:39 pm

      I really wonder why his eyes are blue, too! When I watched the first episode for the first time I thought it had something to do with that wolf in the woods, like he bonded with it somehow and this was part fantasy. But now it seems like he might be mixed?

      • Jo
        April 14, 2019 / 4:00 pm

        That’s what I was thinking too like he was half or like a clone but him being mixed would make sense since the other kids kept telling him he was no good. I hope they answer it next week though lol

        • V
          April 15, 2019 / 11:27 am

          Right, it is only 12 episodes so I expect answers!

  3. mschoiyu
    April 14, 2019 / 2:24 pm

    Hi can you please explain about Soohyun’s daughter story? Whose daughter? Does he have any? Seems that I missed a big thing here

    • V
      April 15, 2019 / 11:25 am

      Soohyun does not have a daughter, but he might be the son of Hyunjin’s foster parents. That is not clear, but it looks like it might be true.

  4. Hilwa Abdul Rahim
    April 15, 2019 / 8:00 am

    maybe his tech guy purposely didnt want to track the ip closely… or yeh im still on board cuz its super intriguing

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