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Kill It Episode 5 Live Recap (Finished!)

Kill It Korean Drama Recap
Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

And we are live for Kill It! Not technically live-live, but we are close! Last episode our duo were each looking into the closed orphanage, individually. They did not know that the other had broken in as well. Though Soohyun found out about Hyunjin before she found out about him.

We ended the episode with Soohyun hiding in a corridor as Hyunjin approached it with her flashlight. She looked up the corridor and …. that was it. So we should open with that scene or close to it!

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A boy is running through the woods.

VO – The person who wanted to kill me was my own father. 

Cut to the same boy in the woods learning to shoot

VO – Pavel found me

Then we see the present day Soohyun as an assassin as the images on screen recount what has happened in the last 4 episodes. The voice overs all recount what has happened. A lot has happened, so this section is pretty long.

Finally, we get to the orphanage where Soohyun and Hyunjin showed up at last night. Hyun jin arrives alone and looks at the gates to the orphanage. But outside at the gates, she got a phone call from the prosecutor who asked if she got the price for the meat? Flashback to her recieving the information in an envelop. She tells him yes. He says that she should be were he thinks she is now. But it is closed.

She says yes, she will investigate it first. She enters the gate.

Soohyun is also in the area. He is walking to the orphanage and hears a voice over, “The person who wanted to kill you was your father.”

They both go inside, seperately. Hyun jin looks up an aisle and we are sent into a memory of a little girl with wild flowers walking up this same aisle. But then she hides as we see little Soohyun being dragged out by a man with a crowbar. It looks like Hyunjin remembers everything.

Present day Hyunjin goes into a room and continues looking around.

Meanwhile, Soohyun is also looking around the building, he might be in another room. His eyes fall on a cabinet and he is also sent into a long lost memory of a little girl. He closes his eyes to focus. We see his memory of his childhood at the orphanage where he looks at this girl outside playing with a paper plane? She is playing with something and walks past him. He does not talk to her.

In the present, he holds onto the cabinet name tag and sees the name: Lee Young-Eun. Then we hear a kid saying 88, 88! Soohyun turns to see his little self getting bullied by other kids who are throwing things at him and yelling at him to go away, disappear. He looks at his little self until it disappears.

Inside, Hyunjin goes into another area where there are cabinets and other things to look through. The music is loud during this section. SOohyun keeps looking around as well. that is when he hears something and pops his head out to the hall to inspect. Hyunjin walk by with her flashlight.

He is able to hide so she does not see him, but he does follow her. She walks around to another hallway and looks at a brick wall. She removes one of the bricks and hops to the past where there is a paper plane hidden inside (in the past). In the present, nothing is there so she ads a key ring or something similar.

Soohyun watches all of this. But then Hyunjin senses something and goes to the stairway area where Soohyun is hiding. He is not there anymore.



Hyun jin goes back to her car and inserts her key (but without the key ring) and drives off. But she sees a motorcycle while she is driving off.

Soon, we see Soohyun driving next to Hyun jin on his motorcyle. In a flashback, we see him going back to the hall and looking at the brick hiding place. In the present when he is driving he looks at Hyunjin and then drives off.

Hyunjin goes back to her office where the prosecutor goes in to talk to her. It is super late at night. He tells her that the fourth person related to the notes can be So Hwansuk. She tells him that she wanted to call him. He says that she should have. He bought delicious chicken and watched his cell phone waiting for her phone call. He chides her about giving her good info and then waitif for her call.

Cut to them eating the chicken he bought in the break room. She asks when he started following them? He says since the Kim Jonggu case. He moves to the next game after cracking the one he is playing after all. He then says that there are victims, but no murderer and he suspect has no evidence. This is an unsolved case like a thorn in my throat.

They talk about the witnesses that died in this case and how there is no direct relationship with Ko Hyunju but how he was obsessed with the orphanage case. She asks him how much he knows about her. So he tells everything he knows about her: police woman, chaebols daughter, ballet in Russia until high school, but not talented, but you hold the dart world record and you are from Han Sol orphanage.

She tells him that is her secret because her mother hides everything as much as possible. To her best ability. He asks a question, do you remember anything about Han Sol orphanage? She looks at him quietly.

Cut to Soohyun at home. Seulki asks him what he has been doing, does it have to do with eunnie? But Soohyun just ignores her and goes into his place. Philip comes right out  to talk to her and tells her this is not info for little kids. But she tells him she is 20! And she talks to him in banmal. He tells her not to use banmal but she says that he used it first.

Philip runs back inside the apartment and asks Soohyun abou the orphanage and how things are clicking quickly even though he was never able tot find anything about it. It could be the key to his past. But Philip also thinks that the girl might have been adopted so her name might have changed. He asks Soohyun if he knows anything, but Soohyun is still not talking. Philip really wants him to tell him something.



Meanwhile, Hyunjin has gotten home, it is still the same night. She sees the motorcycle parked at the apartment and gives it a long hard look. She even touches the helmet, then she heads inside.

Inside, Soohyun is brooding on his couch.

Hyunjin rides the elevator up and steps into the hallway on her floor. She is also in pretty deep thought. She looks at Soohyun’s door. At her door, Seulki approaches her and asks why she is looking like that, did you two fight? 401 looks at 402, 402 looks at 401. Hyun jin says it is nothing but asks when he did that? Seulki says when is not important, why is important. You two are super suspicious, it bothers me.

Hyunjin tells her it is late. Seulki is pretty upset that they don’t tell her anything and is about to storm off, but then Hyunjin asks her who owns the motorcycle. Seulki thinks for a quick moment and says it belongs to Soohyun. he went on a business trip. Hyunjin asks where he went. Seuki tells her that she isi suspicious, see. there is only one way to find out.


Soohyun is in his vet clinic playing with his wolf dog when Seulki tells him that she did not get breakfast from him for awhile. She wants to eat with him and eunnie. Soohyun ignores her. So seulki says that he does not have to make breakfast, but her wish is that all her family sits and eats a meal together. He says to tell him when she has a family. Seulki means her semi family. She was so envious and has never done those things where she eats together, she envious that. Hyunjin’s mother sent her food and she invited us, so lets eat together.

Soohyun hops up and says, she invited us. Then he goes straight to Hyunjin’s place with Seulki happily following along. Philip is already there and mentions that Seulki has a lot of power over Soohyun. Hyunjin tells them that it is already ready, just wait. Then she asks Philip to do something in the kitchen and hesitantly looks at Soohyun as she tells him to come in.

Soohyun walks in slowly. Seulki tells Hyunjin that he needs time to adapt to the environment. So Hyunjin does not bother her. Soohyun looks around and sees a folded paper plane, he unfolds it and sees the number 88 on it and a lady bug or a butterfly. He takes a photo of it and then folds it back up.

Hyun jin looks at him, it looks like this might have been her trap possible?

Cut to them all eating. Philip tells them all to eat, it took a long time to prepare. Then Seulki asks where Soohyun went last night. They start to talk about his motorcycle and things and then how long Philip has been friends with Soohyun. He says it has been so long, he doesn’t remember.

HJ – So, you know his friend that can fold airplanes right?

Philip – Airplanes?

Seulki – Do you have any other friends than him? I haven’t heard of any. How did you become friends? Similar people become friends, but you two are so different.

Philip tells her that their face is a carbon copy. She tells him to shut up.

HJ – Where did you go for your business trip?

PH – You are so interested in SOohyun *nervous ha ha*

HJ – Did you go to Han Sol orphanage?

PH – *coughs a lot*

SK – *annoyed* Eat slowly! 

HJ – i will get you some water.

Cut to Philip searching Do Hyunjin will different key words. this is after dinner. Soohyun is in his lair sitting and thinking when Philip comes in and tells him all he knows about Do Hyunjin. The only daughter of a chaebol group and a special investigator.

Soohyun slides something over to him, it is the photo of the unfolded paper plane he took at the dinner.



Philip asks if he needs to know more about her than that. He shines the light on Soohyun. Soohyun turns the light away. Philip looks at the photo and says that it was a trap! She knew about everything.

He says that she would have arrested him if she knew everything. They start to brainstorm this. Philip says that Lee Youngeun was part of his past so he has some emotions and wants to approach her, do you have a kinship about her or something? So Hyunjin, no Lee Youngeun, she is a police woman. Do you know what case she is investigating? Did you already know this? DO you know who she is following? Did you know everything already and you are already staying here? Soohyun, think about it, I know what the paper airplane means, but Lee Youngeun is not important. the important thing is that she is the inspector that wants to catch you. Lets leave, this is a trap. I don’t like it. Why won’t you say anything?

SH – If she is the enemy as you say, then I need to keep her right next to me.

He walks off but Philip says that this is like a fantasy game to put the enemy right next to you. Lets be realistic, you are really strange lately. Soohyun says that whoever asked to kill him, what if that person knows that I am still alive, what will that person think? I want to see their face. I want to know. Can you look for people who are related to Han Sol orphanage? Whoever is from there, anyone?

He walks off. 

Elsewhere, An old man sits in a room at a hospital. Jaehwan (HJ’s appa) and a doctor talk to him about his treatment. The room also looks pretty expensive. They tell him that he has good vital signs and is in good condition to get the treatment. The man says he is almost dead though. The doctor says that the donor already has good vital signs. The old man asks about the kid from 14 years ago. he wonders about him. He should be all grown up now. I want to see his face at least.

the doctor shows the old man a picture of a little kid, it might be Soohyun. He asks if the orphanage director has a list of kids with numbers?  Jaehwan says that “he” is having fun even though he does not know that this will cost him his life. Flashback to Jaehwan talking to the senator. The senator brings up where #88 went. 

In the present, the doctor calls the senator a stupid guy. he does not even know that he is kicking himself. This is why you cant trust people from the bottom. When low class people become successful, not all of them are the same. that is why you are different. By the way, are you not going to do anything? We should remove this potential risk before we have another Ko Hyunwoo. Are you going to remove So Wonsuk? Jaehwan says that is part of their job to cut ties at the right moment. The doctor asks about Ko Hyunwoo, what are you going to do with him? Jaehwan says that they should wait. He will show up.



Meanwhile, Soohyun is thiking and working in his lair. It looks like he has wiretapped a room (from when he went to the sentors house?). SO he is hearing everything right now. they keep talking about the day when the kid with numbers died. They have their blood on their hands. 

Men – Do you remember what happened in the last 19 years? We were so busy to be swayed by an invisible leash. But by the way, actually, we have the leash in our hands. With that leash, we can lead things now. (this is the senator talking). 

But then the sentaor sees that the safe is unlocked.

Senator – Someone opened it! Robbery! What did you do, you were here when I was out! Answer me!

He throws a clock thta hits the mans face.

The man asks if he has anything missing. The senator looks through his list of orphans. Blood oozes from the mans head, though he is still standing as if nothing is wrong.

Senator – Maybe the safe is broken…..?

it looks like nothing is missing, so the senataor tells the man to call the company and then turns back to his dramatic speech and says that this is the leash that we have. the kids that disappeared from the orphanage.

Soohyun calls someone and tells them to find out about Park Taesoo and Do Jaehwan.

Cut to Do Jaehwan meeting with Park Taesoo in a small dark eatery. They talk aout how they have not seen each other in awhile. Park Taesoo says that he would have seen him if he called him. Why are we meeting here? Jaehwan says he likes it here because this place reminds him of younger days. Taesoo drinks from the glass in front of him, but it might be poisoned? JaeHwan pours him another shot and he drinks it.

Then they talk about the orphanage and how the senator has a leash that can control Jaehwan. He asks if he wants him to remove it? Jaehwan says that is not enough, he might have a copy of it. The leash is in the owners hand anyway, not the dogs hand. The dog just does not know about it. Let him keep barking, it will only hurt his throat.

But the way, there is something else to take care of that is urgent. He puts a bag on the table and asks if he remembers the foster mother that snuck one of the kids out? I know where she is now, take care of her. Taesoo says okay and stands as Jaehwan walks out. Then he looks inside the bag and sees lots of money and a note that has information about the target.




Cut to Hyunjin walking to the vet clinic and taking a deep breath before going inside. But then she sees him from the window and then goes in to ask him why he is ignoring her. He says he felt like he caught her picking on him. Then he asks what happened. She says that she has two people that she wants to meet in her life. One went too far so she can’t meet them anymore. The other person – my friend who I want to see sometimes. That friend was good at folding airplanes.

She looks at him and he looks at her and the camera scrolls around them. It looks like they are sharing a moment, neither one are talking. But then Philip comes in to ruin the mood and tells Soohyun that it is time to leave. He starts to walk off. Hyunjin asks if he can spare some time later so Soohyun pauses. But then Philip asks why and says that they have to leave now. So Soohyun leaves.

Elsewhere, Taesoo walks to an abandoned looking building, that might be his house, in the countryside and puts the money in a secret place in the floor. But then Soohyun comes in dressed in his assassin attire. Taesoo closes the ground up and hesitates to turn around.

SH – Why did you kill the kids at Han Sol orphanage?

The man turns to fight and they punch and kick it out in a fight sequence. But Soohyun is better and continues to ask him why he did it, he should have a reason. The man has a metal finger that Soohyun remembers when he was a kid. This is enough of a distraction for the man to break free and stand with a knife pointed at Soohyun’s face. 

They fight again with the man asking Soohyun what he number is, but then he says no, I killed them all.

They fight again and Soohyun might have stabbed the man, but he has to run off because there is another man who asks if Park is inside. He goes in to find Park on the floor and helps him up with concern as he asks what happened.

Soohyun drives off.


In a large plant store, the fabulous nurse tells the scientist that Kim Higo laundered the girls identity (Seulki’s) so it was difficult to find her. Her current name is Kang Seulki. The scientist looks at Seulki’s picture. the nurse says that this girl is like #88 and is the living proof of what happened 19 years ago.

the scientist is shocked (and yet not) that she survived. They speak very dryly to each other about this situation and says that the doctor and Do Jaehwans ambition was about to be revealed (in a bad way) so they had to kill all of the kids. Without the foster mom’s help, “he” should also be dead.

The scientist asks who the guardian is of the kid who survived. She says Kim Ilho. The scientist thinks that Do Jaehwan should have killed Kim Ilho since he snuck out a kid. She says that Do Jaehwan needed money to revive this collapsed company from his greediness. Kim Ilho used that well.

The scientist asks where the woman is that snuck out the kid. She says that she found her and she will give it to #88. the scientist is clipping flowers as he listens and says, this plant, the same leaf goes bad all the time. I tried to change it but can’t. That is genetics. #88 is just like his father, he always gets his hands wet with blood. He became the perfect knife that I can use against Do Jaehwan. But why is the result for this case delayed?

The woman says that they have time, don’t worry. #88 has never missed. The man asks, does “no subject” not know that his daughter is withh #88? She says that those things should be revealed, according to their plan. (Maybe the no subject sentence refers to Do Jaehwan).

Then Seulki just shows up at this plant place as the woman is leaving. She takes a beat to look back at her and then continues walking off. However, Seulki knocks a plant over on accident as she takes a photo of it and this causes the scientist to bleed (somehow). He sits and she tells him that she will buy it since she caused it, but he says that it is fine.



Meanwhile, Soohyun throws a ball inside his place as he thinks, this bothers Philip. Philip then brings up the day all the orphans were murdered. Soohyun thinks about what taesoo said about killing everyone, though he asked what his number was. Philip keeps talking and asks how Soohyuns meeting was with a guy yesterday. 

Soohyun says, when he was #88 in Han Sol Orphanage, Park Taesoo was there. Philip says he was his behavioral teacher. It sounds like you got your memory back?

Soohyun says he got his memory back. Philip asks why he didn’t tell him, you should tell me when you remember things. Tell me everything that you remember. he thinks it is good because that means he does not need Lee Youngeun anymore. You can abandon her. I can’t digest with a police woman next door.

Soohyun leaves. Philip thinks he wouldn’t give Soohyun so many breaks if he had one more friend. But then someone tries to chat with Philip on the internet. He sends a photo and texts:

Hong Junghee

Han Sol Orphanage foster mom

Seoul, So dae-jung gu naundong san 9 (the address)

Inside the clinic, Soohyun reads a note from Hyun jin saying that she will wait for him at a cafe. Then Philip texts him the address of the woman and all that he saw. He then comes out and tells Soohyun that it is difficult to find people related to Han Sol orphanage. But he did find one person, the foster mom. Hong Junghee. You hsould go there, you never know, she might know #88. If you behave like a real grandkid, you know, halmoni’s treat you well. If you need to fix something in ehr place, just fix it. talk to her nicely.

Seulki comes in and tells Philip that he is good at conjobs. Philip turns around and tells her that it is not a con job, but then he sees that Soohyun is not there. He asks where he went. Seulki says he left in a hurry. Maybe to see eunni, they are having something right? Am I the only one that does not know? I am 20 years old, I am just in high school. Then she tells the dog to bite him.

Cut to the cafe where Hyunjin waits for Soohyun. He sits outside in his car looking at her, she does not notice him. He drives off and goes to meet the woman at the address.

He walks oup on her while she is cleaning her yard and asks her if he can ask her a question about han Sol orphanage? She quickly runs inside and hides. Soohyun goes inside and asks if all the kids with numbers died? Do you know why they had to die?

She stays hiding. Soohyun sees that something is broken and thinks about what Philip said, he should fix things that are broken and buy things that she might need. So Soohyun fixes something that is broken and then gives her his number to call him. He also tells her that he lost his childhood memories and thinks he might have been one of those kids.

She comes out when he leaves and looks at the number. She also sees that he fixed her door.

Soohyun drives back to the cafe, Hyunjin is still waiting there even though it is dark now. She looks tired, but she keeps waiting. Soohyun drives off.

Later on, Hyunjin finally decides to leave, that is when Soohyun shows up and they have a moment of looking at each other in the cafe as the camera fades in and out on each of their faces.

They both end up walking outside, yet not talking. Then they sit on a bench together.

HJ – I thought you would not come

SH – You still waited though?

HJ – I could wait after thinking about the reason you can’t com – Han Sol orphanage

SH – Why do you say that?

HJ – The airplane. In my house you couldn’t pass the airplane also. And also, Han Sol orphanage kids can’t talk about what happened there.

SH – How was Han Sol orphanage?

HJ – Hell. No one cared about what happened in the orphanage. Kids were completely abandoned from the world. (flashbacks of life at the orphanage). We had to work when we became 10. No one cared about whoever fell while working. Because they all knew that we were abandoned. they also knew that crying only made you hungry. (a kid writes a wish on a piece of paper to please die tomorrow). No one will hear your cry also. (the girl walks up the hall and places the airplane in her secret spot in the wall. Soohyun reads the letter later on. he leaves her candy on another day in the secret spot and another letter. the letter says: please save young eun, – #88. She smiles as she reads it.)

SH – Have you seen your friends face? Do you remember anything?

HJ – I remember one thing that I will never forget. He made hell into Heaven.

She looks at him on the bench, and he looks at her. They stare at each other and the camera fades out.



then we see Soohyun back at home looking at his camera. He remembers Hyunjin say that her friend made Hell into Heaven. Philip comes in and asks how he slept, he doesn’t respond. Philip asks if he remembers anything else? Then reminds him of the deadline for So Hwonsuk (the senator). You should finish it so the client will keep sending pictures and you will find your past.

At that moment, the halmae sends a text to him: #88, I remember, with bad Korean.

Soo hyun runs off. Philip yells, where are you going?

Meanwhile, Hyunjin goes to the prosecutors office who is working hard on figuring something out on his white board. Hyunjin sits and waits, then they both start to work together to figure things out, she shares her files with him so he looks through the photos and says that he is going to make a monteju (drawing) of the murder suspect.

She also shares images of the burnt notebook. The prosecutor looks through then all and sees a note about a meeting in Busan. Hyun jin says that is the location where the reporter died. He closes the papers and says that this is like a certain murer case. Kim Hee do. He is the most famous loneshark that can buy Korea with cash. When I was 22 and just passed the bar exam, that case happened. Everyone talked about this case. We had a witness and the witness also died right away. There were a lot of rumors, but the two cases still remained unsolved.

They talk about somthing that was not in the report and ask each other what they think it means. There was a witness. He says they are looking for the witness from that case. Hyunjin says she is looking for her too. (that witness should be Seulki).

Hyunjin rides off thinking about Seulki and that confrontation she had with her family. She gets to a location and looks at some paperwork that has so many names on it. She says all the names in her mind. Cut to a private detective telling her that a person changed their names so many times. But he finally found the #1 loanshark in Korea and found out that Seulki is her granddaughter. But he does not have any kids so how is she the granddaughter? An external marriage?

The loanshark says that he never heard anyone get married again at 60 but he also never saw a tube baby at 60 years old either. Hyunjin is about to throw something at him. He comments on her temper, then Hyunjin sees Seulki’s picture and says that they can talk about it later.

At the same time, Soohyun is driving and calling that woman. he tells her, if what I say is right, tap twice. If it is wrong, then tap 3 times.

SH – Have you seen #88 in Han Sol orphanage.

She taps twice

SH – Do you know why that kid is #88

She taps twice. But then someone is about to break into her house. Oh no, it looks like it is Taesoo! The guy has a metal finger. he breaks the door and starts to wrap a rope around his hands as he tells her that she can’t talk right now, but it would be better if she can’t see or hear.

In the car, Soohyun calls Philip and tells him to follow the number that he is about to send him. Soohyun then gets to a certain location where Philip says that the signal was lost. Soohyun finds the phone there in some bushes.

Back at the clinic, Hyunjin gets home in a hurry and walks in to talk to Seulki. Seulki asks what happened. Hyunjin is slow moving and sits at the table. Seulki asks what happened again. Hyunjin takes forever to respond. 

HJ – You were 11, what happened at the pension?

Seulki pulls her leg back.

SK – What are you talking about? 

HJ – You saw it, you are the witness.

She pulls out a picture.

HJ – You saw another witness.

SK – I don’t know what you are talking about, if you want to talk about this then leave.

HJ – Nine years ago, you were next to your grandfather in the pension. There was another victim, not your halabogi, just tell me what happened to him, please.

Seulki stands to leave but is all teary. She turns to answer (maybe). But then Soohyun walks in and asks what happened.

Fade Out



Okay, I kind of like how no one has any emotion in this show except Philip and Seulki. It goes with this Sin City yet Taxi Driver like mood they are trying to create. 

But the story is hard to follow. There are so many moments were it feels like we have jumps of information in this show. Like, all of a sudden the murderer for two crime scenes was connected, but it didn’t feel like this was shown all the well? The “butcher” might have been the first one to make the connection? 

So confused, yet enjoying my confusion.


Episode 6 preview translation below

VO – I know you waited for 9 years, don’t push it too much. It should be a difficult time for that kid also, as much as you and me.

Fab lady – If you don’t meet the deadline, then you have to pay the penalty.

Scientist – A mistake or a failure, we cannot accept either.

PH – If you live like a normal veterinarian, what about all the blood on your hands?

HJ – Tell me who you are, Soohyun

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