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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

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Soohyun is walking by Seulki’s apartment and hears Hyunjin talking to her about her grandfather, she really wants her to tell her what is going on. Think about it, we met each other before. Hyunjin comes in and asks what is going on.

HJ – Why did you lie?

SK – I don’t want to remember it but you reminded me of it

HJ – I waited to meet you for 9 years, it is very important to me. Can you tell me?

Seulki breaks free and leaves. Hyunjin is about to follow her but Soohyun stops her and tells her to give Seulki some time. Hyunjin does not want to, but she does. Seulki goes back to her apartment and breaks down and cries as soon as she enters her place.

Hyunjin gos down the steps, but stops on the last one and sits for a moment. Soohyun sees her, but doesn’t approach her.

The next day, Hyunjin drives to a cematary memorial building. She looks at the memorial to her reporter friend. Another man comes up that she knows and says that she came early. Hyunjin tells him that she found the witness to that day. The man is very interested and asks if she found out anything? But Hyunjin says that she says she doesn’t remember anything. But perhaps she is lying? The man says that she might not be lying, that might have been too much to see for a little kid. It might be difficult for her as well, just like you and me.

He then playfully asks her if he talked too normally? Not like myself, right? But anyway, a lot of people were hurt by that case. he pats her on the shoulder and walks off. She follows. Soohyun watches this entire thing and then goes up to the memorial for the reporter. he remembers that day and remembers saving Seulki from Pavel.

He also remembers taking Seulki to the hospital after Karimov tried to kill her and says that reminded her of that day.



Elsewhere, Philip is gambling in a online casino spot. It looks like he might have lost a lot of money, so he tells a dealer to give him more money, he is good for it. The man gives him a ton more money to spend gambling so Philip goes back inside. But gangsters show up so Philip has to hide and leave. However, he gets a call from the assistant lady about the latest job that Soohyun should accomplish. The deadline is fast approaching. She needs one life, whoever life that is. She hangs up. The scientist is grooming his plants and looks over at her. Philip frets.

In her room, Seulki is still tearing up as she sits on her bed and thinks about what happened that day many years ago. She remembers it all and even remembers Soohyun. Then Soohyun opens the door. Cut to them eating together. She tells him that this reminds her of the first day she met him. Flashback to a day where Seulki is on a bridge as a middle school or high school student. Soohyun walked up to her then.

SK – It was the first solangtang (meat bone soup) in my life.

Flashback to them eating it together, but she just looked at him eating it.

SK – I told you back then, just take me and run away with me. You just need to feed me.

SH – Tomorrow, go to school.

SK – Why did you stop her? If you don’t want to answer, then it is okay. But, why am I doing this? Am I going through puberty again at 20? I want to know, but I don’t want to know….Leave. I am going to eat all of this.

he leaves her in her apartment with the bone soup.

But as he is walking out, he passes hyunjin who just got back. She asks him how Seulgi is doing. He tells her that she is upstairs. He is about to go to his place, but Hyunjin tells him that they should have a drink togeher and holds up a bag that must have alcohol in it.

They go to the roof where Hyunjin tells him that she liked looking at city lights when she was in the orphanage. She wished that any of the people with those lights would look at them and see them. 

HJ – But now I understand you taking care of Seulki, you couldn’t leave her alone because you were abandoned before. Now I think it was good to move here. I met my friend that I really wanted to meet. Well, give me your hand.

She gives him the chocolate that they shared before.

HJ – Side dish.

he takes it and they keep looking at the city scape.


Seulki gets a call from Hyunjin who is listed as 4th floor Eunni in her phone. She does not answer and then gets a text from Hyunjin that she should go to school. But Seulki just texts back, what does it matter. Hyunjin texts back that she can stay in the bed depressed or she can go out with her, you decide.

Seulki gets up and heads out with Hyunjin. Philip watches them leave and then says, it is not like only one of them will survive and come back. Soohyun is inside his vet clinic as well so Philip tells him that he has the date.

Elsewhere, Hyunjin and Seulki have a fun time in a huge outdoor stadium. the place is empty so I don’t know how they got in, but they brought the dog with them and have a frisbee so they are playing with the dog and the frisbee and having an all around good time.

Later on, they relax on the grass. Hyunjin asks if she is feeling better? Seulki says she is about 60% better. She also asks when Hyunjin saw that guy? Hyunjin says that it was when she was 20 years old, your age, kids ostracized me because I was adopted. I was scared at home because I could be abandoned at anytime so i had to disguise myself. He was the first one that took me out and looked at me as myself. When I think about it, I hide my wound but I tried to dig up others pain. 

Seulki asks how she was when she was 20. Hyunjin smiles and says she was like her. She wanted to be pretty and loved, but she was also clumsy because she did not know what to do. Then she asks if she wanted to go anywhere else?

They go to a makeup and fragrance store like Sephora and have a ton of fun trying on lipstick and things.



Seulki goes back to her room and thinks back to asking Hyunjin if she really wants to know? he died a long time ago. Hyunjin says that she feels sorry for him and wants to know his last moments so she can let him go.

In her room, Seulki pulls out an old wooden box that looks like a keepsake box. In it re drawings. She has a flashback of ajusshi (the reporter) who visited her often and gave her little treats when he did. They were friends in a father daughter like way. She asked him if she could contact him in Seoul. He says yes. She asks if he has a girlfriend? He says yes, she is smart and pretty and brave, she is a police woman, that is cool right? 

Seulki thinks that his girlfriend must have been eunnie because she was pretty and smart and brave.

Elsewhere, Soohyun prepares to go out and kill the senator. Philip gives him some encouraging words that Soohyun doesn’t really need to hear, then he heads out.

Meanwhile, the senator is filling his eyes with eyedrops as he sits at his desk. Then he calls someone to find out how much money Do Jaehwan gave to someone else. he gets the answer and hangs up. He looks pretty pissed about it.

Senator – I tried so hard and gave them all this, but they are kicking me out and putting someone else there?

he stands, but that is when Soohyun shows up with his gun.

S -Who are you?

SH – i ask and you answer……Tell me what happened in the orphane with the kids that had numbers.

S – I don’t know what you talked about.

SH – That day the kids died at the orphanage, ‘how was it for the last 19 years since we killed them.’ Now do you remember?

S – it was not me! Wait! Wait! I was the director of the orphanage. I did not see your face! I am not calling the police! I will never tell anyone even after I die. 

SH – Wrong, that is not the answer that I want.

he is about to kill him but then a little voice says “halabogi” from the door. The light from the door shines on Soohyun.




A little girl comes in with the airplane and gives it to her senator grandfather. Soohyun manages to hide quickly in the closet. Then his son comes in and asks what halabogi is doing in the dark. The senator tells his son to take the granddaughter and leave. Soohyun starts to think about kids like Seulki. He hesitates and the senator manages to leave with his family.

The next day, Philip wakes up and stretches as he goes to the living room. He turns on the news and sees the senator on TV. But the senator should be dead so he hops up and calls Soohyun frantically. Soohyun does not answer so Philip tells him to call him right now!



(maybe 2 minutes?)


Philip is able to find Soohyun and talks to him in his lair about what is going on. You wanted to know your past so what is going on? Soohyun says that he can find another way, but Philip says that this is not a contract that you can break. Soohyun tells him to call them, he will explain everything. But Philip asks about the money? What about that? Soohyun tells him to return it. that should not be difficult.

Philip shakes his head and asys that it sounds cruel, but you are misunderstanding something, you are a killer, living a normal life as a veterinarian does not change anything. Your blood will not go away. You want to survive so you choose it. Soohyun tells him to call them, he will see what happened. Philip is flustered nd asks if this is about Lee youngeun? I can’t call them, i won’t, you and me have worked together for a long time.

Soohyun asks Philip where he went. Philip says he just went out. Soohyun tells him not to do anything stupid. Philip is upset and just leaves in a huff. But as he walks back into the clinic he gets a call from an unknown number.

In his super secret room, Soohyun opens a drawer and looks at the keyring that hyunjin put in the wall. It has an airplane on it.

Elsewhere, Taesoo meets with the senator and checks his office for wiretapping. He says it is clean, there is nothing there. The senator is in disbelief about that and asks who is threatening him. He gives him the orphan list and says that is important to threaten people with. He also mentions that they have to win, his life is in this election.

He goes outside with all his people, which is where Hyunjin stops him. The senator says that he has an important meeting, he can give her one minute. But if the polcie want to protect him then he will not refuse it. She tells him that, by law, the polce cannot protect a senator. he asks if she can protect him as a private citizen? She says no, because she is from Han Sol orphanage. The senator leans in and says that he protected all those kids and made sure that she got adopted into a rich family. Perhaps I should not have done it?

She tells him that all the kids where witnesses of the Lee Hyun case. The senator tells her to go to her adopted father and then gets in the car.



The senator goes to a building and runs into Do Jaehwan. He tells him that he is sad about what he did. Jaehwan asks him what he can do about it and starts to walk past him. So the senator tells him that he is the body, have you seen a body that does not exist without the head? i am not dying alone. Poeple will know what is above them. Jaehwan tells him that people attack the body because it tastes better, the head knows that well. 

The sentaor tells him that Hyunjin grew up well, she looks like she can catch the head also. Jaehwan tells him, if he wants to maintain his badge, he needs to remember who gave it to him. Dogs wave their tails to whomever gives them a meal. Otherwise, they don’t eat. Then he walks off like the boss he is.

The senator calls Taesoo and tells him to look everywhere in Korea for the orphanage that Saehan hospital supports.

Outside, Taesoo meets with the assistant (or nods to her) and then hops in a car with Jaehwan to tell him what the sentaor told him to do. He told him to search everywhere in Korea for whatever orphanage the hospital supports. jaehwan asks about the foster mother. Taesoo says he took care of her.

Jaehwan also asks about So hwansuk. Someone tried to attack him and he thinks that you sent him. (the camera cuts to a cell phone that might still be on). Jaehwan asks him if he saw the face of the man that attacked him? Taesoo says that it was a young guy.

Taesoo meets with the senator later in the senators office. The senator asks if he is looking for the new orphanage? they have started their business again so they should have a new orphanage. Find them, whoever bites first will win.

Cut to the new orphanage. Kids are sitting against a wall and a woman calls each number to come in. She gives each kid a shot and then candy.

Meanwhile, Philip is fretting about not fullfiling the contract with this woman. She is texting him that she will take one of their lives if it is not fullfilled and tells philip that he needs to warn him, not convince him. She then gives Philip a photo to give to Soohyun. She says he will know what it means.

Philip stops Soohyun who is at his car and asks him if he can go with him? Soohyun says no, and this is my last warning, find out who the client is. Then Soohyun leaves. Philip wonders what Soohyun is thinking.



Soohyun goes to the memorial building and compares the photo he has with Do Hyunjin’s photo in the reproters memorial cubby. He is sent back into a memory at the orphanage. Do Hyunjin looks pretty sickly and is in a wheelchair with a hair bonnet on. She writes two names and asks him which names he would like and she will have the other one? he picks Soohyun so she tells him that they share the same name of “Hyun”. It looks like she wrote a name for him becuse he was just saying that his name was #88.

She then tells him to sit so he sits with her. A woman comes out and gives Hyunjn a blanket, it looks like this is her adoptive parents? Hyunjin gives this blanket to SOohyun and says that he is her dongsaeng. Then someone takes a photo of the two of them.

In the present, Soohyun says that he found her.

(Okay, so it looks like he was friends with the real Do Hyunjin also?)




Soohyun leaves the memorial place and the “crazy” mother comes and sees her child’s memorial. She asks how she has been.

Elsewhere, Soohyun sits in the dark in his place when Philip comes in. Soohyun then asks if he can see the photos. they look at the photos together of the memorial for Do Hyun. It says that the mother and daughter died, but actually only the daughter died. But now the mother and daughter are alive, so if she is adopted then the new mother daughter relationship has started. (I’m a little confused). hey say that Soohyun is following them so perhaps they want to threaten him.  I told you, if you break the contract then they will put your life on the line. 

Soohyun says that their client new all of this from the beginning. They new that one was adopted and the other one died. Soohyun remembers the phone call he had with them about not asking into any of the targets. Philip tells him not to ask questions, just finish. if you finish the last three targets then you will see your past. SOohyun says, if he finds the client then he will know everything. If I chase the client then Do Hyunjin and her mother will die also. But if I refuse the request….tell them that our contract ended. If they kill the mother and daughter then they will be killed also.

Philip stresses out about this as Soohyun leaves. He gets another text that says “victim.” The person who sent this is the scientist who closes his computer. We see that Seulki is in the background talking to the scientist. She tells him that she thinks he will connect well with someone (not sure who) and then asks if he has noodles. She also says that she is drawing something in order to help out someone. The thing she is drawing is the murder scene.

Meanwhile, a lot of cops are running after some criminals on the street. He escapes, but then Hyunjin flies and kicks the perp into the ground. She handcuffs him right away on the ground. The annoying cop thanks her for that.

Elsewhere on the street, the senator walks around with his election crew all in orange as they talk to Koreans and thank them about the election. Hyunjin is following them along with the other cops. It looks like she is friends with the annoying cop now. Or maybe he is friends with her because he is not mean to her or her sidekick anymore and tells them that she can rest and doesn’t have to stake out all night, he will stay. 

They get a call so Hyunjin says that she will go there, she tells her sidekick to stay with sunbae in the car. Hyunjin goes to the police department to find out how the drawing (profile picture) came out. Then the prosecutor calls her to have coffee so she goes to his office. She gives him the drawing of the face. They look at the drawing and she hides the nose and mouth on one then thinks back to the rooftop where Soohyun saved her from that bullet.

The prosecutor asks her if she knows him? She says that they can talk about it later and leaves.

While driving away, she thinks back to what the autopsy doctor said to her about the case. Then hyunjin arrives at the vet clinic and starts to snoop around. She opens a lower cabinet where she sees the drug they talked about previously. Then she takes a photo of his diploma.

Soohyun comes in then, so she asks him to tell her who he is. #88 in the orphanage. tell me, did you adapt to America? Your degree is from there. What about your foster parents? When you were in the orphanage, we talked a lot about the kids with numbers. they were specially treated, but the rumor is that the numbered kids where the only ones that got adopted. 

he tells her that she was also adopted. She says that might have been a special case. But then his phone rings so he excuses himself. She goes outside and sees that his motorcycle is gone. She goes to her room (or his room?) and looks around. It looks like this is his room, she looks all around his place, at his computer and his camera. Then he comes back in so she hides behind the door.

But he sees that his camera is on, he takes it and leaves. She leaves from behind his door and hurries out, but he is still there and sees her leave. He might have known she was behind the door as well. he looks at his camera and then looks in her direction.



Later on, she walks outside and talks on the phone with someone about tube babies. She tells this person that she will send them a picture and wants them to investigate it.

At the same time, Soohyun calls the scientist and says that he wants him to tell him his entire past truth. The scientists tells him that he does not know if he can take it. he also waonders why So Hwan Suk is still alive. Soohyun says it was not a mistake, he just did not kill him. The scientists asks if he should make another choice? Kill So Hwansuk in public. If you do not do it, then I will kill people around you one by one.

Soohyun looks up at Hyunjin who is a little ahead on the street. He tells the scientist that he does not care who he kills, the most important thing to him is his past. the scientist asks him if he is sure about that? Either kill the target, or I will kill people around you.

the light changes where Hyunjin is standing so she starts to walk across the road absentmindedly. Suddenly a car does a U-y and revs its engine toward her. Soohyun sees this and takes off running to Hyun Jin. Hyunjin sees the car, but it is too late. She stares at it like a deer in headlights. Then Soo hyun grabs her.

Fade Out



I am still super confused with this show, lol. It looks like Soohyun knew the real Do Hyujin and the rich family when he was a little kid? He also knew our cop as a kid as well (she is the airplane kid). The scientist also knows that Soohyun is #88 and that he is an assassin now. I don’t know how he knows that, but I guess his assistant found out some how. Perhaps they are the reason Soohyun was saved in the first place and maybe they are the ones that hired Pavel to train Soohyun to become an assassin? It seems like that could be the case.

I have no clue why Seulki is hanging out with the scientist in his botanical garden shop though. That one is completely out of left field for me. Does anyone know anything about that? 


Episode 7 translation is below

SH – Our client was watching us closer than we thought. They found Do Hyunjin right away. It could have been you.

Scientist – You have a lot to protect so it can be an easier job for me.

PH – Are you going to remove the target in public when he is running for election? That is to dangerous!

SH – He said, if I don’t remove the target then he will kill people around me, one-by-one. (Philip is all like, IT TOLD YOU THAT)

SH – Find the client, whatever it takes. Before I kill them all.

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  1. Table122000
    April 7, 2019 / 10:37 am

    Thanks so much for recapping this drama! I am enjoying it, but it the plot is so confusing! It is good to have these recaps so I can try to figure out what is going on. What is the connection between Soohyun and the real Hyun Jin? She calls him as “younger brother” so perhaps Soo Hyun was created to “save” her and treat her illness?For example, if she had lukemia, Soo Hyun may have been created so that they could use his blood marrow to treat the real Hyun Jin. But if so, why did the real Hyun Jin die? It is all very confusing.

    • V
      April 7, 2019 / 11:46 am

      OMG, I love this theory! I think it’s right! She might have died because Soohyun ran away that day?

    • Jo
      April 7, 2019 / 2:04 pm

      The real Hyun Jin probably died before she could get the surgery, which is probably why SH was sent back to the orphanage. I think the scientist knew his relationship with both HJ and used that moment when they were going to meet on the rainy day to get Pavel to basically “take out” and also train SH.

  2. Suzy
    April 7, 2019 / 10:45 am

    I also curious about Seulki and The scientists too.

    • V
      April 7, 2019 / 1:49 pm

      Right! It feels like I missed something with those two.

  3. Jo
    April 7, 2019 / 2:08 pm

    I just assumed SG is at the garden because she thinks its peaceful and since she hurt the scientist and he reminds her of SH who doesn’t talk but feeds her, she just continues to come. We know he isn’t her dad but she probably just feels comfortable there. You know what Im hoping, Im hoping SH finds out that SG is his daughter soon and not when the scientist tries to kill her in the garden. I keep thinking one day his going to lure her in and try and kill her.

    • V
      April 7, 2019 / 2:37 pm

      Oh, I like this. But I am so confused! So do you think that Seulki is the scientists daughter? That would be great if that was the case. I am just missing the part were she was introduced to the garden because it seems like the scientist is trying to keep a low profile so it seems like his garden wouldn’t be near the city.

      • Jo
        April 9, 2019 / 12:43 am

        As impossible as it is. She’s SH daughter. I am curious about how dhe found the garden, all I remember is that she skipped school after coming back from the hospital(i didnt show that) and ended in the garden. Just my assumption

        • V
          April 9, 2019 / 11:16 am

          I like it!

    • Yanni
      April 13, 2019 / 4:08 am

      Hi, what do mean SG is SH daughter? SH is So Hyun?

  4. Rose
    April 7, 2019 / 11:37 pm

    Thanks for the recap V! I havent reas everyines comments and theories here, so if my theory was the same as everyone elsr here….GREAT MINDS THINKS THE SAME! 😆

    anyways, heres what i got so far (i apologize for the names in advance, im not good with korean names, so instead i’ll just describe them 😄):

    -The lead assassin, when he was a kid, must be specially designed to be a cure for that sick girl. The girl must have died before whatever cure they need from the boy becomes fully developed or before it can be used.

    -since the girl was already dead, they have no use for the boy so they have to kill him because he knows about the orphanage, so they hired Pavel to kill the boy. For some reason Pavel didnt kill him (maybe he grew a conscience, i dont know), instead trained the boy to be an assassin. Thats why Pavel keeps telling the boy that his father wants him dead.

    -not sure yet why the detective was chosen to be the replacement for the dead girl as a daughter, maybe we’ll find out soon (i hope).

    -maybe i missed it, but who is the grandfather of the girl witness (the building owner)? Did he worked with the bad guys but want to tell the public what was going on with the orphanage?

    -the old lady that took one of the kids away from the orphanage, did they said anything who was the kid she took with her? Did i missed something?

    Anyways, im loving this drama! Cant wait for next weeks episode! 😊

    • V
      April 8, 2019 / 11:35 am

      I think the grandfather is the senator that used to run the orphanage. We see him talking to Hyunjin’s father (over dinner) in a lot of flashbacks. Maybe he was given a lot of money to run for senator after he handled the orphanage thing? Soohyun tried to kill him, but didn’t.

      I actually dont’ think they said who the kid was that the woman took away. I am leaning toward #88, but maybe not?


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