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Kill It Episode 7 Live Recap

Kill It episode 7 recap
Korean drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

I love this assassin show. It is a mood. The logic is kind of there in what they do, they just take huge edit leaps in getting there. And did anyone notice that pretty much no one smiles except Seulki they all just stare off in fabulousness as they remember their origin story as the rain falls outside their window and Hyunjin hums along to a song that Soohyun can possibly hear from his apartment. Love it.

We are on time today! Yesterday I was so late waking up that I couldn’t write an intro. That 22:20 start time (instead of 22:30) caught us off guard, lol. We are going to try and go live though OCN sometimes buffers a lot. We’ll let you know when that happens.

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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

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Soohyun sees Hyunjin walking across the street and the car reving it’s engine to hit her. He takes off running and gets to her just in time to spin her away from the car. They fall on the ground and Soohyun stares daggers at this car as it drives away. Then he gets up casually and walks back to his animal hospital.

There, he looks up all about the senators election campaign schedule and prints out a map to the locations he will be at. Philip comes into the basement as Soohyun starts to grab all the guns he will use. Philip starts to talk about which bullets he will use and which gun and all that. But then he sees that he is going to remove the target during the election campaign and tells him that it is too dangerous! Don’t do it this way! 

Soohyun says it is none of his business, but he also tells him, if he wants an easier way, then bring the client here. He leaves with all his stuff.

Cut to the congressman at his campaign rally. He says all the things that politicians say while on their soap box. Hyun jin looks at him from her car as her sidekick sleeps in the passenger seat. Soohyun shows up n all black on a rooftop and prepares his sniper gun. He points it directly at the senator who is still talking about all the promises he will give like, I am the one who will work for you! I will be a senator for all Koreans…all that stuff.

Soohyun gets the senator in his sights, we see it in his sniper view. (ack, lots of buffering) then Soohyun shoots the bullet and we follow the bullet trajectory all the way to the senators forehead. He is dead-dead y’all. Pandemonium ensues as everyone ducks for cover and runs either to the senator or away.

Hyunjin and her sidekick run up to the senator. They think it is a sniper case, they need to call it in right now! She tells her sidekick to do it. Then she looks around and heads off quickly as she looks at the rooftops of all the buildings. 

Then she sees a super suspicious person dressed in all black and with a black case walking by. It’s Soohyun (lol). She takes off running for him, he is just walking acasually and heads for downstairs area of a building. It looks like he is in a garage lot or something similar. 

Hyunjin catches him and tells him to stop! Raise your hands, slowly! Soohyun stops and raises his hands. She moves to remove his mask, but he is able to move quickly and handcuff her to the wall. Or something like that. Her other cops run up soon after and un handcuff her. She takes off running again to find Soohyun (thuogh she does not know it is Soohyun). 

This leads her to the rooftop where she imagines what happened. The sniper shot from the rooftop and the senator fell.

As Soohyun drives away we hear the radio news about the case and how this is unprecedented in Korea. A sentaor was sniper killed, the police are investigating the case.



Elsewhere, Do Jaehwan calls his assassin and asks what he is doing! But his assassin says that he did not do it. Do Jaehwan tells him to remove all traces and leave the site.

Then someone calls Do Jaehwan, it is a doctor who asks if it was by Ko Yeon Woo? (the scientist). they say that they don’t know, they will find out.

Then Ko Yeon Woo gets a cal from the secret mystery woman who tells him that it is done and Do is alert. Public execution worked. He tells her to send the next target, She says that he needs to be careful, #88 will search for us. He tells her, well, he has a lot to protect so it can be easier for us to control him. He sits and looks at the news from his garden.

In the police station, Hyunjin is in a bit of trouble for running off in the middle of this event and getting handcuffed and firing her gun. What are you up to! The sidekick says that she went out to catch the criminal, not to threaten the citizen, of course. The formerly annoying cop is on their side as well. So they are all getting yelled at by their boss who tells them that they need to show their effort with their results. Then he grumbles and leaves.

The team goes to their office and all sit and think. Hyunjin remembers Soohyun saying that he is on his way to the animal shelter, so she searches for animal shelters on the computer. She found one that has the same vest as the one that Soohyun wore. It looks like she suspects Soohyun possible? 

She leaves in a hurry and drives to that animal shelter. She asks the woman inside if Kim Soohyun came today. She says that he did not and also checks the schedule and says that he is not supposed to be here for the next few days. But then we see Soohyun come out of from the back with a customer who says that he helped him a lot. Thank you so much.

They both look at each other then they talk but don’t look at each other while talking. 

Hj – WHy aren’t you asking me why I am here?

SH – It seems like a bothersome question (or troublesome)

HJ – I have a question that can give you trouble

SH – You already decided that it is troublesome

HJ – Have long have you been here?

He looks at her and then checks his phone. He calls someone. And then puts his phone on the bar showing it to Hyunjin. He called the animal shelter director who says that he was there around 5:40 so he should ahve been there before 5pm.

She thanks him and hangs up. 

SH – So are you done?

HJ – Maybe it is a misunderstanding, i am sorry. Goodbye.

She leaves quickly. Soohyun watches her walking away. Then we see him in the surgery room. He calls someone or answers the phone. it is the director of the animal shelter who asks if he did a good job? Soohyun says he will pay for it next time. The animal director says it is okay, he helps him out a lot.

Soohyun hangs up and thinks back to handcuffing Soohyun to the crate and also saving her from the car as well as her showing up at the animal shelter.



Elsewhere and maybe on another day, we see Hyunjin and the prosecutor meeting with two other men about the senator murder case. He looks important and tells them to work hard. They get to work on it. Hyunjin says that this case is a serial murder case, not an assassination case.

He says that if they prove this case then they will prove that the notebook theory that she has about the murders is real. All the citizens are interested in this case, so do a good job.

Back at the police station, Hyunjin comes in with the prosecutor team. The prosecutor introduces himself to everyone and then Hyunjin says that they can get started right away. Their ultimate goal is finding the serial killer that is involved in this case. She briefs them all quickly about it whre they all stand and says that she will check the autopsy. The prosecutor smiles and says that he will join her.




In a tunnel area where people are skateboarding and graffitiing a wall, we see one of the skateboarders roll up to a man. This man looks like he is giving a lot of money to the skateboarder for information. The note that the skateboarder gives him is an IP address. The address was sent from the cafe where the picture was sent to him. This is the man that dug up that box that had a plastic person inside (or something like that). 

The skateboarder gives him additional information, it is a picture of Do Hyunjin who is at this cafe.

Cut to Do Jaehwan and the doctor who are talking about people who are looking for numbers. The numbers of the Han Sol orphanage kids, so be careful. They are concerned about the patient and says that so long as the patient is okay, they are okay. He asks about the numebers and says that it is all okay, they need to keep it quiet. So don’t talk about it. We have to take care of it so they don’t think of attempting anything.

Elsewhere, Seulki goes to the animal clinic but no one is there. SO she goes to the flower nursery and draws on the desk. The scientist, Ko Yeonwoo gives her something to eat. She is happy and says that it feels like a picnic here. She asks if he sells anything, he says that he does not sell much, most people just look around and leave. She says that she will buy something, she will be his first customer. They really need it at the animal hospital in their building. She starts complaining about all the electricity that young people waste, but then she uses a whole bunch of tissues. She catches herself and says that she should probably save them.

He kind of sort of smiles? Then he goes to help a customer. She tells him, fighting!, and is in an overall happy mood. Then she sees a family photo of the scientist and his family. Seulki thinks that he has a daughter, and she has a nice smile. She puts the photo down and starts drawing again.



Meanwhile, Do Hyunjin confronts his assassin person who failed 13 years ago. It is the same man that gor the information from the skateboarders. He gives the photo to him and says that he can check the time and date of the picture. This man is pretty scared and says that someone sent him a picture, it was from the cafe across the street. Yoon Jaei sent me the picture. (okay, so maybe the woman in the picture is the secretary, not Hyunjin?). He thinks the scientist is not working alone. But Do Jaehwan does not believe it.

He tells him that people do not change, they make mistakes and cover it up and it gets bigger and bigger and they beg to save their life. The assassin person says he is like that right now! Please save my life! Do Jaehwan tells him that he should not make a mistake this time. the man thanks him and runs off.

Then Do Jaehwan calls someone and tells them to find all the information they can about his secretary.

Cut to the secretary at a cafe. She is drinking a coffee when she sees someone approaching her. It is Philip. She is about to leave but then calls him and asks who is following him. Then several people take Philip someone. Soohyun is walking behind them and follows them to an empty warehouse like area where Philip is getting punched by the men. He asks for 3 more days. It looks like these guys might be gangsters.

They notice Soohyun watching them so they confront Soohyun and Soohyun starts to beat them all up beautifully. Then he looks at Philip and sighs. Philip is still on the ground, all bloody and bruised. But he looks happy that he was rescued.

They get back to their house where Philip tells him that, actually, I invested….I will get the money soon. Soohyun tells him to shut up and find the client. So Philip sits at the computer quickly. But he says that he can’t find the IP, it is connected to different countries like China and India. But Soohyun tells him to just do it.

So Philip gets to work. He gets a message that the next target is Do Hyunjin. Philip says that the IP erases after logging out. But then wonders what this means? Do Hyunjin? Soohyun tells him to send it to his phone and leaves.

Hyunjin is busy looking at the body of the senator with the autopsy doctor and the prosecutor. The doctor says that this bullet is strange so he asked a friend in America about it. But then he starts to talk to the prosecutor about how he saw him with Victim #2, new prosectur right? Nice to see you! Then they get back to business with the bullet. He thinks it is a Russian bullet. And they keep talking about the case.



The next day, Soohyun gets to the clinic and sees Sulki there with the plant. She says it is not for him, she is putting it there for herself. So don’t say that you will remove it or I will get my revenge on you! They look at each other for a moment and SOohyun goes to his desk. Then Philip comes in looking all beaten up so Seulki asks what happened to him. But just then, the scientist comes in with another plant and puts it somewhere in the clinic. he actually has a few plants that he brings in to the clinic. 

It looks like Soohyun recognizes him, so he watches from the window and tells Philip that the client was looking at them closer than they expected. Philip asks what he means. Soohyun says that the target said that they would kill poeple around him one by one and found Hyunjin right away, it is funny right? No one told them. He turns to Philip and tells him to be careful, he could be the next target. Philip is a bit spooked.

The scientist leaves the clinic and hops in his van to drive off, but then comes back and says that Seulki left this drawing notebook in the car. Soohyun looks at him a bit closer from the window as he walks away. 




Cut to Do Hyunjin and Park taesoo in a room? His metal finger fell off and she was about to pick it up, he tells her that it slips off easily. But it looks like she remembers him from the orphanage. He was one of those super scary adults that used to beat all the kids. He had a metal finger back then too.

She is sitting across from him at the desk and is interviewing him. She might be interviewing everyone that was around the park that day. 

HJ – I did not see your name on the list of people on his team.

TS – He says that he was friends with him and was helping him personally as an old friend.

HJ – What kind of relationship do you have?

TS – It is not a relationship, he is up there as a senator

Then her mother calls so she excuses herself and tells the person next to her to take care of Taesoo also.

She runs to the internal garden to take a breath and says that she is not Lee Young-eun, she is DO Hyunjin. She looks at the phone where her mother is still calling. But she is too spooked to answer.

Later on, we see her walkingo ut of the station to meet her mother who is standing next to her car. Her mtoher says that she stopped by on her way to see her father and wants to know why she is so pale. What is wrong? I know you, I will the doctor. But Hyunjin says she is fine and does not have time for this. Her mother says that she will find a position for her in their company.

HJ – Mother, when I was first in ballet, I learned that I took kids seats. I should not do this because I will have other friends crying because of me. I don’t want to go to the company like that.

Mom – My daughter does not do this kind of work.

HJ – But I am not your daughter, maybe.

Mom – How can you say that?

HJ – Can you just look at me like me, not as your daughter?

Mom – *long pause* We should go to the hospital and see your father, hop in.

Hyunjin doesn’t and walks back inside the building. Soohyun is in another car watching them. He follows the mother as she drives away. Flashbacks to seein the mother around his apartment building and seeing her as a child when he played with the real Do Hyunjin. 

VO – Even though time passed, the mother and daughter are still alive.

Soohyun keeps driving as he thinks about all of this. he follows her all the way back to her mansion where she parks inside her garage. He is still ouside and gets out of his car with his face mask on and looks at the huge home. He also walks up to the house and remembers pressing the same button to get in and asking for Young-eun!

He scales the super high wall and looks around the courtyard of the home and at the front door. he has glimpses of memory as he looks around and then goes inside the house. As he is walking up the hallway, he has to duck and hide when two maids come around. Then he continues walking somewhere. 

Do Jaehwan is there doing his evil business with the numbered kids and the surgeries. He looks at a screen where there is a kid that is wheeled into a surgical room, he is knocked out. But he wakes up in the room and looks around. He starts to run out and runs into a person at the door. He asks this person to save him! Save me! 

This person is eerily calm and asks how he can save him? then the boy is carried back to the surgical room.



Meanwhile, the mansion has a nice party event going on in the house.

In the hospital, the crazy doctor plays opera music as he happily hums along and prepares everything for the surgery. then we see him going into the surgical room where the boy is knocked out once again. He creepily tells the kid that it is nice to see him again and says that they can start.

the mansion millionaires show off an expensive looking pottery piece and everyone toasts. Upstairs, Soohyun turns on the computer in Do Hyunjin’s room and sees the surgery going on. He takes a photo or records it with his phone. But he hears someone coming so he casually hides somewhere in the room as Do JaeHwan comes back in.

Do JaeHwan checks his computer and then calls someone. He is calling the doctor and asks if #137 is done? The doctor says that he will call him when it is done. Then we see the old man wheeled into a room and the container of organ is brought in. The poor kid didn’t make it.

Do Jaehwan closes his computer and heads out. Soohyun is hiding behind the curtains.  Do Jaehwan walks, in slow motion, right by the area where Soohyun is. Soohyun catches a glimpse of him as Do Jaehwan checks something on his shelf.

Fade Out



This episode was a lot more coherent, I followed along with everything pretty well! I wonder if they had more time to edit it all together. Because it seems like the writer has it all planned out, but the editor might have to cut corners here and there. Not sure, but today I pretty much understood it all! They definitely showed us how evil Jaehwan and his people are, today. So I expect them all to get the ending that they deserve either by Soohyun or by Hyunjin. Because, seriously, these people are super evil.


Prosecutor – The list of missing kids, we found skulls buried in the mountain

Prosecutor – The killer you saw, is he one of the victims of Han Sol orphanage

HJ – I am so happy that the #88 I knew before has grown up like that.

SH – Well, he can be different. Tell me everything you know about Do Jaehwan and me.

Scientist – Maybe it is not just an empty threat

SH – Think carefully about what I am best at

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  1. Rose
    April 13, 2019 / 9:51 am

    Wow! This episode is brutral! I feel bad for that kid dying

    Thanks for the recap V! 😊

    • V
      April 13, 2019 / 9:54 am

      I know! You and me both, Rose. This episode was so brutal!

  2. Jo
    April 13, 2019 / 10:00 am

    OMG! These people continue to be evil and like the preview said, SH is a victim too and this makes this whole thing even sadder. Funny thing is, everyone has a like “death note” on their head but I am more concerned with Phillip and his unhealthy lifestyle lol, he is the only “normal” one and continues to get in trouble. Idk if he will make it

    • V
      April 13, 2019 / 5:29 pm

      It is so funny, but I am worried about Philip, too! He is the only one that is still in a pretty messed up spot with or without his job as a fixer, lol.

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