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Kill It: Episode 12 Live Recap FINAL

Korean Drama Kill It, courtesy OCN

It’s finale time! I will probably put most of my thoughts on this show in the comments at the bottom because this show was cray-cray.

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Shorthand Character Chart: Kill It

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Hyunjin drives at night time, she is following a GPS map somewhere. Then she gets a call from someone who says it is Kim Soohyun! We have his cell phone location and everything! It is Kim Soohyun!

People are at Soohyun’s place and take everything from it. The cops and prosecutors are all there and removing all his spy assassin things. The prosecutor tells Hyunjin that they had a public search warrant for it. Did you try to convince him to turn himself in? Is that why you came here?

Hyunjin says that she wanted to give him a chance to do it, if it was possible. They kind of try and put the pieces of the puzzle together when it comes to Kim Soohyun. They also talk about all his targets and how her father can be a target as all. The prosecutor asks her if she is close friends with someone and then shows her a photo from Kim Soohyun’s camera.

But then they all get a beep that alerts them to Kim Soohyun’s location.

Hyunjin drives to the location where Soohyun’s car is. It looks like she is the only cop that drove there? This is n ot clear. There are other cars around. She looks in one of the cars and sees a lot of kids there. They all look back at her. But then she gets a text with a restricted phone number. I tis SOohyun.

He is watching hr from the forest and tells her that these kids are numbered kids, can you protect them? She tries to get him to stop what he is doing. he wants to go after Do Jaehwan.

She tearfully wants to stop Soohyun and tells him that murdering people is murdering. She wants to help him. He tells her that his job is to keep kids from being born in order to be killed. He hangs up.

She calls his name and looks aorund, then all the other cops show up. He looks at her from the forest and thinks about their long walks along the city creek to their place as well as the coffee she gave to him and the time they spent talking on the bench and drinking on the rooftop.

All the cops and prosecutors run up to her, they find out that the kids are all in the car and start to take them all out to safety. They all leave.

Meanwhile, Philip tries to call SOohyun, and leaves a message about how all the cops took all his things, they should leave and go back to Russia, I called Victor, I have the ship.

But Soohyun is alraedy there and starts to talk to Philip about Seulki, is she okay? Pilip tells him that she is in the hospital with a bodyguard. And the scientist threatened me about you with Seulki. I also have a cell phone where people cannot track the location. Soohyun asks where Ko Yeon woo is. 

Philip thinks back to his talk with the scientist and says that he does not know what it is, but says that it looked like the scientist was about to kill someone. He tells SOohyun to forget about everything, the orphanage and everything. Lets go back, you are about to get caught.

Soohyun says it is too late. Philip thinks SOohyun is really strange now, it is not like him.



Meanwhile, all the kids are happy at the police station as they eat lots of yummy food happily. In the background, the cops and prosecutor talk about the kids and how there should never be kids that are born to die.

The used to be bad cop comes in and shows a photo of the fabulous assassin who is now in the autopsy room. He fills him in on how this guy was actually a plastic surgeon (or something like that?). This assassin guy was an ex doctor and was fired from the hospital due to allegations and released with no evidence, but he recorded all his conversations with the bad doctor. The cops think this is enough evidence to arrest the bad doctor. 

The little kids ask Hyunjoo if they are going to be adopted now? Hyunjin says that they are not going to get them adopted, they are going to send them to a better place. She mentions going to the see and asks about the ajusshi from yesterday.

Cut to Soohyun sitting in a car with Soohyun. He is going to stop by a place and then go to DO Jaehwan. Philip tells him to be careful. He wants to take him out of Korea with him. Philip gets out, it looks like they might be at the dock.

Soohyun drives off.

Meanwhile, Hyunjin tells all the cops and prosecutors that she cannot forgive her father for trading kids organs and starts to tells all the team members what to do in order to arrest him.

In the mansion, the mother asks why her husband is under investigation? The secretary tells her so she becomes worried about their company. He says that this situation is pretty bad. She tells him to let her know when they have any updates.

Cut to Do Jaehwan meeting with the old white haired man in his huge office. The old man tells him that he can just follow the investigation, he should be okay because they won’t have enough evidence so he will be released. The numbered kids are the biggest problem. They can also blame it all on the fabulous doctor that is already dead. So he is lucky. 

They all chuckle and the old man heads out. It looks like the old man will do his best to cover it all up. Then Jaehwan looks at CCTV footage of Soohyun releasing all the kids.

Wait a minute, it looks like Hyunjin got a hold of the black box footage and released it. Taesoo tells him that he needs to get all the evidence. Hyunjin calls the doctor (or he calls him) and tells him the plan about how he will be arrested but not prosecuted. The doctor is all like, what? You are crazy! I am leaving the country now. This would be humiliating in front of the reporters.

Jaehwan tells him that what happened 19 years ago will repeat if he does not do what he says. But he also sighs and tells him to take care of himself.

The doctor heads to his car but it does not ulock so he curses it for a moment and then gets inside. The scientist is in the back seat and injects him with  and syringe. He tells him that it is nice to see him again, we have a lot to talk about.

It looks like the doctor might be unable to move due to whatever was in the syringe. The doctor tells him not to kill him, Do Jaehwan did everything. The scientist tells him that he should not do this as a human. The doctor says that he does not know anything. Jaehwan told him to kill his family. The scientist says that his family was innocent and then stabs the doctor.



The doctor says that he does not know anything, just save my life, I will do anything you ask. The scientist says, anything? He pulls the knife out and then strangles the doctor with a rope while sitting in a car in front of the hospital. 

The cops run to the car, but they are too late to catch the scientist. They also just look at the dead doctor in the car and don’t try to revive him at all.

In the mansion, Hyunjin shows up with all the prosecutors and tells her mother that they are there to see aboji. the mother asks if she can tell her indetail, Hyunjin says she will do that later and she is sorry. They head in to her fathers office. 

The father starts to walk off with his cronies. She tells him that they are arresting him for child abuse and harvesting organs. She arrests him. He tells her, how dare you. She tells them to take him away, so the prosecutors take them all away.

They interrogate him in the police station, his lawyer tells him that he can deny everything. The cops tell him that he can only have one lawyer in the room, so like 3 other people leave (lol). The interrogation starts, Hyunjin is at the lead. She plays a recording to him after he denies the foster moms death. She then asks about the secretary, he says he does not know about it.

So she plays the recording of Soohyun talking to him in the car and says that he tried to use #88 to save his own daughter. He was a tube baby, is that right? He denies it and says that looks fake.

Hyunjin is heated and asks him how many little kids he killed. Jaehwan says he wants to drink some water and basically ignores the question.

Meanwhile, SOohyun goes to the plant nursery. The computer is open so he taps on it and sees a photo of the doctor and Jaehwan as soon as he taps the screen. He also looks at the photo next to it that is of his wife and daughter.

The scientist comes running up after and closes the computer and holds his hand. Soohyun hid for a moment but then says that nothing can erase the feeling of the first murder. The scientist starts to talk about how this will not end until Do Jaehwan dies. Soohyun tells him that he picked him because he is his son.

The scientist says he is not just the son, he is the cartridge, if you were not a killer than I would not pick you. Look at how you live.

This comment might have affected Soohyun. He looks even more uspet than usual. He tells him that he should not use other peoples kids, haven’t you thought about your own daughter? Soohyun starts to walk away. The scientist says that the police do not know who was involved in the kids. They can get away. If we don’t kill him, then he will never stop doing bad things.

Soohyun says that he might have picked him to kill Do Jaehwan, but I will decide what I want to do with Do Jaehwan. But then the cops start to knock on the front door to the nursery. Te scientist heads out and says that he will get rid of them, you need to find and rescue the kids (huh? Aren’t they already rescued?).

The scientist goes outside, the cops all ha e their guns out and pointed at him. He holds his hands up. They tell him that htey are arresting him for the doctor murder case. SOohyun peeks at them from around the corner and sneaks away.



Meanwhile, Seulki goes home. The soup she likes is on her table. She sees it and runs out. But she doesn’t see Soohyun anywhere.

So she closes her eyes and turns around sadly. He is across the street in his car, watching from a distance. he calls her.

SK – Hello

SH – Just go up, don’t do that

SK – Kim…are you watching me now? Where are you? If you cant come then I will go there.

She starts to talk about a lot of emotional things. he wants her to eat her dinner. She wants to wait for him. She starts tearing up and says that she felt like she had a real home after meeting him there. She doesn’t care what he does outside, just come back, this is your house. I will wait for you, I will not eat alone, okay?

He hangs up. She starts crying. He watches her. Then he drives off.

He thinks about all his memories with her as he drives off.

At the same time, the scientist is in the interrogation room thinking about what Soohyun told him about how when he used someone else’s kid, did he think about his own daughter.

Hyunjin comes in and asks how long he planned on doing this revenge with the secretary. The prosecutor is with her at the desk. The scientist says that he did this alone. But Hyunjin knows that the secretary helped him and starts to ask him about certain pictures.  She gives him his family photo back and says that he was once a normal father and husband once before.

The scientist says that he heard that Do Jaehwan is there, can I see him? Just 5 minutes – no, 1 minute.

Hyunjin and the prosecutor leave. They talk about how the doctor is in the autopsy room even though they know how he died. She calls Seulki (or Seulki calls her). Seulki tells her that she is at home.

Hyunjin goes to Seulki’s home and sees the solangtang on her table. She tells Seulki to pack. It is too dangerous to stay there. She has a place she can stay. But Seulki wants to stay.

Hyunjin asks if this is about Soohyun? Are you waiting for him? Did you see him?

They look at each other. Seulki says she knows she shouldnt’ do it, but can’t you give him one break? Please? At least keep him alive? Nothing else? Just keep him alive?

They hug. But no promises are made.





All the cops and prosecutors at at the desks. They find out that Do Jaehwan’s warrant is denied. They don’t understand this, they had all the evidence.

They decide to get the scientist and walk right past Jaehwan with him. They have a confrontation in their huge hallway about this. They basically use the scientist as leverage. The lawyers yell about it. Jaehwan tells them not to worry about this, this is a young prosecutor who is just trying to be big time.

They start to head out but then the scientist attacks Jaehwan. However, poeple pull him off. Jaehwan asks the prosecutor if that is what he wanted. The prosecutor says he enjoyed the show, dont’ go too far.

They all head out.

Taesoo is still on the loose and calls someone to tell them that he will not make mistakes. He then picks up Jaehwan who is walking out of the police headquarters. Jaehwan starts to talk to the chairman and says that nothing will happen to their supporters, they have no evidence without the numbered kids. (so they don’t have the numbered kids???)

On the news, it says that Do Jaehwans warrant is denied because they don’t have enough evidence. Philip calls Soohyun and asks what he is going to do?

Elsehwere, the kids they took from the orphanage are all happy as the cops look at them. But Hyunjin notices that Soohyun is watching the kids from a distance. they all decide that they have to catch him. So they start to run after him, but Soohyun is able to walk away without getting caught.

Inside, a nurse says that the kids all need to be in a hospital. She takes them away and tasers the man that was watching them. But then Soohyun tasers her? Eiher way, Philip runs up and they get into the van. The sidekick runs up at that moment. Philip pushes him away, though he apologizes for it, and then they all drive off.

Soohyun is behind the wheel the cops are in ho pursuit.

But Soohyun, Philip are able to get away and leave the kids in the van so the cops can find them again. Hyunjin remembers Soohyun telling her that Do Jaehwan is not finished yet. 

In the park, Soohyun and Philip part ways again. Philip still wants to leave the country with SOohyun, but Soohyun just tells him to take care of himself and heads out to finish things.



Cut to the mansion where Sohyun shows up and starts to kill basically everyone. Philip shows up all of a sudden and takes several bullets for Soohyun. Then he falls in the hallway and smiles as he tells him that he has paid him back now, he was sorry.

Then Soohyun has a sudden face off with Taesoo, but no one fires, they might be out of bullets. So they start to hand fight. But Soohyun gets the best of him pretty easily and strangles him with his own shirt.

Then he shoots Do Jaehwan right quick. Jaehwan falls to the ground and tells Soohyun not to kill him, he will let him live like his son! I will give you everything! Soohyun asks him what he can give him. Jaehwan says all the money and riches.

Soohyun asks him why he did not think about all the kids that were sacrificed. Jaehwan says they were born to be sacrificed! Soohyun shoots him again. hen he tells him that he told him he does not make mistakes.

Hyunjin comes in right then and tells SOohyun not to kill him, it does not solve anything. Soohyun tells her that he will get out of it and kids will be in danger again, I have to finish it.

In the hallway, Taesoo picks up a gun to shoot it, so Hyunjin shoots him (lol, but killing doesn’t solve anything). She tells Soohyun to lower his gun.

But Soohyun says he has to end it and shoots Hyunjin in the head.

Suddenly like a dozen special force agents appear and shoot their machine guns all at Soohyun who takes a million bullets as Hyunjin watches. 

He somehow manages to keep standing and slowly falls to the ground. Hyunjin runs to his side as everyone watches.

He holds her hand and she holds his hand. We see all their time together from when they were kids to when they were adults. they grip each others hands tightly. His head slowly rolls away as he dies.

Hyunjin wails over him as everyone continues to watch. Somehow there are les people in the shot, so maybe theire weren’t a dozen officers?

Cut to a news organization talking about how the illegal organ selling was true, they find the skulls in the brick wall at the old orphanage. The scientist is in jail happily looking at his photo of his family.

Hyunjin’s mother is looking at a photo of Hyunjin in her police uniform.

Other people play in a park. It looks like Hyunjin nd Seulki play in the park with the dog, Grey.

VO – Seulki is one of the suvivors of numbered kids with Soohyun. As you know, to save her, a lot of poeple had to sacrifice. Please save her so that their efforts are not wasted.

Hyunjin looks at the folded paperplane that says Happy Birthday. 

SO people thought Seulki was the grandaughter but she was actually the clone to save the grandfather or someones in that families life.




I feel like I need to cleanse myself after watching, and actually finishing, this drama. It started out intriguing in its dart champion ballet detective solving the case of a blue-eyed abandoned animal veterinarian assassin. I mean, that was ridiculous, but it was ridiculous in a way that made me want to watch it.

However, this show deteriorated pretty quickly and the ending only made the begining that much more absurd. Why in the world did Pavel have Alzheimer’s? Just because an assassin with Alzheimer’s was cool? Why did they have that entire storyline with the Russians when that meant nothing in the end? I mean, I can understand it if the Russians wanted organs for their oligarchs, but nope.

So instead of just having one cool scene where we see Hyunjin doing his assassin thing with Russians, in order to establish his characters assassin capabilities, we have this long draw out plot line that does nothing in the end but get Philip to live with Soohyun.

On top of that, we have this entire Seulki storyline that feels like it is not needed at all. She does nothing to the actual plot exept draw a photo of Pavel to let Hyunjin know that Soohyun was not the one that killed her reporter crush. (Because it is not super clear if they were dating or not. I kind of assumed they were). Seulki would have been fine as just the annoying and yet adorable landlord.

We also learn, in the very last scene, that Seulki is actually one of the numbered kids too so her grandfather was only a gene match because he used his own genes to clone her in order to save either his own life or someone in his families life. At least, that would make sense with the narrative, maybe he had her because he actually wanted to have a granddaughter, who knows.

The scientist ended up being a one out of two person operation with no gumption, only rage, and who would openly threaten an assassin that he would kill poeple he loved, even though the assassin found out who the scientist and his partner were and could just kill him at any moment so his threats were pointless.

The crazy obsessed and wicked mother somehow stopped being crazy obsessed and wicked and started being super loving.

They found clues so easily that I just stopped commenting on the clues they found and just said that they found something they needed for the case. It literally did not matter what that thing was, it was just whatever, eye drops? An earring? A usb? Anything they needed to get the plot moving. All they had to do was glance to the ground and it was there at their feet. Or casually look at a brush in someones apartment and the usb was in the handle. I mean???

But, on top of all that, they have these billion dollar cloned kids who they are selling to millionaires, and yet they keep them in these squalid environments? What if one of those kids got an illness and died, son? What if their kidneys started to fail or their livers stopped working from all the malnourishment? Pneumonia is a thing, y’all. And so is heat stroke and hypothermia.

And how can you harvest organs worth millions of dollars in that dirty dusty dingy grimey environment when it is from clones that you made in the lab and are selling for millions!!!!! These kids are literally worth billions of dollars.

On top of that, how can you just take one heart and not the rest of the organs and auction them off to the highest bidder on the black market? I mean, that is knit picky, but I think there is a market for it and they went super dark with this show anyway.

Plus, why in the world did Soohyun walk through that neon assassin house in like episode 2 or 3 with puppets around and then the bomb went off sending him jumping out the front door with fire blazing after him? I know that is a random comment, but why?

Similar with the science fiction room and the cloned test tubes in the middle of the room with nothing else around them.

And why did those cops blast the ever loving ish out of Soohyun at the end? I mean, I was still laughing at Philip showing up out of no where just to take some bullets and then spit up a waterfall of blood down his mouth, but that was just me.

Hyunjin explaining to Soohyun how you can’t kill people to solve things and then killed Taesoo in the next breath, which solved some things y’all. She should have thrown a dart at him to bring it full circle.

Okay, I can go on, but this is getting way too long and I need to forget about Kill It, though I think I will laugh and laugh at the last several episodes for days to come.

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  1. W
    April 28, 2019 / 10:02 am

    Look I knew its gonna end with him dying and all but I had no clue she was one of numbered kids

    • V
      April 28, 2019 / 10:21 am

      Me either! I feel like I might have missed something?

      • W
        April 28, 2019 / 11:11 am

        Also just heads up afiliate image it’s by ocn not tvn also this show its a mess of someone ask to rev I higly unrecomending

        • V
          April 28, 2019 / 11:25 am

          Whoop! I’ll update. Thank you!

  2. Jo
    April 28, 2019 / 10:19 am

    Idk how I feel about the ending, I mean we all knew he wasn’t going to survive and I called it, Phillip would not survive. WHat Im confused about is why they would say SH is SG’s daughter unless that was a mistranslation. Also, the GUNS ABLAZING scene was unnecessary lol I know its for effects but, one or two shots would have been fine. Also, the cops just standing there while Nana cried *saw a clip* was verrry awkward, I hate those kinds of scenes because its weird and I start laughing wish is not good because its a serious scene lol. WHat would you rate this drama? How idid you feel about the ending

    • V
      April 28, 2019 / 10:23 am

      I have a feeling that the Seulki thing might have been a bad translation. And yeeeees, the crying scene was awkward with all the cops just looking at her. They could have been walking around to check on the crime scene and all the bodies around them or something while she cried.

    • V
      April 28, 2019 / 10:25 am

      After watching the entire drama I might rate it 1 or 2 for storyline and like 6 or 7 for the cinematography-ish mood. SO it might average out to like 3 or 4.

    • BT
      April 23, 2020 / 6:26 am

      I did not think the guns blazing scene was unnecessary. When a police force is instructed to shoot as a response of hearing a shot first, it is common for everyone on the task force to shoot at once. Although the instruction to shoot after hearing first shot was of the drama, you can assume it would have been in the debriefing if it was a real-life scenario

  3. Jo
    April 28, 2019 / 10:30 am

    So I made the comment before it was updated. I agree some storylines were unnecessary, they could have used SG as something like they were looking for her and he continues to save her, have Phillip as a mole or protector. The Russian thing could have been drawn out too. Like they would add elements and then take it out. There was so much material even with a short drama that they could have explored. Heck, it could have ended with SH living on a beach with SG and Phillip and NANA still searching and I would have been fine. It could have ended like a “come find me” cat a mouse game and that would have been sexy!

    THIS: What if one of those kids got an illness and died, son? What if their kidneys started to fail or their livers stopped working from all the malnourishment? Pneumonia is a thing, y’all. And so is heat stroke and hypothermia. UNLESS THEY WERE INCAPABLE OF BEING SICK

    • V
      April 28, 2019 / 11:24 am

      OMG, that could be true. They were like the perfect healthy clones that were immune to disease or viruses. I am going to go with that.

  4. GG
    April 28, 2019 / 10:53 am

    Agree that this drama is a freakin mess. Viki should’ve thought twice before buying the rights to it; who would want to rewatch this knowing all the buildup was for nothing. If the cops and prosecution weren’t so freakin useless (so typical in every Korean drama), he wouldn’t have needed to die. All those kids would be dead if it weren’t for the main lead. And the dad would’ve gotten away with it and continued to kill even more kids.

  5. EA
    April 28, 2019 / 1:29 pm

    I binge watched the first few episodes about two weeks ago and it seemed like such an exciting show, it became more and more absurd in the latter episodes. The scene when HJ easily gets into his hideout warehouse, which had no secret door and the passwordless laptop bugged me off, and did anyone else have a problem with the clinic’s door always being open even when SH wasn’t there? I mean, forget that he’s being chased by some organ harvesting criminals, has he never heard of THEFT?

    • V
      April 29, 2019 / 7:53 am


  6. Iren
    April 30, 2019 / 4:38 am

    Hahahahaha the comments are so funny! I finished watching the drama last night and I felt the same way with you guys. That’s why I searched for reviews because there are many unanswered points in the drama. I just love Kiyong so much that’s why I finished watching it.

    • V
      April 30, 2019 / 11:23 am

      Basically why I finished it, too 🙂

  7. KdramaFan
    April 30, 2019 / 12:07 pm

    Thank you so much for the recaps, saved me so much time since I was able to skip some of the mid episodes. Went back watching the last 2, hoping that they would tie all loose ends but nope :(.

    I can let others slide except for these 4:

    – SG being SH’s child was probably as mistranslation, that was so confusing.

    – The test tube babies are perfected, i think it was mentioned by the hospital staff before SH bombed the facility. But it still doesn’t make sense (impractical) that they are maltreated knowing that their organs will be sold and worth millions. Though it adds to the the darkness of the story so that is probably the intention.

    – Ending, OverKill of SH, all those bullets just for the effects/slowmo? Nah! Isn’t that against police procedures lol.

    – Post credits, alternative universe where SH & HJ are walking together, i got a bit lost in the ending thinking HJ died 😂

    If it weren’t for the 2 leads, would have completely dropped this drama. Hope Ki Yong will have better drama after this.

  8. WPB
    May 1, 2019 / 3:56 pm

    I watch it on Viki (USA) and they have it up to ep 6 so far. Since I don’t want too much spoilers so I am restraining myself from reading too much here. 🙂

    As for the clone kids, I don’t know if anyone mentioned it here before – It reminds me a 2005 movie – The Island:

    Futuristic thriller about a contained, seemingly utopian facility in the mid-21st century. The residents hope to be chosen to go to the Island – the last uncontaminated place on Earth, but when one inhabitant discovers that there are sinister forces at work, he and a female friend make a daring escape.

    In reality, everyone in the facility is a clone of someone in the real world. They were made to provide “spare” parts (harvesting organs) for the real person (super rich, of course).

    Look into it if you have a chance and let me know what you think.

    Ewan McGregor
    Scarlett Johansson

    • V
      May 2, 2019 / 11:16 am

      Yes! I think The KThree mentioned that on their YouTube channel. I didn’t see that movie, but it looks similar.

  9. Sharmi4881
    May 24, 2019 / 6:56 pm

    It is mentioned in the earlier episodes that (when they talk about the nanny),that the baby who the nanny rescued is Seulki. When the
    operation was initially investigated by the police. The company went through massive financial hardship. Suelki’s “grandfather” was a massive money lender. He saved the company & was given SeulKi as compensation. Grandfather was killed by our anti-hero because he was on the revenge hit list. Grandfather had no heirs so it was never clear whether Suel ki was going to be his organ replacement or cherished chi,d..? I think given the true purpose of those kids, yes Suleki was going to be killed for organs, so our hero saved her – form her grandfather, from Pavel and every other low life that wanted her money. I

    I thought Sueki and our anti- hero’s relationship was the drama’s heart.

  10. January 23, 2020 / 9:15 pm

    let’s not forget Hyunjin is also a clone too

    • Yumi
      April 18, 2020 / 10:57 am

      Hmmm, Hyun-Jin was not one of the cloned children, she just happened to be an actual orphan at Hansol Orphanage she even had a name (Lee Young-eun) before she was adopted and given the original daughter’s name vs. the rest of the cloned children who were only given numbers as an identifier (#88, #137 etc). The orphanage seemed to have two sections – one with actual orphans and another with the cloned/born-to-be-organ-donors with the former use covering up the later business off organ trafficking.

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